Learning Disabilities Results On Children and Students

Adam did not pass some of his things in the fourth level while his mothers trust that this problem is linked to his low reading skill. Although that Adam has transferred his reading skill, but he just only get the cheapest grade - class D or sometime get grade C. Due to this problem, Adam mother very worry about any of it and talk with the fourth level teacher. The teacher show that Adam isn't only the cheapest - level reading group and he likewise have other several problem like difficult to spell out and the writing skill is poor. In spite of this problem, Adam does not have any difficult in the mathematics because he always can get quality B in that subject. So, Adam mom didn't understand because he studies very hard every night but nonetheless get the cheapest class. ( Bender, 2008, p. 5 ) Out of this situation, it show that Adam have infected learning disabilities. From 1977 and 1995, the percentages of students have learning disabilities from 1. 8 percent increase to 5. 8 percent. These show that numbers of students have learning disabilities have increased almost 200 percents in less than twenty years ( Kaufman & Kaufman, 2001, as cited in " US Office of Education, " 1996 ) and 48 percent of those with learning disabilities did not have any people wished to utilize them. ( "Statistics on Learning Disabilities", n. d. ). Learning disabilities will become an extremely serious problems if still did not triumph over it.

What is learning impairment? Learning disabilities differs with physical disabilities; it is a problem that affects people that what they see, hear to link the information from the different area of the brain. (Kenyon, 2003) Learning disabilities can't be seen, so it very difficult to discover someone which have learning disabilities which is different from one individual to another person meaning one person that has learning disabilities which may have different kind of problem from the other folks which have learning disabilities. With a person that has learning disabilities, their brain working framework is in another way with a normal person since it afflicted a person ability to speak, write, notice, calculate, etc.

Until now, many researches is done to discover the sources of learning disabilities, but it still not yet sure regarding the causes because people which may have learning disabilities have different in their person brain works and how it process information. They just have three standard reasons that cause learning disabilities. First of all is inheritance. This is happen because some is come through hereditary factors that means that their mother or father has learning disabilities that causes their son influenced on learning disabilities. Furthermore, it's very easy to find people that with learning disabilities with father or mother, children, relatives, etc. Learning disabilities is mainly people have damaged because it didn't like other diseases that easily to determine and most of people are didn't value it. Second of all is problem during pregnancy and birth. This is happen because a few of the mother may be affect to the other diseases that cause their child afflicted to it. Besides that, some of the mother that smoking during being pregnant that can causes the kid learning disabilities because the cigarette that contains tobacco that can spoils the kid brain system. Furthermore, alcohol also can affect because alcoholic beverages is dangerous to the fetus' expanding brain and could distort the expanding neurons. The kid that low delivery weight that below 5 pounds is also very dangerous because it could be quickly to get varies of problem including learning disabilities. Lastly is the incident after birth. This may happen because some of the parents are did not take care well of their children that could causes the youngster head injured. This may causes their child influenced learning disabilities. In addition, child that has not enough nutrition and exposure to toxic element like cadmium, business lead, etc may causes the kid afflicted learning disabilities.

Learning disabilities have divided into four parts, which is engine disorder, math disorder, reading disorder and writing disorder. Electric motor disorder is also call as dyspraxia it have problem on the motion and coordination whether it's with fine electric motor skills or gross motor unit skills. (Kemp, Segal & Cutter, 2010 ) Until now, scientist still cannot figure out the sources of the engine disorder as the expert assume that is the nerve skin cells that control motor unit neurons is not develop well, so that the brain desire a longer time for you to transfer and process the info. The sign of the electric motor disorder is easier found during the childhood, because they may have a longer time to do something like sit, stand, walk etc. To treat the electric motor difficult, there are have three kind of remedy. First is the occupational therapy, this therapy can be an occupational therapist will observe the child the way the child take care of the daily activity in home and school then the therapist will help the child to develop some specific skill for the function that may be troublesome for the kids. Another is talk and language therapy, for this therapy, therapist will carry out some examination of the child conversation then help the kid to communicate with other people more correct and the previous is perceptual motor training. This training is to improve the child language, movement, aesthetic, and skill so the child will not become nerve-racking or frustrated in the future.

