Effect Of Music And Academics Performance

My research was to see either music boosts the academics performance of the students or not. To accomplish my aim, I developed a questionnaire comprising two parts. First part acquired mathematical questions of basic level and the second part contains comprehension passage to check performance of students. Students of control group were asked to fill the questionnaire in auditoriums of LSE while my experimental group was asked to fill up the same questionnaire while hearing music from I-Pod. My sample size was 60 students who were selected randomly from LSE. Out of which 30 students were associates of control group and other 30 was person in experimental group. Having conducted the study and after tabulating the results, i came to the conclusion that music does indeed increase student's educational performance. It might be a better advice for the schools and universities to learn music in the classes in the backdrop so as to aid concentration degree of the students to increase their academic performance.


My study targets students at college or university level and why they choose listening or not listening to music while these are learning. My research is about music and performance. This simple truth is would have to be considered especially by the students a great deal since it would help them increase focus in their review materials and would improve their academic grades. It has been found that people who research with music have better GPAs and are higher achievers than those who aren't involved with music. Music not only provides entertainment and beautiful tones, but it has a remarkable effect on ram and learning.


Few years again there was an idea that music distracts the educational performance of students. Even my parents used to consent to this reality music distracts the academic performance. But now researches show that music escalates the amount level while learning, solving problems. Now days almost all of the students have their own iPods plus they analyze along with it. Advanced technology has made music accessible to everyone through internet. These folks can just go on internet and through one click can download several music of these choice very quickly. That's the reason I choosed this matter as my research. I wanted to know that will music really escalates the academics performance of students.


Academic performance



Volume of music




My centered variable was academics performance of students LSE.


My independent changing in this research was music.




Volume of music


There is no relationship between any kind of music and students' academic performance.


There is a romantic relationship between pop music and students' educational performance at LSE.


There is a good relationship between academics performance of the students and music.



My research was a group based study. To be able to test my hypothesis a laboratory experiment with maximum disturbance in the task environment hence managing certain variables in order to study the result of those parameters. Members were students were chosen through random sampling from LSE. These group of students belonged to the BBA honors program.



Test newspaper having 10 multiple choice arithmetic questions and 10 multiple choice questions on comprehension passage on demonstration skills


My total test size was 60. That have been further sub-divided into control group and an experimental band of 30students each. These sets of students were then asked to solve the arithmetic questions, browse the comprehensions in the presence of music. Students solved 10 arithmetic problems, and read comprehension passages and then answer the questions given at the end, without speaking about it using their peers. Later, same test was given to the control group and they fixed it in the absence of music.

The sample was determined using desk 11. 3 from the publication Research Options for Business by Uma Sekaran.

The experiment which I carried out was a laboratory experiment consisting of experimental group and a control group. In LSE it was carried out in J1 and H2 auditoriums all together under normal room heat. In J1 I had formed the control group who solved the given test without music and in H2 I had formed experimental group which resolved the similar group with the music enjoyed in I-pods which contain music in the background.

In order to measure the dependability of my tests instruments, test-retest consistency technique was used in which several 7 students having GPA above 3 were handed analysis worksheet. After 5 times the same students were analyzed by causing them solve the same worksheet and both the test have scored were then compared. Results were positive. Hence this turned out that the instruments were highly reliable.

The test documents used to measure the educational performance of students acquired high content validity as it consisted only of basic mathematical questions and comprehension passage.


My study showed that students who resolved the test in isolation performed smaller than the ones who solved the same test while listening to music with an I-Pod. Actually the students who solved the test listening to music does so more speedily than the latter. Percentage calculated to be able to determine the performance degree of the groups through the grades obtained.

i) Experimental Group

86. 70%(520/600*100)

ii) Control Group

56. 50%(339/600*100)


Mental performance can be enhanced by exposure to music. As this research and also similar types of researches conducted worldwide exhibited positive results so it would be a better suggestion for the students to hear music while reading any type of material and resolving almost any mathematical problems to be able to increase their attention level. Also music is believed to provide soothing impact to the mind cells so that it is in the fantastic benefit of the students to hear music while reading and fixing mathematics problems as it could make sure they are more centered on the material being studied and also would make their intellects relax.


I am grateful for the cooperation and interest of my teacher, Mr. Humair Hashmi, who led me atlanta divorce attorneys step of the research. It would have been impossible to complete this survey without his supervision.

I would also like to say thanks to students of LSE for taking part for taking the time out and participating and making this research possible.



Uma Sekaran (2000) Business Research Methods; an art building strategy. Fourth Edition

Assessment Worksheet was extracted from world wide web and he questions were made by using Mrs. Asma Sattar and Prof. Shakeel Bhukari

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