Reflective Analysis: Management Project

In the broadest sense reflective evaluation is the survey where student's reflections on the AMP (Applied Management Task) writing process, the student's identified performance, anticipations, and lessons learnt can be portrayed. This is predicated on processing the knowledge and feelings after and during the completion of the dissertation alternatively than just simply taking a look at the past occurrences and recapping everything without providing any evaluation. However, in order to become a reflective learner the features that are essentially needed are open mindedness and dedication to change by recognising personal bias.

Reflection on the task done is a vital skill to be learnt which may be easily applied in future life situations whilst working or carrying out some assignments. By looking back again and critically analysing the occasions that took place only you'll be able to assess your projects and identify the areas in your personality that require improvement. Needless to say that reflective statement would be incomplete without admitting the weaknesses and providing the drawbacks as the experience from the job is not expected to be perfect.

Additionally, it must be mentioned that this reflective analysis record not only includes personal encounters and the abilities learned from the project but it addittionally includes lessons that may be applied in the future projects. Hence, this means that that representation is the key of a lifelong learning process as only by analysing the activities we can learn from them.

Recollection of Experiences

The experiences from this job can be easily compared to the rollercoaster with the anticipations, the feeling as well as passion constantly increasing and down.

To start with, the collection the issues itself was the experience that did not leave me indifferent. This was preceded with the anticipation and the anxiety that this issue in our group would be interesting never minding the actual fact that it might be difficult one. The expectation was to get interesting theme. The subject of this issue received was 'The Feasibility of Selling to the World's While by the Multinational Organizations as a way of Poverty Alleviation' and it was met with this content from the group people and therefore it is an excellent, interesting and very relevant issue to the group users as a few of them come from poor African or Parts of asia. Nevertheless, my principal thoughts about this issue weren't as positive as I'd have imagined they might be.

However, the next day was spent reading the given articles and brainstorming as it was recommended by the tutors and it became of great value. This enlightened me as I started to understand more about this issue and the requirements of the project. This enabled me to attempt to identify the possible seeks and goals of such subject matter that could be set to be performed in AMP task.

Additionally, to be able to keep up the details of the situations and for better, more in-depth reflection keeping the records of specific happenings, experiences or ideas that arrived to my head allowed me to check out them later with the various perspective and also to critically evaluate to be able to comprehend what I've learned from those activities. This advice by the lecturers to keep records became very helpful to be able to reflect on the experiences and learn from them.

Apart from keeping the diary of the happenings for the reflective evaluation, separate diary was created for literature review which was the main area of the project. As in my own previous studies I never used to keep a diary of different reports, articles, catalogs that are needed in order to write the report. This is done simply by taking all the relevant materials and analysing them at the same time alternatively than keeping the records of the sources. Because of the vastness of the AMP job keeping the journal of reference sources was essential part of the literature review in order to work with them proficiently at the phases of writing the job. Generating individual worksheet and dividing the columns into four parts (source, author, page, summary of information) allowed me to easily keep track of the resources in the literature review portion of the task. It not only enabled me to be more organized but moreover it proved to be time conserving activity.

Another major part of AMP task that required growing particular strategy was creation of marketing plan for selling to the poor. This seemed to be especially difficult task as you can find more literature available about helping the indegent through various aid organizations alternatively than advertising to the poor as a mean of poverty alleviation. This different approach to poverty alleviation was initiated by the multinational companies only in recent years therefore the availability of good source materials on this subject was somewhat scarce. This factor created the feeling of stress. Nevertheless, rather than trying to find published materials your choice was designed to search on the websites of large multinational companies and also to seek for the information about poverty alleviation jobs that they are undertaking. This enlightenment provided me with numerous case studies and accounts from web sites directly and advised the potential market and product that will make great impact in poverty alleviation in poor areas. This is when the crucial decision about the feasibility of offering irrigation pumps to the poor in Africa was made. Having chosen the product which i believed to be of paramount need in African countries I put to get the country that product will be sold in. After long hours of research in to the the most suitable market your choice was made to sell irrigation pushes in Uganda where country has enough rainfall during the year and enough waterways however the farmers cannot capture and utilize this water in field irrigation, thus, having over 32 million of arable land laying untapped. This seemed as perfect product for their market to be able to expand the business and ease the poverty.

