Personal Development: Plans and Theories

A person when chooses some specific job or field of work or employ him specifically activities such engagements are known as his occupation. Every occupation has its requirements which the professional must satisfy being to known as skilled professional of the same.

Economic environment as well as business environment is changing dynamically therefore, it needs improvement in accomplishing activities or skills of the professional to perform with this. New discoveries and inventions are being removing problems of business and monetary environment and are also improving the standard of working and making the performance of work easy and better but a professional can only take the advantage of those discoveries and innovations when he will improve or develop his skills according to the rate of changings.

I began my job from the work of accountant but I now found myself more improve than before, because when I started the job I hadn't adept in computer operating and relevant operating software prevailing at that time but I seen that if I shall not effort to learn the prevailing software applications then my skill shall be continued to be undeveloped and I shall not be able to expand/develop with the speed of energetic changes i quickly started for expanding my professional skills through learning and getting help and the help of my managers and today I have become the assistant accountant of the organization.

Personal development methods to improve the innate talents or learned skills which a person possesses as God gifted or discovered from some organization or his seniors or managers. Professional development is indeed personal development such as whenever i started my job I had formed lack of assurance that may be I possibly could not be performed my job properly but when I learned the abilities and effort to improve my professional skills then, on the other side I found myself confident about my working because my hesitation has been abolished and my morale has been cultivated up. Therefore, in my view personal development totally basis on professional development because hesitation and misunderstanding are personal factors which become hindrance in the way of ones professional success and it only remove when ones professional skills develop and in this way certain requirements of the vocation are satisfied looked after improve the efficiency and performance of him.

Organizational and Personal Goals & Objectives

Organizational goals and aims belongs to goals and aims of 1 group who are working for their mutual benefits because organization's improvement is their improvement, in other words every person in organization represent the goals and aims of the business because his progress and organization progress is interconnected. Group itself is nothing but it is known with the group who's operating and representing it.

Personal goals and aims will be the ambitions and goals of one individual which he blueprints and achieves through his personal and professional skills. Equally as every individual really wants to be the best atlanta divorce attorneys aspect just as his personal life and professional life but he is able to be if he packages for to achieve them.

An organization needs good and successful performance from each of its staff member/member and every specific of the organization needs good remuneration as factor of his professional skills which should be sufficient to gratify his demands and desires and even the requirements of a person will be the goals and aims because he supposes that at a specific post or list he will be able to satisfy them therefore, goals and aims of an organization and a person are reciprocal because a person fits with the prospects of an organization only when the organization satisfy his goals and objectives and in the same way an organization do the same when the individual returns exactly like the organization expects from him, therefore, a person might only achieve his, as well as of organizational goals and targets if he enhances his personal and professional skills. An improved performer achieves more in a nutshell span and lazy one throw away a lot and achieves less.

Methods for Growing Personal and Professional Skills

Different people own different intellectual capacity of understanding and undertaking and possess different innate and God gifted skills therefore, when one educator teaches one category jointly then it is impossible to say that the students have grasped the concepts which were conveyed to them by the tutor although all the students have different problems in same lesson. It is therefore, important for each student or specific to realize the process through which he can learn easily and if the method is compatible to his intellectual skills. Therefore, different methods catch the attention of different person at one time due to the compatibility of these abilities with the technique so used or said to be implemented because the efficiency/personal skills and professional skills of every individual aren't add up to other. Following are the methods for growing personal and professional skills:-

Development through Learning

Learning is undoubtedly a method which keeps one touching the inventions, changes and obstacles which directly have an impact on the performance and efficiency of organizations and of people and it also keeps in contact the learners with required alternatives and techniques by which they can have them out from the problems. Learning basically shows the ideas and useful works of the authors who promote their experiences with other through books, notes and information and also provide their conclusions of particular professions based on material works which help the learners in resolving their prevailing problems.

In my view learning is certainly a method by which only ideas and ideology of 1 or more creators could be observed or consulted but useful work is missing from such ideas. Business strategies and methods of doing business are different in various countries because different countries different factors affect the environment and there are no hard and fast rules to do and running businesses and all the firms have different problems in same financial environment because characteristics and size of all companies are different and the person doing the business enterprise and the strategies of professional management who is controlling the organization's activities will vary, politics atmosphere and federal government policies regarding the matter business are also different then how they could be considered and manipulated according to 1 or more theories based methods which are also of different persons. In my view development through learning is not really a extensive method but partially it is useful for learner to the magnitude of understanding of strong changes and future challenges.

