The NEED FOR Personal Development Education Essay

With out a plan no person can reach their destination. As Bob (2010), detailed that "Personal development refers to activities that improve self-knowledge and identification, develop skills and potential, build real human capital and employability, enhance quality of life and donate to the realization of dreams and aspirations. The idea is not limited by self-development but includes formal and informal activities for expanding others, in jobs such as educator, guide, counsellor, supervisor, coach, or mentor. Finally, as personal development takes place in the context of companies, it refers to the techniques, programs, tools, techniques, and evaluation systems that support human being development at the average person level in organizations" Personal development planning is a reinforced process which really helps to focus on individual performance and really helps to achieve and develop their carrier. The primary goal of personal development plan is to enhance the capacity of individual.

According to careereducationweb. com personal development is repeatedly adding a person ready where we need to be change or developed or motivated to attain our destination. It takes control of a person to increase and forcing to become stagnant. Personal development and growth are vital to success. A lot of people fail to achieve their goal because of lack work, time constants or an incapability of focusing on the goals.

According to heacademy. ac. uk web site PDP is thought as "a structured and backed process performed by a person to reflect after their own learning, performance and/or accomplishment and to arrange for their personal, educational and job development. PDP embraces a range of method of learning that join planning (an individual's goals and motives for learning or accomplishment), doing (aligning actions to motive), duplicate (view, facts, experience, to be able to recognize and evidence the procedure and results of learning) and appearance reviewing and examine experience and the results of learning. "

Personal development plan is a process which gives a persona a definite view of life. And every mindful professional should have a personal development plan to achieve their objective and reach their vacation spot.

Importance of Personal Development :

Every body received its own expertise inside. Every individual has its idea and talent. But most of us can not explore it because of lacking of personal development. Without growth life is like dull existence. Due to lay situations many people cannot develop personally. Development is vital part of life of the person. Personal development really helps to learn which we have the capability to learn. Personal development is vital. It helps to discover opportunity to create a much better life mentally, bodily and spiritually. Personal development is very important. It helps to learn possibility to create an improved life mentally, in physical form and spiritually. You will discover few reasons why personal development is important.

First reason is personal development allows you to focus on important things of your life. There are a lot of things in u your daily life which can divert you from considerations. For an example maybe it's brief - term pleasure. Short-term pleasure could make us feel good for short time but it'll be cause the long term suffer for future. Only personal development can guide you on the right path.

Second reason is personal development evolves our capacity. Personal development not only concentrate on important things of the life but also really helps to handle a critical situation. We are capable to handle some specific problem but personal development increase our limit to handle more difficult task.

Third reason is personal development helps us to connect with positive people. When we will involve us in personal development then we will found many positive people all around us. Having this positive people all around us, we are more motivated to move forward.

Personal development means hard work. it requires consistence, persistence and time. According to scotthyoung. com website if we wish our personal development we need to focus on getting courage which thing we fare of, decilpline, more learning, wish and electricity. Personal development is an investment for our life. Personal development really helps to improve our knowledge. Personal development is an attitude which really helps to improve our life.

If you want development inside our personal life we have to concentrate on Understand yourself

Improve your recognition, Work on your attitude, Believe in yourself, potentials Develop your skills, Placed your goals, Commence with the end in mind. It is vital to under stand my self applied fist because we have to know where is our weakness and in a straight line and believe that on yourself and be confident. And then set our goals it is vital to set our goal it is impossible devoid of a goal to achieve something. And previous one is established mind. This means we must need to be confident and offer that I am going to take action by any chance.

Allen and Adair (1999) declare that "There is absolutely no 'end' to the self-development process. " The also show that why this is very important to professional life and where you can focus on. Personal development helps to improve our performance, develop appropriate skills and competences and realise full probable. Every body want a position to work but most of them don't have proper group of goals. Only for this reason most of us cannot reach our desired destination. Only personal development program can help us to learn where you can go how to improve our home and help us to attain our destination.

From the aforementioned discursion it is clear that personal development is vital for our life. It gives conscious effort to increase up.

Every body was raised using their own individual skill and skills. Personal development helps us to learn these skills. Like this I have some skills in my professional life.

Team staff member : I believe I am very good team player since when I work I like to involve everyone into work, look after individual needs and seeks to gain determination by participation. I am very good listener and willing to lend my palm if needed. For my effort as a good team player I became associate of the month from my working place.

