Assignment Highlighing Personal and Professional Development skills

This assignment will focus on personal development skills that will lead us toward professional development. During this assignment it'll give attention to personal and professional skills that are required for company success and in task 2 personal audit will be carried out to judge the strategic skills had a need to meet up with the current authority requirements and then in this assignment it'll apply appropriate ways to identify preferred learning style and the finish it'll cover personal develo7pment plan to achieve personal and work goals.

1. 1 analysis approach to Personal Skills

Personal skills are extremely important for a person and they guide an individual toward professional success. Personal skills play very vital role for progress of individual and organisation. They play very important role in the success of the company. Personal development is continues program for individuals that leads them toward organizational development. For personal development there are few skills which are incredibly important. These skills guide an individual toward success. Without these skills nobody can move forward in his or her life. It is important for an individual to develop skills of marketing communications, personal and social skill, time management and problem resolving.

1. 1. 1 Time Management:

Most important personal skill is the time management. In my viewpoint time management retains the main element for personal success and also professional success. As now days it is just a famous saying time is a money so without time management no-one can progress in his / her life no matter how clever or knowledgeable he or she is. Time management skill is very essential for anyone who has the need to be at the top of its field. WHEN I am new in this country and I am already going through lots of activity in my own life. Presently working by English Petroleum as well as for three constructive times go to my school as scholar and at the same time working three times so it was actually difficult for me to manage my time properly and I possibly could not do certain things at time and with efficiency. But with the time management skill I discovered quickly how to do things properly, more effectively in less time. As job and my studies are most significant part of my entire life at this time therefore i made a personal rota for my entire week, in my personal rota I've written down every single task which is required to be done in a day and given more main concern to my analysis and work. Through rota I have analysed which activities were taking my most time and which were less time taking because of rota my whole week is more organized. Now almost all of focuses on are being achieved in less time and pressure and more efficiently. It offers me more satisfaction in work and studies. Better time management offers me better control not only my own activities but also on my professional goals.

1. 1. 2 Effective Communication e. g. dynamic listening, questioning

I have great communication skill in me which always help me to attain my personal targets not only in my personal life however in my professional life. Communication skills give me more chance to learn fast, it provides me to accomplish most of thing. As nowadays most of people are attempting to get jobs in UK especially foreign students, but through my communication skills I have not only acquired employment but maintain this job most effectively. Being presently working in Bp shop, through the job I have to deal with lot customers which require good understand and hearing skills, I have been able to package with this quite nicely. Good communication skills give me better understand of my job and through my questioning skills I can get more understanding of my job and customer dealing, at the same time when I offered my interview for job because of my communication skills I could impress HR team of the business. Not only in this country but throughout my entire life I have already been able to achieve my goals through communication skill. It's the great advantage to my personality gives me more self-assurance to boost and achieve my entire life objectives.

1. 1. 3: Prioritizing work

Prioritizing work is one the most important personal skill, it offers you analytical understanding. Once we are living in an extremely fast world most of people are actually days dealing with an increase of than work or process at the same time so that it is very necessary for a person to have this skill, this will allow a person to choose focus on its value. This is a skill that will allow a person to really have the wisdom to do work matching to its importance, through this most of people can perform their objective in personal life. As a person I've this skill and this helps me to accomplish my goals and concentrate on.

1. 2: apply ways to examine the professional skills to aid the strategic way of the organisation:

1. 2. 1: Coaching and development skills

Coaching and development skills are one the main characteristics of any professional. Now a day's world has become very competitive so that it is very necessary for each professional to learn new skills and keep producing to preserve the success in life. Instruction skills are very essential for any professional. Especially for manager it is vital to coach and develop his team. As managers are generally who gets the knowledge and skills so that it is up to their coaching skills that that they transform their skills to the team. As talked about previously that communication skills are incredibly critical for personal development, at the same time if anyone needs to coach or develop someone good communication skills are necessary because without good communication skills it might be very difficult to coach anyone. Communication skills provide you good understanding, being attentive and speaking electricity which gives you better chance to teach and develop other people. So in cases like this good personal skills could be of great beneficial for professional development.

