Aristotle's Views on Education

Thesis statement

Practical knowledge is more important than theory centered learning


According to Aristotle, he was of the view that education in city's affected children's character. Because of this, the role of educational was always meant to ensure it serves the prevailing needs in the population. He thus advocated for private tutoring especially by parents because it went quite a distance in shaping children's behaviors. Most parents, on the other side, were enthusiastic to ensure their kids discovered their cultures and likely to be achieved when such an initiative is used. It really is despite, a whole lot of views being indicated. Differing people also shared a view but differed in how they expressed their thoughts and opinions. Among the traditional views were, the necessity to highlight on morality as well as knowledge. He still is at favor for the necessity to target much on what mattered instead of merely teaching children what wasn't more likely to add value to their life.


The primary emphasis thus ought to immediate attention on useful subjects. Such knowledge was more likely to go a long way in adding value with their life in future now that they can still utilize such skills that are to a great magnitude so essential to life. However, it was also important to as well encourage students to adopt manual labor. Some were, on the other hand, likely to look down on themselves while undertaking such activity but had a need to change their conception. Tutors thus needed to produce the right approach to encourage a move in the manner some had a wrong misconception. Despite education playing an unbelievable role in the real human society, individuals were also encouraged to avoid blowing it out of proportion only rendering it overbearing. As long as there was certification from the purchased knowledge, it was prone to be known as good. Such knowledge could as well help convert the society until the goal turned to an important service rendered to the city. Whenever such a predicament came about, there was a need to look at a different way.

He also distinguished the various forms of knowledge, at the very top both reading as well as writing were also reviewed. The two functions as a robust tool of communication but still a whole lot could be realized via physical training as shown by useful knowledge. Music still was a very effective method of communication as depicted in various cultures. Most people also expressed their culture through music and had for years plaid an important role among most communities. It was, however, hard for you to quantify the result of music. It's regardless of it being used for leisure and designed to bring about rest during many occasions.

He also laid emphasis about how both; playing as well as relaxation plaid a great role after starting a tough come across as experienced after work. Leisure was, on the other palm, regarded as a higher form of rest owing to the pain relief it was likely to result in as proven by a sense of contentment. Leisure was also likened to be the ultimate goal of an excellent life and prone to be the envy of every man. Aristotle was, however, of any different view as shown by his take on music. Regarding to him, it rarely motivated courage but embraced during leisure activities and so only helped man put in the tiny time on leisure yet could still use such time while wanting to contribute more alive.

Still on the same be aware, while both reading and writing may have played a great role in culture, a lot was yet to be done and thus the need to also encourage their program. The contemporary society was susceptible to realize much when embraced due to their ability to improve real human knowledge. As seen from this research study, Aristotle favored useful knowledge when compared with the use of theory. It is despite most colleges embracing the utilization of theory while educating children thus prone to affect their future life negatively anticipated to less sensible skills yet so essential in life.

There was thus need to get started on by training students well right from a young age. At such an age this must not be overdone due to its implication with them. When wrongly given, it could as well neglect to replicate the set goal. The college student still needed to be trained for approximately three more years and meant to engage both their shape and brain. From Aristotle's example, as portrayed in music, there was a need to exceed theory. When well developed, knowledge of music was apt to be demonstrated through an outstanding performance and achieved over time consequently of determination and practice.


A whole lot is highlighted, however, as known by Aristotle, there's a need to emphasize more on practical knowledge instead of focusing much on theory as observed in most education systems. Such systems are just designed to meet up with the expectation these societies as opposed to empowering students thus the need to borrow a different approach to introducing a difference locally.

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