Self Reflection on the Food Event

Alsop and Ryan (1996) Retrospective representation is similar to, looking again at a photograph or a training video returning from a holiday. Reflection is something that is personal and it allows on the retrospective to analyze where we started out, how we did it, was it done towards personal satisfaction and if opportunity comes again how different would we get it done next time.

In the representation below, I am taking cues from Gibbs (1988) model of reflection; we can look at the function, talking to, team, time management, planning, progression, discussion, presentation and lastly introspection.


Food can be an important part of any party irrespective of culture or religious beliefs. In these device students, we look at a range of special events and prepare foods unique to specific activities. Food demonstration and service is a concentration of the unit and we understand how to provide and garnish foods appropriate to confirmed setting. We submit a proposal for a big scale catering event and collaboratively coordinator a party for a significant school event. The delicacies that we decided on is Arabian, which is Mediterranean. As a team we finalised the menu as follows.

Jalik ( cucumber soup)

Looz shorba ( Almond soup)


Flavoured rice


Lemon flavoured lamb

Effective feedback:

The goal of responses is to talk to students how well their knowledge, understanding and skills are producing in relation to the outcomes. Responses enables students to discover their strengths and areas for development, and to plan using their teacher another steps in their learning. They are really then given opportunities to improve and additional develop their knowledge, understanding and skills. Professor feedback about college student work is essential for students which is vital to the coaching and learning process. Student self-reflection and peer evaluation will provide valuable opinions to students. Students should discover regular opportunities to reflect on their learning.

Feedback should
Focus on the activity and that which was expected be constructive, providing significant information to students about their learning right misunderstandings identify and strengthen students' strengths and state evidently how students can improve. Forms of feedback include

oral discussion with class, communities or specific students written annotations general responses to the course about those aspects of the activity in which students excelled and those aspects that still need handling types of good replies peer evaluation and self-evaluation


Our Team consisted of 10 members from different contest and gender which came together by choice rather than any coercion, with each one having their own strengths and weakness, As a student's we were alert to what we need to do demonstrate proof learning. This information could be conveyed informally or formally by the educator, as appropriate for the training activity. Our company is prepared of the conditions that are used to assess the training. They are obvious about the meaning of the terms used, and the subject specific terminology. They are obvious about any resources or stimulus materials that is appropriate to the experience. It had been helpful in giving us good responses and web templates or procedures to help ourselves with demonstrating the amount of the data, understandings and skills.


The primary activity that the group carried out was to come with a realistic plan for the function, therefore two activities were done on corresponding times, determining the roles of each of the team member so as to obviously demarcate our jobs and obligations within the function. The Proposal was the guide that we strictly implemented within the timelines that helped us to complete the event on time. Jobs given to me were to identify the appropriate indent for the dishes that we would use for the event, that was unanimously made a decision to be indent table method. Work was divided so as that everyone thought comfortable within the team and no-one felt overburdened or underutilized. Since it is event we live serving delegates were allowed to get acquainted with baking Arabic food and its service styles. Three weeks of practice has been carried out by us, each team member is given to do each dish in which I was allocated to prepare food two hot and chilly soups ie jalik (cucumber soup) and looz shorba (almond soup). I also used how to cook flavoured rice as well. Practice procedure inside our kitchen helped us too much to make our food more palatable to your friends. Each team member possessed their interest to make event the successful one.

My work:

Arabic food has sheer number of shorbas (soups), we as a team decided on to get ready almond soup as non vegetarian soup and cucumber as vegetarian soup. We tried to make our event more cost effective and attracted some cap on the hall atmosphere. The hall was created in such way like Arabian evenings with lights and the table environment in Mediterranean style. This event have given me a good experience in food serving tactics and as students I found

Hygienic handling of food to ensure a safe and appealing product.

Assessing and managing the potential risks of harm and OHS issues (occupational health and safety) associated with the handling o food.

Appropriate methods os food handling, preparation and storage area.

The marriage between food ingestion, the nutritional value of foods and health of individuals and communities.

Food selections by analysing the factors that influence eating habits.

Information from all of the sources.

Communicating ideas and information utilizing a range of advertising appropriate terminology.

Employing appropriate techniques and equipment for a variety of food specific purposes.

Examining the partnership between food, technology and modern culture.

