Benefits and Issues in using Learning Logs

A learning log is an learning tool which was created to enhance the learning experience, while facilitating exchanges between students and educators. Learning logs are used in schools all over the world, and there are a variety of different methods to them. In addition to being found in predictable school surroundings, learning logs can be very beneficial to homeschoolers and other students pursuing non-tradition education.

A learning analysis refers to the measurement of an student's capabilities, improvement and academic final result. Learning assessments are important because both students and instructors can get a specific picture of just what a student can do academically somewhat than what she or he can't do. When conducting a learning assessment, instructors consider earlier and present academic performances as well as the student's prices, behaviors and attitudes toward learning




A Learning Logbook is actually a log or record or journal of your own learning. It is not actually a formal 'academics' piece of work. It is a personal record of your own learning. Consequently this is a document which is exclusive to you and can't be 'right' or 'wrong'. A Learning Log helps you to record, structure, considers and displays upon, plan, develop and evidence your own learning

I prompted to use my Learning Logbook every once in awhile in my Research Guide, but I didn't limit my entries to just these occasions. It might also be beneficial to explore ideas in a Dialogue Forum. EASILY can keep my log electronically, I might even copy parts from my log for insertion into the discussion community or vice versa.

Using the logbook in this way helped me to think about all of the information presented in the Class and come to my own knowledge of it.

Managing Review Time

There are only so many hours per day, weekly, and a term. I cannot change the amount of hours, but I could decide how to best use them. To be successful in Class, I must be carefully handling my research time. This is a strategy for carrying this out.

Term Calendar

At the start of a module, I ready a Term Calendar. Update it as the word goes on. This is what I did to get ready a Term Calendar.

Record my school assignments with the payment dates and my slated tests. Record

My planned Category activities.

Record my prepared component activities.

Record my known out-of-Class activities.

Weekly Schedule

Each Weekend before a School week, I ready a Weekly Agenda. Upgrade it as the week continues on. This is what I did to get ready a Weekly Plan.

Record my daily classes.

Entered what to be achieved for the arriving week from my Term Calendar.

Review my category notes from the prior week to see if I need to add any Course activities.

Add any out-of-school activities in which I would be involved through the week.

Be sure to add times for completing assignments, working on projects, and learning for tests. These times may be through the Class day, immediately after Class, evenings, and weekends.

Daily Time Table

Each night time before a Course day, I well prepared a regular time stand for the next day. Place a next to each move to make as my attain it. Here's what to did to prepare an everyday time stand.

Entered the items to do for the arriving day from my Regular Schedule.

Entered things that still would have to be accomplished from my Daily time table from the previous day.

Review my class notes for your day just completed to see if I need to include any university activities.

Add any out-of-school activities where I will be involved the next day.

My Weekly Timetable had more detail than my Term Calendar. My Daily time table had greater detail than my Weekly Schedule. Using a Term Calendar, a Weekly Schedule, and a Daily time stand helped to help make the best use of my time.

I developed my own ideas on using the log however the following details helped me primarily

Date each entry

Clearly identify entries about myself and my life from information about my research.

Separate my summaries and notes of readings and lectures from my viewpoints, comments and reflections on these, working on your personal computer, use another type of font or format to distinguish each.

My Learning Log I used is:

plan my review and make revisions as needed;

write down questions for my teacher as they arise;

make records that help me to carry out my review, e. g. on article writing, preparing for examinations, previewing and reading text messages in depth;

document my reading and viewing so that records can be conveniently accessed for projects and examinations;

Document my reflections on my progress, problems came across and ways that I might handle them.


Attended regularly the lectures and make an effort to make precise notices, but if some reasons I could not show up at a lecture, I tried out to get notes from a friends ( category mate) and easily could not understand some parts of lecture, I approached the lecture through the office hours to get more detailed clarification.

The field notes were written by palm on lined paper. They contains jotted records and mental triggers (personal notes that could remind me of specific things when it arrived to writing the records up). I needed some immediate observational notes saving what I saw where this is relevant to the research questions and, as I was looking to get a feeling of the culture and working environment, I also made researcher inference notes

I found the records taking process itself helpful, as it made certain that we listened carefully and decoded information. Not absolutely all the information I registered was relevant, but noting what I found informative added to my capability to form a synopsis on re-reading. However, the reliability of jotted records by themselves can be questionable. For example, the notes were not a primary transcription of the particular themes said but consisted of pertinent or interesting information.

Firstly, the most clear thing that I found out was the good thing about working within an organization. I learned that good teamwork is the key to success in category activities when time and resources are limited. As everyone acquired their own viewpoint, various ideas could be produced and I found the power of group participation made me feel more energetic about contributing something

Secondly I learned that even the simplest things on the planet could be converted into something amazing if we put enough imagination and work into working on them.

Learning Journal

Last week's lecture offered the theory that RIT is the most readily useful module as students studying Research in Information Technology component makes this an important concern for me and one I was considering while reading journal, text messages, and other materials is to gain more self-assurance while I was doing my assignment

The very first thing I tried to be able to learn and summarized a journal article is to comprehend the writer and kept in mind e. g. Writer of journal always have an argument they want to encourage something but Also can be good or bad, but I didn't take what author said on blind faith, I questioned them

When I read journal articles always remember that I did to write a paper based on what I read e. g. concentrate on the info in this article that is relevant to my research, think critically in what I read and tried to build my very own argument based on it.