1. 2. 2: Multi Tasking Skills

When anyone gets into in professional field that each has to go throw lot of work job at exactly the same time in his / her professional life. Multi tasking skill is vital for professional it offers them wisdom and perspective to complete different process in limited time with great efficiency. Again good personal skills are extremely beneficial for a person because they offer great help in professional life. To attain multi tasking in professional field time management skill is of great value. Time management can take an individual toward obtaining multi tasking in professional life. Good personal skills are always associated with professional skills.

1. 2. 3: Leadership skills

To achieve success in professional life leadership skills have the worthiness of back bone. If a person has management skills he or she will progress in professional life. A person with command skills will hold the confidence and charisma to lead whether he or she is trained or not. Authority skills will be the promise to success. But for leader they should have personal skills like communication skills and time management as they are essential for command skills" Leadership could be defined as the activity of influencing visitors to go after a certain course; there should be some vitality of head behind the leaders(John Adari, 2010). So for professional skills an individual must have some personal skills. So matching to my understanding personal skills always advantage in professional development.

1. 3: Conclusion

Basic purpose of this task is to point out the worthiness of the non-public and professional skills development. Personal development skills and professional skills are interconnected. As reviewed in this short report it is outlined here that personal skills always lead an individual toward professional skills and professional expansion. The core point of the statement was to focus on quite of personal development skills leading toward professional success. Good personal skills are extremely convenient for a person to lead successful professional life. In such a report we discovered the worthiness of the personal skills and professional skills. Personal skills always lead anybody toward personal success but later on they are excellent benefit to the company success.

Task 2: Be able to conduct an art audit to recognize learning style:

2. 1: Carry out a skills audit to evaluate the strategic skills need to meet current and future control requirement:

Personal assessment provides an individual knowledge about his or her weakness and it provides an individual a specific picture of his or her abilities. There are a few qualities which are essential for leaders, without those qualities it'll be difficult for a person to meet future necessity. As this task requires personal audit of skills so I have made a evaluation form on some personal skills which I have ranked myself on bases of my past life experience.

2. 1. 1 Score of authority and management Skills

I did study in on my skills which I have already been rated by my class fellows in annexure 1, 2, 3. Predicated on their opinion the following table has been developed which shows the relevant skills in which they rated me very good, average and poor.



Very good










Time Management




Decision Making


Self Confidence




Conflict Management








Prioritizing work



As I described personal skills audit in above form I would like to go over further about the features I have and where I need to improve to accomplish my future organisational targets.

2. 1. 2: Authority Analyses

1. I influence other people through my communication and knowledge.

2. I can make other people pay attention to me because of my personality and communication skills point.

3. If someone does not trust what I am expressing then I convince that person through my knowledge.

4. For convincing others into my viewpoint I also listen to others point and then again convince other in to my point of view.

2. 1. 3Presentation Analyses:

1. I usually wear proper dress in presentation in keeping with a small business like image.

2. I usually check before all the gear found in the display should be nice clean and undamaged.

3. I usually use of laugh in presentation because look is our very best dress item.

4. I usually use of proper body gestures in my presentation.

5. I usually make a put together of the complete presentation.

6. I never use the worthless words in my entire display.

7. I always use of illustrations in order to clear my point.

8. I usually use of Audio-Visual Aids in order to make my display interesting.

9. I usually make an effort to work hard to boost areas of weakness.

10. Make a solid and useful conclusion of my whole presentation by the end.

2. 1. 4 Personal Analyses:

2. 1. 4. 1 Power:

Time Management

Communication Skills

Presentation Skills

Couching Skills

Prioritizing Work

Time management skills play essential role for authority to achieve target in an organisation. I really believe time management skill provides me better chance to achieve my work task in time with less pressure and with good efficiency. Communications skills are similarly important because communication skills give a person a better understanding of situation and these skills can establish beneficial for authority and management. Couching skills are requirement for management, and head should have the skills to teach and develop his team to attain goals and objective and in last prioritizing work skill is vital for better management it gives an individual better understanding of work value and importance, through better work prioritizing I achieve might work job easily and with great success.

