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According to my results, this implies that my leadership style is predominately Participative, which means that I am capable of dealing with group associates who understand the goals and their role in the duty. My biggest strength is hard work, writing the sense of responsibility, punctuality, time management and the ability to meet deadlines. I am a very trustworthy person with an capacity to are a team player or as a person which helps me to make it through under different kind of surroundings. According to my previous experienced, my supervisor came over and praised me for my hard work for the past five weeks and he also enlightened me that they can offer me a team leader job once I completed my course.

My Weakness is that I get damage rapidly if someone disregards my genuine efforts, or accuse me to be guilty of a mistake which I never do, this does leads to a mental stress which finally results my performance. Secondly sometimes I get mental. This is exactly what I think are my biggest strength and weaknesses. And I need to improve this power and weaknesses.

Leadership theories

Leadership is a way of leading others to get the required results. There are various theories provided by different author and I will discuss a few of the theories which are as follow

Situational control theory

It is developed by Hersey and Blanchard, is dependant on the premise that market leaders need to alter their behaviours depending using one major situational factor-the readiness of fans. It targets two behaviours: process behaviour and romantic relationship behaviour.

Task behaviour is the leader's trend to explain duties and duties of the group. Romantic relationship behaviour is the leader's propensity to use two-way or multi-way communication

To determine which combination of behaviour is appropriate for a given situation, a head must gain access to the follower readiness. Follower readiness means follower's willingness and ability to accomplish a task. The following are the command style that could be used

Telling- giving specific task directions and carefully supervising work; a high task, low-relationship style

Selling- explaining job directions in a supportive and persuasive way; a higher task, low-relationship style.

Participating- emphasizing shared ideas and participative decisions on activity directions; a minimal job, high-relationship style.

Delegating- allowing the group to take responsibility for activity decisions; a low task, low-relationship style.

In using this situational control theory, leaders make a decision the task areas they would like to influence assess the individual's readiness level, select the leadership style equivalent to that level.

Path-goal theory

It clarifies how leader behaviour can positively affect the desire and job satisfaction of subordinates. It really is carefully associated with expectancy theory; it is focused along the way leader's effect subordinates' conception of work goals and pathways to accomplish both work and personal goals. This theory argues that the understanding of subordinates is afflicted by the following head behaviours.

Directive head behaviour- permitting subordinates know very well what is expected of them, providing guidance about work methods, expanding work schedules, determining work evaluation expectations, and indicating the basis for final results or rewards.

Supportive leader behaviour- entails displaying concern for the position, wellbeing and needs of subordinates; doing small things to make work nicer; and being friendly and approachable.

Participative head behaviour- it is characterised by seeing subordinates, motivating their suggestions, and carefully considering their ideas when coming up with decisions

Achievement-oriented leader behaviour- involves placing challenging goals, anticipating subordinates to execute at their highest level, and conveying a higher degree of self-assurance in subordinates.

Leaders also needs to consider two important situational factors: subordinate and context characteristics.

Normative management model

The Normative leadership model produced by Vroom and Yetton helps leaders assess critical situational factors affecting the amount to which they should involve subordinates specifically decisions. Within this model, decisions made by managers with regards to group problems are determined as belonging to one of five basics groups.

A1: the leader makes the decisions using available information.

A2: the leader obtains necessary data from subordinates then makes the decision.

C1: the leader shares the condition with relevant subordinates, individually then makes your choice.

C2: the leader obtains information and a concept from subordinates in an organization procedure then makes the decision.

G2: The market leaders share the condition with the group and organize their attempts to devise a solution.

The model carries a range of questions the administrator can enquire about your choice or problem, which may help him/her to choose which method is most appropriate given the situation.