Having examined the main element stages of the AMP development another part of the report supplies the feelings and activities during and after each one of these phases with the identification of the lessons learnt.

Personal Emotions and Learning from the Experience

As it was already talked about AMP experience was never secure during the entire process. Professionally, I saw this subject as unclear and alternatively difficult as I did not know a great deal about the NGOs or other aid organizations in poverty alleviation process not mentioning the fact that I would have to act as a consultant for the multinational company that aspires to sell to the indegent in order to ease poverty. Not only I felt confused about this issue but bothered as well. Thus, after reading numerous matters regarding poverty alleviation the assurance and excitement returned if you ask me. Nevertheless, the excitement about the topic diminished as I began to comprehend the broadness of this issue. However, this experience is positive as it confirmed that in the foreseeable future the things should be expected with a more realistic procedure and considered more cautiously. The assignments that initially appear either difficult or easy might not be as they seem to be to be once you begin reading relevant materials. This firstly required broader reading around this issue area and brainstorming while researching. Only then it was possible to build a more realistic way and reduce the possibility of job failure as well as to minimise the stress level that was received credited to insufficient understanding.

After reading numerous articles and journals I learned how to choose mainly the options that are relevant. Due to vast availability of extra data (journal articles, authorities reports, case studies, studies, etc. ) on the problems of poverty and poverty alleviation some of the articles seemed to be relevant judging from the title whilst the information inside the article was not really highly relevant to this issue given. Thus, this needed to develop effective method of choosing the right articles. After reading several articles I seen the structure of the articles that are relevant and those that aren't. The usage of CRAP (money, reliability, authority, purpose of the source) test suggested by the School of Bedfordshire librarian Peter Godwin helped greatly in selecting the right resources for the job.

Besides the skills mentioned previously I distinguished more of these that I learned while accomplishing this project

Self management and inspiration. As dissertation is unsupervised job unlike the undergraduate dissertation this allowed me to study from this experience the ways to self manage and inspire myself giving some rewards to myself after every level of dissertation was complete and on time.

Team effectiveness. This is essential skill that I've learnt as it's the basis of the success in team work. The capability to work effectively in a team has helped me a great deal in looking for solutions to various issues and it is greatly appreciated by the managers in future occupation. This also showed that the capability to share the knowledge within the team is precious. Furthermore, I learnt to work well in an organization in a period constrained situation.

Problem handling. Having faced with various problems during AMP such as time management, drive, etc. allowed me to understand how well I can cope in the unplanned situations in the future.

Planning and company/Project management skills. This is actually the skill i acquired in the initial levels of the project and became not only useful but time conserving as well. Always viewing myself as rather sorted out person during AMP project I learnt the ways to boost these skills (take note of taking, time management). Moreover, I learnt how to be specific and successful by specifying the area of the study and arranging the boundaries. Within this sense, planning and business is very valuable lessons for future tasks.

Self studying and evaluation. That is closely connected to self management and desire as it's the skill which demonstrates how well one can focus on the project and work regularly to achieve arranged goals. Moreover, the capability to measure the success in the task is vital part of any project. The region of self representation appeared to be quite not used to me when i rarely tried to evaluate my earlier projects

These the primary skills hold significant role in the future projects as well as career because the employers look the method that you adapt the skills that you state you have in various situations.

In simple this project trained me

Better time keeping practice.

Better take note taking and summarising practice.

Better learning and group work practice.

All this gives valuable lesson which is very useful at later years in life while focusing on some project in the company or just working with some individuals that are from different track record. Also show that posting the ideas is valuable.

Group Dynamics and Learning from the Experience

This experience converted into good learning practice as posting knowledge among the group members supplies the ability to analyse the things from different perspective. Then you can think about what you where mostly taking into consideration the subject and what you think now following the group meetings and compare how this knowledge has altered. I usually thought that each reports or assignments need to be done on individual basis meaning that you merely consider recording only your personal thoughts or ideas. But in so doing I may be disregarding the ideas of others as they could think in completely different way and wouldn't normally agree to my ideas. Thus, the first stage of AMP project as being group work has given very valuable lessons. I became more aware of the benefits of posting the ideas among group people. Given that almost all of the group participants result from different cultures and different backgrounds it implies that with different degrees of knowledge allow the suggestions to be distributed and reflected upon from numerous perspectives.