Evaluating the impact of activities related to food on the individual, society and the environment.

Planning, preparing, showing and evaluating food solutions for specific purposes.

The importance of presentation and service for special occasions including garnishing and designing techniques.

Discussion and development:

We as a team experienced regular reaching about our event and observing demo distributed by the professor Jane estham and Michael Mathews which helped us quite a bit things in doing this event. The task flow plan was drawn and executed by we. The facts of the workflow plan activity provided us a definite slash experience in food service. As a team we

Viewed videos of garnishing

Planned garnishes ideal for the menu showed by our educator.

Workflow plan

Presenting food and making them more palatable.

Evaluating the environment and visual appeal of the food.

Discussed religious for cultural concerns.

Discussed resources required including substances required equipment, skills, time and money.

Final presentation:

Having several meetings and practices the ultimate presentations are created n that your team is segregated into two, food service and food production in which my part comes in food development, we considered each is manager and the ones circumstances made us feel just like a director in food service industry. Mise en place (pre planning) was carried out well as a team; pleasant drinks are dished up to the friends on time where the pleasant drink we served them is a Middle East famous drink called Rooh afza. They can be served with rocks to the guests. The service style we preferred is desk service and also it is pre plated service in where portioning is considered as a matter of known fact. Soup has been dished up piping hot to the guests with garnishes on. Service is also been through well and the friends are being cared by our service personnel. The meals attains guests stand promptly and we are extremely much cautious with time management. Co ordination with this associates was so unique once we served our guests with pleasure.

Stage 2 - do it yourself awareness:

Having describe before the team, planning and progression of the evet and looking back Personally i think the team do a commendable job of collecting the info, posting and working along to understand this far in the case and there are no regrets about the team and your time and effort that they had put in, except for really the only regret being the job could have been done better if we'd done two things with some guidance and help.

We could have interacted more with our guests and would have received their valuable commentary about the event, to do this we had no clear idea of the procedure to do the same

As international students we had hard time collecting the info necessary, next time we will device a better way to attain to the guests.

Stage 3 - analysis:

The food event that we carried helped us to work as a team and plan our work accordingly so that nobody experienced overburdened, the team acquired a cohesive ranking all the time, therefore this needs to be done again we'd take action with the same team, Also the work itself of collecting the information and gathering data was an attention opener, which helped me to comprehend that only planning and replanning and contingency planning will help me to receive the successful comment from our friends. I'd have failed if I had not organized for the contingencies that may come up during our menu planning. Still the one detail that people didn't do was to talk with the friends whom we asked, I thought communication with our visitor was less and it could have been done to made it better that experienced given us the task, having failed to do this resulted in the event supplying us an alternative solution idea at the end of the display i. e we could have been positioned a comment word on their tables to leave their feedback to make us go wise more.

As discussed earlier the demonstration and data collection were the two things that went the best but failing woefully to have communicated with the guests was the most detrimental thing that happened in the case.

Stage 4 - Examination:

The analysis of the report and creating them into a format understandable was the important part of the task which I do well and I could do that keeping my tech skills and also helped me to furnish the part of my survey at ease. Oral responses discourse and head map activities shows us understanding of the importance of the meals in get-togethers.

Stage 5 - representation:

Having to work under a team, experienced i want to off some key tasks such as planning which we kept to the tutor. I believe the entire event operationally moved on very smoothly without the hitches but there are areas that I would change if the function is to be done once again are

Would Work on more detail in regards to the design of the menu.

Would take additional time to plan on how to go about getting the best dishes and even more qualitative.

Would retain in constant touch with the friends to understand their specific need and work towards achieving the same.

Would use menu evaluation tools to make our menu much impressive.

Would have significantly more meetings.

Stage 6 - Action plan:

When I am in the future given an integral part of the event or even to lead a food service industry the next would be the action plan that I would use having done this event once and learning from the issues that I didn't do this time

Would Understand needs and would like of the guests at length, by talking with the guests and the team in-depth

Would plan a time line and will stick to the time line

Will assign the function work to the team understanding the durability and weakness of the team members involved.

Will Use menu examination tools.

Will speak to the instructor/experienced at every level of the job, will try to acquire at least on appointment in person.

Would try to find the best way of service and getting their opinions to have the results again.

I believe that by doing these said actions would lead to the most successful food event.

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