Counseling skills among trainee teachers

1. 0 Introduction

Education is for everybody and the need for education has rises compared to days gone by and according to Kangasharju & Pekkala, (2001) it is view as investment for the future. Education, generally plays the role to educate and produces well-rounded person and helpful for the development of the united states. Therefore, institution is the origins of all the work to teach and be the first organization to produce well-rounded person for the nation. In school, tutor is the main person who entails directly teaching the students and deals with their performance and behavior. Not only instructors get excited about growing the students but also the school counseling unit.

The counseling unit started back the 1960's in the Malaysian education system. The counseling unit in university first unveiled as the direction product in the 1960's. Counseling is usually mistaken by many negative's beliefs that it is merely designed for the difficult students. Fixing and coping with difficult students is not the main objective of college counseling. According to Suradi Salim (1996), there are three main purposes of college counseling that are to understand students, to build up students also to fulfill the college responsibilities towards contemporary society. Therefore, as a counselor, they must be able to deal with any student's need, behavior and guide them.

Therefore, in order to do so, the guidance skills are needed and should be own by the professor as well. That is because of the counselling skills would lead with an organized school room and guide teachers to make learning procedure interesting and reduce misbehaviour in the school room. The skills are generally, being employed by the teachers if they are conscious or unconsciously. The abilities that the tutor should know should not be as complicated as the counselor does. The basic skills in counselling such as empathy, genuineness, self-closure and few more at least apply by the educator in order to learn their students and create or invent interesting learning and coaching sessions.

Hence, in order to access the abilities of the educator, it is good to view it from the point of view from the students. Therefore, the characteristics of rapport building, empathy and productive tuning in are evaluate through students' observations of the trainee professor application of counselling skills.

Background of the study

The interest of the research to be carried out is because of investigate how can basic counselling skills can be put into practice as a tutor and to access it from the students' perspectives whether the trainee professors (TT) do use the counselling skills to wait their needs during the class. Corresponding to Drab (2010) in his websites, www. askmikethecounselor2. com the basic counselling skills are

Active listening



unconditional positive regards


Open Questions

Counselor self-disclosure


Information Giving and Removing Road blocks to Change

rapport building

All the abilities in the above list are some of the abilities that put into practice by the teacher. These skills are of help and can be beneficial if the trainee instructors (TT) are aware of the abilities and learn how to use it smartly. The skills may not be applicable to all or any the students but by knowing and put it into their awareness, they can certainly invent or creating lessons that are interesting.

The skills can be utilized for many reasons for example to learn the students backdrop, knowing the students problems and involvement in study the selected subject matter, control the students behaviour and many more. This may lead to raised rapport among the list of students and the trainee educator. Building the rapport on the list of students is not easy and utilizing the basic counseling skills, it might be the steeping rocks to a much better lessons and classroom-learning environment.

Besides that, empathy is another skill that may be use in order to understand the need of the students. The needs of students are differing every once in awhile and required professors to understand and possibly to attend all the needs that are necessary for the lesson purposes. It is important to possess empathy through the lesson because it will ensure the smoothness and business of the lesson for the educators. Despite empathy and rapport building, it would not come to implementation if the educator did not listen to their students. Therefore, the educator should own the being attentive skills in the first place.

Statement of problems

Teaching is the first step towards creating a well-rounded person and can donate to the country. However, coaching itself required effort to make it interesting. Most teaching method or instructing ways still lifeless and uninteresting that business lead to students lose interest. Many teachers train the students not predicated on their interest or even reach know what the students like. Many of them are centering more on finishing the syllabus alternatively than make the teaching interesting. By knowing the students interest and build a positive rapport with the students, surely it would lead to a better learning.

However, teachers have a tendency to neglect that or neglect to do so scheduled to they don't know how to do it properly and build the rapport that can result in positive classroom learning. Because of this, teachers would feel stress and demotivated to instruct the students. That is one of the issues, which many professors face in this country. Educators are stress because of not only the coaching but also the workload or the administrative works. Having an ease coaching perhaps would lead to lighten their burden as a instructor. Conducting the lesson in a class would never be easy credited to students easily lose their attention also to sustain it could difficult. That is due to the students feel table in the category that lead them to misbehave in the school. Lacking of empathy can result in many classroom conditions that the instructor either can control or not.

