Standards TO BECOME Lecturer Education Essay

The assignment will contain a reflective evaluation of your time and efforts and the outcomes achieved through the module backed by specific evidence of your graduate job search and career planning activities. The major part of the assignment will concentrate on Identifying professional specifications highly relevant to your identified profession pathway, expectations and competences and evaluation of skills with the required skills.

The task will be concentrating on career objective and planning an improved and secure future and can help groom the skills to increase the chances for success in graduate recruitment process. The project will also cover some areas of job portals and profession planning for next 3 years.


The day we given birth to our beloved people add some dreams with us and sometimes those dreams becomes the purpose of our living. Sometimes we create our very own missions and eyesight. The only purpose all this help at the end is success. Success interpretation differs from people to people and mother nature to mother nature of people. Humans work hard today to get a better and secure future. Even no subject how much they struggle, plan still they know the future is uncertain but at least they can try to make their own ways. All humans battle to have a lovely future and success in life (Arthur et al. , 1995). According to Kotz. K. , & Roodt, G. , (2005) they work hard, make strategies, career developments, all of this is to avoid fear, concern with insecurity for future years with better profession and profession. Our job and chosen job depends upon our characteristics. And your day we were delivered our nature started out developing. Because the child delivered to school, their competition towards better job and towards destiny started. The parents work hard to for their children to give all of them facilities, better education, luxury. The one purpose for all this is to develop a good character of the child. Parents want a come back from child for all the hard work they are doing for the kids in term of good levels and positions.

According to Arthur et al. , (1995) the race continuous and the kids become adult enough to decide and chose their own pathways. The essential concept behind learning is to secure future and get into a good career to earn high and also to live an extravagance life. The image of education is a ladder towards better career and profession. Everyone has their own goals and choices but the destiny is same success and better profession. While the child studying they may have given choice to choose a journey towards their profession in which they would like to involve in future. The children have to map out their academic pathways according to interest as it will the first stair towards their job. According to Lane, and Rajan, (2005) Job is stairs toward success or course towards our destiny. The children have to check themselves by advantages and weakness they need to select a subject and field to keep their studies. That is the important decision which a child has to take, when they don't really have enough experience, enough knowledge to choose and differentiate between right and wrong. Some children take their decisions by influence from family, friends, and some took help of the job consultant to decide for them.

Chosen career

The profession I want to choose is educating and I wish to become a lecturer at Oxford University in my relevant field which is brand collateral. According to Corrie, S. , (2003) Teaching is the most respectful and commendable career. Responsibility of the lecturer is to expand and builds a solid personality of the learner and also to guide them in better ways. Education is the ultimate way to help the nation to groom their capabilities and to successful in future. Teaching should not matter as a profession; it is more towards a responsibility to help the people in shaping their job and professional development. Because of inflation, there's a downfall for each and every industry except the training industry. Every business is planning to cost-effective but still there are better opportunities for lecturers in today's economic devastation situation (EXETER, 2013). I want to get enough knowledge prior to starting the lectureship, so I can simply deliver it to my students with no hesitation and fear for lack of knowledge.

I have chosen by pathway which is somewhat long but it will help me to meet my destiny and have an effective future in it. Soon I am going to enroll in graduate diagnosis program, after transferring it I am going to find employment in a multinational company to gain professional experience in Branding strategies and increasing the brand equity. I should have enough knowledge of the market and potential in the relevant field before I'm going to begin lectureship and deliver my knowledge to students (TheEducators, 2012).

After getting almost 3-4 years professional experience I'll make an application for post-graduate program in Oxford College or university as it's the top university on the planet. And my plan is to continue my lectureship in the same school so that it will improve my chances to get lectureship if I get entrance in the same university or college. Because through the PhD program, colleges do offer to instruct or be part of their research team to get some good experience and earn at the same time. This may be best for my career and can rises chances to meet my dreams. I want to a specialist of my field, and not to just have literature knowledge. A professional should know all aspects either good or bad about the relevant field (EXETER, 2013). Oxford University is one of the leading educational institutions throughout the world. It really is known for quality of education and the professional they have got produced. Oxford University do offer faculty offers to their best students, and a promising job in research team (TheEducators, 2012). The explanation for choosing the same School for my studies which I have imagined to work in is to learn their culture as students and then while being the faculty member help the students which my instructors lacked. The primary reason for doing PhD as it certainly makes you stand out from the masses, as in the world there are simply a minor number of individuals who have strategies to do PhD and have done PhD (SIMMONS, 2013).

