Food storage systems

Task 3a

Identify and give brief commentary on measures that can improve the food storage systems at "The Chisholm".

The Chisholm hotel and convention centre has recently undergone a significant refurbishment and today the Chisholm hotel and meeting centre can support 1500 delegates.

The Chisholm hotel and convention centre has a great potential to increase their business as they may have a big kitchen and storeroom service. Environmentally friendly and safety officer recently went to the hotel and suggested improvements in your kitchen and safe-keeping facilities regarding to food cleanliness standards and recommended that the majority of current practices must be upgraded and followed in accordance to the right compliance with food cleanliness legislation and the safe storage space practice of food.

After considering the entire scenario it can be said that the Chisholm hotel and discussion centre is attempting to maintain the proper food hygiene standards as well as following the refurbishment a huge quantity of the food items are produced and maintain its quality at exactly the same time and such kind of problems are coming in between your proper and smooth functioning of the food production division in the Chisholm hotel and conference centre.

A safe to consume food is concern of the Chisholm hotel and conference centre. To be a sous chef, for the clean and proper functioning of the meals production section the improvement is necessary in the next key areas: -

Food storage facility

# Dry storage area

# Walk in chill room

# Chest refrigerator and normal fridges

# Addition of new storing accessories and installations

# Advantages of blast chilling machine

Ordering, receiving, holding, issuing of food

# Pursuing company policies

# Checking/ cross checking

# Food heat range monitoring

# Reduction and wastage

# Implementation of hazard evaluation critical control point

# System of (FIFO) first in first out

# Labeling

# Efficient infestations control


Training of staff

# Training points out good food and cleanliness expectations and good practices

# Launch of store keeping system

# Filling up proper documentation

Refurbishment requires s a great deal of pain and planning and later following the proper execution of the policies. To be able to cater 1500 delegates at exactly the same time the kitchen must be well equipped and an efficient storage area control system can help in smooth performing in the safe-keeping system of kitchen.

With the assistance of simple strategies and documentation we can make an effort to achieve our company targets: -

Dry storage facility

  • An excellent practice is to keep carefully the temp of the dry out storage area is between 10 c to 21 c. An unorganized way of keeping the food items can lead to spoilage and progress of bacterias or contamination of food items.
  • All the foods that like grains or bottled, canned foods which may have less drinking water content in it and can be stored in a good dry out ventilation and retained temperature which assists with maintain good shelf life.
  • An excellent storage and ordering of products can prevent the over placing your order /stocking of foods.

http://www. easymealprep. com/main/chantilly/05. jpg

  • It helps in food rotation as well thus food storage and ordering must be improved upon.
  • The main element element to consider in the creation department is the proper execution of (H. A. C. C. P) risk analysis critical control point, daily check of invoices of food orders and significant food items.
  • Properly following procedure for food rotation I. e. FIFO (first in first out). It can help in systematic usage of the food items.
  • For good food and hygiene safety practices it is recommended to avoid contamination of food items. To be able to achieve it the allocation of the dried up store should be near the acquiring area. It avoids unneeded handling and reduces travel time.

http://www. hsc. csu. edu. au/hospitality/hosp_120/comm_cookery/THHBKA03B/receive_store/THHBKA03AMP. html

Walk in chill room and regular fridges

Currently in the Chisholm hotel and convention centre we have only 1 walk in chill room installed and a large chest refrigerator.

After refurbishment there is an urgent to increase our frosty safe-keeping equipment and unit installation. We are able to improve our storage area system by installing

  • Extra walk in chill room
  • Adding a blast chilling set up/ blast chiller
  • Adding more conventional fridges

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The above-mentioned installations will store perishable items meat and they are by products, fish and sea food products separately to avoid any contaminants and cross contamination.

  • Cooked meat products can be continued the upper racks of the walk in chill room and fresh beef can be stored in the bottom shelf.
  • Another walk in chiller can be used to stockfish and seafood.
  • As a rise in food creation it will likely be easy to do proper storage area thus leading in maintain good quality of finished food product.
  • This storage space system will be helpful in food rotation in daily food creation it also helps in to cater big function in the Chisholm hotel and seminar centre.
  • It really is a good practice to possess mobile trolleys of typical refrigerator for big catering function.

www. directindustry. com/prod/foster-refrigerat.

www. directindustry. com/prod/foster-refrigerat.

Introduction of blast chilling machine

It will help to reduce bacterial development in food items by rapid cooling down the temperature below the danger zone. It is very useful for cooking food in large quantity of meat bones, soup. Sauces etc.

http://www. somerville-siam. com/productimport/refrigerator-icemachine/blastchiller-freezer/foster-bccf. jpg

Ordering, receiving, storing, issuing of food

Commodities found in catering are different to commodities used in most other industries because most are perishable. Consequently, the handling and safe-keeping of commodities should be totally controlled and watched.

http://www. hsc. csu. edu. au/hospitality/hosp_120/comm_cookery/THHBKA03B/receive_store/THHBKA03A001. html

  • Purchasing through the company recognized from the federal government and contains all the legal documentation regarding food safety
  • Installation of new ordering system such as online computerized system
  • Daily ordering or alternative day ordering
  • Follow effectively the budgeting setting up quantity, standards and period for placing your order such and such item. After refurbishment for jogging easy function of the Chisholm hotel and seminar centre the buying needs to be achieved alternate days to avoid overstocking and when anything urgent is necessary specific to a function it can be done a day or couple of days beforehand.
  • Documents at each step it can help to locate any type of communication breakdown and therefore, provide a overall flexibility in buying system
  • Receiving of all the goods and food a products are done by storekeeper all the products should be checked keeping company regulations and food protection legislation and operates in mind.
  • Lowest food handling should be done to avoid, spoilage, wastage and cross contamination
  • Storekeeper needs to maintain proper food handling and hygiene standards
  • All food orders needs to be cross checked with the purchasing list
  • A storekeeper should place food in an appropriate system like food rotation (FIFO).
  • Time check and monitor of temp regularly
  • Cleaning hygiene should be carried out with keeping in mind the stacking of food items, proper ventilation, pest control, spillage and spoilage if any maintenance problem occurs it should be well recorded and up to date as well.
  • Keep in an eye on all different items given and meal needs to be bought urgently
  • The storekeeper checks the requisition for every single dept before issuing the food.
  • The storekeeper keep check to the quality variety and follow an effective temps control in the storage area and issue items only through proper food rotation
  • Proper stacking of meal product labels and day tagging for that are mandatory


http://www. hsc. csu. edu. au/hospitality/hosp_120/comm_cookery/THHBKA03B/receive_store/THHBKA03A002. html

Training for store keeper /staff

In the Chisholm hotel and convention centre there is an immediate need of training to be provided to the assistant storekeeper and other members of personnel.

  • Training must be done by professional food handler
  • A handbook should be provided to the meals handlers and food storekeeper proclaiming their obligations and guidelines.
  • A storekeeper and other food handlers should be enrolled in federal government approved food health and safety methods program.
  • All personnel should be trained how to operate the equipments used in kitchen and storing areas.
  • Storekeepers and other kitchen staff should learn in filling up all the new documents that are released by the Chisholm hotel and conference centre to attain effective conformity with food and cleanliness legislation. For instance:-

# Proper labeling of food items

# Time and temperatures control sheets

# Store requisition forms

# Food wastage sheet

# Day tags

# Meat tags

# Bin card

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