Transformational and transactional leadership

Transformational leaders motivates individuals to perform beyond normal expectations by uplifting subordinates to give attention to broader missions transcending their own immediate self-interest, to focus on intrinsic higher-level goals rather than extrinsic lower level goals, and have confidence in their abilities to achieve the extraordinary missions articulated by the first choice. Transformational command is supplementary to transactional command; it does not replace it. Transformational command includes three critical indicators
  • Charisma is a management factors composed of the leader's capability to inspire take great pride in, faith and respect. To recognise what is important.
  • Individual awareness is a command where leader's pays attention to the individual follower's needs and treat every person as equivalent.
  • Intellectual arousal is a control factor regarding offering new suggestions to stimulate enthusiasts to rethink old means of doing things, pushing followers to look at problems from multiple vantage factors.

Transactional leaders are leaders who motivates subordinates to perform at expected levels by assisting them recognise activity responsibilities, identify goals, acquire self-confidence about getting together with desired performance levels, and understand how their needs and the rewards they desire are linked to goal achievements.

leadership role model/s

Leadership means different things to differing people. It identifies the procedure of influencing others to accomplish organisational goals. There are lots of leaders who have proven themselves in front of others such as Manmohan Singh, Adolf Hitler. They change the continuing future of entire world by their control styles. I have chosen two politics leaders to compare and contrast their control theory and styles. The First politics leader is a current Prime-minister of India (Dr. Manmohan Singh) and the next one is ex: Chief executive of Libya (Muammar Gaddafi).

Leadership profiles

Manmohan Singh was born in 26 September 1932 in Goha community, Punjab But after India's partition now this town is at Pakistan. His family was migrated to Amritsar sahib, India during partition in 1947. He was very intelligent and bright scholar from the starting of his study job. He was always come first to learn something new. Following the partition he starts his research in Hindu school. In 1952 & 1954 he acquired his bachelor's and master's degree. He stands first in his complete academic profession. He gets a Wren bury scholarship or grant as well. He finishes his analysis from college or university Oxford in 1962.

After receive doctorate in economics from Oxford University or college, he functioned for United Nations and now he commenced his bureaucratic job. He works as an advisor in the ministry of foreign trade with Lalit Narayan Mishra. After this he handled so many posts for federal of India like Key Economic Consultant (1972-76), Governor of reserve loan company (1982-85) and mind of planning fee (1985-87). In 22 may 2004 He chosen as a 13th Prime-Minister of India.

Manhohan Singh employs participative and bureaucratic management style in his entire career. He's the in charge of every action related to development of a country. He requires other ideas under consideration while inserting any step further into the development. He comes after the rules and laws and ensures that other people follow the guidelines and regulations regularly and accurately. From starting of his Prime-minister profession he set up many rules for the people of India to decrease the bribe and poverty in country and Increase the current economic climate of country.

Muammar Gaddafi was born on 7th June 1942 in Libya. Originally he was ruler of Libyan Arab Republic till 1977 and then Brother Head of Libyan Arab Jamahiriya till his last breath. He was regarded as an Autocratic innovator. He took the Libyan politics to a fresh level where he described ideal autocratic style. He ruled the country with his vitality for an extended period of time. He closed North american and British armed service bases immediately when he emerged to electricity. He expelled Italian settlers in 1970 when he saw western imperialism fighting against Arab countries. A lot of similar activities were launched during his guideline but it made a negative impact on the general public of Libya. People never known him as a leader but because of his vitality nobody got a step forward to compete with him. (2008)

It is clear that both leaders were going in a different path. Manmohan Singh was a well educated economist and Gaddafi was not certified. Manmhohan Singh has never tried out to bring his successors to politics whereas Gaddafi has used his capacity to bring his successors in several professions. Manmohan Singh was leading minister of 3rd party India and got elected with co-operation from political gatherings. He was working as an employee of the united states somewhat than ruling it and any decision created by him was decided by remaining party members. Alternatively, Gaddafi took the country in his hands and released new rules corresponding to Arab believes and thoughts. He never needed recommendations from anybody and is definitely against western nations.

In synopsis, even though both market leaders were a whole lot different from each other in conditions of commanding but there were some similarities as well. For the expansion of country's current economic climate Gaddafi presented new taxes for olive oil companies. Manmohan Singh has always focused on expansion of Indian market and was an advantage because he functioned previously as financing minister of India.

