The Concept Of Learning Style Education Essay

The idea of learning style has been researched by many different methods. Learning styles can be explained as the characteristics and preferred way in which a person used to gather, identify and process information (Fleming, 2001). For Kolb (1984), learning style is the procedure when a person gets new information and skills. Sternberg's (2001) description of leaning style differs from that of Kolb's and Fleming's, Sternberg identifies learning style as a habitual structure or preferred way which a person uses to do something through different activities over a long amount of times. The above definitions have one common point which specific have their own choice in learning. If people understand more about their learning style, they can find a much better way to learn and be a more proficient learner (Sze, 2009). It can help specific to learn new things effectively and efficiently because they understand their learning experience and know finished. which they need (Sze, 2009). I'd like to work with VARK and Honey & Mumford to find out my learning choice.


VARK is a set of organized questions which initially determined in 1987 by Neil Fleming to provide an individual with an understanding of these learning desire about the way which a person would like to take-in and give-out information (VARK, 2012). The acronym VARK means Visible (V), Aural (A), Read/write (R) and Kinesthetic (K) sensory modalities which utilized by a person to learn information (VARK, 2012).

After I finished the VARK test, I came across that I have a multi-model (VARK) learning inclination. The score distance between the four modalities of VARK is very small. I have scored 10, 9, 8 and 10 in Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic respectively. It means my learning desire is the mixtures of the four methods. The result of the statement is quite appropriate for me that I will explain the final results of the result with my lifestyle and learning experience.

When I examined in the high diploma running a business administration, I liked the lecturers to work with different diagrams, graphs and frameworks which used to describe some complex or nonobjective theories or information. For instance, the lecturer used the diagram showing the components of the Gross nationwide income. It made me to understand and acquire new knowledge quicker. Although, I would like to learn knowledge through visual way, I'd not ignore the read/write category. Additionally it is important for me to preserve information. WHILE I was doing the final year job in the high diploma, I preferred to determine the useful information from the books and internet. After that, I would note down some important info which I may use in the job. For kinesthetic category, it is also the best way to help me acquiring new things through experience or practice. I had developed a component time job this past year which I had a need to set up the light in different exhibitions. At the first time I joined the team, I did not learn how to place the light. Following the supervisor's demonstration and my practice, I could do it without any help quickly. I also prefer to receive and present out views in group talk. It is because I can get different suggestions and ideas when using a dialogue. It give me I good chance to acquire and increase knowledge. As being a multi-modal desire learner, I can be more adaptable to change my learning method from one to another to meet different learning or working environment. However, multi-model learners may feel insecure by just using one inclination to learn, they may need more than one mode or strategies to obtain new information (VARK, 2012).

Honey & Mumford's Learning Styles Questionnaires (LSQ)

The Honey & Mumford's (1992) LSQ is first developed in 1982 which was based on the David Kolb's Learning Styles Inventory (LSI). Not the same as the Kolb's LSI which using abstract words, Honey & Mumford's LSQ focus on real work activities. It creates the users to understand easier. LSQ aspires to LSQ divides learning styles into four types; Activists, Theorists, Pragmatists and Reflectors.

The statement of the LSQ said that I've strong preference on reflectors. It means that I will try to understand and analysis the things thoroughly before making a conclusion. It is quite appropriate to spell it out my learning inclination. I had a number of group discussions with my team members when I analyzed in diploma and high diploma in business administration. I hardly ever provided out my opinion immediately through the first meeting. I usually listened to other users' views and ideas and then thought what they said is suitable for the project or assignment. I would collect the information from the internet and books to demonstrate my factors were correct. WHEN I considered different implications, I would give my opinions. I do not likely agree that I've a moderate choice on activist in the report. I favor to do something practically by pursuing structural instructions. I am not easy to involve in new experience without careful examination.

Limitation of VARK and Honey & Mumford's LSQ

According to Hawk and Shah (2007), there has not enough research to aid the validity and consistency of the VARK. Fleming and Baume (2006) also said that knowing one's learning choice did not indicate the person could improve its learning. It just tells us our learning preference.


The unique style of thoughts, feelings and conducts which an individual persists over a period and across situation can be defined as personality (Morris & Maisto, 2009). After reviewing different definitions of personality, Sadeghi, Kasim, Tam & Abdullah (2012) also said that "to sum up, personality can be defined as a strong and organized group of characteristics possessed by every person that distinctively and distinctively influences his or her conducts, motivations, and cognitions in a variety of situations. " Knowing one's personality helps us to identify 'real you' which will benefit for our further development of our potential (Barrett & Green, 2011).

