Student Time Management Research

Keywords: research time management, time management recommendation

This chapter reveals the talk of the conclusions based on the study conducted. The synopsis of major finding of the study on how part 8 TESL students of UiTM Shah Alam is concluded in this section in order to know better the way the students control their time and provide recommendation and recommendations for even more research.

The analysis of the findings from the info collected for this study is obtained from part 8 TESL students of UiTM Shah Alam. The age groups for the respondents were between 22 years to 31 years. However, the difference of the respondents years do not represent the effect on the study as it is manufactured only to know how the respondents deal with their time throughout their research. The results of the current CGPA for the students varies and most of the respondents obtained 3. 01-3. 50. Respondents' performance might be afflicted incidentally they deal with their time, as what they do is really influenced by how enough time they have.

The way part 8 TESL students of UiTM Shah Alam manage their time differs from one another. Data accumulated by questionnaires shows that the way they deal with time differs. This final result is shown based on the answers that the respondents provided for the section B of the questionnaires. For the answers in section B, almost all of them consent to the same answers with high frequencies. Predicated on the answers distributed by the respondents, most of the students follow a chance to complete their assignment. It can be concluded that the students control their work and do it in line with the time scopes that were directed at them. Nevertheless, the respondents mentioned that they have some problems in finishing their task, scheduled to time constrains. According to some of the respondents, this is really because the students obtain many assignments for their current semester. However, for the question that inquires about whether the respondents have sufficient time for both educational and their cultural life, half of these consent and the spouse is not. The part 8 B. Ed. (Hons) TESL of UiTM take some minor subjects during their period of study which are counselling, literature and finally, music. The workload directed at them might vary in line with the subject matter that they ingest which contributes to different time utilization for their process. However, most of them have clear ideas on what things to accomplish for each and every assignments directed at them. This demonstrates, it is up to them on when they are doing their duties and projects.

Relating the prior statement, lots of the students are experiencing problems in dealing with other activities in their life throughout their research. This implies that they are affected much by the tasks has been given to them. Lots of the respondents stated that they are doing keep their assignments and task given to them and come soon to it shortly before due date. According for some respondents, they are doing their work before the dateline. However, they usually come up with the task right before the due date where might produce time constrains for the coffee lover. Apart from that, they also deal with the same duties and tasks several time even although responsibilities and the assignments given are simple and can be done easily. That is true for most of the respondents who solved the questionnaires. Because of this factor, only a few of them agrees that their workloads are low if set alongside the time that they posses. Most the respondents disagree with this, where they feel that the workloads are numerous. This is caused by the way they take care of their daily life. Nevertheless, the majority of the students do have confusions which task they must perform first as they have many works anticipated. For just how they take care of their time, almost all of the students agree that they have considered changing their way on handling amount of time in order to suit their needs better. Do the part 8 TESL students of UiTM have the same routine of their time management.

For section C of the questionnaires, the questions are made to research on in what ways will time management influences part 8 TESL students of UiTM performance and learning results during their analysis. First, from the answers given, the respondents concur that their time management has favorably helped them to relax. This is true to almost all of the respondents, which reflects how they feel about just how they manage time. Based on the answers provided by the respondents in the questionnaires, almost all of the respondents agree that they'll make good preparation for the responsibilities or projects given if indeed they have sufficient or even more time. Good planning for their jobs may happen if the students have sufficient a chance to complete them. This is stated by the majority of the respondents in the questionnaires given, where this will happen when the students feels like doing so especially every time they have sufficient time. Most of the students also concur that they deal with time based on the way the people around them, and enough time is suited appropriately so that they may perform the tasks and tasks given together with their friends. This show the way the students manage their time and process in order that they may conduct conversations among themselves. Time management of the students may as well be related to enough time where they deal with their assignment. A lot of the students will spend some time on simple duties, keep themselves up to date with the readings, and reassess their jobs or assignments whenever they feel just like having leisure time. However, many of the respondents cannot do their duties and projects without hurrying at the last minute. When the students have assignments that contain been due quite a while before, they'll do it whenever they feel like doing so in which every time they have free time, according to almost all of the answers given by the respondents. For this section, the respondents agrees that they suits their time more to just how they finding time for entertainment and socializing, but not suiting it for finding time to complete their tasks and tasks.