Change Management

The many complications of change in company begin with human nature. People tend to respond habitually and in steady ways as time passes. They might not exactly want to change even though circumstances require it. To keep them current and be acceptable for change both leaders need to make use of kurt lewin model of change management. You will discover three stages in that unfreezing, changing, refreezing. Unfreezing is the stage when a situation is ready for change and sensed needs for change are developed first both have to unfreeze the situation. Changing is the phase where a prepared change actually occurs. Within this both can put their change planning into action. Refreezing is the stage at which change is steadiness. By using these both can examine results and present feedback.

Benchmarking criteria

Leadership is the main part of any organisation. Because organisation growth depends on leadership, this means how leader perform well with the group to get efficiency and trustful environment which make their business do well with maximum support. Leadership is just how of leading others and creating role model for follower to follow as an example. Lots of characteristics make a leader perfect in leadership. There are many qualities a leader must have but I am only going to discuss handful of them

Creativity- a market leaders should be creative in ideas to be productive. Creativeness makes a person to believe beyond the box to get the required results. It is the magic wand that helps leaders to achieve company goal and triumph over of obstacles.

Openness- leader should most probably to new ideas and listen other point of view. Openness means creating good relationship with other by being attentive their views and stimulating their work. It develops trust and common understanding among market leaders and supporters.

Dedication- means possessing a "can do attitude" towards the duty. Getting task done by using maximum energy, to set an example for follower to do the same. Followers always look up to their head so that it is important to set a good example by accomplishing the goals giving full commitment to the task.

Honesty- it makes a person trusted among others. Innovator should be genuine to their follower to create trustful connection with them to attain required goals. Because integrity is the best policy.

Well known to code of Ethics- leader should follow code of ethics so the follower can also do the same. Code of ethics is guidelines and regulation that an organisation brings for everyone to respond ethically according to the law by treating everyone as equal. It maintains the sensibility of deciding what's right and what is wrong.

Keep high standards- it's the responsibility of head to keep high standards insurance firms regular meetings. Keep up the morale of the employees by motivating them and by giving them feedback on their performance.

Collaborative- being collaborative means to work in a team with maximum effort. Collaborative makes groups effective and attainable.

Responsibility- it is important for a head to understand the duty of the leadership to lead the team. A leader should run the organisation by organising effective and beneficial team conferences.

Confident- innovator should illustrate integrity and personal determination and be positive to adopt several decisions. He/she should be self-confident to lead the team by creating friendly environment and really should use the correct decision-making style for specific issues. If the first choice is assured it is simple for him/her to gain trust of others.

Communication skills: it's important for a innovator to acquire communication skills to interact with other. Leader must have the knowledge of several ethnicities. If a innovator shortage this skill then it'll be very difficult for leader to lead the group. All of the characteristics in a good head are inadequate without this communication skill.

Section 2: do it yourself assessment

2. 1 benchmarking

Creativity- creativity is something that relates with thinking. I have creativity in myself for producing ideas and it is proven because I've completed my applied management case study in which I did so think from the box to generate possible method for the situation.

Openness- I usually get excited about group task since it gives us possibility to listen other point of view and show views with one another. I am an extremely open person I always admire other ideas and perspective because it lead us to success.

Dedication- I usually give my full determination to the duty that is assigned if you ask me for example within my workplace they may have regular audit regarding performance of employees, in that audit I always rating 99% or 100% out of 100%. it shows how much dedicated I am towards my goals.

Honesty- in the school times I learn honesty is the best policy and I always use to check out that in my own life. Be genuine; be reliable so that other can trust you under any circumstances.

Well known to code of ethics- code of ethics is set of guidelines and regulation that every individual must follow. I follow every guideline within my job such as we need to maintain professional dress, always speak in English so that other can also understand and no-one can do others clock in or clock out.

Keep high standard- within my work place they always keep their standard high. Sometime I rate myself by doing my own audit at work so that I can also understand where I stand. I always come to university as organised will have my folder of notes beside me, so that I could succeed while lecture or process.