Development through Apprenticeship

Development is process in which a person struggles to keep up the quality what he knows and also challenges in the same time to improve or develop his skills more efficiently so that he could have the ability to achieve his personal goals and goals by participating in his effective role also in obtaining the organizational goals and objectives. Apprenticeship an extremely useful method of development of personal and professional skills because in this technique one can apply his knowledge what he learned during his education under the supervision and support of professionals and mentors and also can almost remove his hesitation about worried working and can build self-confidence reliance on the reviews from the elderly people.

When I started out my apprenticeship immediately after studies, I got thinking, how I will do my responsibilities, what would be patterns of the seniors towards juniors, shall I be able to be considered a good accountant and so many more questions were in my own mind and I was hesitating because I had been joining a fresh environment in which I got totally unknown out of every work and every person but during my apprenticeship my elderly people performed very positive role in taking away my hesitations, building my self-confidence, facilitation me in my working, assisting me in all the way they can and aware me with the ways to getting rid of hindrances. They always replied my every question about my field. Now up to today I seems that many trends have been took place in me because my self-assurance level has been grown more than my anticipations because now I understand almost all the ways to work effectively even in pressure and I could plan and negotiate goals. This is all because of apprenticeship approach to development.

Self Managed Development

It is undoubtedly a method of development in which the individual arrange for learning and developing privately through any means which he considered useful for him. Individual will take all the initiative to learn, training and knowledge with the help of the organization because it is the organization that must provide him time for you to its employee to boost his skills and sometimes the business pays the payment to the courses and training of its worker. A skilled worker is property of firm but strong changes required him to boost his skills to utilize the rate of changes which is possible only once the procedure of development of person is relating to innovations and strong changes in the culture of overall economy and business.

An organization plays very important role in the development of its skilled individual because to improve the skills of its best employees, it must arrange training program, seminars, meetings for discourse and all the other possible ways through which it can benefit its employees for development because efficient worker perform good and also takes on its effective role in the accomplishment of organizational goals and aims. When a business provide opportunities to its employees for development of his professional skills then it is indeed providing chance to develop his personal skills in the main time since when an individual has learned all the ways to execute or face issues connected to same task then he could work more confidently and his hesitation has been completed and i. e. is the essential factor through which the evaluation of development could be assessed.

Development through Coaching

Coaching is such a development method where all the target is held only on specific work and all the skills required to perform that very work. Normally training method is used for short course of amount of time in such a situation when the senior employee is getting retired from the organization and such senior employee is performed with the duty to teach his succession with the all skills and techniques necessary for effective performance and market culture and the rest of the connected ways. Senior has to coach the successor with all the current prevailing techniques and innovations current and culture of the business to face and work in exterior environment and he also offers to mention the ways with which he can work under pressure and work insert and also to beat he rival works of the competition. Under the method of development through training the individual is getting benefit from the working experience of his trainer and the mentor as culture of all the organizations is not same even if they are linked one industry or field therefore, for effective performance it is compulsory for each and every employee of the business to learn the culture of the business.

Coaching is the simplest way through which one can focus only on the techniques and methods for effective and considerable performance in a single field and can save his time even to waste by spending in other activities which are general and irrelevant to the occupation. It really is such a way where the specific can improve and develop his personal and professional skills under the guidance of sensible experienced mentor to the relevant vocation who even teaches the individual all the aspects with which he can develop his skills more effectively and have the positive results through the use of those skills in his personal and professional life. In my organization the older manager account was on leave credited to program in in another country for half a year and for such period I had been recommended for extra fee and my older was held with the responsibility to teach me alternatively of senior manager accounts. Through the coaching and functional working under the supervision of my elderly people I found myself on such a stage where I possibly could not be able to arrive after many years and my skills have been developed at such a level that I have already been advertised for such development. Corresponding to me instruction is the simplest way of development and today all the factors which hesitates me in performance of my tasks have been removed from me and my own skills are also grown up.

