Impacts of Poor Teaching Methods

According to Buddha, "your brain is everything. What you think you become" and therefore in accordance to that statement our mind is accountable for the activities we take. In this case, poor teaching methods have highly afflicted our head and our thinking making us believe that we aren't proficient at certain subject matter, even making us go as far as hating the topic, whereas all that is required is a different approach. It has in turn damaged student's action in doing so making them shy away from such subjects when it comes to subject alternatives.

According to Aristotle, "The main one exclusive indication of detailed knowledge is the power of teaching". Ardictionary defines educating "as the activity of educating or instructing activities that impact knowledge or skill". Tutors' handling of teaching is very flimsy in various parts of the earth and therefore poor teaching methods have really damaged students thereby providing them with a lifelong phobia at certain things. Poor educating methods is influenced by many factors such as,

  • Lack of use of modern tools during teaching
  • Lack of effective management of classrooms
  • Personality of instructors. This factor splits into many other factors for example
  • Lack of inspiration by teachers
  • The absence of effective specific questioning
  • Lack useful of practical solutions to aid the understanding of various topics
  • Absence of standardised testing on each topic
  • Lack of use of added learning time for students who lag behind
  • Non-Student friendly teachers

(http://serc. carleton. edu/introgeo/justintime/index. html)


In accordance to David Thornburg It really is a well known simple fact that technology improves everyday and atlanta divorce attorneys aspect. Poor teaching methods are highly affected by the use of ancient materials and beliefs for teaching, for example the use of chalkboards and the writing down of long records will take students' time and leaves hardly any or virtually no time for learning and understanding what's actually been educated. White mother board should be utilized rather than chalkboards in universities, also projectors and interactive planks should also be studied into consideration in assisting the teachers present their notes in digital form and also to play relevant videos and illustrations to students permitting them to have a clearer view of what's being shown. The writing of notes is now able to be reduced if copies of records are collected by using a storage area device from the tutor and put into personal notebook computers of students. After the duplicate of the note is given to each student, you will see room for more time for the explanation of topics being shown because students take a lot of time copying their notes which makes them fatigued and even discouraged to read back the extended note back again because they don't have a good knowledge of what has been written in the take note. The use of the Chinese language abacus would also help young students during get a clearer view of what arithmetic is similar to. The usage of the internet also needs to be brought under consideration as a way to obtain help to teachers and students in that way ensuring them never to be limited to knowing precisely what has been known for an extremely long time period and leaving both students and professors outdated. Modifications are made to various themes and the internet can be a source of information for teachers and students which means internet would allow everyone to boost and gain more knowledge on various matters. (The brand new essentials: education and the future of work in the Telematic Years by David Thornburg)


Classrooms are incredibly important when it comes to learning, a standard class would be of great help to both the students and their tutors. A professor has to have regulations directed at the students in so doing ensuring that there's a standard insurance plan and a certain order in the class room. The appraisal of pupils' work and the provision of sufficient opinions to students will grow to be more knotty because of the large number of pupils. The overcrowded classrooms also triggers lack of sufficient instructional gadgets, high pupil to professor proportion also reduces likelihood of individual attention to the pupils. Only the students who sit down at the front end rows of the classrooms gain from what the teacher is really trying to complete across to the students. Congested classes are also not conducive for learning due to stuffy surrounding and make students start perspiration making them stressed out so easily which is in fact very harmful to medical and can actually lead to the simple transfer of airborne diseases between students. A typical classroom should be well spaced, well aired, and beautified with different academics illustrations including the multiplication stand of numbers, when a multiplication table is area of the illustrations pasted on the wall space of a class, it will abet learning due to the frequent sighting of computer. Hence, the students would keep in mind it well after several memorisations and will not forget easily. (Patricia Williams, Robert D. Alley, Kenneth T. Henson. 1999. Handling secondary classrooms: principles and strategies for effective management and instruction Managing secondary classrooms: principles and approaches for effective management and instruction. )


The use of inexperienced and unqualified instructors in educating various subjects triggers great injury to the students and greatly influences students' subject options. There are instructors without the correct teaching certificates. The academics background of the instructors is feeble, a few of the educators show mathematics and many are untrained, these professors use poor coaching techniques plus they lack assistance in form of frequent professional development through seminars, workshops, and refresher training. These teachers just do it to teach students at young age ranges knowing that there are some subjects that want experts in the field for a much better knowledge of those technical themes. For instance, mathematics, if those professors without the correct knowledge of instructing teach mathematics, there would a high trend of students having inadequate basis at such a technical subject like mathematics. Such students can end up getting a phobia for mathematics and conclude dropping the topic after the completion of the extra education. Therefore, the answer to these is by getting educators with the appropriate coaching certificates to these subjects and these will enhance the general performance of students at Ordinary level examinations specifically on themes like mathematics and English.

