Hector Video games Company Case Study

a) The major reason behind this problem is organizational politics. Everyone needs to be brought back to the same web page. This can be obtained by preparing goals and goals together as a team. Second of all, you need to have all the assignments and put them through some sort of decision criteria. This will help you choose the tasks that are most crucial to your company.

Underlining Issue:

The underlying issue with your organization is you don't have clear mission of where the company is going.



  • Growth rate for the last two years is roughly 80% every year.
  • Unique industry specialists.
  • Peter's entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Too many jobs on the run.
  • Lack of interior communication.
  • Discord of interest.


  • A unique product that has niche educational value.
  • More developed brand


  • Potential lack of industry skill to other companies.
  • Increased components of competition.
  • Risk of substitution products.


Do nothing at all: If you follow this alternative you have potential of loosing key employee's.

Revise the quest statement: If choose this substitute you may bring the company back to line with everyone on a single page.

Fire some or your 10 top managers: If you choose this solution you the potential of loosing valuable resources that will help build your business.


  • Develop a new mission defining the company direction with focus on the lower age groups.
  • Be sure to develop the new mission with all components of your management. Guiding Coalition.
  • Set out goals and goals for all areas of your business. Make certain those goals align with your brand-new mission. In addition, all your goals have to be SMART goals.

Hector Gaming Company

1. What's our significant problem?

The significant problem with the HGC is the organizational politics. There are plenty of internal problems in regards to resource allocation as job managers do not maintain its resources effectively and successfully.

2. Identify some symptoms of the issue?

  1. Each project manager believes his or her project is more important.
  2. More projects are not achieving deadlines and are coming in over budget.
  3. Confusion concerning who the mark market is.
  4. Communication among employees is weakened.
  5. No priority teams to prioritize projects

3. What's the major reason behind the condition?

One of the significant reasons is the fact that HGC is growing too fast at a level 80% per year for the past year or two. Furthermore, mismanagement is a cause for matter. Sally Peters (creator) looked like "shocked" with the issues that are developing in the business. This is an indicator that she is not paying attention to internal matters.


  1. Sally Peters should take more of a role to oversee all assignments that are currently on the run.
  2. Applying a corporate structure for HGC
  3. Possibly retain an HR director to make sure proper resources are allocated consequently.

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