Myers Briggs Type Sign (MBTI)

The MBTI is a organized questionnaire that was produced by the mom and daughter team of Katherine Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers which combines the personality test, career test and management styles test into one (TeamTechnology, 2012). It benefits us by discovering our idea career, developing our leadership potential, bettering our romantic relationships and deepening our self-awareness (TeamTechnology, 2012).

According to the record of the MBTI test (Appendices), I have the highest personality types in ESFJ and ISFJ. The main different between the two highest scoring is between extraversion and introversion. It means my scoring difference of these two factors is very small. In my own option, both extraversion and introversion are adopted in my lifestyle which will depend on different situations. WHEN I discuss in the Honey & Mumford's LSQ, I favor to think something thoroughly before doing it. It complies with the explanation of the introversion that folks concentrate on a few, deep issues and think things through before acting. If I have to analyze specific issue or item. I could spend a lot of time to determine the info through different options by myself. I am very satisfied that I can understand the condition with my work. Sometimes, I am an extroversive person. When I was a scout in key and secondary university, I'd like to communicate with new associates. It gave a chance for me to learn more about them. The survey also said that I seek to develop tranquility in the relationships and promote co-operation. It is quite right that I believe a good romantic relationship of any team is vital. Every team member is respected for a team. I think that good teamwork can help achieve the target effectively and proficiently.

Significant & Restriction of MBTI

Williamson & Watson (2007) point out doing MBTI test may benefit our self-understand and development. It really is useful for profession counseling to permit people to understand themselves and determine appropriate profession plan (Kennedy & Kennedy, 2004). Alternatively, many organizations use MBTI to judge their applicants that it is unethical and unlawful for them to screen out job seekers (Quenk, 2000). It is just reflect the preference but not the power, intelligent and opportunity for successful (Kennedy & Kennedy, 2004).

Team Role

Meredith Belbin identifies team role as a trend to behave, add and interrelate with others in a specific way in a team (Belbin Affiliate, 2012). Belbin Team Jobs has been found in many organizations over the term to recognize the team role of differing people within the organization (Belbin Affiliate, 2012).

Belbin Team Roles

Belbin Team Tasks test is a diagnostic tool that used to assess specific team role inclination and determine the team jobs balance in a team (Partington and Harris, 1999). Nine team assignments are identified in the Belbin team role test, they are coordinator, shaper, plant, recourses investigator, team worker, implementer, computer finisher, screen evaluator and specialist. Belbin Team Tasks are used to recognize people's behavioral strengths and weaknesses so that it helps to build fruitful working marriage and shared trust and understanding in just a team (Belbin Associate, 2012).

According to my statement of Belbin online test, I have the most preference role in the completer finisher with the highest rating from 80 - 90. I likewise have inclination role in planner, keep an eye on evaluator and completer finisher that i credit score from 70 - 80 in all of them. It really is quite accurate to state that we am a completer finisher. WHENEVER I studied in the diploma in business administration, I'd be in charge of combining different parts of the task and finding out the errors in the majority of the group task. And then I would make refinement for the part which may be better. I hope to ensure the quality of the reports which can meet up with the standard and dependence on the projects. However, I might be unduly to worry about the quality of the report which I may ask my team members to submit their works to me at the earliest opportunity so that I can have sufficient for verifying. Some team members may revolt the rush routine. As a team employee and coordinator, I would like to request every team members to entail in debate. I am inclined to listen different ideas from the associates which help to build better ideas for the assignments.

Limitation of Belbin team role

Knowing one's team role cannot understand one's performance in the team (Jackson, 2002). This means it cannot forecast the team success by determining an individual's team roles. Additionally, Belbin team role is not proven with high dependability and validity so the result of the test may be doubtful (Lessem and Baruch, 2000).

Self-awareness - overall synthesis

After concluding different lab tests in these parts, I have more knowing of my learning style, personality and team role desire. It gives me an overall analysis to understand myself deeply by identifying my advantages and weakness.


The VARK shows that I have I multi-learning desire which means I could learn and retain new knowledge in several model. It creates me more versatile to process different knowledge in several situations. According to the consequence of my learning style choice and personality, it demonstrates I am a careful person. I favor to hear different people's ideas and watch their felling and action. And then I am going to try to accumulate the useful information whenever you can to help me to analysis an issue. After analyzing the problem thoughtfully, it will give my views. Relating to my personality and team role choice, I'd like to market a tranquility working environment. I would introduce co-operation and teamwork that I'll feel at more ease to create better work in this environment.


