Expectations For Improving My Academics Level Education Essay

Mind map: Numeracy and quantitative, time management, word processing, Excel, Ability Point, Communication, Research and please note taking, organizational skill.


In this article I am going to discuss about the skills to boost my academics level. These skills are numeracy and quantitative skills, time management, word processing, Excel, Electric power Point, communication skills, company skills, research and notice taking. These are not only important to the academic but also very useful and needed while venturing out to consider work in the future. Matching to my further goals, looking for high accomplishment helps student's skill in figuring out areas of strength and weakness in institution.

Expectation is a solid belief that explains or predicts exactly what will happen in the foreseeable future. No expectation in life is add up to a dreary life. However, high accomplishment always takes place in the construction of high expectation. Regarding to Battino, R (2006), "expectation is due to the future by hoping what will happen soon. " For the development in my own academic, I set up some expectations which is often classified into short term and long term goals to improve my academic skills.

Numeracy and quantitative skills

Numeracy and quantitative skills are needed for academic. Relating to Essential Skills Expert Review Newspaper (2012), "numeracy is the ability to identify, understand, critically interpret and apply mathematical concepts, procedures, and representations. " Numeracy isn't just regarded as a skill to do basic amount but also requires the understanding of numbers entirely and a capacity to resolve quantitative or spatial problems this means position, area, and size of things in an assortment on contexts. Numeracy also will involve you knowing the ways in which date is gathered and exactly how it is shown in graphs, dining tables, and graphs. (Wolf, 2011). Quantitative skills can be defined as it involves figures and measurements, and it talks about the size of things. Quantitative measurements can be used for calculating enough time, mass, temperature, volume and duration. (answer. ask. com)

I feel that my analytical skills can be range as average level. For me to progress in my calculations, I have to entail myself in performing a lot of practice. Additionally, I could do research how to boost and enhance my skills to solve mathematical problems. For instance, I did a great deal of numerical exercises to improve my analytical skills. Besides that, I can make appointments with my lecturers doing their free time to allow them to explain more clearly to me. Moreover, I created a study group with my classmates. We discuss about how to resolve the numerical problems by writing our ideas. Moreover, I face some problems to take care of my time properly.

Time management

Time management is useful for everyone because well time management shows a important life. Corresponding to Vitality, M. (2008), "time management is usually defined as the management of amount of time in order to use your time and effort prudently and get the most from it. Time management is known as the practices that individuals follow to make smarter use of their time. "

Barnard, J. (2007) also argued that "time management is about managing your entire day affectively so you can achieve all that you need to achieve. Being able to manage your time and effort well will leave you with a sense of mastery and accomplishment, understanding that you put your time to good use. " Time management can be involved to make certain that you will be doing the right work in the right time and its can help you meet your primary goals. (Jay, R. 2000). As students, I am vulnerable with time management hanging out on unneeded things that aren't related to my studies which can affect my college activities. For me to improve my bad habits of not being punctual I have to set basic recommendations which can only help me do my activities at the specific time which is done through the use of a timetable. A timetable is a list displaying the time of which certain events are expected to take place. Why I want it is because it will help me to plan and take care of my time effectively in order to prioritize my work. For example, I created a period table for myself to control my time. Besides, I use an noisy alarms to remind my important activities. Time management if you ask me is very important because it governs the alternative activities. In addition, I likewise have some problems in processing skills.

Word Processing, Ability Point

Using the processing skills to control documents and works will be effective and systematic. The next point is the term processing. Relating to Adeyemi, J (2009), "phrase processing is the most basic computer programme in the computer that can be used in every computer programmes this means creating files in words format. " My potential for this skill is at a good level. For example, I did so my assignments utilizing the Microsoft Term. Besides that, I also performed a great deal of practice with my lecturer in class. Regarding to Russell, W. (2010), "PowerPoint is a demonstration software program that is part of the Microsoft Office. " I am able to type in words, print documents, and insert pictures, graphs and graphs. It helps me in delivering well organized presentations in school. For example, I did so a great deal of display by using Electric power Point during basis. The word processing and Electric power Point is vital for doing task. The other important skill in Microsoft Office is Microsoft Excel.


Nowadays, the use of Excel is vital especially in educational. According to People from france, T. (2012), "Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, managing and manipulating data. " Based on my understanding, Excel is also called a spreadsheet which helps in calculating mathematical problems and keeping information. The advantage of Excel is employed in calculating total amount of data and also prepared clearly. I find it hard to understand the formulas that i need to determine the numbers. Every university student including me needs to learn how to utilize Excel properly. For example, I did a whole lot of routines by learning from the lecturer. Besides, I had learnt to make a personal budget in Excel during the school. Therefore, this skill is very important to college works and so you can get a job in the future. Anyway, the non-public skill development is not enough for me to success. Communication skill is also one of the top skills to build up.

Communication skill

Communication skill helps to build understanding between people. Relating to Hoffman (2009), "communication is the act of transmitting or exchanging ideas, signals and mail messages through verbal and non-verbal activities. " Based on my knowledge, communication refers to a system in getting and sending information between several persons. According to Pradhan (2008), "communication is vital because humans need the maximum amount of to talk to others to lead a standard and fulfilling life, as they need to eat, rest, and love. " For me personally, I am very poor in communicating because I'm not assurance of myself. Even though I have ideas in my mind but I will still ignore them. Therefore, to become more confidence, I will try to participate myself in more incidents that allows me to socialize, for example heading to camp and subscribing to some university societies. Besides, my communication skill is vulnerable due to my poor dialect skills. When someone talks with me in English, I cannot present myself even if I know the answer. So, reading and speaking more in English is the simplest way for me to boost on my communication skill. However, without research and word taking skills we cannot perform well in educational.

Research and take note of taking skills

Research and take note of taking skills are essential in doing survey, task and proposal. Research skills can be explained as the exploration of a particular topic utilizing a variety of reliable and scholarly resources. (www. edison. edu). Notice taking is the practice of writing pieces of information, often in a formal or unstructured manner. (Wordnik. com). Predicated on my self-understanding, I am not successful in research and take note of taking skill. I am missing the knowledge how to make sure they are perfect because I almost never practice about them. Therefore, I should encourage myself to do more research and take note taking by reading more publications and books. For instance, I read a whole lot of catalogs and publications every day. Moreover, I jotted down important items during my research. Aside from this, organizational skills are also essential in personal development.

Organizational skills

The organizational skills are good to be developed for future prep. According to Segura, F. (2005), says that "organizational skills are incredibly important for our daily life as they help in organizing properly the jobs that is required to be achieved. " Being a leader it must be self-disciplined and someone who is arranged with a feeling of goal never missing a do better than and his mind always centered on something in his life. (Lin, Y. 2009). As Lin said, we must have the goal first, and then only can we start managing and achieve the target. Obviously, I have a weakness in time management. It'll affect my capacity in this skill definitely. For me personally to improve my weakness in organizational skill to advantages there are essentially certain activities I must partake in. For instance, I made a regular list to reside a planned life in university because if I am organized I am able to review smart not hard.


Finally, I strongly agree that I must improve my skill on numeracy and quantitative, time management, phrase processing, Excel, Electricity Point, communication skill, research and be aware taking, and organizational skill. These skills are very important inside our life especially the organizational skills because it helps us better in activities set up. For me, my organizational skills are very weak. To become well organized, I will first improve my time management skill. I should make a list to remind myself never to miss out whatever has higher top priority. To conclude, I feel that having better organizational skills would help me to have a much better life.

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