Child Development And Social Learning Psychoanalytic Theory

The three ideas that I want to discuss are public learning theory, psychoanalytic theory, and psychosocial theory these ideas are incredibly important they focuse on life experience and social backgrounds and exactly how children grow to become adults. . They are three theories that contain related to me in so many ways. However, there have been also quite a few dialogue questions, which related to some of my encounters in life. Throughout this program, I also will discuss what have discovered taking this course. One assignment being experiential learning this project made me think about what I have accomplished, and different activities that, I've learned through the years with my children, and exactly how I am nurturing my children.

Child development targets sciencetific studies and techniques of stability in individual children. There are many changes that children proceed through during development or being domains of development that consist of physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development. Psychical development is a kid that may have problems with development of their motor skills, for example, a child that may well not understand how to walk until they are 2 yrs old. Cognitive development a kid whom has problems with speaking around others may have tendencies of being shy. Psychosocial a child which may have low self-esteem and sociable approval, these three domains are very important during child development that is why it is vital what children see and do during these stages it has a major impact on their lives.

Influences on development

There are extensive different affects on children many influences come from heredity are culture, race, and religon. The surroundings is also a significant affect on children being elevated in poverty can have a huge impact on children most children think beyond and in their adult lives they become successful and many children settle for less and continue to live their lives in poverty. Culture has too much to do with influence for example Jehovah witnesses they don't celebrate many vacations and being truly a child raised for this type of environment can look at the entire world with different perspectives.

Basic theoretical issues

However, basic theoretical issues many children are effective and unaggressive in their development. The British teacher John Locke kept that a youngster is a tabula meaning empty slate at how they look at modern culture. Children have their own inside drives and needs that affect development there are five major perspectives and ideas of child development. Psychoanalytic learning, cognitive, contextual, and evolutionary, this considers evolutionary and biological underlings of what sort of child behaves.


Psychoanalytic are views development of the unconscious pushes that motivate real human behavior that is referred to as psychoanalysis. The unconscious mind lies outside obscure and restrictions of consciousness these exact things are too unpleasant to stay in the mindful part of the mind. That are believed as repressions this is the egos defense system. this may be many different things that people are unaware of these are thing that lead to serious mental manners in my prior debate question I said that these are things that lead to OCD patients they may be so used to doing things such as washing of the hands much they are unaware they are doing it too much. Relating to Freud2008, the ego can be an aspect of the topic that emerges from the identification that are natural, inherited, and unconsciousness of intimate drives and irrational impulses. The ego also grows the ids acceptation with the earth. The levels of child development would include super ego is positioning rules and needs of actuality. Fred(2008) also suggested three hypothetical elements of the personality

The ego requires both the identification and the superego which may be called constructive approval that are demands made both by id and ultra ego they are important to mental health. Home identification and gender identity are also important phases the kid realizes to identify them self applied of who they are and who they will be gender personality would be the kid would be the kid realizing if they're boy are a girl they are developing of self idea.

However, Fred(1953, 1946a, 1964) belived that folks are given birth to with biological drives that must definitely be directed to be able to are in society. These conflicts happen in ansequence of five levels of psychosexual development accordinf to (freud, . . 2008) this occurs in phallic stage of early on child hood development this focuses on the genetails when children learn to discover physical variations between males and females. Freuds theory has made historic contributions and encouraged a whole era and some whom have taken this theory to other levels.

Psychosocial turmoil at different periods of development

This a major psychosocial theme this is very important at this time but will always remain a concern at some degree through life. This turmoil develops at this stage of development would be depression the kid must much pressure to meet certain prospects and sense to overwhelmed or the kid has permissive parents which may have made the child feel ashamed in what he or she is supposed to be doing. Low self-esteem child has no self worth in what she or he are doing they may also have personality crisis not necessarily knowing who they are nowadays. This is the main reason why we have so many children that commit suicide it is very important that people show our kids love and support no matter what they may be doing in in this stage of development this will subject as they grow into parents.

Social learning theory

However, learning is very important during child development this learning comes from observing others action. Social learning is a change between learning theories and cognitive learning ideas. Observational learning is learning by choosing models to imitate whenever a child has watched someone do something for case, my daughter has viewed me flip the linen over the years now she helps me collapse it is because she has discovered from watching me since she's been a newborn. Observational learning is vital this is an extremely critical time in a childs life they would like to learn and do everything possible. Bandura makes a differentiation between learning through observation and imitation of what has been discovered. There are four conditions that are used before an individual can model behavior attending to being able to remember having the ability to replicate and desire having the ability to show what they have learned throughout the observation process.

Modeling behavior

Modeling demonstrates to new behaviors affects frequencies and stimulates many different behaviours. Self efficiency plays a major role in learning the kid needs to be able to believe in themselves to be able to have self-confidence to succeed towards the learning process this influences behavior because if they do not have confidence in their self they'll not feel successful in doing certain activities. Self-regulation is also important this is when one has their own ideas of choosing what is appropriate and unacceptable behavior setting benchmarks and goals. Self-instructions are strategy that demonstrates to learners instructions to guide their behavior this would be cognitive modeling, external information, selfguidance, and self-instruction.

