Drawback And Suggestion Of Education In Punjab Education Essay

Education is the one weapon where a person could fight and defeat the battle of life. In historical point of view, Education has been still a very important part of every world of the world. The exact same problem that we are facing in Pakistan; were facing much difficulty providing best and quality education to the nation. My research's objective is to acquire some of the main problems and downsides of Punjab's education system.


A famous declaring here:

"If you wish to destroy the future of any nation, no need to wage warfare with them; defunct their education, they will remain forget about go on the map of the world. "

We are facing a quite different problem inside our educational system it has embodied irrelevancy in initiating its staff; to be very honest, it came in my own observation that if one has been specialized in some particular subject but it seems, he is educating another thing in classroom. More elaborately, if someone did his/her masters in computer technology, he's to be teaching mathematics to students. The actual fact that students cannot learn their true to point relevant information regarding their subject matter and instructor cannot communicate proper knowledge to his/her students.

Nepotism can be a reason of the problem while choosing or employing teachers in corporations, ministers choose their relatives for hiring in companies without thinking that whether they meet the criteria for coaching or not? Without making any evaluations of their knowledge and expertise which could create issues for students. Gleam terrible undeniable fact that young technology of more recently have modified their thoughts be appropriating to getting education, actually, the goal of education must be which will get education. As there is a wisely expressing but unfortunately we have evolved the slogan that "education should be for the purpose of job". If we keep this theory inside our mind then we are going off the point from our way and we will go a long way away from education. By getting education a man can understand how to invest a life in a good and possible way.

Education produces the origins of any country.


Education must be considered a higher goal of the federal government. Educators must be licensed at least in their subject matter. It is more important to the well-being of a nation for individuals and its own development should not be negligent.

It must be essential for authorities at any level to do stretch that each institute must maintain a relation with others for his or her national requirements somewhat than pondering as a entrepreneur.

It must be mandatory requirement of various level programs for students, after doing their exams, they shall spend some period of time in teaching some institutions given to them, it must be included in their course work or degree necessity.

Some of the volunteers with skills and certification must add their services regions of works under planned disciple that may be form and purposed by federal.

Ask the visitors to make a payment for this goal. Marketing techniques can be followed also.

Many of the federal government colleges are in bad condition; buildings can be reconstructed or restored as well regarding with their condition. Government can transfer these classes to the general public and well respected sectors, federal can make any standards that on specific percentage of glowing students can hold on scholarships from lower and middle level classes.

Government must offer some incentives to the students that are not in developed areas; they need to give them some facilities like travelling or outfits.

Introduce standardization of curricula and licensing and documentation of teachers to improve standards (as is done in america).

Introduce high quality selection procedure for higher level professors and offer the applicants better incentives.

Use electronic press more thoroughly for educational purposes. A route could be devoted to just education. In this respect,

Teachers of high caliber can take classes for different content at various levels.

These lecturers can be telecast as well as documented.

The lectures can be delivered by telecasting them or by playing registered. cassettes even in schools in considerably flung areas where quality education is usually not available.

Later on pcs can also be used with sufficient data banking institutions and with internet and e-mail facilities for more interactive education.

If a proper system is designed, more students can be trained in one university using cassettes, discs, etc. with relatively less teachers.

In rural areas, provide each school with at least one army man to ensure that folks face no resistance from the feudal in educating their children.

Provide people who have incentives to teach their children. This is done in various ways. For instance,

Even lower level federal jobs as for clerks, peons, and constables can be linked to a minimal level of education and entry exams.

Various lending options (e. g. agricultural lending options) can be associated with whether a job candidate has educated or is educating his children.

Link agricultural lending options/tax benefits to feudal landlords with a given number of folks they may have helped in obtaining a required degree of education.

Similarly, link industrial loans to education.

Similar linkages can be produced with regards to adult education programmers.

Aims/Targets of education

All the educational, skilled, politics, nonpolitical and religious organizations and categories at a variety of levels in their communication, characters and brochures acknowledge the objective of education. Lots of the researches turned out that education without clear-cut goals is like a helmless dispatch.

The aim of education is to expand your brain so that everyone can realize all his/her dreams in life. Education should enable the individual to use the full potential of the body; mind and soul. He/She should build-up the talent to make the best use of his personality, area and circumstances to be able to accomplish the maximum in life. The goal of education would be met if the universities provided educational methods of self-development by which the individual can gain complete ownership of all his powers. Education has two goals that are based mostly to each other:

Cultivation and development of the individual

The improvement of society

Individuals build the world and the society develops with the improvement of the those who make it. The individual is the primary part of society. The goals of education are to promote the individual's internal sovereignty and development towards the next:

Self-initiated achievement and authorization of responsibility for one's own activities.


