Becoming a physical education teacher

Teaching physical education offers a number of issues that are constantly changing (Goodlad and McMannon, 2004). Within the demanding role, a highly effective teacher of physical education must aim to ensure that all pupils receive similar guidance, regardless of age and capability. In addition, it is often the situation, that such information must be designed to the individual needs of pupils to be able to see pupils fulfil their potential (BASES, 2010). It really is this demanding character, problems and potential rewards that the coaching role brings which inspires me to try such a career.

Despite my desire, learning to be a educator of physical education is becoming increasingly more difficult. Places on PGDE School courses are usually more limited than previously, whilst permanent jobs within Scotland are becoming a rarity. Because of limited availability of permanent jobs, universities and employers are actually looking for prospects with better qualifications than previously.

I will now look more directly at the negative and positive areas of my credentials in relation to the needs of an career in teaching physical education and how I am progressing toward my profession aspiration. By assessing my credentials I am going to turn to justify my chosen section of development. Finally, I am going to take a look at how my forthcoming location can help me improve my chosen area of development and for that reason improvement toward my profession aspiration.

In order to see where I presently sit in terms of rewarding the accessibility requirements and standards asked of my desired profession path, I completed a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Risks) analysis (Cottrell, 2003). This allowed me to judge both the positive and negative areas of my credentials, subsequently, helping me to decipher a location which I noticed needed more work and attention. I chose, as a result, which i require more experience within the extra school environment. More specifically I have to familiarise myself with, the new curriculum which is currently working within universities throughout Scotland, entitled: Curriculum for Superiority. The region of development described was decided taking into account the SMART-F concentrate on environment acronym which means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound and Versatile (Cottrell, 2003).

In order to justify my choice area of development, I'll now analysise my talents and weaknesses with regards to the current needs and requirements attributed to the role of any physical education teacher.

According to BASES (2010), employers of physical education professors will typically require the completion of relevant coaching programme. This usually comes in the form of another undergraduate four-year course and a twelve months postgraduate Diploma of Education (PGDE) completed after your level. This is really the case for those council colleges in Scotland.

In order to obtain a place on a PGDE course BASES (2010) suggest the normal requirements could be the completion of a relevant undergraduate degree at 2:1 level. All places offered in Scottish universities also require SQA Higher British at level C or above to be achieved. In addition, school course leaders may also place additional conditions when offering course places. The most common of the conditions is the gaining of coaching and school founded experience before signing up for the course.

The gaining of relevant training qualifications can also be highlighted if regions of weakness or gaps in relevant subject knowledge are determined. Other useful skills include: good and versatile communication skills, consistency, friendliness, team-working skills, passion, motivational skills and tolerance.

In relation to these requirements my SWOT evaluation makes clear that we now have elements of standards I am located well to fulfil and more I want more work on. On the positive note, I've already attained an even B in SQA Higher English. I've also already received an over-all degree in activities coaching. Although a general degree alone will never be enough to gain a PGDE course place, I really do believe a second Class Degree is attainable and more likely to gain admittance. However I have mentioned I don't believe I have the ability to achieve a 1st School Degree which may influence my chances, if other prospects are able to achieve this level.

In addition to my Level and Higher English, I have also gained an SFA Level 1 Early on Touches Certificate which really is a relevant qualification to the physical education teaching occupation. Although I consider this one of my talents, having less other relevant requirements can also be considered a weakness.

Furthermore, other skills which BASES (2010) take note of as important such as communication and team working skills are aspects which I consider to be my strengths. Another strength which I consider to be particularly important is my I. T. Skills. Donnelly (2002) highlights the ever growing impact that information technology is having in the teaching profession, suggesting that learning and coaching will be centred around technology.

Conversely, it is also clear that, of the key additional conditions that may be applied to PGDE course places, secondary school structured experience is a particular weakness of mine, having only completed one positioning. Most of the teaching experience that i do have has been gained through my original school position provided by Working Colleges and these concentrated solely on Main Schools. Although the primary university placements provided me with a good grounding in conditions of teaching experience. The need is apparent in conditions of gaining experience with supplementary university aged children. I believe it is also important to notice that not only is it important to become experienced with the varying age ranges of children in secondary school, it is also important to become alert to the varying levels of maturity viewed by children in secondary academic institutions. I myself can remember fellow pupils of the same age group from my time in secondary school which were far more immature. Gaining experience in both areas will improve my knowledge and ability in terms of providing appropriate content and displaying a certain coaching style to certain organizations.

Tying with my insufficient experience, another weakness which is complete in my SWOT analysis is my lack of knowledge and experience of the new curriculum working within Scottish education: Curriculum for Excellence. Scottish education happens to be undergoing radical change with the benefits of a "3-18 ahead looking, coherent, more adaptable and enriched curriculum providing Scotland's children and teenagers with the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for life in the 21st century" (LTScotland, 2010). Having received advice from universities where I may potentially gain a PGDE place, the importance of increasing knowledge and an understanding of the new curriculum can't be underestimated.

Having addressed a few of my main strengths and weaknesses it's important to look at the way the opportunities listed in my SWOT analysis can help me in realising my profession aspirations, along with handling my region of development.

The most valuable and relevant opportunity outlined in my SWOT evaluation is the 24 hour position provided by Abertay College or university. The nature of the position is to be solely decided without any help, which will let me arrange a something which is completely relevant to my needs. I will be seeking to place myself within a secondary school, ideally a institution which is proactive in their approach to Curriculum for Excellence. This allows me to focus on many of the issues determined such as, increasing experience of extra school conditions along with producing a knowledge of the new curriculum. Furthermore, it will provide me the possibility to build my knowledge in relevant activities which I don't have skills in.

In bottom line, I assume that I have chosen an appropriate region of development with regards to my career dreams predicated on the strengths and weaknesses recognized in my own SWOT analysis. Because of the difficulty of acquiring both PGDE places and long term P. E. instructing jobs the importance of using the opportunities identified to gain the knowledge of secondary university and new curriculum cannot be underestimated. It is essential that I strive to improve myself, particularly in the poor areas identified, easily am to fulfil my career aspirations.


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