Team work had not been something totally unfamiliar to me as we managed to collect very difficult working group members because the first lectures of Postgraduate studies. This has became very dedicated and hard working group in many events while preparing group works. Thus, without any hesitation the same group was created for AMP task by adding other 4 member as the groupings had to be of shaped of 8 people. Even though we still were in our small group of 4 that people have known the other person for almost annually, we were able to broaden our brains with the other group people. This ended up being even more fruitful than we thought because the rest of the 4 people were from Africa, thus, the problems of poverty were their everyday routine back home. On this sense, your choice has been designed to focus on the countries of Africa so that we would be able to hear from the primary source the efficiency or non performance of various aid organizations in African countries. Within this sense, they were able to discuss important information about the poverty alleviation in Africa and the techniques that work and those that do not. In addition, we could actually have very beneficial discussions because for almost all of us things that we thought were true turned out to be only superficial imitation of poverty alleviation and usually long lasting for some short term. This allow us to think about the ideas that people initially were going to discuss inside our project also to formulate the aims and aims in a better way. In this sense we were able to question the given materials better and with the more real alive perspective. This is because the research was based just on the supplementary research and we're able to not go to Africa carry out the research and discover what methods work and what do not the possibility of experiencing group participants who come from African regions was really satisfying for our group.

In addition to group work group dynamics was not something that we have never experienced before as we'd numerous projects prior to this one. However, in this group scheduled to it being much larger and anticipated to the value of the project it was possible to notice the behaviours that were not seen before. Some group participants thought demotivated, others sensed scared of the value this project was hauling. Therefore, more quarrels and variations of ideas could be observed when compared with smaller group that people had before. Hence, some group people thought that it is better to focus on their own and not to hear the variety of opinions. But for me personally group work always was and always will be the set where I can learn from the others and I could promote my thoughts with the others as well. I seldom relied only on my personal opinion as it pertains to doing tasks or reports, thus, I had been always searching for someone that I could show my ideas with and to get some different information while hearing other person's thoughts and opinions. This is for a very simple reason. If 9 people say one thing and one says another it's very improbable that those 9 people can be incorrect. Even though there are circumstances that we experienced conflicting ideas group work allows to create some type of solution that is usually well suited for everyone.

However, to be a successful person in the group is never easy as you have to question yourself constantly whether you add sufficiently, if they see you as a valuable person in the group or whether you gain more from the group work somewhat than being on your own. Chapman (2006) in his studies expresses that group work is one of the most important factors in today's population as this demonstrates to made work better and increases production. This idea is further elaborated by Brodbeck and Greitemeyer (2000) suggesting that the conversation within the group allows to build up new ideas as well concerning critically measure the existing ones.

The possibility to share the ideas and supplement on the other person has always enticed me as this allows me to learn something new, to improve myself if my perceptions are wrong and to talk about my knowledge with others. I have always seen the group work as a much better way to success compared to individual work. In addition to this, Forsyth (1999) supports the thought of group work somewhat than customers working independently.

Lessons for Future Projects

Despite the actual fact that I've learnt numerous lessons while undertaking the project you may still find certain areas that need to be advanced and applied in future projects or group activities. These can be recommended as following

Open mindedness to the ideas and ideas portrayed by the group users.

Accept the criticism and study from it.

Better time management.

Improve awareness of representation on the events.

These are the activities that I personally found challenging to accept and change my attitude towards them. Therefore, they are the ones that I'll try to improve in future jobs.


As this record suggests the reflective examination of the incidents and experience is the main element alive learning process as it allows getting deeper insights in to the experiences and enhancing with them. This reflective report not only included the situations that occurred while starting AMP project but it also disclosed the weaknesses of my personality as well as provided with some valuable lessons for the future projects. The first portion of this report presents the various phases of AMP whilst other portions provide with the lessons learnt and the non-public feelings at every level of the job. Besides reflecting on my own experiences this statement also provides representation on group dynamics as group work was one of the original stages of the job. It's been advised that group work is regarded as more productive method of work allowing to talk about the ideas among other people of the group.

Overall, this report suggests that starting AMP job was an extremely practical experience which honored with numerous lessons for future years projects.

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