Collaborative- I am very collaborative because I perform well in group debate. Being collaborative means gaining knowledge through others.

Responsibility- I am a accountable person when i already discuss that I always come ready to university with my notes. I use take responsibility if anything moves wrong.

Confident- I am a positive person because it help us to accomplish our goals and I usually be self-assured about might work at job because I know very well what I have to do to credit score well in audit.

Communication skills- it can be an essential aspect of leadership since it helps us to communicate with other if they participate in different nationality. I am good in communicating because I like to learn other languages like in brazil if we must say "welcome" then we have to say "oi".

This conditions show the way i rate myself with regards to these features of leadership. The ranking is from 0 to 9, where 9 is highest and 0 is least expensive.











Well known to Code of Ethics


keep high standards








Communication skills



I have rate myself regarding to where I stands. 0-6 means low and average and I need to improve that. 7 - 9 means highest and it shows my work. I've shown this score matching to my performance at job, what I believe, the way i perform at work and what I am doing in my own daily life. My creativeness and communication skills are low and I have to focus on it to develop myself according to the business situation because sometimes I lack this skills. I need to gain even more self-confident and openness so that I can achieve my goals. Determination, honesty, collaborative makes me succeed in every process.

2. 2 Reflection

I am mentioned above about my durability, weakness, opportunity and threat. These I have found where I am working now. My Administrator encourages me as a Supervisor in his company. He explained that he 've got trust and have comfortable about me. What I am required from my follower, they certainly the same thing to reach the goals and meet expectations for organisation. I am listening to every person from my team, what they want to innovate for new things and if indeed they 've got the new idea i quickly am also put into action that idea and give pay back to the team to get new ideas.

Personal cultural framework is someone's primary way to obtain how he or she would form their identity. It really is a source for determining a person, manifestation, and the sense of group needed by all humans. I am owned by Sikh religion and I've got my ethnical things from my parents. In our culture we respect to everyone and we do not call elders by their first name.

My short-term goals are to get information about the business enterprise, enhance the communication, daily revisions in my vocabulary, and complete the jobs to get the task done. I am learning the business enterprise leadership features from my instructor and put into action these qualities in my own real life. Put into practice the new authority strategy at the job so that I am a good head for my enthusiasts.

My long terms are to determine a business organisation and serve individuals and community and earn some cash from it so that it will be cover up my all bills. Apart of this, I want to also do side business in my life. My dream is to design Aircraft from my own hands and establish big industry for Airlines in New Zealand. What I must establish the corporation is money and that I will be earn from my business organisation.

Section 3: Personal Development Plan


There are pursuing opportunities that I try looking in myself. These are as follow
  • Short Term Opportunity:

Confident: I need to be comfortable for whatever I want to achieve. I have to develop myself so that I can agree to any change and achieve goals. I have to be competitive at all times. I am not frightened of any issues I really like when anybody challenges me because it offers me an possibility to prove myself. Barriers comes into play my life but I need to have a potential to handle any challenges in my life.

Team player: I wish to become more collaborative with others to build trust and understanding to face any difficulties with maximum co-operation. Without having to be collaborative I cannot turn into a good leader and cannot achieve my goals.

Productive : I am very dedicated person but I wish to developed this capability a little bit more because I am enthusiastic person and each and every time when anybody assign me any task I give my full effort to accomplish that task. I have high energy levels that seem to go on forever and it becomes my interest to attain the goals. Being collaborative means is also an essential management skill. I am prepared to do any kind of effort to perform my goals and lead my fans as an example.


  • Long term opportunity:

Become team leader: my supervisor already offered me employment to become team innovator in the company. And I am going after this course to accomplish my goal. I've dream about this job while i join the corporation.

Improve English: I need to improve my British to become good innovator so that my follower can admire my effort. Sometimes the words don't come out in fluently on lips. THEREFORE I have to work more on communication skills. Because this goal is very necessary to be achievable in business and in personal life as well.

Settled down in New Zealand: It had been my dream to come to New Zealand and resolved down in New Zealand. Now I am within New Zealand, one part of my fantasy I s satisfied and I want rest will also come true. But for that I need to work hard and learn the criteria of getting resolved down in New Zealand.