Basically I look the structure of the article; most research articles follow the same specific format. First I red abstract and final result because this have got the main point and if I find anything in the abstract or realization that is very important to my paper then I search for the info but if I need more info then I read the whole areas.

Take notes on the Article Journal

There are a few major ways to take down notes, but this is an individual style choice I have taken.

Pay focus on what each section is approximately; usually have the most crucial information.

Take records while I am reading (this way I need not go back and re-read it when am doing my task)

Write summarizing records for details ( in the margin, or on another pieces of newspaper )

Highlight only very important quotes or conditions.


I sometimes read journal articles which seem to be to need references to say this component.

Nevertheless, I really do be prepared to see adequate research for assertions. It may take the proper execution of mention of previous writers, or it could be the research of my own experience or my very own arguments, but if it is needed, it'll be cited so as to allow me to find it if I wish.

More to the point, I expected theory to be utilized to answer some questions and also to pose others, rather than regurgitated for its own sake.

I'm really heading to keep my throat out now for what it is worth, I expect a dozen or more personal references for a module assignment.

But I really do not expect such reference to be cited uncritically, on the basis that, 'if someone else has already said it and have the ability to get it published, it must be true


I know this is unfashionable and probably politically incorrect, however in practice I find it difficult to get past it. Literacy is not a sufficient condition to meet PGD level requirements, but in my reserve it is a required one. By literacy I mean

No spelling mistakes

No (or very few) grammatical solecisms. No sentences without verbs like this one

Punctuation which helps me to seem sensible of the written text.

No misused words or malapropisms.





Critical Reflection in my context is a process of considering what I've learned, how useful it is, and how it may have an impact on my future personal and job development. Critical reflection helps me to give some coherence to my learning by relating it from what I have already known, also to my plans for the future. The nature of representation is very mixed. Representation may encompass

The module is incredibly well organized, when I first arrived to this Module, I must say i didn't know very well what to expect. I thought it would be just the same as other component. I was incorrect. What we discovered on this module is more detailed, I feel like I've become better in researching and presentation. I understand this will help me in future.

This module do meet my targets. Numerous students told me it wasn't an easy module and that it was requiring in comparison to other module. I am not very satisfied within my progress but I think it wasn't bad in any way I provided the module virtually all the interest it required. Learned so many new things and I'm glad that I does. Things were explained over and over again in this module until I really felt I fully understood. Overall, this program was good.



During my studies in Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Business IT - Research in IT I've had to use a multi research study system specifically for the study and understand how, Because of my quest for information by this system, I've happen the following get backs

Lack of appropriate material, appropriate text catalogs for added research at the training centre has proved to be a major drawback.

However I am able to holiday resort of other ways for gaining excess to the appropriate materials. Purchasing the books, however being in a 3rd world country, such wording literature and write ups aren't always openly available, which would cause me to have to order these from in another country but given the small amount of time this isn't the simplest way not forgetting the shipping and delivery cost.

The Internet is a great source of information, however again, some of the best information should be paid for or ordered utilizing a charge card, something again which isn't readily available to all in a 3rd world country. However, I've been able to work my way around this obstacle by aiming to dig persistently and further in to the internet to seek out the appropriate material.

Another reason behind matter was that during the Tutorials, not all were effectively evaluated and detailed constructive criticism wasn't freely given so as to en-better the students work.

This remaining the student(s) to think about ones work and at times get their fellow students to examine the task and comment.

Learning Results - Topic

Managing Time

In this subject matter I understand how to control my time during my studies, deciding what am assume to do, analysing what am doing and classified my goals e. g. :- Work goals, family goals, community goals and self goals.

Planning my activities performed throughout the day, the length of time is allocated to each activities, list all the things I must do including routine activities. To identify what am currently doing and determine whether am spending my time efficiently, categorized the time identified corresponding to time table, activities performed during the day.


It's an academic essay demonstrates both knowledge of theme related to academics writing.

A article is a structured doc written for a specific purpose and aimed at a particular audience. It should provide clear and concise information written in a formal, academic style.

Written Coursework

Basically in his theme I have discovered how to write a coursework by following three stages.

i. Essay Structure

ii. Essay type

iii. Record structure

Before that read the assignment carefully and begin focusing on it moderately and asked the lecture questions if not clear about anything associated with the project.


Do learn how to plan Assignment examining question asked, reflection on the issue lifted and gathering raw material. Draft a plan of the task.

Writing Up

Understand how to write assignment

Sustained Review

Do revision of what I've done in the school text booklet and during my revision I make notice, summarized my notice separate material into theme.


Clarity of dental communication and well toned inter personal skills when interacting in an organization or someone to one are attributes that makes more successful student, experts and at all times communicator.

Listening skills

Really type in to what the individual is saying and not saying, to look for the meaning and the thoughts behind what is being said, to take into account and emotionally process what I hear eg. Pay attention, show that am tuning in.