Development through Mentoring

When one skilled individual offers information, support, help and help other in executing their work is known as mentor and the technique under which he offers help others in developing their skills is mentoring. Mentoring is such a method by which an individual is permitted to make errors under the supervision of supervisor and gratify their questions by getting answers from him. Mentoring and training act like the extent that in both the methods the mentor and instructor help the individuals in developing their skills but in coaching the emphasis is limited to the magnitude of job and in mentoring the concentration is after all the field and works being done in corporation.

Mentoring is a comprehensive method of development gives understanding of all the departments and domains of a business and in this way it waste the time of the individual in such works to which he does not intend to perform or choose in his future, on the other hand coaching is the best way by which the coach target and then the level of particular work and field and conveys all the perfect techniques and tips regarding the solution of problems so relevant and then for effective performance which develop the personal and professional skills of the individual.

Personal Development Plan

Personal and professional skills are reciprocals of the other person because without developing anyone other skills could never be developed. Development of professional skills are mainly under emphasis of mine because I concluded in my own professional career that whenever I was simply a raw handed person who had just understanding of account but no practical experience I used to be hesitant and had lack of self-confidence because I used to be of the opinion that accounts work is very much indeed difficult but now after starting my professional career and useful working, now I think that accounts work is not really a difficult one and I perform might work with confidence which is all because I struggled to boost my professional skills because improvement of these skills is very much important for me to meet my own goals and objectives and I could not have the ability to meet my goals until and unless I shall not play my effective role in achieving the organizational goals and objectives and the management of the business assesses my performance far better than before.

I organized for the accomplishment of my settled my goals and targets that I will mainly focused on my professional skills development and because of this I prepared that I shall keep myself visible and dominating through instruction and control and shall not miss a single chance of training from corporation and in this manner I can develop my professional skills as well as my personal skills and also can keep myself prominent in corporation.

My short-term resolved goals and objectives should be the best one in the organization's account department.

My long term goals and aims are to be the best in the business so that the executive management of the organization promotes me mind of the consideration section/department.

My future goals are to be the best one in accounts field in all over the world.

Action Plan

Now to achieve my own goals and purpose through the achievements of organizational goals and objectives I arose an indicator before the executive management of the business that we should start a learning program in round the department of the business through which we're able to develop the abilities of the employees by encouraging and facilitating them with the new and latest thoughts and methods in their relevant fields and I bank account section I offered my services as a trainer. If I will be afforded this opportunity i quickly shall be in a position to develop my skills in all the ways and I will be recommended for any trainings with respect to the organization which shall be the success of my plan's first level.

Through coaching I will coach number of employees and gratify their questions with my working experience which will improve my position in the business and also enhance my confidence and also keep me integer me with the organization's management and employees too.

When I started out my work on my plan then I got weaknesses such when i was over self-confident and mental and my persistence was shaky however now I am so quiet and believe in functional work not in assumption and my main power is, I do not reluctant from the load of work because my work has become my behavior and I feel more relaxed in working than to free time. That is why my executive desires me a whole lot and they always want to know my recommendations about the issues alternatives and about any new task which the want to lay out.

On the success of my this course of action I think that in the short time I shall have the ability to achieve my very own and organizational goals collectively because both are merged and without the accomplishment of organizational goals and aims I could never achieve my owns therefore, my all attempts are for the success of organizational goals and objectives.

Preferred Learning Styles

Learning styles will vary of different individuals which is the mentality of each person counting on which he assesses him that what exactly are his weaknesses and strengths and what exactly are his innate skills and many other areas of his professions. As different theorist have difference in their way of thinking and doing same job they present different varieties of learning in several ways but indeed all are delivering same styles there is merely difference which is because of their knowledge and method of explaining. Kolb and Honey and Mumford present different styles but in my view the styles of Honey and Mumford are compressive and therefore, are preferred.

Honey and Mumford's Learning Styles

According to Honey and Mumford there are four learning styles that happen to be nearly across the Kolb's series. They labeled they learner into four categories such as activists, reflectors, theorists and pragmatists relying on the preferences of every group that what exactly are there choices.


