Use Of Melodies In Coaching English

The English words is the most spoken one as another language in depends upon. It is among the most international words of business, research, technology, international relationships and diplomacy. To be able to understand and talk in this dialect gives us a lot of advantages in various situations. For example; almost everywhere you go on earth, you will meet English speakers, so if your children start learning English as a foreign language when they start pre-school, they will have more possibilities to develop themselves in their futute field of review once they have finish extra school. Moreover, they'll be better professionals and consequently more successful in this globalized world. They will also have the chance to interact in English with new folks from different countries and ethnicities. The English dialect can help them open entrance doors in the labor market. Therefore, they will be considered highly-trained professionals to get lucrative careers in their pertaining fields.

Nowadays, there are several methods predicated on various ways of teaching British to children as a foreign language. Most of them are very difficult to use and not easy to learn for pre-scholars. That is the reason why we have introduced the utilization of sounds in the coaching of British as a foreign language in pre-school, emphasizing the listening skill at Santa Teresa University. This research will provide teachers other ways of instructing the English terminology to students more efficiently and effectively.

Using tracks in the class is a very easy tool to encourage British students. It works as an ice-breaker up against the routine. Tunes could be an important part of English teaching, because it makes the students feel more receptive to the dialect.

No doubt, melodies are a good way to instruct for they integrate all the vocabulary learning skills:

1- Hearing (to tracks)

2- Speaking (performing songs)

3- Reading (following a lyrics)

4- Writing (filling in the blanks)

With the action of singing and involving activity, the children will feel more confindent of begining to chant or sing as their dread fade and down the road they'll be practicing the pronunciation over and over. Chanting and singing also familiarizes the students with the rhythm and intonation of the English language.

Eventually, students will increase their interest which will help them learn the vocabulary by using those activities

Teaching is dependant on using what children know and the impact of music on learning is clear, so that it seems that teachers should be motivated to incorporate tracks in the class.

Statement of the problem

From our daily experiences, we found that the process of teaching English in primary classes in the Dominican Republic is not very successful. The educational system may also be too monotonous for the kids, so they usually have significantly more problems to learn this spanish.

English is a tough dialect to learn when showing isolated words. That is what you call a uninteresting method. Visualize these words without the context, they might be more difficult to learn. Everybody agrees that the key objective of teaching a foreign language is by using an effectively strategy in the class room that pre-scholars can understand and hold on to. However, most of the pre-scholars at Santa Teresa are showing serious problems to learn this terminology. We're able to find many situations in which those students believed bored and did not taken notice of the teacher.

In order to thoroughly understand and study this situation, the next questions will be response in this task

Why do pre-scholar present tons of challenges in learning English a foreign language at Santa Teresa College in the first grade?

Which strategies do Santa Teresa College teachers use to teach a spanish in the very first grade?

How can we apply the use of sounds as a method to teach English as a spanish in preschool?

What percentage of students in the 1st levels have problem to learn English as another terms at Santa Teresa Institutions?

How can the university student at Santa Teresa School develop the communication skill by using melodies?

How can the students enhance the communication skill by listening to songs?

Which troubles do professors and students encounter when listening to melodies in the coaching and learning interaction?

Which are the benefits that pre-scholars obtain along the way of learning English as a spanish?

How do the pre-scholars can form fluency of the prospective dialect by using sounds?

How can the teachers promote and encourage the communication skill by the use of songs?

General Objective

The general goal of the proposal is to ascertain the value of using of tunes to teach English as a foreign language in 1st level emphasizing the tuning in skill at Santa Teresa Institution. In order to accomplish this basic objective, the following specific objectives will be developed

To identify the strategies to teach music to pre-school students emphasizing the tuning in skill.

Establish the quantity of opportunities that Pre-scholars have while learning British lessons in the school room by using tracks as a learning method.


1-To identify if the use of songs is an excellent strategy along the way of teaching English in first graders in pre-school

2-To establish what varieties of resources are effective during the procedure for teaching first graders

3-To determine if it is convenient or beneficial to use tracks during teaching English while

4To analyze the effect of melodies in the coaching of English as a foreign language

5-To demonstrate that children are able to learn a new vocabulary with each track they pay attention to.

6-To find out how quickly children can learn British through songs

7-To identify the strategies by the use of music in first graders emphasizing the hearing skill to teach

8-To establish the amount of opportunities pre-scholars have in the school room by using songs as a learning method.


Song: A short musical composition with expression.

A melody is a relatively relatively short musical composition for the individuals voice, possibly combined with other drum which features words (lyrics).

It is typically for a single singer, though may also be a duet, trio or more voice (phrase with an increase of than) one tone to a part, however, are considered choral.

The words of tune are typically of a poetic, rhyming mother nature, although they might be spiritual verses of free prose songs can be broadly divide into different many varieties with respect to the conditions used, one department is between "art melodies ", popular tracks and folk sounds.

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