Exams are Not Good Forms of Assessment

Keywords: tests should be replaced with other forms of assessment

Assessments can be classified into few categories which are discussion, personal- record, observation, portfolio examination, practical work, demonstration, class activities and oral presentation. Within the similar way, analysis can be defined as a learning process that provides information on students' learning and tutorials college student to make great changes in their studies (Business Dictionary).

In general, exam is non-destructive inspection, thorough investigation, or analysis of objects, products, or materials to decide their conformation to technical specs with no special laboratory apparatus or technique. It offers sensual test such as auditory, aesthetic, tactual, olfactory and gustatory or simple manipulation and dimension. Besides, additionally it is a evaluation of qualification of students in their examinations. (Business dictionary). You can find two types of examinations that can be found which can be standardized examinations (commercial) and locally developed tests.

1. 2 Current Statistical Information

At present many classes, colleges, and colleges evaluate their students by means of final examinations. These can be very stressful and majority of students usually do worse in normal exams compared to in other forms of assessment. However, it may be a good early practice for students for their future if success will depend on the ability to offer with pressure and perform well on big occasions (Newman 2000).

Based on the test that conducted by Qureshi, Alam, Khan and Sheraz (2002) in Women Medical University, Abbottabad, Pakistan, the statistics shows that a rise in systolic blood pressure by an average of fifteen mm Hg was observed in eighty eight percent of the students when compared with pre-examination readings. The variables of bloodstream cell determined before assessment and during examination were likened. Those email address details are recorded and provided in Figure 1 and Number 2. Because of this, it has been proven that assessment stress can affect the blood vessels cell variables and bring such huge impact to student's health.

First of most, the key reason examination should not be changed with other kinds of assessment is due to equality of opportunity they have. The best software of it's the content of knowledge and it is fair enough to all or any the students who have to be seated for the same exam using the same method in a single particular country. For an example, examination allows for a standardized supervision to a big amounts of students and therefore it is more convenient to measure and compare student's standard. Naturally, it can't be denied that it's very useful for accessing specific students as well.

2. 2 Test on students' performance.

Besides that, evaluation can test on students' performance by reflecting the way how students express themselves in their own words based on what they have been taught in class. Throughout the whole process of examination, student can adopt and put into practice in a faster acceleration and improve their knowledge and performance during analysis (Assessment Handbook 2006). For this function, students can spend additional time to do revision on other weaker content.

2. 3 Brings knowledge to students.

In addition, students will gain more knowledge. It is because examination can be used to find out student's ability to attract on a wide range of knowledge. It is to make certain that students can totally apply their knowledge in their daily life but not misuse their knowledge. The knowledge on science, geography and mathematics will be ideal for them to do better in everything in their life.

Examinations should be substituted with other varieties of assessment.

3. 1 Evaluation offers better explanations to students,

The initial advantages all learners can have by doing analysis is that diagnosis offers better explanations to students. In order that learners can understand plainly and quickly on what they have discovered after doing all the assessments. This means that students can absorb the syllabus completely but not partially and understand what they are learning about. As everyone understands, students who've good understanding will surely do much better than those that don't realize each and every thing.

3. 2 Assessment helps learners to boost their performance.

Moreover, learners receive timely reviews about the grade of their works and make an effort to improve it without repeating any flaws (Young 2005). Learners are also given some useful guidelines and advice by teachers about how precisely to make things better. Every learner always needs good suggestions and feedbacks from others such that it will cause them to the street of success. This statement can be shown that examination helps learners to boost their performance.

3. 3 Evaluation assessments children in a proper and better way.

Additionally, assessment testing children in a proper and better way as it could determine children's capability to express oneself during oral presentation. For a good example, children will be more confident in communicating, showing and voicing out their views, views and ideas. Apart from that, a good analysis could test children on their research skills and ingenuity. During that particular way, children will be having the opportunity to learn to improve on the thinking skills and have older thinking than prior as efficient diagnosis are more focusing on higher level thinking skills (Crehan 1991). Students will most likely give out more creative and special ideas. Within the similar way, students will also reach sharpen their research and planning skill after doing many studies for examination.

3. 4 Exam does not work on students.

Other than that, the reason why examination does not work on students is because of examinations usually test on students' memory however, not their real understandings (Newman 2000). Inside the other words, this assertion does mean that student who has good storage can do stand out in all the tests. Alternatively, learner with bad storage could easily get low grades. There are also some lazy students who always do last second revision have a tendency to memorise everything on their notes without even attempting to comprehend the rules. Therefore, students often suppose that they understand and eventually they will never remember things that they have discovered before. Also, examinations checks students' ability to keep cool more than their intelligence. (Newman 2000). A case in point, during the exam, if a student is too nervous, the pupil normally will just forget about everything. Hence, student frequently must keep himself /herself cool so that college student can perform well in exam and steer clear of themselves from doing blunders in the test.

3. 5 Examination brings negative effects to students.

Furthermore, exam brings more unwanted effects than supplying more positive effects to students. First of all, "over-testing" will also cause children to get stress. In most of the schools, students will be sitting for more than four examinations in a calendar year and that can be so nerve-racking to students. Stress is invisible and difficult to be seen. That's the reason many people do not realise the power of "stress". As a result, there are many commit suicide situations that can be seen in paper in our country lately such as a big number of students who get unsatisfied ends up with the exam. A number of the students cannot take care of the pressure and agree to the fact will eventually choose to end their life by committing suicide. Besides, dreadful examinations can cause personal problems such as peer pressure and low confidence to students. Matching for some legal accounts, students will eventually lose their self confidence in their studies and susceptible to exhaustion and condition when they cannot bear with the top tension.


Based on the evidences that I have pointed out, I strongly concur that evaluation should be changed with other kinds of assessment. The main reason is because I always believe other kinds of assessments tend to be beneficial to students compared to written examinations. As I've mentioned previously, the disadvantages of examination are slightly more than its advantages and it includes greater impact on students. Thus, there are several serious activities that are needed to be carried out to be able to solve this problem. To overcome this particular problem, the very first thing federal government, ministry of education, or other relevant body must do is to get started on practicing both analysis methods that happen to be examination and assessment on students. Those relevant physiques will have to analyze students' performance every once in awhile. So, comparisons and variations can be easily made and seen after some period of time. Then, the consequences of other types of analysis on students can be which can everyone. Certainly, the value of other forms of assessment should not be ignored too. Actually, education team should try to emphasis more on the advantages assessments and also bring in this new education system to every school. For instance, student's grades are all depended by their performance by means of presentation, oral analysis, practical work and so many more to count. So that it will be an early practice for students before they step into their later working life or sociable life. It could be said that of us fear so much examinations. For the time being, examinations should be substituted with other forms of assessment in every the universities as it could be a huge burden for students. Huge burden will not only cause students to lost interest and but also lost concentration in studying. Lastly, I personally think that the process to do assessment is a lot more interesting than seated for assessment. At least, evaluation is less tense compared to examinations and so it can be an attraction to students. Through analysis, we can learn many things that can never be within the text books. As the saying should go, "practice makes perfect". Students will have improvement in their studies if they're hard working to do more techniques and never ever try to stop trying whenever they land. On the contrary, if students do not even bother to place work in their studies, no one can in fact help them. In a nutshell, efforts should be designed to lead our education to attain an increased level.

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