Standards to become Lecturer

According to Careers. ac. uk, (2013) the essential need to become a lecturer is totally changes now. In preceding ages, individuals do not required a post qualification degree but now it's important to complete PhD for lectureship. The certification needs for lecture is to have a good masters degree with good GPA and a PhD in the relevant field. The lecturer will be needing having some research or coaching experience. Maybe while doing PhD program, I am planning for job and training on ways to maximize the chances of obtaining a job. The PhD will be the main basis of research experience. PhD had taken 3-4 years at least to complete and once it completed, it will go quite a distance to the career ladder. The lecturer must have professional experience which shows their market knowledge and increase chances to get a lectureship.

The lecturer must have enough knowledge which he/she heading to provide to students. Also to have enough knowledge, the lecturer should learn of their field. Students can ask any question which will come in their head, and the lecturer is accountable to answer their queries on the spot (EXETER, 2013). Corresponding to SIMMONS (2013) Assurance is the most important thing which a lecturer must have. They are going to give presentations to students, responding to because of their questions and it can incase only when the lecturer is the professional of the relevant field. Worries for lack of knowledge can eliminate the profession as the lecturer won't in a position to answer the student's questions and while diagnosis of the lecturer, the students will give negative opinions that will bad for lecturer career. Lecturer should positive thinker. Teaching is not only a profession, it more a responsibility which help the student to groom their personality and build a positive character. In case the lecturer is not a positive thinker then it will create negative impact on the nature of the scholar. Students are highly inspired by the tutor as they consider them as their mentor.

According to (EXETER, 2013) the lecturer should posses the communication skills as their aspect of the job is to communicate with students on a regular basis. In class they'll be delivering lecturer which is also an integral part of communication and from the class; they will be giving guidance to students for betterment. Communication skills are extremely important in academic or non educational work. The first impression of the personality depends upon just how of communication and selection of words. Effective communication not only assists with professional life, but also in personal life to make in a location in the hearts of people.

Personal evaluation

The evaluation will be bottom part on my job goal which I have chosen to make a profession and way to reside in a life. The career I have chosen is to become a lecturer in Oxford School. The lectureship requires a person who is well licensed and the professional of their field with some relevant experience (TheEducators, 2012). Matching to Careers. ac. uk, (2013) the hiring establishments also assess personality of the individual and their habits. As, very good as the qualification and experience is matter, I am in a growing level to groom my profession and shine such as a celebrity. I am now enrolled in graduate program in the field of marketing with the majors of brand collateral and strategies. After doing my graduation, I am going to sign up for many multinational businesses for graduate recruitment process. Ideally, after I get selected I am going to start working to gain some professional and market experience as it's the need to enroll in PhD Program. I want to work with Multinational Businesses to groom myself and condition myself as per need of market. After increasing 3-4 years experience I am going to apply for PhD program in Oxford University or college. The basic dependence on PhD is to truly have a good GPA in graduate program as a good scholar I have 3. 75 CGPA. I want to research in Oxford School on a scholarship or grant and my academics qualification meets the necessity of computer.

According to Unimelb, (2013) as, considerably as the personality and character building is concern. I am a comfortable, hard-working student that has achieved scholarships many times. Getting a scholarship proves my likeness towards studies and understanding of my relevant field in which I want to make a profession. I am an excellent and favorite student of my educators with a positive behavior. My instructors also impress from my communication skills and they recommend me to a lecturer like them in future. As, my educator are my coach, I also want to mentor for my students and groom their personality with positive tendencies and attitude. I must assess the SMART factors or build these factors in me for success in future. I am focus towards my specific career and can gain access to easily as I have a straightforward personality. My hard work and perseverance makes things achievable for me and I am aware the value of time as it is more important than money. I've a positive natural approach by which I perceived things and take decisions (EXETER, 2013).

Graduate Recruitment Process

According to Unimelb, (2013) the companies come to hire on campus recruitment or hires directly from their offices have the same conditions of choice. The decision conditions are to SMART with good certification record. I've a good certification record and a good and positive personality. The recruitment process begins after six months. I have decided to check all my courses which I have studied within my program. And I also have to give attention to my SMART skills to win over the recruitment team through the interview through my patterns. The SMART skills include being specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based (EXETER, 2013). The action plan will bottom on two phases first professional development objective and second professional development planning (EXETER, 2013). The Duration decided for every single stage is 3 months as the total time staying in graduate recruitment is six months.

