Who Am I Now? Reflective Education Essay

My name is Muhammad Razin bin Amir Hamzah and I used to be called as Razin. I am 21 years old. Presently, I am furthering my review in Bachelor of Knowledge in Computing under University of Wales, United Kingdom. Now, I am in the second year. There is only one year to visit for me to complete my research. I signed up for this course to satisfy my aspiration towards becoming another Steve Job, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Incorporation.

It required 21 years to produce where I am today. Within these years I performed hard to get where I am right now. The ultimate way to know where am I now could be by looking at my talents and weaknesses. I've analysed, examined, and appeared deep inside myself to look for the weaknesses and strengths of my true personality. Good attitude and patience are the two important strengths that I've built-in me. Both of these characteristics have contributes to my profession, my learning and almost everything in my own personal life. On the other hand, the two areas of myself that I need to improve are my organization skills and my presenting and public speaking skills.

Having good attitude is vital. This brings about a enthusiastic learning team, an appropriate working environment, and a happy personal life. It really is hard to find a scenario in which a person with good attitude and packed with compliments to be scolded. No negative or bad attitudes make my own life great. I socialized with my children with happy and respectful thoughts which encourage them to talk about their happiness with me and others. My attitude continues people around me in a good ambiance. This personal characteristic of mine allows me to control the tense situations during my study sessions, especially when I must answer project questions and send them prior to the deadline. Being positively determined, I encourage others to be compliant and respectful. Positive attitude will be beneficial in my learning team because it will promote teamwork and a friendly relationship. I believe a happy and friendly team will be more productive than a team that always argues and disagrees.

My second durability is tolerance. We will feel safe when we talk with a person who is patient. People with endurance do not interrupt others, instead they pay attention and make an effort to be helpful. In my own personal life, I've an autistic nephew who needs people who have a great deal of fortitude. Being bossy, irritated, and snappy is only going to make me hard to take care of him. I have to talk slowly but surely and do it again my words many times so that he will understand me. In my own study environment, additionally it is imperative that I've patience. I must deal with hard and difficult task questions. Each question has its degree of complications. Thus, I have to conquer each one of the questions with my optimum solution and support it with affordable evidence. I must patiently search for the articles on the respected topics and offer my best answer to ensure which i get great results in my study. In addition, tolerance is a must when taking part in a team environment. When many people gather in a team, things often progress extremely fast. However, sometimes things get sloppy or get misunderstood. With patience, I could maintain regularity and accurateness in a organization.

Having identified my strengths, I have to now use disclose my weaknesses. I have to say that I am not a superhuman or a perfect person. My weaknesses often frustrate and challenge me, but my positive attitude forces me to correct my weaknesses and win over them. My first weakness, I must admit, is presenting and public speaking. I get very stressed. The indication is my hands get clammy and begins to sweating. Droplets of normal water appear on my face and I mumble my words while i commence to speak before large group. This problem neither gives a huge impact in my personal life nor impacts my on-line learning team, but it can impact my daily obligations at college or university. I speak with others in school, especially with my friends, regarding general knowledge and current issues. I am advised that my nervousness does not show, but before and during every talk I feel my hands shake, my legs get clammy, and my face starts off to sweat. Over the years, I've fought this struggle of presenting and public speaking by doing many things. First, I've completed a university level English category. Second, I completed a college level speech school. Recently, I took an English tuition class to enhance my communication skill and widen my English vocabulary.

My second blind place that I must say is my insufficient group skill. I coordinate my assignment documents by tossing them on my research desk. Thus, I am going to avoid considering them. It really is hard for me personally to find my possessions especially in my research room because of my unorganized attitudes. When the assignment season arrives, it will be a disaster for me. I often lose my important notes and my framework papers. These matters has made me spend twice the actual time had a need to accomplish my activity. I lose valuable times for this reason, whereas I possibly could have used those precious times together with my family. Besides that, this will really have an effect on my learning team. Before it gets a lot more severe, I must improve my deportment and become a better organised person. I am going to not frighten up myself after i see papers filled with college tasks. What I need to help me conquer my problem are a workplace together with filing cabinets and each day planner calendar. The anxieties of finding a bad cause my diploma level made me recognize that organization skill is essential to achieve life, especially in my own study.


My short term goal is to complete my undergraduate program with an initial class honours. In other words, I want to complete my analysis with flying shades. It is because the only commitment that I have now is being truly a full time student. So, my part is just to concentrate on my studies and struggle hard to achieve my ambition towards becoming the info Technology lecturer. By building up a good educational base, I could hunt the job I wanted very fast without any amount of resistance. Besides, by obtaining good results, I am exempted from paying back Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) loan. This will surely reduce my children burden to stay off my carried loan.

My long-term goal is the fact that I will be counted among successful lecturer. I do often ask myself, what a better job would be than to be always a lecturer. The answer is none of them. I think that the capability to change and improve the world to be a much better place for individuals to live starts from your time and effort and idea given by the educator. So, it'll be my huge contribution to the society. I set high objectives for me as an educator and put an extremely great effort to perform my goals.