Co- ordinator : I am self-assured at my workplace. I am in a position to work at active time and in a position to take the challenge. I am always focused on my organizational goal and purpose. For those activities I became staff trainer at my working place.

A Good Presenter : Demonstration skills is very important for professional life. I conducted a professional skill course and learned how to do it properly. Over the first day of my demonstration exam I run away from speech workplace but from then on I had taken that challenge and I got second height grades on my last exam.

I reviewed about my three skills which I poses. But I assume that I want more practice on it. And I need to go farther for much more skills which will help me in future for my professional life.

1. 2 Importance of Professional Skills:

According to answer. com website skills thought as "Effectiveness, dexterity that is attained or developed through training or experience. "

Professional skill is vital for personal carrier. We must focus on it. Professional skills is some sort of skill that people learned from a business and applied on professional life.

The skill and importance are defined below

Communication Skills : Communication skills are incredibly important for professional life. It is very important to truly have a good communication skill. With out an effective communication it is impossible to communicate with other and achieve the target.

Performance Management : Performance management should be consider very strongly. It is about to determine recognized staff and pay back them, conduct coaching sessions with staff etc.

Customer Service : As the manager it is vital to concentrate on customer service. It really is about to improvement of customer support.

Organizational skill : To accomplish an organizational goal we must need to have organizational skill. Which include effective at delegating work, time management system etc.

Professional development : Professional development is very important for professional life. It is important to know section roles plans and legislation of working place.

Legal Issue : Legal concern foundation on understanding the all career regulations. Effective legal occupation interview etc.

Leadership : Make decisions easily and effectively monitoring projects without micromanaging.

Team work: Positive atmosphere which helps to team interact. Creat chance for other.

Problem resolving : With out problem solving attitude it is impossible to perform a firm. It most important for professional skill.

From these discursion, it is clear that it's very important all professional person.

To make a successful carrier those skills are extremely important.

From the Belbin team functions - "Self Perception Inventory" applying this tools we can get into depth worth focusing on of professional skills. Flower, resource investigator, co-ordinates, monitor evaluator, team employee, implementer, complete finisher those will be the key factor of professional skills.

I completed Belbin Team Tasks diagnosis and found my self as a team worker. Which indicate that prefer to require with everyone, I love to looks after individual and perceptive and diplomatic. And discover my weakness as I could be inspired and indecisive in crunch situations. I affix the desk below.

Belbin Team Jobs Inventory :


Team Role

Team contribution/personal style

Allowable weakness




Generates ideas. Creative, imaginative, unorthodox, solves difficult problems

Ignores details, too preoccupied to connect effectively



Resource investigator

Maintains awareness of resources available outside the team. Extrovert, enthusiastic, communicative, explores opportunities, produces contacts

Overoptimistic, manages to lose interest after the initial passion has passed




Ensures internal resources are applied to the team target. Mature, confident, a good chairperson, clarifies goals, promotes decision making, delegates well.

Can be seen as manipulative, delegates personal work.




Shapes the way the team performs. Challenging, energetic, thrives on pressure, gets the drive and courage to overcome obstacles

Can provoke others, hurts individuals feelings



Monitor evaluator

Assesses team improvement against the goals and milestones. Sober, strategic and discerning, sees all options, judges effectively.

Lacks drive and capacity to motivate others, excessively critical



Team worker

Involves everyone, looks after specific needs, and looks for to gain dedication by involvement. Co-operative, minor, perceptive and diplomatic, listens, builds, averts friction, calms the waters

Indecisive in crunch situations, can be easily influenced




Turns ideas into functional activities. Disciplined, reliable, conservative and useful.

Somewhat inflexible, sluggish to react to new possibilities



Completer finisher

Ensures the work is properly finished. Painstaking, conscientious, troubled, searches out mistakes and omissions, offers on time

Inclined to worry unduly, hesitant to delegate, can be a nit-picker.

(Source: Conducted by Class Tutor)

My weakness are complete finisher. I need to ensure that the work is properly done or not. I have to develop on time as well.

To have more clear view of professional skills, presently which I use Memletic Learning style inventory. That is listed below

The results are out of 20 for each style. A report of 20 indicates you utilize that style often.