First level

The most important thing is to go to specialist and get advice on job building and planning.

Professional skills

Review all my course work I've done

Second level

Skills audit

Personal development plan

Monitoring and evaluation

In first level, the purpose of the life will develop on the basis of interest, skills and advises from family, friends, and consultant. It is the most important area of the action plan, and it should be platform by SMART goal (EXETER, 2013). Corresponding to Unimelb, (2013) I should clear in what I want to in my future? Do I have the skills compared to that? In this part of the career development, I'll take advises from advisor and make an effort to develop and include professional skills like, leadership qualities, multi-tasking, occupational benchmarks, and capacity to remain competitive. As, the recruitment team can ask academic questions I must check all my course work during my program to revise and answer their questions with confidence.

According to EXETER (2013) in second period, the look should make which concentrating about how to meet my career goal. In this particular stage first I'll analyze should i posses the skill I want for my selective job or I have to focus on increasing those skills by doing SWOT examination of myself. The SWOT will help me to find my power and weakness with opportunities and risks. It will help me to convert my weakness into strength and opportunities into power and remove dangers to fill space between me and the profession I've chosen. The second part of the phase will concentrate on planning to improve skills by utilizing the resources I've. Within this part I am going to plan what things to learn and how to learn within the given construction of their time. While increasing my personality attributes I am going to keep evaluating myself so I can compare difference from the hard work I have done.

Professional id

In today`s world, when the technology is so advanced and companies hire and advertise on internet for vacant positions. According to Jobs. ac. uk, (2013) I have to make profiles on different job portals to search and apply for vacancies which match my skills and qualification background. The profile will consist of my own and academic qualification with experience if have any. The account also contains the professional classes and skills which a person owns so organizations can look into their information and test them through the graduate recruitment process. The work portals are as effectual as they play the role of an agent between the person who is looking for a job and the company recruiting employees. The work portals provide a platform to keep yourself updated about the vacant positions in your interested field. I will create account on several job portals to raise the span of seek out jobs and make an application for them. It will increase my chances to get good job in a limited time.

According to the LinkedIn, (2013) LinkedIn is a professional site which helps the visitors to get connected with professional people and get posts from them. Through LinkedIn an individual can follow companies to get posts about the new beginning and apply on suited positions. My account on LinkedIn will contain personal, professional, educational, and skill information which I have. The non-public information has my name, address and contact number will mention so the organizations can contact me through it. Professional information involves professional experience and the internship but as I am going to a fresh graduate I've no experience. My educational qualification will be available for employers to consider as my highest level of education is a graduate with majors in brand equity. My academic qualification will contain my school record, years, my results and the programs I have researched. The profile also has information about the professional certificate courses I have done to boost my knowledge and skills.

According to Careers. ac. uk, (2013) There are so many job portals that contain the same process in which the job searcher needs to register them by making a profile which guarded through security password. As, the account contain personal and professional information. The greater volume of job portals I'll register myself, the higher the course of search which heightens my chances to get a appropriate job. These job portals just play the role of communication tool between your job searcher and hiring firm. These portals do not assure any occupation that's only will depend on the skills and certification of the person applied for the work.

Career development arrange for 3 years

According to SIMMONS (2013) the non-public development plan will be centering mainly on the graduate recruitment process. In development plan, the recruitment job would be the first ladder because my plan is to get an event of over 4 years than make an application for the PhD programs. Current ideas will be including increasing around experience and learning to increase my skill and knowledge. Job development plan comprise on finding employment in the relevant field and then keep evaluating myself to check on the learning and the outcomes of hard work and determination. I will make an effort to work in several job roles in my own relevant field to get huge knowledge of professional workings. My focus will be on planning to improve skills through the use of the resources I've. In this period I'll plan what to learn as well as how to learn within the given platform of time. While enhancing my personality characteristics I am going to keep assessing myself therefore i can compare difference from the effort I have done.

Because my permanent career aim is to become a lecturer and I have to gain some experience before trying to get PhD. At the end of third working season I will make an application for the PhD program in Oxford School because it is also a period consuming process and it'll take a year to complete the requirement and conclusion of documents. From cost savings of the salary I'll earn, could keep investing in different portfolio and also to maximize my cutting down in order to have a contingency plan for the next three years.

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