How Important Is Postgraduate Education Education Essay

First, Jie Liu thinks that it's vital for every postgraduate marketing education provider to comprehend the three characteristics of a postgraduate marketing college student which are motives, anticipations and preparedness. Liu divided the factors that may possibly stimulate students to choose postgraduate marketing education into intrinsic, extrinsic and career related. In a study executed by Liu where questionnaires were sent out to marketing students of four different British universities, the effect depicted that what stimulated students for marketing postgraduate studies were intrinsic and job related factors. This means that students chose the postgraduate marketing program at their own will so that it may help them build a career and provide them with increased opportunities. This is the reason why there are numerous international students in the United Kingdom as several students from developing countries such as India and China assume that studying overseas can help them attain appropriate jobs. "It really is encouraging to discover that far more of the Chinese language students, who have invested a whole lot in conditions of family budget and effort to visit the UK to study, were optimistic alternatively than pessimistic about their job prospects" (Counsell 2011:71). When it comes to expectations, Liu states that all students expected that they might be provided with theoretical as well as useful knowledge about them. Postgraduate students have high prospects that the programme will instruct them a great deal which is of value in their future. Furthermore, Liu identifies the feature of preparedness to be essential. Postgraduate students have to be prepared, having an understanding of the course and some skills to help them manage their postgraduate education. Liu then recognized home and international students when it comes to preparedness after following a further examination. The results exhibited that international students were less prepared than home students. There are many reasons as to why an international learner could be less prepared such as different learning techniques, difficulty in understanding the dialect, culture shock rather than having the ability to adjust to the United kingdom environment. Thus, Liu looks for to provide knowledge about postgraduate marketing education in the United Kingdom by calculating the motives, expectations and preparedness of postgraduate marketing students.

Second, the article written by Liu has its own advantages and weaknesses. The most advantage of the article is the fact it focuses on a specific field which is postgraduate marketing education. This could assist other marketing research workers and leaders using their study as there are limited researches emphasizing on postgraduate marketing programme. Furthermore, Liu succeeds in creating an understanding about motives, expectations and preparedness of postgraduate marketing students which would support postgraduate marketing providers to create their programme accordingly. With these belongings, the article will hold out flaws as well. The study prepared by Liu where questionnaires received out to marketing students of four British isles universities did add accurate answers but there have been limitations. As mentioned in this article, the study was made using the questionnaires delivered by 92 students which is relatively a little number for a study designed for postgraduate marketing education and the four United kingdom universities surveyed were all set in a specific geographical area in britain. Furthermore, Liu mentions a sole quantitative method is used in data collection and that there is no qualitative strategy practised in the study. However, Liu points out dissimilarities between home and international students which could be imprecise as with such a little survey it isn't plausible to accomplish a definite and vast picture. "Provision of higher education for international students is becoming an important income source for Western universities and these students have enticed research attention" (Huang 2008:1003). Therefore, despite having an abundance of facts, the article seems incomplete and lacks precision.

Third, Liu definitely recognises the growing importance of postgraduate marketing education and wishes postgraduate marketing students as well as the postgraduate marketing providers in the United Kingdom to benefit from the program. Since international students constitute majority of the program, Liu believes that these international students should obtain maximum advantages. Marketing education providers should be able to help, support, and understand international students in order to improve the experience for students which would support United Kingdom to carry onto its leading position in the education market globally. "At a time when higher education institutions are developing strategies to increase the numbers of postgraduate students, figuring out the educational and sociable needs of full-time postgraduate students is of paramount importance" (Humphrey and McCarthy, 1999:371).

To conclude, Liu mentions that international students come completely to the United Kingdom, paying an enormous amount of cost, thus, there money should be appreciated plus they should discover a theoretical and sensible knowledge experience. This would deliver an advantage to the students and the education providers in the United Kingdom.

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