How Time Management Skills Can Effect Educational Achievement

Time management is very important and it may actually have an effect on individual's overall performance and accomplishments. However, many of these are related by how individuals manage their time to suit their daily living or to make it stream steadily with their routines. Conducive options and environment will surely promote positive final results to the students, besides having good lectures given by their lecturers. Nevertheless, students' time management can be viewed as as one of the aspect that can move students to be always a good student. A great time management is essential for students to stand out. However, a few of the students don't have a good time management skills that has adversely influence their life and their research. The usage of time by students in higher education institutions is related to their daily routines and activities. Students' time management can also impact stress level of students as they have to handle their responsibilities and their personal errands.

In educational companies of Malaysia, time management has a role in determining the way the students perform. This includes the students who are specializing in the teaching career. Teaching occupation is one of numerous professions accepted broadly throughout the whole world. Because of this particular reason, higher learning corporations all over the world nowadays provide courses which either tightly or straight related to the teaching profession. The training organizations in Malaysia aren't excluded. Here in Malaysia, higher learning establishment provides educational courses in various areas of research. Many learning institutions have their own Faculty of Education to cater the needs and the students to help expand their studies in this particular field. Among these universities are Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), International Islamic University or college Malaysia (IIUM), Universitit Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).

The students who are undergoing the lessons under the Faculty of Education are being exposed to what they ought to know and prepare for the educational field aside from the knowledge that they gain during class. All the students are being been trained in improving both their knowledge and also their tender skills. However, all the students do not have the same manner of controlling their time. This might have an effect both on their academic and communal life.

In order to regulate how students manage their time, a report need to be completed among students who are taking the B. Ed. in Coaching English as a Second Language (TESL) programme at the Faculty of Education, UiTM Shah Alam. This review is specifically for Part 8 or final semester students who are learning under the TESL programme.

Statement of the issue.

Students atlanta divorce attorneys university are different in one another, especially in the manner they take care of their time. Just how of controlling time for every individual is different in UiTM even though the courses taken are the same. Some of the students are even studying in the same school. Some class will possess the session of a particular subject each day plus some maybe having it in the afternoon or even later in the evening. The time allocation of the school may impact the students' time managements. Quite simply, students take care of their time to match their needs and the majority of them deal with their time by prioritizing on what they want to do, somewhat than what they have to do. This ends in the down sides of the students in doing their tasks predicated on what they designed. Thus, it's important to carry out a study to be able to determine how students deal with their time, and exactly how it influences their studies.

A study have to be conducted to determine the way the students control their time throughout their period of study and exactly how it may impact their studies. The students are learning according to the timetable provided by the faculty that could or might not interrupt their common daily activities. The students have different ways to control their period to cater to their analysis plan. This research is conducted to recognize part 8 TESL students of UiTM time management and exactly how it affects their studies.

Research Objectives

The main goal of the study is to determine the ways part eight B. Ed. TESL (Hons) students in the Faculty of Education, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Section 17 Shah Alam, deal with their time.

The objectives of this research are as explained below

1. 2. 1 To understand how the students take care of their time and their day to day routine during their length of analysis.

This is mainly to research how students take care of their time throughout their study which includes time for both academics and personal activities.

1. 2. 2 To research in what manner time management affects their studies and performance.

To learn how does indeed students' way of taking care of time impacts their studies and their performance.

1. 3 Research Questions

This research is intended to answer the following questions

1. 3. 1. Just how do the part 8 B. Ed. TESL students manage their time during their period of review?

1. 3. 2. How do they manage academic workload during their study?

1. 4. 3. Do they have sufficient time for sociable activities?

1. 4 Significance of Study

The significances of this study are

1. 4. 1 To determine how part 8 B. Ed. TESL students of UiTM manage their time throughout their period of analysis, including about how they deal with their time for academic activities and time for socializing. This is looked on how part 8 B. Ed. TESL students make arrangement of their own time, in which can be related how they divide the time for academic purposes as well as the time for their sociable needs. This research will quickly realize how part 8 B. Ed. TESL students of UiTM deal with their time to match their need as students.

1. 4. 2 To improve the awareness of part 8 B. Ed. TESL students of UiTM about how they control and hang out for their exercises as students. The analysis is important for both students and the Faculty. It will bring benefits to the students who have no idea of that they spend or deal with their time. The info accumulated in this study can be used as a guide to the students to get ready a much better way to lead their life or on how to control their time properly. This will help the students to make smarter time management for their academic and cultural life.

1. 4. 3 To permit the university to arrange activities related to time management skill and self-improvisations, to be able to enhance the students time management both during and after their classes. The Faculty could also use the info collected to handle activities related to time management in order to improve whatever that should be increased about their time management. The students may also make necessary changes on how they spend their time or reschedule their daily routine in order to match their needs or even to increase their performance in analysis.

1. 5 Limitation of the Study

The restriction in this analysis is on the number of the respondents. For this study, it could not be possible to obtain the information or data from all TESL students of UiTM. Due to that, the sample has been limited by part 8 B. Ed. TESL students of UiTM in Section 17, Shah Alam, Selangor only.

1. 6 Description of Terms

Several terms will be utilized throughout this review. These conditions are interrelated to one another and are used especially when referring to the things and the study done. The terms used may vary in interpretation.

1. 6. 1 Time: Relating to Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary, 11th Model; time is defined as "the measured or measurable period where an action, process, or condition can be found or continues". Amount of time in this research refers to the actions of part 8 TESL students of UiTM. .

1. 6. 2 Management: According to Collin's Cobuild Advanced Learner's British Dictionary, New Model 5th (2006), management holds the meaning along the way people control different parts of their life.

1. 6. 3 Time Management: Based on the definition of energy and management given above, time management can be said as the way of how individuals control their time throughout their lifestyle. In this review, throughout their daily life identifies time management pertains to the time when part 8 students are their studies at UiTM section 17, Shah Alam.

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