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Charles Taze Russell, an American entrepreneur-turned-minister in 1897 acquired made an early on description of globalization. Economists and other cultural scientists used globalization term during 1960s. (Wikipedia) The use of globalization term was trusted during the half 1980s. There are numerous people who tried to come up with the definitions of globalization in those days. Globalization is the transactional procedures and domestic structures of overall economy, politics, culture, and communal. Besides, usually globalization specifically identifies economic globalization. Economical globalization described by countrywide economies into international economies. International trade, investment by foreigners, capital moves, migration of country or foreigners, and the growing of technology are a few of the examples of international current economic climate. Malaysia as one of the countries of Southeast Asian also goes through the process of globalization. Furthermore, globalization gives effect on Malaysia in economy, political, communal and culture.

In 1970s, Bumiputera run the Malaysian firms and enterprises by 35 percent. That is one of the execution areas of New Economic Plan (NEP). Furthermore, Malaysia's overall economy has efficiently narrowed the difference of income disparity between Bumiputera and other races. Other than that, since 1989, 8% of regular economic development was registered. 9. 2% of Gross Household Product (GDP) grew in 1995. During the first quarter of 1996, the development rate comes to 8%. In the center of 1997, Malaysia have seriously been strike by great drop of money that give effect on country's development of exportation helps Malaysia recover from downturn period. Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad during his profession as Best Minister declared the Multimedia system Super Corridor (MSC) to enhance the financial from a production-based market to a knowledge-based economy (K-economy). Thus, Malaysia goes through globalization due to the economic enlargement although received the downturn period and successfully recovered.

In Malaysia, leading minister should be a member and also have the self-assured of House of Associates. Parliamentary democracy is utilized in Malaysia to attain the globalization in growing the country with the federal government constitutional monarchy. In operating the government, primary minister must be highly in charge to make the political environment in Malaysia to be steady. Due to the political firm, Malaysia has made a good romantic relationship with United States and European countries even in the Asian region, South Korea, China, and Japan. Authorities in Malaysia, encourage foreign's investment in processing industries. Thus, countries can get income as a worker to the business. Since Malaysia gained its freedom, our countries have made globalization in political. Political has effectively reduce the poverty in the rural area. Rural development was considered located since 1965 where costs were largest assigned to the rural area. Hence, politics that are steady is important in globalization of your country.

Educational system in Malaysia has undergoes many changes of reviews and curricular activities to gain high right mentality and good attitudes of students. To be able to achieve that, professors, lecturers, and educators were advised to find alternative to accomplish that goal. Family, entertainment media, government political, and communities play an important role to mould the competitive, good moral attitudes, and more impartial students. Malaysia government have make strategies on educational system to aid Bumiputera to become an intellectual person. Government produced Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MRSM), colleges of research and technology founded, and sponsorship for bright students. Furthermore, producing systems is also one of the Malaysia aims. This aims has contribute the increase of foreigner's investment. Malaysian Technology Development Firm (MTDC) is providing capital to Malaysian and overseas companies that are enthusiastic about buying Malaysia. So, educational and fast developing technologies will be the aspects of interpersonal globalization.

Malaysia is consists of West and East Malaysia. West Malaysia may also be known as Peninsular Malaysia involves 60% of Malay, 25% of Chinese, and 10% of Indian inhabitants. Likewise, East Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak contain Chinese language, and Ibans. Islam is the countrywide religion of Malaysia because practically all Malays are Muslims. Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) is the state language of the country. However in the legal system, British language can be used as communication. Mandarin, Tamil and other local ethnic's dialects also used by nations of Malaysia. Although Malaysia has many civilizations, all the races stay in tranquility and peaceful among one another. This sign makes other countries enthusiastic about investing in Malaysia. Besides, the using of English terms in trading makes it easier to international investment. Thus, globalization in ethnicities of Malaysia also makes Malaysia to be always a well-known country.

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