Associative learning and Psychosocial tools

Associative learning are two kinds of learning operant fitness, and classical conditioning classical fitness being would be fearing something this fear would be from something that has took place to someone for instance a tornado if you have observed something similar to this each time you notice strong wind this can cause you to become fearful that another tornado may struck. Operant fitness would be for example, if a kid is rewarded once and for all behavior in institution, it is most probably that the child will always show good behavior to receive rewards. Classical fitness is a natural process of learning not the same as operant fitness this learning consists of voluntary habit learning from consequences.

Cognitive learning theory

Cognitive learning targets the thought process and a habit that shows on these procedures J Piaget (1896-1980) described to processes used by the individual in its try to conform assimilation and accommodation. Both of these processes are being used in life as the person ever more adapts to the surroundings. Assimilation is the procedure of using or transforming the surroundings and positioning them directly into structures. You can find four stages of development in cognitive development the sensiormotor stage this is an interval of development when the kid demonstrates activities and knowledge of the globe. Pre-operational stage is when the kid demonstrates the consumption of the storage and creativeness. Operational stage is when the child shows actions that may be reversed. Formal functional stage the kid begins to make use of egocentric thoughts intellect is demonstrated. At this time of development, it is very important that we test our children abilities during this developmental level.

Information processing

Information is a process that clarifies cognitive development by analyzing the mental processes that get excited about perceiving and controlling information. This technique consists of use of the brain. Vygotskys(2008) theory says that the mind is similar to the computer. This approach helps research workers to estimate the intellect of a child. Different studies are placed into place to see how much data can be stores in the mind. This is put into place to study and to put a handle on the mindful unconscious parts of the ram for example, the child memory is completely different from the adult memory for instance there is generic storage area that comes from remembering basic exercises a child can do on a regular basis.

Script would be from repeated or familiar occasions that happen this could be a family group gathering. Episodic thoughts are long-term stories this is a family vacation. Autobiographical stories are happenings that happen in a persons life that have special meaning this may be a memory space that had negative affects on the child which is always kept in mind because of this. Memories have a lot to do with information control if a kid is unable to remember this can affect the way that they learn, and also have an effect on the developmental process.

How these three theories are similar and different

These theories a similar because each of them have something regarding the development of getting to know them selves as a person this helps children to gain the cognitive abilities to having the ability to deal with the duties of years as a child, adolescence and adulthood selfesteem the child can describe and determine themselves the process of childevelopment and the mind and having the ability to change in the enviorment socialy and bodily. these theories are very similar because braindevelopment is the key factor being able to regulate emotions and understanding emotions.

They will vary because psychoanalytic development concentrates more on the unconscious mental drives this happens when people are unaware of things that are happening. The learning theory centers more on learning experience and patterns development this theory shows how the child expands and your brain becomes stronger having the ability to hold more information. The cognitive theory targets information processing the introduction of the ram through each stage of development learning and cognitive will be the two that are the most alike this consist of the memory plus they way humans process information. Although all of these theories are different each one in it own way targets the human head.

Interaction cognitive, physical, and mental development

The connection of physical, cognitive, and mental development many children change in this area of development and exactly how they interact in their enviorment physical development is the development of your body and gross motor unit skills for example vision, walking, and chatting. cognitinv is when the child learns how to talk solve problems and gain knowledge known as the sensorimotor stage. emotional development is when children get started to express thoughts about themselves among others and learnning how to relate with others on the globe.

It is very important that understanding just how that children increase because they can be discouraged in so many ways by having parents that show little intrest this tears the childs selfesteem down making them feel worthless they must be shown lots of love and support and less pressure of these periods if not the kid could be placed into depressive disorder and severe emotional stages that will cause them to seek specialized help which can follow them into adult hood.

My experience taking this course

new things that I've never thought about before. I am in a position to utilize these new skills while i am done with this course. For instance, you think about things that may be occurring in your every day life additionally you a good understand about child development, experiential learning was one of my favorite assignments. For instance, experiential learning for me is the best way to learn I am the type of person that if you show me something one time I take it and run with it. I also loved talking about Psychoanalytic point of view I learned out of this perspective that we now have th ings that folks do on a daily basis without even noticing that this is being done it has too much to do with the unconscious area of the brain.

In conclusion, this course has trained me a lot about child development these theories are extremely important they focuse on life experience and ethnic backgrounds and the eviorment the child is being raised in all things that can have negative influences about how they develop and grow. Understanding they way infants grow and develop different habits are essential for parents and caregivers this is so a caring and caring enviorment can be created this will encourage the childs learning and progress development. having positive thoughts about personal will be beneficial to the kid as they become a grown-up.

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