I began to understand that awesome instructors have their own distinctive skills which I need to learn. Following their good examples can make me become someone in the culture. To be proficient at elucidating the articles of a topic, to be solid and patient towards students, to be always reasonable to students, to set high and reasonable expectations, to really have the skills to advice and encourage others are a few of the signals that are needed to turn into a great instructor.

A great professor will make clear questions asked by their students and make sure they are fully understand, and not let their students leave in uncertainty. Brainstorming will be the best tool utilized by extraordinary teachers to convey particular lessons plan if their pupil didn't understand. She or he would think, "How am I heading to explain this particular notion to my college student plus they need to comprehend obviously what I am teaching?" This is the kind of teacher I intend to be. Capability to inspire others is not simply a gift or a chance but from the challenge. Currently, we can easily see that there are thousands of teachers still using their old mind-set, nor like to acknowledge this challenge. This serious subject have to be transformed. Nowadays, students are having to school. More often than not, students will feel that learning is not their main top priority but teaching is a teacher's job. Students always learn nonetheless they might not be interested with the lesson educated by their instructor. An excellent instructor is not merely an expert in his or her field, but she or he must be aware of the existing issues and put together himself or herself to instruct "something" else. Some things can be more valuable than knowledge itself, which are morals and character. I wish to inspire the children who will stand for the continuing future of our great land.

In life, I attempted to make many impressive teachers that have taught me to be my role models.

From the characteristic listed, I intend to grab them to become an excellent professor.


During my undergraduate program, I had taken a Computer Knowledge course. This can help me to dual master myself, in IT and in teaching. Most of the minor classes which i enrolled were communication and psychology, which would help me in my own job as a teacher. Besides that, I also educated in an exclusive tuition centres as my part-time job. Throughout that time, I spent considerable amount of energy observing classrooms. With strong education record and wide selection of experience that i gained in the classroom, I realize that teaching will be the most suitable profession for me. In the mean time, I work as a personal IT specialist for Smart Academic Management for about two years. The corporation was doing motivation be employed by universitie and college or university students. During this time period of your energy, I am polishing my development skills. Sometimes, I was presented with the opportunity to enrol in desire programmes together with students. This exposes me to different selection of human being behaviours and life backgrounds especially those concerning youngsters. Other than that, I do read a lot of articles regarding teaching methodology, student behaviour, and psychology. There are around 19 encyclopaedias in my reserve rack regarding software development and psychology. I often make my readings during the night after carrying out my night time prayers. I will make my own head map to make me understand more and to get clear picture about the details of books that I read. I do almost contact my international friends via internet. This will help me talk to their education series in Australia and Russia. Now, I need to start out planning where you can open my own private learning centre and exactly how to enhance my marketing strategies.

WHAT MIGHT STOP Me personally?

I believe that, the time I placed my goal you will see the obstacles to avoid me reaching it. The most frequent barrier to getting my potential is my mind-set, that is, what and how I believe about myself and what I wish to achieve. I limit myself by the negative thoughts that I think and I might say. If I think and believe that I cannot complete something, then that should come true and I am going to fail. However, once i think that I can accomplish an activity, or overcome a situation and I devote the effort, my future will convert bright. I will only succeed once i start to assume control and action to change my destiny towards the target alternatively than leave it to fate. Some people said they have done some work and failed in their first trial. Thus they have not continued focusing on it any longer. This is merely an irrelevant reason. The solution for this is to reset our mind-set to trust in ourselves and achieve our goal in any way possible. Having failed before, does not mean that I will are unsuccessful over and over for the rest of my entire life. I will think of things that occurred in recent in conditions of what I can learn from them; finding all the cross experience as opinions rather than as inability. I should think in this manner "Yesterday mining is designed for today's goal. " The failing in my recent will make me more matured. The past will be beneficial as I can learn from my mistakes. The thing I can do about my recent is to study from it because days gone by is over and I cannot change them. Thinking negatively really can stop me from achieving my potential. Negative influences are always around us. Mass media such as radio and idiot box may complete some inappropriate message that can predispose our mind-set. Sometimes I do get negative opinions from family and friends who are caught in a poor mind-set. They believe that they are helping me by "being realistic" but it is not helping at all. The very best solution is that I will make myself surrounded by positive minded people, people who work hard to attain their goals. Having positive support is essential. On the other hand, another obstacle that stops me from attaining my potential from achieving success is inadequate of plan. Too many people including myself walk through their life simply by taking what's handed to them. Your choice made by others will be the decision for themselves. I hardly ever make my duty plan for the weeks or months ahead. It really is so essential that we take some time to start setting up my goals. Through the process I can find out how to accomplish those aims, and make appropriate timeline for me personally to own it done. This vital process is often neglected. To set goals begins with listing out what am I going to accomplish. These are those people who place their goal just to "float" along with no focus on better their situation. There is also individuals who have goals nonetheless they are unfamiliar with the correct way and proper intend to make their goal become a reality. I think I could be categorised under this type of person.

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