Style Scores















Memletic Learning Styles Graph

(Source : www. learning-styles-online. com)

Everybody has its own durability and weakness. Memletic style helps me to learn which my right and weakness. Out of this graphs it is clear that my main weakness is visual, verbal and solitary. And my main strengths are logical, verbal and sociable.

To became an effective professional I have to need to improve my weakness because those are my main obstacle. From graphs it is clear that my main weakness is on aesthetic. Think it is very important for a professional person.

This graphs helps me to know where I want improvement. And it helps me to boost my personal skills

2. 1 Importance of Skills Audit :

A skill audit is an essential process which really helps to measure and record the abilities of specific or group. The goal of executing skills audit are to identify the skills currently we've and the abilities we need to improve. Skills audit really helps to restructure and develop personal life.

Importance of Skills audit : devoid of skills audit it is impossible to know where to improve. By using this skills audit information we can improve and develop our future plan. The primary benefits associated with skills audits are ;a)Improve knowledge and skills)Valuable and valid workplace plan. , c)Increase productivity.

The skills audit based on three things, those are a) Behavioural skills, b) Complex knowledge, b) Other knowledge. I've conducted self examination skills audit that i given below.

Skills Audit:

Knowledge and skills which I consider to make a difference for my current Job

Your Ability Score (1-5) or strong / poor / someplace in between

I am a good team player.

Always try to help other

Friendly which really helps to our job done properly.

I am conscious about customer needs.

I never dismiss customer complain.


Knowledge and skills which I consider to be important for my future career

Your Ability Rating (1-5) or strong / vulnerable / somewhere in between

Involve my self applied in several places at my work

Need more experience specifically position.

Need to boost communication skill.

Legal concern.

Lacking of organizational command skills


(Source: Conducted by School Tutor)

Rating Capacity:

= Some consciousness however, not sufficiently capable to utilize it,

= Acquainted with and in a position to use the data or skill (some competency),

= Experienced in the knowledge or skill and able to show others how to use it

= Expert with a higher degree of skill and/or detailed knowledge

From the skills audit tolls I found myself need to work hard on marketing communications skills, since it is very important and need to find out more about organizational leadership skills. And my main strengths are helpful and hard employee and customer support.

2. 2 SWOT Analysis and Priorities

SWOT analysis is tool by which we can identify our Durability, Weakness, Opportunity and Danger.

For the non-public strategy, SWOT analysis has a vivid impact. It helps us for future plan and my current situation, where I've improve for my smart carrier. Corresponding to quintcareers. com site Randall and Katharine referred to that SWOT evaluation really helps to capitalize our durability and overcome the near future. The demonstrate that SWOT examination dived into parts -a) Internal personal development, b) Exterior personal development.

Personal SWOT Analysis





Transferable Skills

Personal characteristics

Good contacts

Lack of Work Experience

Weak complex knowledge




Enhancing education

Positive trends

Opportunities for professional development

Strong network

Lack of the advanced education/training

limited professional development

From this SWOT analysis, I found i still I've some durability and opportunity and some weakness. For my personal development I can study more which can only help me develop my carrier. I've another power that is transferable skills which helps me to be always a good team member. My weakness are insufficient work experience and technological knowledge.

My opportunity and hazard, I could go for further education to build up my profession and then I will get to be involve with an increase of professional development and strong network.

My Five Future Priorities:

Higher Education: After concluding this course I will go for further education which will help me develop my carrier.

Travelling: Beyond my higher education I will try to travel since it will help me to contract with different culture and various people which will help me to my future.

Technical Knowledge: Using of technology is increasing day by day. So I will attempt to entail my personal to keep my self applied up to date with technology.

Involving with Multinational Company : will work for multinational company because this is a location where I am going to get chance to develop my carrier.

To reach the goal: After completing my level and doing avobe work I wish to reach my vacation spot and I want to open up my new company and develop my very own organization.

3. 1 Personal Development Plan:

Developing a PDP

My needs

How may i meet those needs?

My Future Objective

What will be the challenges in my job current that I have to meet?

Improve Personal development

Opportunity to work at management Position

Focus on personal development that will assist me to work at management position

Where do I wish to be in 2 years?

To become tool investigator

Awareness of resources available beyond your team. Extrovert, enthusiastic, communicative, explores opportunities, develops contacts.

Where do I wish to maintain 5 or a decade?

To become a shaper

Shapes the way the team functions. Challenging, vibrant, thrives on pressure, has the drive and courage to get over obstacles

How does indeed that participate in what the practice would like?