Non-student friendly teachers also cause great injury to some students by putting dread in the students' brain. Lack of motivation by instructors also falls under types of poor coaching methods. There are specific teachers who don't care about the intellectual feelings of students, they just instruct reluctantly and leave the course meanwhile there are specific students who curently have a phobia for the subject and what is just needed is motivation which they don't get really using their tutors. Educators should be of help at motivating students, encouraging and inspiring the students to make sure they are get up and go forward. There are also cases whereby students get frustrated at the subject matter been taught, situations like that are also fixed by the help of these motivational and motivating teachers. The use of jokes during coaching also aids learning, this makes the students enjoy the tutor and makes the category lively, and there is this idea that if students likes a professor, he'll definitely love his subject. (David Kember and Anthony Wong 2000)

According to Standard Ruben Cubero, the absence of individual questioning is also one factor that affects the overall performance of students. Teachers who do not bring all the students along during lectures tend to be ignorant of students who do not learn easily. Therefore, professors have to be at the same speed with every student been taught and not leaving any college student behind. The right means to fix these is by the regular questioning of students when new issues are been trained to know the weakness of students especially the tranquil ones also to know the students who have paid total attention throughout the lesson. This also makes the course very energetic and stimulates the students to do private research at their leisure time. This factor would also help the tutor in knowing some matters he must go back and give a different way when next he is teaching that particular topic. The usage of added learning time should also be a requirement to help students who lag behind, or students who need extra lessons for effective knowledge of topics. When a professor uses part of his leisure time to gather some fragile students jointly there would be a standard improvement in those students' performance. These students would therefore put more interest and therefore there would be a high tendency to getting better grades in the subject. (Standard Ruben Cubero, Dean of the Faculty, United States Air Drive Academy. )

In addition insufficient use of useful has also affected students in understanding what has been educated because they are certain subjects that want the use of practical to have a better comprehension of the subject. The usage of practical and software of the matters to the everyday day life would give students a concept or a clearer picture of what the teacher is describing (David Kember and Anthony Wong 2000)

The lack of study teams also influences the frame of mind of students towards the knowledge of several issues. Students will not be able to communicate among themselves and share different opinions but if the teachers put the students into analysis groups mixing both the fragile and smart students mutually. There will be interaction and discussion between students in an organization about their different weak points and those who understand a particular topic perfectly will help the ones that are still weakened in those topics. For example, when the utilization of analysis group was introduced in Chrisland college idimu by Main T. O Malaka, there was a general improvement of each student's performance that particular when all the students made at the least a credit in each subject matter at the 2009 2009 Western African Senior Supplementary Certificate Exam (WASSCE). (www. chrislandschools. org)

All the items that are been posted earlier are the primary causes of mathematics phobia and lead to the bad attitude of students towards mathematics. A glance at the 2009 2009 Western world African Senior Secondary Certificate Evaluation (WASSCE) result of prospects in Nigeria demonstrated they are more students that fail mathematics than those that actually cross them. The effect clearly mentioned that only 25. 99% of all the candidates obtained a minimum of credits in both mathematics and English. (http://thenationonlineng. net)


According to H. J. S Smith, a popular mathematician he explained that "low-quality teaching contributes to the inevitable idea that mathematics is only modified to peculiar brain, when it is the one widespread science, and the main one whose ground guidelines are trained almost in infancy and reappear in the motions of the universe". Mathematics has a tarnished and flawed reputation among students. It really is thought that mathematics is murky, obscure, hazy and incredibly difficult to comprehend and only known by specific people which is very wrong, once there is a change of attitude of learner and all those poor coaching methods are corrected, there would be a standard improvement in mathematics result. The professors have scrawny academic backgrounds on the mathematics content to provide. Their unique manner to mathematics also contributes to their incapability to egg on the pupils to study mathematics. The coaching techniques that are being used remain principally the traditional 'have a discussion and chalk' method of delivery. These educators are under great pressure to facilitate their students go away examinations, and therefore, they are required to drinking water down the integrated curriculum. It has subsequently let to the poor performance of students. If an analyst asks a mathematics teacher if he offers a particular brain, he just laughs and it'll come out that he previously stumbled upon a motivator that was dependable in helping him uncover the true beauty of mathematics. Therefore, in conclusion to these stating once students has a good groundwork at a subject he will definitely have a passion for the subject and give his best shot to the topic.

According to Plutarch a Greek biographer and essayist, he explained, "the mind is not a vessel to be stuffed. It is a fire to be rekindled" the jaundiced frame of mind of students towards mathematics is highly exacerbated by the technique where it was been trained. These teaching strategies also have relied on the behaviourist model of learning, a paradigm that strains learning by repetition and memorisation. Instructors should therefore replace the behaviourist paradigms with strategies based on other intensifying and improved methods of learning which would be of very great help to student at their age ranges and that will remove any fear, change the attitude, and bring self confidence to students in doing the subject after the conclusion of supplementary education.

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