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It is said that the near future belongs to those who choose to stay pupils until the end. . . those who choose to learn from every situation, out of every man and with every possible chance. These are those who choose educationand they'll lead the globe to advance.

The base of a prospering contemporary society is education. This consists not only in the introduction of intellectual skills but also in the development of the individual through the task of certain moral characteristics. All these aspects play a crucial role in the development of a country because through education one becomes a reliable person and a accountable citizen.

Ada Kaleh will have a well-founded educational system in order to assure useful future prospects because of its society. To be a model, we will have Finnish educational system which in the year of 2012 has been considered the best system of the globe. In 2016, this technique kept its devote the very best 10.

The educational items of Ada Kaleh is a nursery, a kindergarten, a college and a college or university that may enclose numerous specializations. The first three items will take up a central position making them easy to get at to parents and their children. The universities as part of the space college or university will be put in the extremes of the ship, being visited only by those who find themselves interested. All of the items offering educational services will be provided with cutting-edge technology to be able to enhance the elegance of the lessons.

Nevertheless, we do not want the presence of the educator to be fully replaced by a automatic robot. We do not desire to replace the original way with a completely digitalized coaching system, once we consider that education involves creative educating techniques modified to the own personality of the scholar. The transmitting of information takes a specific spontaneity and adjustment to the situation and the fact that the modern technology will not yet deal with these special situations is currently widely known. The ideal manner of coaching is a blend between technology and particular people who know how to use the provided technology.

The education will be split into levels as follows

Age Level


5-7Foundation stage

7-11 Key Education.

12-15Secondary Education.


18+ University

Notable is the actual fact that these categories of age are only indicative, children being able to start a level before or after growing to the required age. Individual skills and talents are defining in this case not the set up age.

Education will play an important role from the first years of a child. Level 0 consists of the education the child are certain to get from the parents. To be well informed and also to offer quality education parents will possess the opportunity to go to organized lessons where they could collect treasured knowledge.

In the incipient level, level 0, children will have the chance to be a part of various activities which can be meant to expose them to the planet and to create a foundation predicated on three ideals
  1. Respect for others
  2. Tolerance
  3. Individual responsibility

In our view, these three prices are necessary to a citizen of the Ada Kaleh space ship to be able to lead the population to progression. How else can these principles be assimilated, if we do not start from an early get older?

In the building blocks stage, another level, would be the children who have gained a particular awareness of the things and happenings which encompass them.

The product which corresponds to this level is the kindergarten where, in groups of maximum 16 pupils the little ones will learn the letters and basic numerical calculus. They'll spend 4 time here.

The aim of this level is to help the children to support with the idea of school.

After that uses the school itself divided into three levels

L1-primary level- includes 4 classes

L2-supplementary level: involves 3 classes

L3-High-school: consists of 2 classes

Apart from the subject matter which will be examined by pupils (scheme 2), they will also have an application of "night clubs", groups in which they can enroll in school to acquire deeper knowledge in certain passions or to develop them. These clubs will provide assist with the teenagers in finding a future job. We strongly believe that it is essential that pupils have the chance to search, practice and discover a love they can later transform into a job to bring advantages to the society. Sometimes, people of area of expertise from the stop will be asked to hold lectures and motivate the teenagers. Every pupil will have to be enrolled in minimum one such night clubs.

In the followings, we will show a set of the topics and of the aforementioned circles. They'll be taught in ways adapted to each level plus some of them will be created only in the top grades(L2+)

School subject matter:

  • English Grammar
  • English-Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy
  • History
  • Geography
  • Healthcare
  • Economy
  • Political science
  • Informatics
  • P. E.
  • Social Studies


Debate membership: themes of contemporary significance will be reviewed. The goal is to develop one's capability to express and sustain a point of view evidently by giving logical arguments.

Leadership: pupils will learn to plan their time, to be strong also to own an entrepreneurial spirit. They will also develop team heart and they will learn how to empathize with the others

Foreign Dialects: This membership is destined to the maintaining of multiculturalism. Every learner will have the chance to choose the words he/she wishes to learn

Music: pupils will hold the opportunity to learn how to try out any wanted instrument or to be a part of the choir. Their work will later be presented in cultural celebrations on Ada Kaleh

Arts: they will develop their imaginative abilities, preserving, therefore, their inclination to culture

Public Speaking: the good speaker systems will be developed here

Space Exploration: they'll gain broadened knowledge for the new environment

Theatre: where they'll play important plays from the planet earth but also newly created one's

Media Studies: for individuals who are interested in mass media. They will help at the media on the area ship. Write articles, present the daily news or make documentaries.

Level L3, the High-school is destined to the specialty area of the pupils on a certain study to get ready him for the school. Teenagers will have opportunity to choose the things they wish to study. They'll then stay an exam out of the chosen subject matter.

The university or college level is described by the real analysis at the university or college. The Ada Kaleh College or university will have the primary product with a central position and then, the other universities will be situated in the extremes of the train station.

Crucial are also the professors' training programs. Educators will hold the occasion to focus themselves on minimum amount two subjects and they'll participate in training courses every 2 yrs. We share the view that it's extremely important that teachers are always up to date with the news off their own teaching subject but also with the development movements of the modern culture.

One of the essential values of the institution system we could promoting on Ada Kaleh is teamwork. It is important that pupils study from an early get older to collaborate with the others in order to accomplish collective success. One of the advantages this technique has is that pupils will learn to recognize many ideas and to combine them in a constructive way. So tolerance and overall flexibility in the attitude towards others are crucial. Moreover, they will be able to develop their communication skills, and available communication is essential in a prospering culture.

The competition also performs an important role in the non-public development. Therefore, we will plan contests. In this manner, pupils will be placed in the situation of relying on their own skills and ideas and be impartial, to trust their own effort. Not merely will they learn how to earn, but also how to reduce.

Through competition can the good ones be recognized from others. The ones which may have great performances in various fields. By spotting their potential, they could be guided to specific leading positions inside our society.

The education we will promote on Ada Kaleh will be free and accessible to each and every inhabitant regardless of his region of origin, of race and faith, because education is after all a human right!

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