There has weakness in getting a multi-learning preference. It really is similar with the weakness of my personality which my time management skill is comparative poor. I like to observe event from many different perspectives. I will waste lots of time to acquire information. As being a multi-learning desire leaner, I often need to make use of several model to ensure the understanding of the new knowledge. Sometimes, it creates me annoyed by analyzing the relationship between the ideas. I waste a lot of amount of time in research section without real execution. It usually makes me to do the task within the last minute. Although, the work may be little bit busy, I can finish it on time. My personality and team role implies that I concern the relationship between others. It is problematic for me to reject one's idea whether I may not buy into the point. I frighten that I will lose the partnership or produce a turmoil in the debate. I might lose some chances which might make the task better.

Career Choice and Life-Long Learning

Career Choice

Hong Kong is one of the world's 10th largest trading economies (HKTDC, 2012). Based on the formal research, Hong Kong was managing a growing amount of just offshore investments (HKTDC, 2012). By the end of the 2011, Hong Kong has 120, 273 import and export companies which worker 495, 847 staffs (HKTDC, 2012). The transfer and export industry also makes up about 19. 8% of GDP in Hong Kong (HKTDC, 2012). I am quite thinking about this industry so which i choose to choose merchandiser as my profession. Merchandiser is quite dynamic position in the jobs market (Jiujik, 2008). The quantity of merchandiser is usually insufficient on the market, especially in the mature merchandisers who rich with activities in procurement (Jiujik, 2008). Procurement includes many aspects in various sectors, such as bank, hotel and retailing which merchandisers have to acquire different products or services through different route around the world. Merchandiser compensates an important role to procure the needed products, materials and services in a reasonable price with good quality. It can help to save cost of development or procedure and build up a reputation if there is a good merchandiser in a business (Jiujik, 2008).

In my career path, I decide to be a merchandiser assistance to receive related experiences in the first 2 yr and then to become real merchandiser. The requirements and obligations are similar in this two positions but merchandiser require past experiences. As an entry level, the necessity is not so high. Based on the job adverts (appendices) that i have found, it require merchandiser to obtain F7 or above education certification. Applicants should have good order of British and Mandarin. They must be impartial, hard-working and well-organization in order to handle their activity by themselves. They also needs to be ready to learn various things when they enter this industry. Merchandiser need to follow up sample development and project which aims to keep up the grade of products. Based on the research in JobDB (2012), being a senior manager usually requires lowest 8 yr experience in purchasing sector. I will state in the positioning or merchandiser to build up enough knowledge and experience to get the position of merchandiser. Finally, I am hoping I can turn into a sourcing manager that i can in a position to lead a purchasing team. After having more understanding about me by doing different exams in section A, I came across that some of my personality and strengths can match the requirements of this career. I'll discuss in the next part.

Career and myself


I will discuss the results of the three self-assessment assessments with my job choice in this part. My talents and weaknesses that have discovered from the test will be utilized to analysis the match and mismatch between myself and career. I found I've multi-model learning preference. It offers me an ability to learn things with different modes. It can increase my intension to learn because I am going to not just give attention to a single function to get knowledge. The report is particularly high visual and kinesthetic sectors on the list of four settings. They are very useful for me to see different design and information in related to procurement and check the samples of products by pursuing prior demonstration. The statement of the LSQ also said that I have strong preference on reflectors. I favor to comprehend and analyze an event thoroughly and then make a discourse carefully. Being truly a merchandiser, especially in senior position, person should analysis various areas of information which might be positive or negative and then making the decision. The incorrect decision may influence the business reputation and business earnings so the attribute of reflector can get rid of the threat of making incautious decision.

For the personality, it is comparable to the effect if LSQ test that i prefer to think something carefully before carrying it out. It means I am a careful people which I am really to do impulse action. I'll analyze the issues deeply and then making decision. The effect also said that I also seek to develop harmony in the partnership and promote assistance. It is quite important for merchandiser to have a good romantic relationship in workplace. It is because merchandiser must work with different management levels and departments to comprehend their needs and create procurement article.

Based on the consequence of Belbin team jobs test, I've the highest make in competitor finisher. The attribute of the role is quite helpful for me to being truly a merchandiser. Merchandiser must handle different documents and plans related to procurement. To be a competition finisher usually try to find out the errors by examining the documents carefully to ensure it can meet the related requirement. It could reduce the possibility of making flaws.


There are some mismatch between my career choice and myself. Although I have multi-model learning preference, my aural sector is relative low equate to visual and kinesthetic sector which my communication skill is relative vulnerable. Merchandiser usually will need negotiations with supplier directly to discuss the conditions of associates or others. The poor performance on aural sector may effect the negotiation if merchandiser cannot transfer the messages plainly. Being a reflector, I may also spend too much time on thinking without making ultimate decision. It may influence the task to follow the planned timetable. It males hurry schedules which I have to finish my job at the short period of your energy. I may not have the ability to make quick decision easily can be being a merchandiser in general management level. As I have mentioned that personality and team role test explain that I promote assistance and teamwork. I'd like to maintain a good marriage with each others. There may be a problem that i may let my feelings to have an impact on my decision making. I may lose some chances which I can progress result because I might concern more about on relationship than that of final results. It may not mismatch whit the necessity easily need to focus on results seriously in negotiation.