I have chosen these short term and long term opportunity that I need to improve in myself for future. I have found the less communication skills in myself while i talk to someone else. I cannot speak what appropriately so that why I think I need to improve these skills to learn the magazines, websites, improve in vocabulary, and speak up before mirror. I really have to confident while i start talk to other person.

It's very tough to be always a good competitor in my own field. But I need to try a great deal to get enough knowledge. I've seen at the job that both another person who have a good knowledge and the boss has only reviewed with them. However when the manager asks me something then I cannot answer him properly. Then I thought I need to get inadequate information about the work.

I have to essentially improve for short-term goal as well. These goals I am very difficult working in my field. But I need to build the relationship with people so that I can improve my social skills. Everyone must have capacity to make relation with customer and the city. Due to if we need something then they can help us to make our business easier and best.

I desire to be assertive in my field. I found some difficulties at my work. Some of the other staff requesting me question and sometimes they would like to be share their ideas beside me but constantly i disregarded to them. THEREFORE I need to be more assertive so that I can help them and become a good head.

Once I've caught some difficult situation at job. 1 day I have very exhausted and feeling weakness and my performance was minimizing to some extent. When my administrator review me and he said your weekly performance has decrease. So in that area I need to improve my power and be a difficult worker all the time.

I possessed desire to become a GM in virtually any organisation following the Business Management course. This is my permanent goal and I must complete it within the time. I have to be more qualitative and self-assured to become part of good management. I must go through the any materials that I need to use for a General Manager.


I want to use the technique to develop my communication skills. First I will record my words on an electronic recorder and play back to hear what I just said. Determine whether my sound confident and reassured and I grasped what I just said. Be inclined to hear what others have to state in all conditions; at work, at college and with my friends.

I want to have good and right attitude when doing dialog to others. Because good attitude can take me further where I want to go otherwise people can disregard me. I wish to be considered a punctual in my life.

To become a good competitor I need to be proceed through every learning materials that improve my skills in future. This can be getting by to read the books and go directly to the internet. Everything I can find in the Yahoo. There are various ways to use these skills in business.


I have place the time to boost these skills for my future. I have established all the small amount of time goal and permanent goals that I have to use in the future. I have to be 12 months time (1/09/2013) to improve my all skills including short-term plans. This may only be done by me to utilize the various methods. Lasting strategies need the 4 years by (1/09/2017) time so that I could learn everything including short-term goals.

In the one year, I have to improve my skills and short-term goals to move further in future and set the long term goals. I need four years to create my business and i quickly will go for even more to create the short-term and permanent goals after get these goals. In this manner I could fulfil my dreams.

I need to execute the technique to develop my skills for next four a few months. For this I have select the time frame (5/05/2013). This plan I can be writing and put into action till this day. After that I could reach on these short-term and long term goals.


I can assess these aims when I have got the data about everything and I've prepare for anything that I have to go further and arranged business in future. Skills I can evaluate it from if I will confident to take action because the individual who have skills and he have the knowledge about everything then he is the self-confident to do anything because he is aware all the things what and where did it happens.

The second I can assess it from the culture, easily have the nice communication skills and have can do frame of mind as opposed to the other people then I can forecast i achieved my aims that I have to use in the foreseeable future.


According to my short-term goals and permanent goals and the skills and aims that I have to attain these goals. I need the internet tool so that I can go everything to learn and get enough and progress knowledge. Google and Wikipedia sites have everything that I could help and find out easily my skills and aims. I can found the review online and present newspaper online to be competitive myself to the whole world.

I need working out from my company. I can get help from my leader to boost these skills and goals. My manager can give me the training about the command from where I work now. I could get various knowledge from my team members and followers. I wish to go through with the volunteer work.

I need to learn through the literature, magazines and newspaper publishers. Everything has talk about in the paper and we can learn from our politician. I can also improve these things from Television. Because Television set has run various route like finding and other channels so I can get my knowledge from these programs.

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