Aubrey (1997) quoted by Moris. H, (2001), If coaching involves aiding others to learn, then understanding the topic content to be trained is a fundamental requirement of coaching. Therefore, classroom coaching isn't only educating itself. The students and even the facilities in the class are also engaged. This is not to say any distractions outside of the classroom. Therefore, the instructor shall listen to the particular students want and issues that can distract them from learning. However, many tutor claimed themselves listen to the students but actually they did not. Many teachers failed to listen to the students and expect that they know best. Thus, the instructor is neglecting the students' interest and impression.

Thus, those problems lead to the researcher to carry out this research not and then ease the teacher but also make the students interested to learn and the develop a conscious knowing of using those skills and in the same time to evaluate the decided on skills from the students viewpoint.

Research Objectives

Specifically this review will be carried out to fulfil the following objective:

To know what will be the perceptions of students towards the minimal in counselling trainee professors of Faculty of Education, UiTM Malaysia in term of application of the counselling skills.

1. 4 Research Objectives

The following questions will be drawn from the quantitative element of this analysis.

What is the students' perception towards the minor in counselling trainee tutor in general?

How do the trainee professors exhibit empathy from the students' point of view?

What is the students' view of trainee professors' rapport building skills?

What is the students' observation of the trainee professors listening skills during the lesson?

1. 5 Significance of study

Knowing the essential skills of counselling does not implied that the instructor must be considered a counsellor or competence in counselling skills. Those skills are meant to be use as our communication skills for daily interactions and how to sustain a romantic relationship. This analysis would lead to the educators knowing how importance for them to know and put it into practise in their teaching.

As a instructor, classroom management is essential in order to provide knowledge to their students. By knowing the level of awareness of using the counselling skills, perhaps it could lead to know what are a good professor and effective educator. As a result, the ministry and indirectly the institution will come out with programme that helps the instructors to enhance their coaching skills and not only in term of coaching but also class management generally.

Furthermore, by knowing the largely used skills in counselling that teachers always applied consciously or unconsciously in teaching, it could help the government or even the institution counsellor to turn out with a program that could help the educators to enhance the abilities and teaches them the new skills to cope with the demand of the students and also behaviour.

Besides that, the abilities can be thought theoretically to the professor and also to make those skills into practice help them to make an interesting lessons and build the rapport among the list of students. Knowing the idea itself would lead to the teachers to error in their teaching that would help them to put it to use effectively later. This small research expecting that the essential counselling skills should be thought in the bigger institutions especially the undergraduates who require in educational field. The counselling skills can be used not and then counsel people but also helps teachers to organize a class besides than for everyday communication purposes.

Hence, this research might lead to betterment of coaching occupation and reduce any misbehaviour among the teachers that recently reported. Alongside it will help to create better decades for the development of the united states and ease the task as a tutor in general.

1. 6 Restriction of the study

The selection of respondents are mainly the students that being shown by the trainee professors of UiTM Malaysia in the school who are majoring in Coaching English as another Words (TESL) and Minor in Counselling. Therefore, the range because of this research only limited by trainee instructors who are taking counselling as their minimal in UiTM Malaysia.

This research cover only a tiny range of respondents which the respondents will be the form 1, 2 and 4 students of Sekolah Menengah Sultan Sallahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Section 2, Shah Alam Selangor and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seafield, Subang Jaya where only cover 267 students.

Therefore, the results gained out of this research cover only the tiny human population of Selangor. Despite that, time also one of the factors that taken into account as there are strategies that the researcher needs to be able to gain authorization to acquire data in the institution. In addition, it required certain duration of time to gain access to a university. Therefore, only one school is chosen because of this research purposes.

Furthermore, the number of trainee educators who are minor in counselling only few in statistics. The selected university because of this research has the most levels of trainee professors who are trivial in counselling compared to other institution.

1. 7 Classification of terms

1. 7. 1Students

- ACA Code of Ethics (2005) define students as a person or an organization of people engaged in formal educational preparation

1. 7. 2 Perception

- Corresponding to Longman Dictionary of Modern day English Third edition the way that you notice things with your senses of view, hearing

1. 7. 3 Application

- Longman Dictionary of Modern English Third edition define application as practical purpose that a machine, idea etc can be utilized, or a predicament when this is used

1. 7. 4 Guidance skills

- Silverman (1997) define counselling skills as is a skilled or principled use of relatioship which develop self knowledge, emotional acceptance and development and personal resources

1. 7. 5 Trainee teachers

- Arthur-Kelly, Lyons, Butterfield, & Gordon, (2003) defines trainee instructors as instructors in training on practicum procedure.

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