2. 1. 4. 2: Weakness:

As mentioned previously nobody is ideal in life but in order to be good innovator or manager an individual should identify his or her weakness and should improve to progress to become good director. As an individual I believe there is few weaknesses which makes my job difficult to attain for me and I have to work hard to travel across these hurdles.

Decision Making


Self confidence

Conflict Management

Decision making is one the key point for the leaders and manager to use the business at the top but I personally believe that sometime I lack this skill and rely too much on other people to make decisions but to become better manager you need to work hard to boost this skill but Personally, i think that anticipated to insufficient assurance I cannot make my decisions which again lead toward failing. Another aspect which is essential for management is delegating work but scheduled lack of decision making ability I the majority of reluctant to ask other to help me out in activity, last but not least what I feel that turmoil management skills are extremely vital for leadership they should have issue management skill to be better supervisor.

2. 1. 4. 3: Opportunities:

As an individual and professional I usually need to shop around what is happening outside the house so if any opportunity comes it'll be taken to improve my skills. The simplest way for me to listen to other colleagues to accomplish my job, as becoming employed in a global company it is great chance of me to develop as a professional and find out skills to become better director for future. B. P is a global company and it can offer me to understand to work in competitive environment that may bring a lot of good stuff to my career. That is great chance for me to learn from other people in my organisation, I have to have interaction more with my senior management to get knowledge which will be beneficial for me in my future.

2. 1. 4. 4: Threats:

To expand as a specialist one must keep very close eyeball on external threats which can harm the progress of the individual in an company. For me it is very important that I should learn to be employed in global company I have to grow and really should not feel over assurance about my talents. Employed in bigger environment may bring great deal of complexities as well especially regarding co-workers in like manner grow I need to avoid problems with my colleagues and really should keep healthy relationship with everyone. Yet another important thing which is often a threat for future that at the moment world is changing very fast and as in professional I have to continue the speed with it and then for that I should keep learning new skills to keep myself to up to date with new technologies.

2. 2: Apply appropriate ways to identify preferred learning style:

Every person has different way of thinking and based on the mind they prefer different learning style from which they consider they can learn better. As an individual I have discovered style which are more ideal for me learn. If someone has the knowledge that what style and techniques is best suitable for that person it may bring better end result to his work and it can reduce the repetition of mistake for being an individual and professional.

2. 2. 1: Activist:

As I really believe in learning with passion and eagerness and I love working and learning because I feel that if someone want to be expert in his / her field see your face should enjoy working. I've the adaptable personality which makes me more adaptable to different situations.

2. 2. 2: The Reflector

I have this thing in my personality that I like to view things and analyse them before arriving to conclusion, I usually have confidence in making decision on present past facts. So I have identified that style suits best for me and it gives me more chance to get more information.

2. 2. 3: The Theorist

As it is in my own habit i am more punctual and productive and so through this style I can get more discipline and I could make my life more systematic. I love to solve problems logically and with experience. This learning style makes me more understandable and it give me better chance to learn.

2. 2. 4: The Pragmatist

Base on my experience I have learned that pragmatist learning style is best suitable for me and it creates my learning far better and efficient. I like to put my ideas and techniques into practise. I like to straight forward and indicate point and I love to experiment and find out through functional work alternatively than literature (www. mftrou. com/honey-mumford).

I learn better from proven good practice, using the good examples and the skills of others.

I prefer to handle the duty and make an effort to solve quickly with better ways.

I dislike situations where there is no clear, practical outcome.

I don't like becoming the centre of attention.

Pragmatist situation quite helpful for me.

I work very well on deadlines.

The short conversations or less detailed duties make me miserable. So I can't get advantage easily.

I am looking to make practical decisions.

I commonly act as logical research.

By delivering myself as practical person because i like to solve problems.

I am no extrovert that is why I have involvement in ideas to see if work in practice.

I enjoy experimenting to improve techniques.

I like frequently produce the answer to a difficulty.

I have only involvement in theories is to see if the task used.

2. 3: Bottom line:

The main point which was discussed in job was personal skills and personal skill audit and development plan. In such a short report personal advantages and weaknesses are reviewed through analyse that have been done a task in the category by class fellows and in second part of the short survey personal learning style is diagnosed.