Math disorders is also called as dyscalculia which means that a person that troubles to learning principles of mathematics. Children which have math difficult does not remember the math facts, mistake with the math operations especially the multi step process, problems in language control that may have an effect on to complete math problem solving, delay in counting, and so on. The cause of the mathematics disorder is the terms and the aesthetic processing centres of the brain that triggers child that contain math difficult to solve the mathematics question. Moreover, math disorder also may be inherited by their parents or can be a problem on the mind development during the pregnancy. To take care of mathematics disorder, we could work help them to visualise the mathematics problem by drawing a diagram or picture then make clear it to those to let them understand onto it. Besides that, we may use math game to let them practice the concept of math. Employing this method, it can train them the essential truth of the mathematics and last but not least is the teacher and parent or guardian never give up, because people which have math disorder may desire a lot of your energy to resolve a question, so instructors or parents have to be a bit extra effort to teach them.

Reading disorders is also called as dyslexia which means one is having a difficult to read it and spell it. Reading disorder mainly happen during the early grade of schooling that it mostly apparent will show that the child was frustrated by the difficulty to read or spell out a word. This will likely causes the kid become low self-esteem and depressive disorder and finally become unmotivated and can hate going to school. Besides that, reading disorder will cause a lot of problem like very hard to recognize a word, difficult to create a new idea or images, difficult to understanding phrase or vocabulary, and so on. What can cause reading disorder? Reading disorder is causes by the impairment of the brain potential to send the images from the attention, ear to the brain into understandable dialect. Besides that, reading disorder also may hereditary from their parents. To treat the reading disorder, teacher can make the reading easier which means that by using adobe flash cards or tape in the classroom to help more easily to keep in mind all what, moreover, we also have to give extra time for child that contain reading disorder especially during exam because they desire a lot of their time to complete and show to their children what they have discovered. ( Bailet, 2009 ) Besides that, educator and parent also need to help them to catch up all what that they might be forgotten.

Writing disorder is also known as as dysgraphia means that a person who difficult to state out something through writing. It generally opt to bad side writing. (" Dysgraphia, " n. d. ) So, children which may have influenced in this writing disorder will desire a lot of their time to create out all the words. The majority of children which have learning disabilities, they write out words that very hard to read and understanding. Besides that, the scale or the shape of the words will not consistency which means what will from smaller to bigger or bigger to smaller. People that have writing disabilities will have difficulties when they need to use writing as communication with one another. Writing disorder can be happening is only having three reasons. One of the most reason is poor electric motor skills, electric motor skill is managing our body muscle that support our motion, writing etc. If a person that engine skill poor, he'll be very hard to truly have a good writing skill. To take care of this writing disorder, multi sensory teaching method can be utilized by to teacher to build up the students skills through play, side strengthening exercises and so forth. ("Dysgraphia treatment for college age group kids, " n. d. ) Educators can let their college student play practicing letter words in sand, jigsaws etc to let them to develop the writing skills. For the hand building up method, can allow students have writing disorder playing tennis, badminton to strength their side muscle so that they can have a good writing skills.

On the aforementioned mention all the kind of learning disabilities that happen on the kids or students. For the parent or guardian that their kid that have learning disabilities, they can do something to help their child like compliment them when he or she done well, because children which have learning disabilities are very less can do something very well. So, it can go after those to learn their talents and abilities. ("Learning disability (con't), " n. d. ) Besides that, parents must always focus on their own children, this means that pay attention to their mental health because when their children was frustrated to the research that they could feel that they desire a lot of your energy to finish it. So, parent should gaming system their children to make sure they are feel better. Even though, parents should find out a means that learning method is suitable to their child. Which means that parent should know their children learn something by using hearing, looking, practice, and so on. So that, parent or guardian can using their children learning method to enhance their children durability.

While for the educator, educator should give more time to the students which have learning disabilities. Professor should give a lot time especially in their home work, because almost all of the students which may have learning disabilities, they desire a lot of the time to do their homework, so that they won't feel frustrated on the homework. Besides that, professors should allow the students that contain writing disorder using computer that contain recognize conversation or grammar check, such that it can help them to review well in the academics. Moreover, educators can included by teaching them by specially them writing until the students writing skills are more and more prefect.

In the conclusion, learning disabilities is are more and more prevalent in the world. In United Express of America, they are really almost 2. 5 million students are having special treatment for learning disabilities. ("LD Fast Facts, " n. d. ) So, we must have the overall knowledge about the training disabilities and also type of the learning disabilities like reading disorder, writing disorder, motor unit disorder and math disorder. Besides that, parent should take more value their child that contain learning disabilities because they also will feel frustrated when they need a lot of your time to finish their home work and the teacher also needed to help their students to own learning disabilities so that they can a lot of things. Moreover, teacher and parents should find out their children/students advantages, so that instructors and parents can use it to improve their scholar/children durability or ability.

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