Taking notes

Basically in this issue I discovered how to take notes e. g. : hear and note tips and supporting details. However in this issue we didn't learned how to record lectures, may be due to its involve more time and resources.

Working in team

Firstly, the most obvious thing which i uncovered was the benefit of working as part of a group. I learned that good teamwork is the key to success in school activities when time and resources are limited. As everyone experienced their own point of view, a variety of ideas could be produced and I found the energy of group contribution made me feel more vigorous about adding something.

Background of Critical Reflection

By June 2010 it was the end of the Module RIT, I commenced to realize how demanding this component is, but thankfully, I also came to the realization that I learnt a whole lot from it.

I think my choice to use this program was a good notion. I enjoyed it although it was difficult, this course was the most challenging course, I required this component RIT and I have struggled with it up till the final.

As a whole it was a good learning experience, but not a fairly easy one. This is a free elective for me and my performance hasn't been even near that of other major module. The grade i enter this component is the cheapest in comparison to other component this semester that's the reason I re- stay for the second time

On successful completion of this component I am able to identify the broad context of ICT problems, including the problems condition, determining possible contributing factors, and generating choice solution strategies. Display good teamwork skills and serve as effective members of multidisciplinary project groups. To critically valuate alternative assumptions, approaches, procedures and effect related to IT problems.

To create something to combine ideas into solution, to propose an action plan, to formulate a new classification plan.

To apply knowledge to new situations to resolve problems using required knowledge or skills

I believe I have benefited a whole lot from this module. Completion of the module is known as by me to be one of the biggest and proudest achievements and for me personally the next rational step is to

take Professional of Research in Strategy Business Information Technology

Many students become frustrated and find this component difficult because they don't possess the cognitive skills necessary to process information properly, this include ability to analyze, examine, retain information, recall activities, make comparisons and determine action

I feel this component has helped me in lots of ways. The exercises and occasions of annoyance in category when I did so not understand something or could not get something to work, out of the blue became clearer when i tried to use some of my knowledge to the real situation. I was astonished at how much information I had developed found in class and exactly how quickly the lingo became familiar to me. Without the instructional techniques found in this module, the course section would not be very beneficial. Sure, anyone can learn strategies and how to make a research, but the knowledge of how, what, when, where and why are never very clear. This is valued more than you will ever before know.

I do not feel there are any significant areas in which the program should be altered. Everyone has their own fragile area and mine is most likely in the mathematics portion of the program. Concepts associated with module are sometimes hard for me to grasp, but I eventually control them and comprehend their meaning. Many of the students relate they have a hard time following instructional methods in some of the classes, but in my estimation, this is simply a lack of attention, desire, and dedication. You cannot learn if you don't come to school. I am impressed at the reduced attendance in some of the classes.

I really appreciate the support and advice I acquired from IMIT especially our lecture Mr. Japhet and Ms. Priti Punatar not only to me but all PGD students. They desired us to move with traveling colors. That they had time for us whether during or outside the lectures, they desired us to be the best and made every work to ensure that people achieved that. They went of your way to help us and preferably, our results will show that their efforts were not wasted!

I believe the abilities that they educated us in this component will be really helpful in the foreseeable future, Also, I discovered a lot about the right way of making presentations and project

The Analysis

The creating - through the early stages of the course. This occurred during Lectures 1 and 2 ( managing time to Peer assessment) whereby a few matters were mentioned, such as the way to handle a complete day's use the extra mastering we'd now possessed and trying to comprehend the syllabus

As a result the students were able to participate more totally knowing we had to provide our best as the group depended on each one.

The forming was highly successful and proved the students had learnt to be dependent not only on the Lecturer but also on one another.

The storming Stage - The storming stage was made up of varied factors which would include social issues and reactions because of the answers or responses that we as students received from the lectures.

Another case was the wait in starting classes as at times the lecture would wait for all students to arrive, or him-self was late.

The students could actually addresses this in a prompt and professional way insurance firms a group meeting with the Lecturer and treat the matter.

One thing that was a disadvantage was the brief of one of the students who postpone the course, which in place broke up one group (which acquired two students) and cause the remaining student to join the remaining group (of two students), hence the result was that the complete study consultations were now comprised of 1 group having 3 students.


In conclusion I believe this module and specially the module were very beneficial. Component (RIT) skills are very helpful in numerous situations. There are a few thing that I have done within an organization that fits in with the RIT as mentioned in the Peppard Book, whether I became aware it or not, many of specific accounts, however, I believe are often for granted. They are advantageous to realizing the scope and keeping it in target.

In conclusion, I've come to discover that what performed I read because of this module aside from records, and what grabbed my attention. .

Reflective thinking requires that I have recognized that we bring the valuable knowledge to very experience. It can help; therefore to identify and clarify the top relationships between what I've already known and what I've leant. It really is a way of helping to become effective, aware and critical.


Accredited Spouse (IMIT) and NCC should commit to the intentional review and building up of each Accredited Partner framework and source of information that can support transformative learning.

NCC should create routine ways to listen to students' voices, seek advice from with them, explore their thoughts, and document the type and quality of the experience as a student


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