Significant learning and examination of others.

Intelligent adaptation to new situations.

Creative use of experiential learning in adaptation to new situations.

Achievement of knowledge for resolution of troubles.

Effective cooperation with others.

Self-direction and quick decision-making.

In Pakistan purpose of education is producing trained manpower, educated citizen and proficient leaders.

It should match the combined and the average person needs and targets of people. It should offer for the improvement of all professional abilities needed for the development of progressive and self-governing world. Our education also needs to endeavors to protect the ideals that resulted in the concept with a feeling of harmony and oneness. This Islamic express should be based mostly upon Islamic ideology of integrity, impartiality and brotherhood. It ought to be a welfare point out, motivated to raise the standard of living of its complete citizen.

The educational organizations should make a volume of scientific recruits a sizable volume of technicians and skilled staff essential for the agricultural and scientific development. Our manpower will remain a drag after our economy except it obtains professional and vocational efficiency. Our education also needs to result in inculcating positive attitudes towards manual work and should create a determination among the visitors to work in the capacity of skilled personnel. Briefly explained the aims of education in Pakistan by the educational policy (1972-1980) are the following.

Ensuring the cover, encouragement and practice of the basic ideology of Pakistan and so that it is a code of individual and nationwide life.

Building up nationwide unity by encouraging social and cultural agreement. Well-suited with our basic ideology through the conscious use of educational process.

Structuring up and nurturing the full total character the total character of the average person, vibrant, creative and capable of facing the truth as it seems from the target study of reality; as individual talented to comprehend fully the type of technical and communal change and having profound apprehension for the efficiency of contemporary society.

Organizing the youth for control responsibility through involvement in programs of sociable service and environmental.

Eliminating illiteracy within shortest possible time through universalization of primary education and an enormous adult education program.

Leveling usage of education via provision of special services for women, under advantaged organizations and emotionally hindered and in physical form handicapped children and parents in every area in widespread and the backward locations specifically.

Scheming curricula appropriate to the country's changing social and financial requirements well suited with our basic ideology and providing an enormous shift from extensive education to more purposeful agro-technical education.

Providing an inclusive program of studies through the combo of general and specialized education and by keeping option open to shift from one course to another.

Providing educational liberty and scheduled self-rule to educational establishments within the plan of nationwide goals and requirements.

Ensuring energetic contribution of professors, students and reps of parents and the society at large in educational dealings.

Generally assisting the welfare, self-respect and sense of work of educators and students.

Percentage Of education

54% of Pakistani's are illiterate. Reason of this huge percentage of illiteracy is un issuance of the funds to the education sectors of Pakistan. Regardless repeatedly of the un issuance of funds to education portion of Pakistan, might be dictatorship or democratically elected ness. But there are a few improvements in these sectors. This must be clear fact that sub-Saharan states parts when we talk about education. There is an announcement by current administration that 80% of literacy would be eliminated by the end of 2015. Though how government will attain this aim for, whether it could remain un explained. But nonetheless not of any federal government has gained this focus on yet, still since that time the government is unable to spare meagerly 2% of GPD for the education areas of Pakistan.

The Minister pointed about Pakistan's literacy position on the globe that there is no universal description of literacy. The definition varies from country to country; therefore, it is not easy to ranking Pakistan on the scale of literacy rank on the globe.

Literacy Rate of Punjab

Giving the province-wise details, it's estimated that 60. 8% inhabitants is literate in Punjab province. The literacy rate for male and feminine are 70% and 51% respectively. Since independence the literacy rate has increased. Punjab gets the highest Individual Development Index out of all of Pakistan's provinces.

Literacy Rate of Sindh

Literacy Rate of Balochistan

The populace of Balochistan is 34% literate and the literacy rate of male and feminine is approximately 45% and 23% respectively.

According to the recently issued Country wide Economic Study (NES), Balochistan contain the largest amount of school structures that are falling apart. In addition, it has the smallest amount of educational establishments, the lowest literacy rate among both males and females, the lowest standing in the Gender Parity Index (GPI) and the smallest attendance of private educational institutes in the united states.

Literacy Rate of Kheber Pakhtun Khwa

In KPK, literate people of the province is 47. 4%, out which 63% are male and 30. 8% feminine.

Table below shows the literacy rate of Pakistan by province:


Literacy Rate






20. 7%

27. 4%

46. 6%



30. 2%

31. 5%

45. 3%



15. 5%

16. 7%

35. 4%



10. 1%

10. 3%

26. 6%


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