The next section of the questionnaires is section D. This section was created to find the appropriate answer on how part 8 TESL students of UiTM cope with the educational and communal life during their review period. Similar with the previous section, the questions included related about how they deal with their time. Based on the answers distributed by the majority of the respondents, they are doing procrastinate in concluding the tasks distributed by the lecturers. This may affect their school attendance, where predicated on their answer in the section they concur that they are absent because of their classes because of their need to do things such as unfinished projects or task. To help make the circulation of the workloads simpler, the students do some department of tasks and assignments relating to top priority, as the particular respondents reacts to a question in the section. One of the respondents also agrees with the assertions that the department of works provides some spaces for them to do works regarding to importance. To deal up with time constrains, the students also seek help using their friend or other people in order to complete their jobs and assignments. A lot of the respondents agree with this plus they even form dialogue categories for particular themes regarding their tasks and help their friends who are in need to complete their tasks. To handle the academic and social life during their research period properly, the students should be able go for appropriate time and duties given to them, but in this section, most of the students accept inappropriate or unreasonable work demands. This subject has definitely restricting their time to perform previous task. On the other hands, 50 percent of the respondents, do some reading or their work throughout their leisure time such as while waiting for general public transportations or during spaces of classes. These serves surely supply the students additional time to do other works.

The analysis was undertaken to evaluate the part 8 TESL students of UiTM Shah Alam time management conducted this research. This review is important to be able to examine how students take care of their time during their study and how it would impact their performance and accomplishments. Other than that, the results of the analysis may be helpful for the students if indeed they want to help expand they research or even though they work later on, where they can think about their time management skills and modify it later. This can assist and assist in providing advantages in bettering their performance and studies in the future.

After doing the analysis and completing the info, several conclusions can be made based on the findings. According to the data collected, part 8 TESL students of UiTM have different style of their time management. This is stated by examining data collected. It could be said that, part 8 TESL students of UiTM Shah Alam do their work based on top priority. The management of the time by the students are in the same pattern where it relates to their amount of workload and their sociable life. The conclusions of the questionnaires managed to answer the first research stated previously.

To obtain the information needed how do part 8 TESL students of UiTM cope with the academics and social life throughout their study period, the data implies that the students use their time largely to suit their needs for communal life and entertainment. They manage their time typically to obtain good preparation and to get more time to relax. However, time allocation for tasks and responsibilities will be prioritized if the amount of process is high. The students will reassess their work and duties if they have leisure time. Thus, for the second research question, the question is responded to as the study uncovers the way the students manage the educational and social aspects of life base on the time management skills throughout their research.

For the previous research question, in which is to determine how time management influences part 8 TESL students of UiTM performance and learning outcomes. Part 8 students makes time designed for socializing rather than for their tasks. The data accumulated shows that in order for the students to execute well and do their work; the students seek help from others. They form analysis groups to go over about academic concerns. To makes time, the students fills in the space of free time with readings and other things such as doing tasks. The students discuss on the academics matters and exchange ideas during group discussions. Here, we can conclude that the 3rd research question is clarified.

This study has given an idea about how the students manage their time throughout their period of study. The following are recommendation based on the findings because of this analysis. First, for the students, they ought to somehow re-evaluate their time management skills. On this range, the students should target more on the time they allocate for learning, revising and finishing their job.

On the other side, socializing skills of the students should be taken into account. They ought to know how to socialize well. The time assigned to socialize should be add up to enough time allocated because of their academic things. The students should discuss more on difficult jobs or projects to make it easier to be done. It is recommended that the duties and projects given shouldn't be taken lightly, and really should not be held until the last second or near the submission time.

The faculty can also use the conclusions from the study to evaluate the quantity of work directed at the students. A good programme on time management skills can even be held to be able to enhance the students' time management skills. With satisfactory time, the students will be able to deal with their time well. Every individual should promote good time management one to the other. This is because, a good time management skills can lead to a successful educational, the increase of production and decrease the amount of anxiety in doing their work (Lay & Schouwenburg, 1993).

The study reviewed just how part 8 TESL students of UiTM deal with their time. Because of this research, the study is only limited to only part 8 TESL students of UiTM Shah Alam. One advice for this research is to increase the number of the respondents for the study. The findings of this research could be described better and more accurate as the larger quantity of the respondents gives more data needed.

In addition, other respondetns can also be included for this particular review. Students who are studying TESL in UiTM Shah Alam which range from part 1 to part 8 students. Because of this particular study, it could be further done by making the same research to investigate on how TESL students of UiTM Shah Alam deal with their time as a whole. This will make the data accumulated varies and better conclusion can be made. Better implementations of academics and sociable activities could also be made later predicated on the research advised.

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