How TO BECOME Successful Businessman Education Essay

I will always be an optimistic person, self-assured about my abilities and knowledge. Like every person, I dream to be a successful entrepreneur. The road to success is challenging and while there are shortcuts, it's the long, patient walk which takes us many kilometers ahead.

From my schooling days and nights, I have been good at Mathematics and numericals. Thus I recognized I wanted to do something related to figures. And since I really like getting together with people, I knew MBA was the perfect choice to mix my love with my extroverted nature.

I know doing an MBA will add value to my entire life. Not simply a fats pay check but in terms of enriching my life by giving more clarity to my thoughts. I know that an MBA will allow me to start to see the bigger picture, align my goals compared to that of my company. I realized an MBA was not about this content but more about how to provide that content better. An MBA will help me take a look at amounts, not with the sole purpose of crunching them but could decipher those numbers in the context of the company

The reason for choosing a MBA degree over other post graduate level courses has been simple, I wanted to do a specialized course that demonstrates to me nuances of owning a business by applying time tested theories. An MBA has the right mixture of Mathematics and Business supervision to survive in the current volatile market successfully. Learning specialized ideas gives me an advantage over others to not simply lead but gain in today's highly competitive corporate and business world.

I have big dreams for myself after doing of my MBA. I am planning on working maybe a couple of years in UK itself. This experience will help me apply my recently learned knowledge in a developed current economic climate. It will expose me to new civilizations as well as give me an improved global point of view. I am a proud Indian and I am certain that once I get back to India, I will use my certification and experience to be a successful entrepreneur. I aspire to head an organization of my own and in my own small way contribute to the economic expansion of India.

I think goals in life can be demarcated into four - economic, social, religious and environmental. Thus with equipped with an MBA, I wish to combine all the four goals - earn well (monetary), do good for the united states (public), take the righteous path through clarity of head (spiritual) and always ensure that none of your activities harm the environment (environmental).

While it is important to possess goals, with a go-getter attitude, I think there has to be a balance between work and life. I hope to start work with an organization which values living life, offers work-life programs. Though it noises Utopian and I might never find the right employee, I am sure that my company will surely incorporate work-life programs. I wish to be considered a satisfied staff and an employer who runs a business of satisfied employees.

I assume that I've all the qualities to be a successful businessman. I am a hard working person who understands the value of money and time. I could prioritize and will have successfully managed to juggle my own and professional life well. I could manage hectic work schedules, meet deadlines and succeed without getting rid of my cool, being patient, always.

Reflection on Action

Consider your own method of research- what functional problems would you anticipate in concluding assignments and responsibilities? (include reference to exams/ presentations/ essays/ information and other assessment methods)

What strategies do you want to use to be able to reduce the impact of the problems?

What theories of learning will help you understand your strategy? Critically consider these ideas of learning with regards to your own needs.

An MBA is the force I need to flourish in everything I really do. MBA is not just a degree on a piece of newspaper. MBA is acquired and the self-confidence a person will get after its conclusion is the raise I am getting excited about. Like I insist and keep on saying, out of several hundred degrees and field of expertise certificates, MBA is one degree that has not lost its charm and importance. Not every person can get a MBA degree and certainly it is just a privilege of preferred few thousands who get a MBA degree from a reputed college or university abroad, that is what maintains the 'owner's satisfaction' intact.

Since an early age I have already been good with numericals. Actually, while other students shied away from studying Math, I devoured figures. This coupled with my skills for arranging and strategizing is all I have to achieve success. Like every skill, mine is natural but it requires to be refined. After all, a rough gemstone is given its sparkle by its molder and I am that difficult stone. MBA will be my molding machine that will give me the confidence and shine excellent.

SWOT, an acronym for Talents, Weakness, Opportunities and Risks is a favorite theory developed by Albert Humphrey in the 1960's. This theory is a planning tool used to comprehend the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved with any project or business. Strategic planning is vital for the success of any small or big activity. After all, even the smallest assignment must be assessed for its pros and cons and only once those hurdles are known and triumph over, lies forward true success.





Things that are good now, maintain them, build on them and use as leverage


Things that are bad now, solution, change or stop them.



Things that are best for the near future, prioritize them, take them, build on them and optimize


Things that are bad for the future, devote plans to manage them or counter them

Like every logical human being, I too have my strengths and weaknesses. I have a constant urge to please everyone even though that may also be hard, it helps me put my best ft. forward always. I am a perfectionist naturally who never offers up which is both my power and weakness. This dynamics helps me remain in control and continues me self confident, aiding me to never let my head waver from the goal.

I trust Humphrey who says that advantages and weaknesses are evenly important in successful of your business. After all, if there were not any hurdles and problems available, there would never be solutions to triumph over them.

It is straightforward to complain that life is unfair and when there was a second chance, everything would be different. I believe life provides us second chances always which is our duty to identify these opportunities. ONCE I had made-up my mind to go after an education in another country, I recognized that it was an extended and boring process to apply to several universities. I had fashioned to demonstrate myself over and over again to each one of these universities and I say they were not necessarily successful. Despite that, I kept pressing myself, urging myself to work harder, write better, and today after getting admitted to one of the greatest universities in the world for no reason other than merit, I have earned and I am proud of my success.

