Pepsico: The fun culture company

Management Practice adopted by Pepsico

1. Company Structure

PepsiCo can be an adaptive organization, as they are continuously seeking frequent improvement and keeping new ideas available on the market while its products improvement along their life cycles. PepsiCo has a decentralized organizational structure, with operational decisions made within the split business units while being governed by insurance policies at the corporate level. Pepsico has a Code of Conduct that is widespread in the sense so it pertains to all businesses possessed by Pepsico.

2. Culture

  • PepsiCo offers opportunity and culture to encourage their employees to take initiative and decision making
  • The Company has a "Professional but Fun" corporate and business culture which means employees are free to achieve their goals without the burden of Structure.
  • Their management is everyday and accept ground breaking ideas off their each employees if they are from the most notable level or lower level

3. Manpower

  • Pepsico has approximately 198, 000 employees worldwide.
  • The company believes that it is the employees that produce the business.
  • Like all other multinational companies pepsico has employees of all different race, culture and religious beliefs.

4. Motivation

  • Provide Broad benefits such as healthcare and financial must motivate their employees and secure their retirement life for future
  • They provide educational loans, scholarship or grant programs and tution reimbursement.
  • They also provide Center benefits like dental, eyesight, medical and 401(k) plan with company contribution.
  • Provide insurances such as life, automobile accident, short-term and long-term disability.

5. decentralization

The specialist and decision making ability is distributed.

6. Traning and development

7. Recruitment and Selection


Management Practice followed by Intel Company:

1. Organizational Structure

At the best level Intel is arranged into typically autonomous divisions. Intel uses matrix management and mix functional teams including IT, knowledge management, recruiting, money, legal, change control, data warehousing, common directory website information management and cost reduction teams (to mention a few) to swiftly adapt to changing conditions.

2. Culture

  • Since intel is in the processor making industry, it's culture is one of continuous innovation.
  • Customer orientation
  • Results orientation
  • Risk taking
  • Great destination to work
  • Quality
  • Discipline

3. Recruitment and selections

  • Intel has over 83, 000 employees worldwide.
  • They belive their employees are their most significant investment
  • To fortify the companys culture and ideals they seek the services of and keep best and brightest employees
  • Their HRD (recruiting development) provide high quality, affordable service and support internationally.

4. Company's quest statement

Pleasure their customers, employees, and share holders by restlessly delivering system and technology growth that becomes essential to the way we work and live

5. Centralized

The business framework at intel is relatively de-centralized for the reason that employees are encouraged to come up with new product ideas independently. The nature of the industry requires intel to get this done since you cannot be creative if there are extensive constraints put upon you and expect to compete in this industry

6. Motivation

  • They offer comprehensive payment and benefits programs to catch the attention of, retain and pay back their employees predicated on their progress and profitability
  • They also provide long term financial security and coverage to employees and their families
  • They offer cash bonus ideas that offers cash rewards with their empolyees.


Management Practice adopted by Space Inc:

1. Culture

  • They have 4 key key points "Think customers first, inspire creativeness, do what's right and deliver results"
  • They motivate creativity by challenging the status quo. Impressive, creative anew ideas and ways of working will be the key element in their business culture.

2. Training and development

  • Their training and development programs are available to all their employees worldwide
  • They may have sessions and online job training and waiting for you experiences.
  • They may have welcome program because of their new employees to expose their business culture, customers brands, and their insurance policies and techniques.

3. Company's quest statement

The business's quest is upholding strong determination to serve the needs of these customers while providing quality profits and long-term value to their traders and shareholders.

4. Centralized

They ensure that all the employees from top level to bottom level including Plank of Directors to meet legal requirements throughout the world and also operate responsibly and with integrity in everything they do.

5. Motivation

  • The company believes that their workers are what make sure they are great company. Their workforce worldwide contains bright, innovative, and passionate individuals employed in various divisions such as product design, merchandising, syndication, marketing etc.
  • Space inc upholds pluralism in the workforce. it helps bring about an inclusive work environment. Commitment, versatility and team work are the hallmark of their employees. They provide exiting opportunities to learn stretch out and increase.

6. Recruitment and selection

  • They believe in equal opportunity without respect to competition color, age, gender, religion, national etc
  • They expect every employee to avoid discrimination, and harassment in the workplace
  • Every organization designs their composition to communicate between users of organization
  • A couple of two types of structure

1. Formal structure

2. Informal Structure


This Structure is the hierarchical composition in which firm coordinate to assign their employees responsibility according with their positions and ability i. e "Who will are accountable to whom"


Informal composition is a comfortable and informal way of interacting with the participants in the organization.


The Management practice to be followed by Furniture Works
  • To design organizational graph because that enable you to form a composition in the business.
  • Due to the formal Structure the organization meets its goals.

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