Be a Better Person than Yesterday

How has been lifelong learning shaped me into who I am today and who I am tomorrow? Today I am an improved person because of what I have learned last night and with this development, I will be an improved person tomorrow. Day to day living is also day to day learning, everything I really do and everyone I connect to I have an chance to be enlightened in my own wisdom. I assume that learning starts at this time of conception when the sperm and egg meet dynamics starts and so does the training. During development, I was programmed from the DNA that my parents experienced contributed and from other parents and from theirs etc.

Some of the initial learning experience that I could faintly bear in mind would be potty training. The countless time that my parents had committed to me acquired pain off so that we am in a position to potty in a toilet, this is important so that I could be like that of my friends. Having Family that interacts over a daily to a every week basis offered me insight on the culture that my parents originated from, lessons on cooking food that great Italian spaghetti to growing fruits and vegetables down on the farm. Growing up in Catholic institutions set the standard for my prices and morals, being polite and responding to an adult in the correct manner. Other lessons like shoe tying and the way to use your handkerchief to counting and knowing the alphabet. University gave me the essential skills had a need to interact on the planet around me and help me better learn the lessons that the schools do not instruct. Having professors that truly treasured what these were doing and sometimes not ever knowing the results of how students moved on and what success may have come off their work.

Grade school and high school furthered my basic skills and began to give me some insight to what I might do as a grown up, along with the skills on extended learning behaviors. Having an English teacher that saw my hidden talents in poetry used that as a tool to sharpen my skills in writing and grammar and to the gym educator who pressed me to be the real athlete that I possibly could be. My music professor who desired the best for me personally when it arrived to singing and never quit and made the extra time after college to help with making advancements to my amazing vocals. The basic principle that wanted a whole lot to punch me because at times I would motivate his buttons offered me insight how to deal with kids like me. My mentors made me strong and brave, quick thinking and agile. Having friends that experienced some of the same morals and principles as me helped in keeping me out of trouble or going in the wrong direction.

Going to church and having trust has stored me humble sometimes while i thought an excessive amount of myself. Helping those that were less lucky than myself get clothes and food, and to help older people individuals who needed lawn work done or heavy things relocated in the house. Faith gives me the power in troubled times or when things are going in a route that I am uncertain of. Taking classes to a Christian councilor for married couples acquired helped in being compassionate for others and teaches how to be always a caring person.

Living in a tiny town has its perks; we have the capability to know a large majority of the individuals who live in the community. I have been lifted not only by my parents and family but by the neighbors and the ones that lived in the community. Active when i was in university sports and cathedral events many people realized me, so I had lots of men and women looking out for me. Growing up in this small town I had become a key physique among the younger kids, they searched up if you ask me and understood that they might be safe around me. One event that got recently emerged is whenever a young woman got posted on a popular website on how I would take kids ice skating in the winter and when one of the tiny children had dropped and injured her head terribly I had taken her completely home. This event experienced taken to my attention that so many of these life events had been training me for the work that I have today, and what I plan on doing for the rest of my life.

I also have put in four years in the Air Country wide Guard and learned some great organizing skills and mechanical and electrical troubleshooting skills. Trained in the military provides you the command skills needed to teach and teach those that would like to learn along with tools to help anyone that needs help. I gone into the law enforcement field after amount of time in the shield and acquired skills for dealing with people in difficult situations and how to approach people when they are in their worst and exactly how to keep up order in chaotic situations. I needed training in maintaining your nature intact when everything around you is complete disorder.

Having decided to go back to college to get more education to help expand myself in my career in dealing with teenagers and children with autism is a learning experience alone. Lifelong learning is and can always be a significant part of my entire life. We can learn from the other person in a institution setting or in true to life experience if we absorb the world all around us. Everything we do and everyone we come in contact with can educate us something about ourselves then one about the planet. In the past ten years, I had really used a closer look at myself to essentially become familiar with who I am, and what it is I am to do to result in a change in the entire world.

I have found my gift idea and with all the events that have happened to me educated me and shaped me into the one who I am today. Tomorrow I am someone different only by checking my mind and find out everything that there is to learn for an improved tomorrow. Taking the chance of online learning has given me a better view of who I am and the assurance that I need to continue on in obtaining a master level in psychology. I had developed to drop the attitude I once carried about university and the classes that I must take even though I don't start to see the need for it now. Each one of these things assist in making lifelong learned a vital part of my life, which in turn I hope to make it a essential part of somebody else's life.

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