Task 3: Be able to implement a personal development plan:

This job mainly sophisticated the points which can be highlighted in job 2, as there are certain skills where I have to work hard to become better professional also to meet the future requirement of the authority. In this task personal development plan will be talked about to on the non-public skills that happen to be outlined in personal audit desk. Main feature of this task is to spell it out and put light on the on the skills which will be beneficial for organisational success.

3. 1: Personal Development Plan

Learning and Development needs

How does this support the organisation's goals

Learning activities to be studied including resources need to achieve

Presentation skill

Better presentation skills can be more good for me and my organisation, as I am work in retail sector if I can improve my display skill i quickly can better present item which can be being sold in my company and that will definitely bring better final result on my performance and company objectives.

Attending external meetings, workshops and occurrences.

I need to be more socialise to learn and get more knowledge about different incidents.

Reading more material to enhance my knowledge.

I have to boost my language more to provide.

Obtaining feedback from friends and acquaintances.

Decision making skills

Decision making can be an important skill for management and management. Through better decision making skills I could become more beneficial for my organisation, as I work in retail sector and most of time deals with direct customers therefore many time for different situation I have to ask my fellow workers to make decision which creates hold off in customer support so better decision making skill is essential for me personally to work in retail sector.

Conversation and conversations with others.

Attend company training programs to learn more about products.

Read more books to improve my knowledge and self-assurance.

Should make myself more vigorous to understand the situation and make quick decisions.

Maintaining diary.

Preparing paperwork and presentations.


Delegating can be an important skills for managers and leaders, through this skill the make better environment and team to achieve organisation targets.

I have start trusting other skills and skills.

I should socialize more with my acquaintances.

Coaching by mature manager.

Analyse training needs.

Should become more tolerant.


By better planning of work job, Company can earn high earnings and achieve its goals and objectives quicker.

Customer research, service accounts, appraisals by supervisors or professionals, performance data.

By arranging conferences with senior, I can get better effect for the betterment of business.

Attending meetings and workshops.

Project Work.

Attending external conferences, workshops and incidents.

3. 2: Impact of own learning against the achievement of tactical goals

Learning performs very important role for individual personally and expertly, as some skills are reviewed in personal development plan which are playing very essential role for me personally to achieve my personal goals and my organisational aims. Presentation skills are the main skill when someone is employed in retail and sales sector and being employed in retails sector it was pivotal for me personally to learn and improve my demonstration skills to progress control on might work objectives. As I've made a personal development intend to improve my display skill which showing very effective for me personally in my own personal life and then for my organisational achievement. Through feedback from my colleagues I am in a position to find out more and being able to work on my weak points which are proving very beneficial for me at my workplace already. I have are more socialised and being truly a professional go to more workshop and meetings to find out about skills.

After focusing on my personal development plan I have become better in my own decision making skill. I have done it through reading, enhancing my understanding about certain things and through better understanding of my work I have been able to make smarter and quick decision when they are required to make as in past I had been unable to make and had to visit my colleagues for help which made customer stand and it made them annoyed not dissatisfied, however now through personal development plan I have been able to satisfied customer more which is helping organisation to accomplish their goals and maintain the success.

Third skill on which I have performed after making personal development plan is delegating as it is one the most significant skills nowadays for market leaders that they have to learn how to delegate work and develop more effective team which can demonstrate beneficial for organisational objectives. I have learned to trust more on my co-workers and now I communicate more to my colleagues about work which reduce might work pressure on me and allow me to achieve me organisational goals and goals better and efficiently.

Lastly through far better planning I have been able to work superior to before, it is showing very good for me now as I have already been in a position to understand the necessity of might work through surveys, seminars and far better communication with my senior management. So as my understanding of work is advanced so due to this I had the opportunity to make smarter plan how to beat the hurdles and achieve organisational goals.

3. 3: Realization:

In this task personal development plan is discussed and certain goals are set which needed to be attaining through personal development plan. In this a desk for future development plan is made and in this stand all the future targets and their importance is shown. Personal skills which would have to be improved are identified and certain activities are established to be taken to do this personal development plan.

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