Students Performance In Rural And CITIES Education Essay

Nowadays, education is the main aspect in contemporary society development. School must play a significant role in guaranteeing the successful of the development. As for students, they have to have good skills and also have to be proactive with an appropriate futuristic set of brain. Besides that, students are also have to be dynamic in co curriculum activity along with high educational achievement. The training environments likewise have major roles to try out in learning and the region where in fact the students' lives can determine their performance in their studies. Known reasons for the versions in achievement are geographic location, resources, availability of technology as well as the quality of educators. These studies want to research the differences between students performance in rural and cities. This goal is to ascertain whether learning environment or living area is one of the factors that donate to their low performance. Students' performance is their successes in their studies whether they have low or powerful. Urban area relates to the region that are adjoining by cities which is well populated areas compared to rural area which is sparsely populated areas and it usually farmland or country areas.

"The learning environments likewise have major roles to play in learning not only of communal studies but of other disciplines in the school curriculum"

Topic appealing: The Variances between Students Performance in Rural and Urban Areas

Purpose of study: 1) To investigate the variations between students shows in rural and

urban areas.

2) To go over the factors of low performance among students in rural area.

3) To find ways to handle the achievement space differences between rural

and urban students.



Recent educational research has analyzed rural and urban variations in their accomplishment. Many educators, experts, legislators and the general public assume that students from rural academic institutions mostly acquire an education that is inferior compared to the students that stay in urban areas. Students record also impact on their performance where we can see that lots of of the students that lives in rural areas has low academics achievement when we likened it with the students that lives in urban areas. There are lots of factors that cause to the difference performance between students in rural and urban areas. Students in metropolitan schools get many unnecessary in comparison to students in rural academic institutions. The Country wide Education Connection said that the reduced performing young ones are in public rural universities (Dark brown & Swanson, 2001).

The excellent performance of urban students is due to their better quality in their education, availability of the information that they get from various sources like media and electronic advertising, their educated people and peers groups which help them for better performance. They may have many advantages and facilities in their education in comparison to rural students. Students in rural areas less exposed to the outside world and also lack of knowledge about the currents issues that happen.

Education is demonstrating to be effective instrument that can boost students' self-belief, forethought, self-esteem and self-efficacy. Students that lives in undeveloped village must try to attain the best education for them and don't make their living environment as one of the factors that be considered a barrier in their success. We also can note that students in rural areas are significantly less more likely to earn a university level than students of cities. The disparity is highest in rural areas where only 8 percent of rural residents over age 25 have a school degree, compared with 16 percent of the residents in cities (U. S. Bureau of the Census, 1999). So from these, we can clarify that, there's a space of performance between students that live in rural and cities due for some factors.


There are numerous factors that contribute to the differences of performance between students in rural and cities.

Family Factor

At the rural areas, family is one of the factors that determine their child performance. On this review, students in rural areas have low performance in comparison to students in cities because it is relate to their parents education. Most parents in rural areas are less educated than parents in urban areas. The family record is the most important and weighty factor in determining the academic performance of learners (Adell, 2002: 91). Review discovered that, rural students experienced no pressure to attain good performance when their parents' prospects towards education were low. Parental encouragement has a good influence towards their child performance and at rural areas almost all of parents did not care about their child academics performance. Some experts assume that parent targets is the most important factor affecting young ones decisions to go after education (Esterman & Hedlund, 1995; Smith, Beaulieu, & Seraphine, 1995).

Low Socio-economic Factor

The students' track record relate to the reduced socioeconomic factor of these family also one of the factor that benefit their performance in education. A lot of the students that live in rural areas result from low income family. Their parents cannot provide them enough educational resources at home. Compared to students at cities, the majority of them result from high income individuals and their parents are afford to dispatched them with their tuition classes in order to get better performance. Urban students can also buy additional literature for their recommendations while for the rural students, they non-exposure to educational resources and it'll have an effect on their performance compared to those people who have access to such resources. Students who've usage of more resources are benefit in comparison to those from poor families because they can learn about the latest trends around them thus can assist them to boost their performance at classes.

Lack of Facilities and Resources

Education promotes human capital as an asset that has higher or lower rates of come back depend on the grade of education that is provided. Some of the factors that adding to the indegent performance are lack or resources and poor facilities generally in most classes especially in rural areas. A few of classes in rural areas are dilapidated compared to those in urban areas. The issue regarding unequal syndication of resources between provinces, rural and urban areas remain intact (Motala & Pampalis, 2001:56). Several institutions in rural areas don't have laboratories which situation means that students learn technology by rote learning. Facilities are important to make the teaching and learning process more effective. Students that stay in rural areas will less expose to the using of technology because the facilities which were provided for them aren't sufficient. This will make their learning process will be less effective and they will have less understanding of current issues as well as how to use technology. Students in urban areas have many advantages in their learning process and with the development of technology it will make easier for their study. They'll more understanding with the learning with the facilities provided.