Like each theory has different levels, life has different levels too. And each level can be an important milestone of life. Abraham Maslow's Need Hierarchy Model has always educated me the same thing. This theory has subconsciously been motivating me to motivate further, reach ahead always.


I consider myself fortunate that the physiological needs of food, clothing and shelter which thousands of individuals try to achieve in life every day is what I am delivered with. Growing up in a sheltered, loving family has helped me expand with the security and assurance Maslow talks about in Safety needs.

Maslow's Sociable needs, I might need some help there! I have been an introverted extrovert, and therefore while I am not shy, I am not really a party dog either. I believe the right education and training can change that. I am a state level football player, have a lot of friends and an above average college student but when it comes to talking before a masses, I shy away. MBA is all about that. I find it challenging to stand in front of people, give presentations and keep the crowd engaged, I am sure that is where I want more polish and ideally the strenuous years at Cardiff will take me a step higher in Maslow's hierarchy.

At the most notable of the pyramid is Personal actualization i. e. self applied contentment and this Maslow says is achieved whenever a person has achieved everything. I concur that while personal actualization might not exactly be in the distant future for me personally, MBA will give me knowledge and electric power which in turn will earn me respect and money, taking me eventually to the best rung in the pyramid.

Self actualization is achieved when ambitions are satisfied. My ambition is to sharpen my skills and skills, putting them to good use while doing work for a respected MNC in a good position. A guy can go to any limitations to achieve success and I concur, I am ready to push my restrictions to bring out the best in me. I will be happy and my personal- actualization will be achieved only once I am truly, completely and truthfully successful. MBA is not my vacation spot. It is just a starting to a successful trip.

The theory by David McClelland says that the objectives behind one goal vary for each person. His theory declares that every specific has a need for achievement, a need for vitality or a dependence on affiliation. I do not completely agree with this theory and believe that it's the balance of success, electricity and affiliation making a successful, happy person.

It is easy. MBA is my goal. The reason behind chasing MBA is a encouraging profession, professional success, financial stableness and an id for myself. As per McClelland, every person is behind one of these three needs in life. I need a balance of all these to achieve success and that'll be my personal -actualization.

Action Planning

Prepare a personal development plan to explain what you need to do to achieve your ambitions. The program should include the key steps that you'll require to take in the brief, medium and lasting.

You also needs to give a supplementary justification of your plan.

Personal development Plan:


Get an MBA from Cardiff with soaring colours

To accomplish that, I have to examine hard. I plan to make a time desk for my analysis a chance to ensure that I've an equal balance of studies and extracurricular, without allowing them to overwhelm me. Reading analysis material, discussing with my professors and fellow students, keep debates and getting responses for might work assignments are some of the methods I have to choose to meet my goals. I want to also need to home hone my demonstration skills, which I plan to do with practice and by observing others and taking notes. Time management is also high on my agenda.


To work in a reputed business, to get work experience.

To achieve this, I need to look for the right positioning post getting the MBA. It will start with creating a highly effective CV. Maybe it's via an in-campus or out-of campus placements. For making sure I get the job, I need to prepare for the interview - actually and mentally. Apart from concentrating on the right clothes to wear, I have to gather the confidence to discuss effectively, take myself well and create an impact. An MBA degree gives me the required confidence and with repetition in presentations, I am certain I will have sufficient oratory skills at that time. Based on the companies which I need to reach out to, I will do an in depth research about them, try and see how I possibly could fit and what I'd need to get there. I am going to maximize my advantages in written as well as oratory skills. I will identify areas where I could do the best and consequently develop my skills. I am going to also try and talk to earlier students to know how they prepared themselves so you can get the right position.

Once I get the work, my only focus in life is always to emerge as the best. Apart from hard work and perseverance, I'll try and learn as much as i can on the job. I want to come in contact with all departments within an organization, so i acknowledge for myself where I fit the best. I will reserve time by the end of each day to examine what travelled well and what could be better next time. I am going to remain up to date with sector developments and seek regular reviews from others on my contribution. Good or bad, I'll work on it.

Skills which I should work on:

Project specific knowledge

Understanding working methodology

Develop additional on-the job skills

Planning and organization skills

Generic skills of communication

Team working and networking

Increasing personal effectiveness


To become a successful entrepreneur

This is the time to apply my knowledge into knowledge and experience into more fruitful action. This is the time I take full control of my entire life, exploring my boundaries. An to do that, I'll constantly have to keep in mind the following

Where do I wish to go?

This would mean, taking the company to new horizons, where sky is the limit. I am going to break this into years - 5, 10 and 15 and have milestones for each and every year.

Have a vision of the external world.

I could keep at heart the social, politics, geographical and economic environment while adding my company.

Have a eye-sight of my interior world.

This will help me know my very own constraints and know where I would need to garner more strength. This would likewise incorporate knowing the resources at my disposal, capital which I would be asked to plough and exactly how could be credit debt. Establishing the infrastructure required to begin off - office space, manpower and all the paraphernalia needed to make an company work.

Work to channelize my encounters into my bigger eye-sight.

Factors required to achieve this target:

Balance between work and life

Flexibility to change

Time management

Effective communication skills

Well-tuned decision making ability

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