To turn into a completer finisher

Ensures the job is properly done. Painstaking, conscientious, anxious, searches out mistakes and omissions, offers on time

What adjustments am i going to need to make to attain what I'd like?

Go for even more advanced schooling.

Be more confident and positive

What adjustments will other people need to lead to me to accomplish what I'd like?

Provide me good training

After having my training I want to work as source investigator

How may i overcome my technical obstacle?

Opt for further training

It can help me to be up do night out about my working place.

What helps me to be social?

Be more friendly and helpful

It can help me to become more acceptable in my professional life.

What should I consider to attain my goal?

To make a personal plan and set a target.

Personal plan will helps to achieve my goal;

Why I need a balance life?

Practicing personal development and follow them properly

It can help me to success all the idea of my professional life.

Without a plan it is not possible to reach a vacation spot. A is a course way where it is written very plainly from where to get started on and how to finish. To attain a desired destination every body must have to truly have a plan. A person with out a plan means a parrot with out wings.

Here I developed my plan in stand which demonstrating, my needs second the first is how can I meet those need and last is my future goal. Here I tried out to explain my current needs which is most important for me to achieve my objectives. Hurdles is everywhere. To achieve my goals I would have to handle some problems. However in my development plan I found some solutions how to over come it.

The last the first is my future aim. where I attempted to learn after my needs and how can I meet those needs what will be my achievement. Not it is more clear for me that what is my personal development plan and how do i achieve my vacation spot.

3. 2 Obstacle to achieving objectives:


Problem I can face

What will be the challenges in my job current that I need to meet?

Work Experience

Communication skill.

Lacking of Information and training.

Less Job Opportunity

Time management.

This world is changing initial. Every day were facing new problems and in a position to solve as well. New opportunity are growing and new problems come to front side to accomplish them.

Like that I have some hurdles of my carrier to achieve the obstacle. First obstacle is my current job need. I am working for a firm as a trainer but I'd like me to see more higher position but I cant reach there. I must have to have higher education, work experience, trained myself for suitable position and improve my communication skills.

Question is the fact how to triumph over those obstacle? We realize that there surely is problem, there's a way. So every problem has its solution. First things is the fact that I must have to work hard and establish a goal to overcome those obstacle.

My first obstacle is lacking of training. Atlanta divorce attorneys company where you want to increase up we need a training. I really believe with an effective training I can triumph over my current job needs. To get over this problem I could written agreement with my mature managers who is able to help me to provide right path.

Work experience is my another obstacle, to overcome this problem I think I have to focus on time management. First I have to established my time how to work with it. Maybe it's give even more time for work place through which I can have more experience.

Communication skills are became main a key point for a specialist. There is absolutely no other choices without having a communication skill education. I believe if I review communication skills and practice it'll be very useful for my professional life.

3. 3 Reflective Report

I have protected an array of matters in Personal Development Skills. The aim of this program is to know our skills and weakness and exactly how to build up them and helps to take any problems. This subject offers right direction forever who wants to go after their goals and success.

Personal development skill helps me to understand my very own personality and potential to change. It shows me where is my advantages and weakness. For example I need to give consideration on business and time management. This subject matter helps me to set my aim and helped me to learn how can I achieve them. Now I know my opportunity and danger and where I have to pay more attention. For example - improving my education which will help me to be more confident.

I have protected couple of examination here such as Belbin team role assessment which helps me to know very well what types of staff member I am. I found myself as a effective team player. That is my threat but nonetheless I need to improve to have obstacle in critical situation, communicative and creative. Memletic examination helps me to know what kind of personality I have. Which is quite interesting and informational to learn yourself. It's very useful tools to improve personality. And another one is skill audit tools. By using this tools now I able to know where I could work effectively and what skills still do I have to become successful in professional life. I conducted personal swot analysis. It very important to know the personal strength, weakness, hazards and opportunity. This examination helps to identify obstacle of carrier and show how to over come it.

Personal development skills really helps to assess our skills. This subject matter helps to set up my goals and shows the path which is filled with opportunity. After learning this subject it is clear to me that which is my strength, weaknesses where I've opportunity. To become successful professional in future I understand of which point have to work more. This is a topic which breaks the obstacles and open the new entrance doors for future. By the end I'd like to say that learning of personal development skill needs fee of future.

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