The Role of a Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Since gaining HIGHER-LEVEL Teaching Assistant position I have seen my role within college develop greatly. I liaise with the SEN Co-ordinator, parents and exterior providers.

For pupils

I am presently delivering the Fischer Family Trust Influx 3 reading recovery program, to five children. As referred to by Canning (2004), 'the program is targeted at children in 12 months 1 and above who will work within or below Booklet Music group 2. It consists of a rolling program of an reading day and writing day, taking place for 15-20 minutes daily on the one-to-one basis. ' These children work in a peaceful working space, from classroom interruptions and are able to relax and focus. They vastly improve their reading ages, and will normally achieve nationally expected levels by the end of the program. I survey the progress created by the children to the SENCo.

Other intervention programs that we deliver to the children are Springboard 3 and 4 helping maths. The children, who are in years 4 and 5, are withdrawn in small sets of 4 to 5 from the classroom. This withdrawal makes them feel more comfortable to try new ideas, without the fear to be ridiculed by their more able peers. These lessons very 'hands on' and interactive, using the smart panel when possible.

Some of the children i support in time 5 & 6 still have poor phonological understanding, so as Keith (reader 1 page 11) I assess, plan and deliver phonics lessons on their behalf.

For the teacher

I support the educators in my setting by concluding administrative tasks. As Margaret defined (audience 1, webpage 8), I help create shows by mounting the children's work and collating the display. Photocopying, preparing artwork materials and medical information for outings are just some of the other administrative responsibilities i am asked to execute. I type in children's data into SIMs and put together spreadsheets out of this information. At times, teachers suffer from situations which have arisen either overnight, during morning rest or lunchtimes. When this occurs in the morning, I'll take the attendance register and also order the children school lunches. I am going to also take the kids to the hall for morning assembly. After lunch time I, again, may be asked to join up the children and start their meditation exercise. EASILY am supporting in the school room I could be asked to have a small band of children or an individual child out to clarify the topic being shown again. This is generally because the group or person has not recognized all that has been discussed and needs further type. This allows the class educator to move all of those other teaching forward. I'll always feedback to the instructor the progress made beyond your classroom, (Caroline, audience 1 webpage 52) often over respite or lunch times.

For the school

The school in which I work has a catchment of children from educationally deprived households. This results the children devoid of the support essential to complete even some from the homework duties. To combat this, along with another coaching assistant, I create an after college homework team. We receive a set of children who hardly ever complete their research and these become our focus on group. We offer these children the support that others acquire from their parents or carers. In addition, it gives them the chance to use the internet to research better as most of these children do not have this available at home.

Our school runs a reward system of 'Golden Time' in the school room. Children start each week with an allowance of 20 minutes and can have time removed if indeed they break any of the school rules during course time. This is in addition to our house point compensation system where children can earn items because of their house once and for all behaviour. In the class room I model the behavior expected and am happy once i am able to issue house factors by the end of lessons for those that have done the same.

For the curriculum

One of the professors in our university has recently went back from long term sick leave. She has to make use of crutches to bypass the school; for this reason she is prohibited on the playground, or to be remaining in the class room on her behalf own. The main part of her obligations is to deliver information and marketing communications technology lessons during PPA time. On events I have been asked to aid her in this role by delivering the children in from the playground after playtimes and escorting those to the ICT collection. These lessons are one of the children's favourites and it is always enlightening to see how those that have difficulties in the more organised lessons, such as numeracy, stand out and interact.

It is tradition at our university for the years 6 children to plan and deliver a leavers assemblage for the parents and governors. This normally allows the ones that are creative to show off as props and stage design will be required as well as drama skills being forced to the forefront of the curriculum. This is usually a challenging time for me as art and theatre are a vulnerable part of mine.

Previous pursuits and experience

I was drawn to the role of instructing assistant whilst volunteering in my own son's nursery institution. I wasn't working at that time but with my youngest child starting nursery I put more free time.

I was initially approached by the head educator at the nursery setting and asked easily would look at a position they had available as a lunchtime helper. It had been whilst helping here which i became more and more involved in the daily periods and following a conversation with the top I got made alert to the training that I could do. I quickly enrolled over a NVQ 2 course, which I completed over another year, accompanied by a NVQ 3 both in Early Years Child Attention and Education, volunteering at the nursery to get the experience necessary.

Whilst completing this training I helped out within my eldest son's most important school as a mother or father helper hearing children read. I thoroughly relished this and brought up to his educator that I'd like to be looked at for a role should one become available. A posture as a Learning Support helper was offered supporting a kid who got severe learning troubles. Having caused this same child for over three years, she shifted to a particular institution in another local education power. On suggestion from the top professor there I could secure another position immediately at my current institution. Since taking on this vacancy my role is rolling out greatly to its current level. As the HLTA part of my job accountabilities is to provide support and information to other coaching assistants employed in the school. I am presently planning, with the SENCo, a termly assembly for everyone TA's where we are able to discuss any issues they could have. I'll then supply these back to either the SENCo or brain instructor as appropriate, thus helping to minimise issue within the team.

As advised in study topic 2 (web page 17), I have had several careers and I believe might work in a higher street bank or investment company has been especially beneficial to develop my self-assurance and potential to tackle parents. As an associate of the customer service team I had daily contact with the public, some of whom were alternatively demanding. Having the ability to explain to customers the condition or solution without the utilization of jargon was extremely important, I believe this is a skilled needed when speaking to parents. This position also guaranteed I understood the value of confidentiality, which is vital if you are reading children's private files. It is also important to remember that parents (or carers) have a right to confidentiality as they often give information about their home life circumstances, which may be invaluable when aiding behavioural difficulties of the children.

My whole family has a keen interest in football. We all support and watch football regularly at home. My youngest child plays for a local youngsters team, whilst my husband coaches another junior team. I really believe the time I have spent on the touch line has given me the knowledge to aid the school's team. I have helped transfer them children to complements as many of your parents are not able to do this. I stay and provide support and encouragement to the kids, which they really appreciate, especially those whose parents never have followed them.

Training needs

Since September I have already been asked to defend myself against a pastoral health care role within the school. I have already been accomplishing this role, unofficially, for some time, however the only experience I have brought to the role is the fact that off being truly a parent. I am currently participating Emotional Literacy Support Helper training. That is anticipated to be complete by the finish of November, when I am going to present the role to the coaching staff and learn to implement working out. For the future I would also prefer to take part in restorative justice training when i believe that helping children to adopt responsibility for his or her actions and supporting them to respect others things of view is an priceless life skill.

Another part of my job accountabilities is to donate to the look and planning of lessons for complete class, small groupings and specific pupils. my current role allows me to arrange for small organizations and specific children however, not for your class. I'd like to be more mixed up in planning of these lessons, as it'll give me more self-assurance when I am providing them. Understanding how the lessons is from the national curriculum will help me ensure which i am delivering the main factors of the program effectively. Understanding why certain resources and type of lessons i. e. interactive, ICT based, are chosen, can help me in my own long-term goal of qualifying as a teacher.

I experienced little training on supporting children with special educational needs and feel that this is another area I'd like to build up further. I am asked sometimes to support a child who has Asperger's syndrome and am not necessarily confident that how I communicate things to him is correct. I'd like to learn more about how exactly children who have other communication and interaction troubles e. g. dyspraxia, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, are best taught and reinforced in lessons.

Word matter information

My Role - 861/800

Previous hobbies and experience - 554/500

Training needs - 322/400

Overall - 1737/1750

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