Less Qualified Teachers

Teacher is quite role to be able to produce good performance students. Most of the teacher did not want to placing in rural area because they think it'll bring difficulty to them. So, the majority of teachers which were sent to the rural areas will be the new teachers that contain less experience in teaching. Awoniyi (1981) remarked that there is a direct relationship between your quality of educating personnel and the quality of education process. Many of them did not grasp the teaching strategy yet because they're still new in coaching area. Whenever we compared to students in cities they usually have a professors that have good communications skills in English. Most of teachers compete for location in urban colleges. So, rural institution will have insufficient teacher and it'll make their learning improvement disturbed rather than working properly.


In order to overcome the differences performance between students in rural and urban areas, several ways should be studied.

The Role of Government

Government has to are likely involved in increasing educational benefits for rural students. Federal should provide enough facilities to the colleges that situated in rural areas identical to the urban academic institutions. Besides that, federal government also must provide a financial support to the students that lives in rural areas where we know that most of them come from low income individuals and not affordable to gain a better education and services. Facilities that were provided must be fair and similar treatment should get to rural colleges same like metropolitan schools. Furthermore, best educators also should be located in rural colleges because they can help students to improve their performance. Good professors will produce good students. Most significant is federal should ensure that educators are adequately qualified to teach the topic that allocated for them and they can do their work properly. Education division also should visit all institutions to establish and check their must ensure that resources are allocated consistent with their needs and status.

Role of Parents

While the instructors play their role at college, parents should play their assignments at home. Although parents in rural areas have no education, they can help their children performance in conditions of providing them with moral holds and inspiration to learn. Even they can not help in terms of provide resources to learn, they can give a support with their child to review hard to improve the fate with their family. Parents should realize how important of education to their child and their future. Parents can always ask the youngster about their learning progress and followed them during doing their work. They also must always care about their child performance and monitor their progress.

The Role of Teachers

The teacher is an important push in school learning. Professors also one of the sources that will help in overcomes the condition of low performance among rural students. Educators can assist in pushing the students to study hard and help those to complete most of their work at school during research time, where students can ask instructors if they don't realize about the lesson. If they are carrying out work at home, no person can help them since their parents may not be able to assist because most of parents in rural areas have less education. Instructors should encourage their students to participate in many activities because it gives them the possibility to build their self-confident and positive self-esteem. Besides that, tutor also can develop a caring and supportive environment where students will feel convenient during their learning. Good marriage between students and tutor also good in order to improve students' performance where when professors are close with the students, students will feel easy and not shy to ask whatever they do not understand.

The Role as a Student

The students itself should realize the value of education in their future lives. If indeed they want a much better life in the future they must research hard to get a good performance. Usually students at rural area will not value their education and almost all of them dropout from schooling. This is because they do not have drive in their analysis and their parents also didn't care about their performance. So to be able to overcome the distance performance between students in rural and cities, rural students should established their brain that education is important to improve their lives. If they have a mindset that education is important, they will study hard in order to obtain a good success.


The study offered the distinctions of shows between students in rural and cities. Rural and urban schools are characterized by its unique durability and weaknesses. "Rural and urban schools are quite similar when it comes to resources and learning conditions" (EQR, 2003, p. 45). Yet there are many variables that influence students' achievement and those variables are directly related to whether a university is known as a rural or an urban college. Some factors that contribute to the gap shows between students in both of these areas were determined and also recommendations to be able to overcome this issue were suggested. Even though some recommendations have been highlighted, solutions might not be possible for them. The ideas for enhancing the performance among rural students is the fact that they must understand their environment properly, and keep maintaining their interior resources like self-efficacy and self-esteem. Out of this analysis we can conclude that, there have differences between students performance in rural and metropolitan colleges. Students that lives in metropolitan area are certain to get high performance excel opportunities provided by their location. Urban students have higher usage of many resources and therefore have opportunities that aren't easily accessible to rural students. Besides that metropolitan parents were more professional plus they realize the benefit of education. Parents of rural students were less likely to expect their children to improve their education. From the comparison of this review we can know very well what the differences between rural and urban universities are.

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