Transferable skill

Based on the job necessity and responsibility in job adverts, I came across there are some transferable skills that i might need to be asked to match the job work. Transferable skill refers to the non-specific skills which is often extracted from job to job by a person (Watson, 2003). It is important for individual's profession path development. It is found I have some transferable skill, such as problem handling skill, teamwork skill and basic business knowledge which may be good for my career development.

Teamwork skill is crucial at work which can make employees to accomplish increased job satisfaction, advanced collaboration, job ownership, increased pride and higher self-esteem (Parnell, 1996). As the scout in supplementary school, it makes me understand the important of teamwork. For instance, the jobs, such as pitching the tents, cleaning the campus or making the supper will be given to different of teammates so that people can achieve our goal quickly through teamwork.

Problem fixing skill means that each can analyze a predicament, determine the real problem, find out any possible situation, assess each one of the solution and choose the best answer to solve the condition (Knippen & Green, 1997). The business environment is changing significantly which people may face different problem every day. Having problem dealing with skill helps to use better solution to solve the challenge. Being a scout, I also need to control the various situation when having activities. I am going to face different enquiry from others which I have to respond to them immediately. They have improved my problem dealing with skill at that time.

Basic business skill is also required in work environment. Employer has a high interest in employees with business skill who can control the budget, make financial projection and identify potential home based business (Watson, 2003). Like a business learner in diploma and high diploma of business management, I've discovered many basic business knowledge and principles. The recognition of LCCI also proved that I have the essential knowledge to take care of financial documents.

To develop my career path, I have to improve more useful transferable skill to meet the requirement for my future career. It offers time management skill, negotiation skill and time management skill.

Time is valuable in today's business environment. Employers trust their employees to do the the majority of things with minimal time. Specific with good performance on time management is crucial to achieve improves quality of life, independence and success in occupation (Green, Hughes & Ryan, 2011). If I can boost my time management skill, I could finish my be a part of following plan.

Bazerman &Neal said the negotiation is a delicate skill which is important to managerial success (1992). People usually need to negotiation with others, such as company, customer or supervisor achieve different goal. Commercial negotiation skill is the process which an contract is designed between buyer and owner by solving distinctions of thoughts within them (Farrington and Waters, 1994). The commercial negotiation is also an integral factor for business success (Ashcroft, 2004). It is useful in procurement sector to progress contract with company through negotiation.

If I've the chance to become a leader in general management level, I have to improve my management skill. The role and process of leadership are in getting course, creating alignment and nurturing dedication in a group of individuals (Johnson, 2000).

Lifelong learning

As the campaign of globalization, folks have to considered more aspects of management when doing business (Danos & Richard, 1990). Folks have to provide more skills to remain competitive in the current changing business environment (Robert & Donald, 2001). Lifelong learning is argued to be a critical feature for individual to remain competitive in global environment (Nicoll & Fejes, 2011). Minshell, Butterworth & Henderson states lifelong learning which learning is not restricted to child years or the class, but takes place throughout life and in a variety of situation (2009). Lifelong learning helps us to enhance our employability so that it is very important to our job development (Mckenzie & Wurzburg, 1997).

Language skill is important at work which individual has to communicate with people from different countries. Putonghua and English are very important in the current business environment. My performance in speaking Putonghua and British is of low quality. I will join some short-term course of Putonghua and English to boost my language skill. According to the job advertising of merchandiser in job market, they often require applicants who are able to speak British and Putonghua. If I can speak these two languages smoothly, I can transfer my communications to the people obviously.

I decide to increase my knowledge in the supply chain management by studying the Master of Knowledge in operations and supply chain management in City University of Hong Kong. I will accumulate sufficient experience and capacity in this industry for quite some time so that I can have enough qualification to use the master degree. The course is designed to enable students to use modern analytical and managerial skills which used to help problem id and analysis at all levels of functional practice and decision making in resource chain management. This advanced knowledge will benefit my job development especially in general management level.

I also wish to join the negotiation skills in work place qualification course which held by private institute. It could share many genuine experience and skills to learner by professor (Timeway, 2013). Different negotiation skills will be shared in the workshop. I'll study course after while i graduated so that I could negotiation with company in a much better way. It can also increase my ability to use the jobs.

To keep the tranquility with the changing market environment, I will try to get the latest industry information through different channel. For example, I could take attention on some career websites or HKTDC's recognized website to understand the industry knowledge.

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