Activist learner's personal preferences are towards practical working because such learners do not completely rely on theories and quite simply theories are not sufficient to fulfill their thirst of inquiries and such learners do not have got patience. These learners are lively and they want to sort result quickly on the basis of working experience not only based on theories. Generally a great number of such learner is just about folks because such learners don't have patience and therefore, they are not consistently perform one work and various confused queries continued to be in them.


Reflectors are such learners who simply take an idea from the phenomena and think about them and start working on the task. These learners are over assured learner who is anxious in aspect and insufficient perseverance. Such learners are not very much successful because they don't possess requisitive knowledge about the duty and even have no idea about the type and diversification of work. Their works reflect their competence and skills and the ideas of such learners aren't based on functional work but based on assumptions and notice say knowledge.


Theorist are analytical learners who always seek to comprehend the underlying principles plus they only considers those techniques which derive from reasonable reasons and indicate logical alternatives of problems because such learners stay in touch with the theories and studies and they have practical working encounters. They analyze the situations and scrutinize the factors affecting their work and then do focus on the basis of reasonable and reasonable arguments. Such learners have serious personality therefore efforts with regard to development of their skills counting on practical and acceptable reasons.


These learners are called good sense learners because these learners do not examine to boost their skills but the keep on research when the face a sensible problem in their works and discover the answer of the issues from theories. Pragmatists are best useful experienced employees or learners who are almost expert of these works which they are doing and are steady worker however when the find any issue in their work or require any technology to enhance the working conditions then the carry on research. As they have practical experience of working their basic concepts are incredibly much clear plus they learn quickly.

According to me I am a pragmatist learner because I am working as accountant and as a coach in my organization therefore, I always doing useful work during my working hours and almost perfectly aware of the usual problems and for that reason, I do not need need of very much learning however when any staff or trainee asked a distinctive or different question that i never observed then I effort to meet my concepts also to rightly answer fully the question so put if you ask me. On the other hand I don't feel that I've need of daily study just to duplicate might work because bank account work is regular practice which is making me more conversant to my job and also growing my both personal and professional skills.

Affect of Learning Styles on Development and Personality

It is very much very important to everyone to learn his weaknesses, talents and special competitive capabilities which make him special because if someone knows this then he not can make right career for him but also can choose the right design of learning because both occupation and learning styles last lasting have an effect on on the personality and development of skills.

A practical occasion from my very own life is that within my professional education I had fashioned a close friend who was simply interested to become a doctor but his daddy wanted him to be an accountant because he was an accountant in a favorite company and he acquired him admitted in my class but my pal neither be able to turn into a good accountant because his interests were in medical studies and he previously talents that he could turn into a doctor. From that time I acquired it considered that when a person chooses incorrect profession and incorrect learning style which is not appropriate to his innate abilities then he could never be develop his skills ever his personal life properly.

Important Management Skills

Management is an extremely difficult job because a manager is accountable for his work and as well as the task done by any employee under him therefore, a supervisor should possess the next personal and professional skills to execute his duties adequately and according to the dependence on work:-

Personal Skills

Manager is a person whom has been authorizes to supervise the employees under him and get positive results from them in shape of effective and appreciable performance. In my view a manager should own the skills and skills of desire, goals setting, management, hard working, adoring, patience and many more. A director is authorize by the specialists to lead the employee of his team for smooth and effective results from those to complete an activity designated to him within in the particular time and budget.

Professional Skills

Good specialists are decided on as managers because they are supposed to lead and direct one team and possess to support, help you and accomplish the members of these teams. Therefore, in my own view the managers should posses the skills of team management, activity oriented, work in pressure, peaceful minded, controlling, briefing, debating and patience etc.


From the study, consultation, debate and review on the above mentioned explained job it is figured organizational goals and personal goals and objectives are names of one thing since when one person does job within an company then his goals and targets are the success of the business in which he is working because he knows that his effective working can make him able to meet the expectations of the business from him and which will be go back to him by the business in form of rewards and offers which is actually his a good part of his goals and goals.

It is further figured personal skills can be developed when ones professional skills are developed because if a person doesn't know any thing about the work he is suppose heading to do then he will definitely hesitate and steer clear of from such work but when he shall know every part of the work then he shall perform his work more efficiently and effectively without hesitating because his have got the professional skills about such work. Therefore, development of professional skills is more compulsory for personal development.

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