Group Decision Support Systems

Group decision system, is a computerized founded system that helps managers and employees to use better boosting faster decisions, and also its main purpose to resolve problems and help decision - making process.

Group decision supported system, is similar to a DSS but here we get it done in group, we can say it is an electronic getting together with for colleagues to discuss and take important decisions running a business, and the effect will be better than if one person took the decision and it will faster for sure.

Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS)were known as an organization Support System (GSS) or anelectronic meeting systemsince they shared similar foundations. However today's GDSS is characterised by being adapted for an organization of individuals who collaborate to support integratedsystems thinkingfor complicated decision making. Participants use one common computer or network to allow collaboration.

Computer software and hardware used to aid group functions and procedures.

Why is GDSS easier to OTIS company. . .

Advanced professionals can spend 80% of their time making decisions in organizations. Applied correctly, GDSS can reduce this time around, arriving at an improved decision faster.

GDSS provides the hardware, software, directories and types of procedures for effective decision making.

Characteristics of GDSS. . .

Special Design

Simple use

Specific and general support

Suppressing negative group behavior

Assisting positive group behavior

Organizational determination/support

Trained facilitators or may be end user driven

End user training


Appropriate tasks

Dedicated decision rooms

Advantages of GDSS:

Anonymity - drive out fear leading to better decisions from a diverse hierarchy of decision makers

Parallel Communication - eliminate monopolizing providing increased participation, better decisions

Programmed record keeping - you don't need to take down notes, they're automatically recorded

Potential for digital meetings - only need hardware, software and folks connected

Portability - Can be create to be lightweight. . . laptop

Global Probable - People can be linked over the world

No need for a computer expert - even though some basic experience is a must

Disadvantages of GDSS:

Cost -infrastructure costs to supply the hardware and software/room/network connectivity can be quite expensive

Security - particularly true when companies rent the facilities for GDSS; also, the facilitator may be considered a lower-level employee who may leak information to peers

Technical Failure - power reduction, loss of connection, relies seriously on bandwidth and LAN/WAN infrastructure - properly set up system should decrease this risk

Keyboarding Skills - reduced participation may result due to frustration

Training - learning curve exists for users, varies by situation

Understanding of communications - lack of verbal communication may lead to misinterpretation

Types of GDSS :

1) "One of these of implementation of GDSS is at IBM. They, as well as many other organizations, initiated GDSS to boost group meetings. A particular case engaged a plant supervisor not being able to identify the reason for issues with shop floor control. After having a gathering for two time with plant staff all that resulted were arguments and bad emotions.

So after meeting with the business's GDSS facilitator, the administrator made a decision to have ten herb employees, himself, and two junior analysts take part in a GDSS program. They would use digital brainstorming and voting to solve the shop floor control problem.

The director and the facilitator made the decision the topic would be "What exactly are the main element issues in improving shop floor control?"

After brainstorming for 35 minutes and compiling 645 lines of ideas, ideas and reviews on how to boost shop floor control, the supervisor found that he had gotten useful information about the problem for the first time.

A list was put together of the reviews and then your associates of the group positioned them in order of importance. The results were shown and a discussion occurred for ten minutes. The director thanked the participants and was presented with a printout of all discourse and results of the group vote (Aiken 3). "

2) "Another example is Hewlett-Packard. Their human-factors engineers work at locations all around the globe. And they meet in person only once per year. The rest of the time, they may have regular, ongoing meetings to go over professional and company issues. However they have these conversations through an electronic digital conference and final decision making is performed using GDSS (Sproull 121). "

Best Uses Of GDSS:

Complex decision making

For Large Organizations - a meeting of 2 or 3 3 people will not justify GDSS investment

Future Implications of GDSS:

Integrating into existing corporate framework

- GDSS brings changes which must be managed

GDSS will integrate Artificial Cleverness and Expert Systems - the program will "learn" and help the users make better decisions

Decreasing cost will allow more organizations to use GDSS

Increasing implementation of GDSS with the customer

- Customer voice their needs in non-threatening environment

GDSS may play a big role in the future of the electronic companies

GDSS can help the virtual companies conduct business in the global business environment

GDSS can help promote a culturally diverse work environment

Tele work seems to make a great deal of sense using GDSS

Choosing The Right GDSS:

Consider the next;

- Decision Task Type

- Group Size

- Location of users of the group


Not a piece ofhardwareorsoftware, but aninfrastructure thatsuppliesto a firm'sexecutivesthe up-to-the-minute operationaldata, compiled and sifted from various databases. Thetypicalinformationmix offered to the professional may includefinancialinformation, work in process, inventoryfigures, salesfigures, markettrends, industrystatistics, andmarket priceof the firm'sshares. It may even suggest whatneedsto be done, but differs from adecision support system (DSS)for the reason that it is targeted at executives and notmanagers.

Management Information Systems and Integrated information Systems helps the firms to streamline information in an effective manner and make it accessible to everybody. However there is no point in providing the required information to those who find themselves not authorized to use crucial decisions with it. It should reach the hands of the individuals who are supposed to act and decide upon it. This is exactly what management Information Systems is focused on.

They help the older managers and professionals to consolidate things. The role of these people is very important because they're the link between your planks of directors or elsewhere known as decision designers and the employees of the company. They have to provide correct information to them in order to facilitate the formulation and revision of guidelines policies procedures and recommendations.

The operating of executive information system can said to fall after the management information system accompanied by information integrated systems. These functions will haven't any follow-up without the proper working of professional information systems. The sooner function can help in circulation and processing. But when it comes to decision making or making important changes the formers neither have a say nor are able a location because their email address details are in a roundabout way under the purview of top management. This isn't to deny that they don't come under the purview of the bigger management. It only seeks to explain the fact that senior management will be informed of the improvement. But the professional information system provides a scale to allow them to go further with the procedures.

Characteristics of Executive information systems:

Executive information systems can be in comparison to that of a job planner for executives. While project planner helps to schedule the work to be achieved for a specific project eis help them to plan them for the company as a whole. Moreover project planner is merely for one project. The subsequent tasks will have different job planners with regards to the requirements and dynamics of the project. However when it involves enterprise information systems they are fundamental to the business operation not only in the current circumstance but also in the foreseeable future. The way they work may undergo change but the purpose and objectives will remain one and the same.

This is a system which is straight dealt with by the managers. They don't really have to rely on the help of technical persons for each minute issue. It has been designed so that the professionals can operate it easily with some preceding information. Whenever major functions have to be changed for functioning the system they may have to tackle the persons with technical skills. Otherwise they will be able to take care of small problems independently as the complexities aren't much.

Another important feature of professional information systems is they are customizable to the needs of the average person consumer. A manger may have own choices in controlling and making proper decisions. They might not exactly necessarily need to be akin with other managers of the same company. This will not necessarily affect the performance of anyone. As said preceding management information systems are simpler to handle and alter. Therefore each administrator can tune things to exclusively suit his convenience and working routine.

So out of this we can easily see which is more ideal for this company, and that'll be GDSS, and the company can make more progress if it replaced it with the EIS they are using now.


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