The Importance Of Classroom Technology

The books review will discuss the importance of technology used in classroom and its effect on the learning and teaching process. The Effect of technology has its end result on the introduction of second vocabulary acquisition. Therefore, learner responsiveness of learning a second language is clear in a thrived technological classroom. There is different articles such as (ARSLAN, 2008, Bridget Dalton, 2011, Iacob, 2009, Ilknur ISTIFIC, 2011, Iran Dolati, 2012, Sasiwan Potcharapanpong, 2010) would analyzes the relationship between technology environment and terminology learning and the instructor role in enhancing technology skills. The article will reveal the changeover point of learning British as second terminology for elementary students with the integration of technology tools and the different use of computer to enhance the teaching and learning methods. The Influence of adapting technology has on the development of second dialect acquisition, especially in an Arabic environment. The next five literature reviews will support the value of integrating technology in coaching.

Literature Review

The first article which is a study of The potency of Computer Assisted Classes for British as a Second Terminology (Iacob, 2009), has been emphasizing the need of learning British helped by technology. This article focused on the utilization of CALL which stresses on the use of technology in teaching English in primary universities also, the technique of the study that covered two sets of eight years children. The first group was designated to use computer in classroom and at their home for about 2 times a week, while the other you have been educated with the aided computer at class room without using it at home. The final result of the analysis shows the impact of teaching and learning British with using pcs, which shows an extraordinary acceptance in learning British in their answer replies.

Next newspaper underlined different use of technology, like The eVoc Strategies: 10 Ways to Use Technology to construct Vocabulary (Bridget Dalton, 2011) got shed light on the value of integrating technology in coaching English vocabulary to enhance the students' safe-keeping of vocabulary. The usage of technology tools would understand the pupil interest to learn. The purpose of this article is to discuss the ten eVoc strategies that could improve vocabulary learning. The article included learning with technology in real life experience through effective learning strategies would suggest. The newspaper is undergoes the advantage term reference with visible dictionary which helps students to grasp what they have learned.

Then, the article of An Effective Role of E-Learning Technology for English Language Teaching By Using Meta Communication Celebrities (Ilknur ISTIFIC, 2011), has outlined the role of technological program and communication inside our life. Teacher must enhance their own technical strategy, especially in educating a second dialect. Computer used as a transmission for knowledge into students imagination. In furthermore, technology has been used as a tool to develop the cognitive side of the students' heads. This article clarified that educator and students can build a exclusive learning environment by using web tools to connect and think critically. It conclude that web technology enhance learning English as a second language and most of curriculum freelance writers revise their curriculum based on the latest technology development.

The discussion in the article of The Conception of English Vocabulary Teachers in the Use of Visual Learning Supports (Iran Dolati, 2012), has been concentrating on the importance of visible learning aids have become more widely used in education and its role in terms classroom. The analysis was going on in Malaysia, when a second words learner environment and it centered on the utilization of visual products technology to learn another language. The study project implies that teacher who would use visual assists would provide a much better learning environment. Furthermore, it shows the effect useful of visual supports to improve learning and encourage the students.

It has been reviewed in the Implementing a Holistic Coaching in Modern ELT Classes: Using Technology and Integrating Four Skills (ARSLAN, 2008) the value of integrating technology to boost student skills. It highlighted the result of computer helped classroom to sharpen students learning skills. The study discusses the cognitive methodology of teaching British by using technology in classroom to address different kinds of intelligences. It also pointed a holistic teaching intertwined with technology environment where students control over their learning. The paper discussed the result of CALL in teaching English for second language learners and shed light on the different studies of using computer in classrooms.


The consequence of the different newspaper affirmed the intertwined relation between technology and educating second words learners. Computer performs a significant role in instructing a second terminology in which creates a online learning environment that helps them to believe critically and solve problem. At the conclusion, we reached to a realization that computer isnt used only in computer labs; it is rather used in an everyday pace class use. Behaviorists assume that online learning cannot provide the same positive learning results as face-to-face learning. Constructivists use breakthrough learning and critical learning activities which is performed synchronously.

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