You can perfect it you can achieve it

It is essential to perfect big; think big, and I strongly believe, when you can wish it you can perform it. However, any objective needs to be obviously charted out and the means to achieve such a goal should be well identified. After giving my ship the rudder it much deserved I am searching to implement my aspirations.

Through beads of sweat I can finally start to see the finish collection. Propelled ahead by my packed legs, my heart and soul pumping noisy inside, along the racing trail am I struggling to make a last dashing effort. The 10, 000-meter contest is exhausting. Other contestants are directly behind me; they are looking for chances to overtake me. I cannot find the money for to let off, not a slightest bit because I have already been finding your way through this moment for a long time. "Beat them! You Must!" a speech profound inside me maintains shouting to me. In a very match, there is merely one aim-to be successful and to receive the upper palm of your opponents. To do so, it is even essential to exceed one's ultimate limit. Then your crucial minute comes, the moment of satisfying one's prescribed purpose. I am by no means the smartest student in my class. But my perseverance, my quest for brilliance, and my readiness to issue my ultimate limit have enabled me to accomplish self-transcendence over and over in my past education

For a fervent runner, he has only 1 target - to dash to the final line ahead of his adversaries. It really is a test of his endurance and he must show his sportsmanship. For me personally, the sole reason for wanting to go for the Indian leadership exchange program is that I've come to as soon as of facing a new challenge and I need to conquer it. The height of life is come to through repeated self-transcendences-this is what I am aware about the meaning of life. I've done so before and I am going to continue to accomplish that in the foreseeable future. What I am doing at the moment is one of those self-transcendences-to fulfil my ambition of going for the Indian Leadership Exchange Program.

I am joining the most important phase in my own life; a stage during which I have to make significant academic decisions that will have a bearing on my future life and job. After comprehensive introspection of my strengths and interests I've concluded that a program like the Indian management exchange program offered by nyu stern is apt. I am honored to use to NYU stern because I really believe this program will help me to fulfill my imagine seeking my future profession. I believe NYU Stern is the best place where I could obtain knowledge from.

I identify myself firmly with your university motto which admonishes your students to be with the greatest masters of the academia and, most importantly, to be with the reality. At such a global prestigious school at Nyu Stern, you'll be able for me to listen to the instructions of the world 's best educators, to exchange with and compete keenly against the best students in the world. Those two factors will give me lifelong benefits. I assume that only by plunging myself into this highly competitive environment might it be possible for me to bring my important potential into the fullest play, also to further develop my courage to handle challenges, improve my stamina, and improve my analytical thinking.

I believe that formal education is very important in shaping the prices, perspective and outlook of a person. I believe the united states is a world leader in most spheres because it is proactive in breaking new pathways. I am thrilled to learn in a country which is taking massive leaps to find solutions to a lot of mans problems. NYU Stern may be the institute where barriers are shattered between theory and practice, and students are empowered to apply the knowledge to bring about brilliant outcomes in real life. That is precisely what I want! I look forward to the truly global experience that NYU stern offers with its community of students from all over the world. The actual fact that NYU Stern is so effective and persistent using its research promotes me to donate to the world-changing innovations. Considering the long set of famous alumni excites me.

I wish to go for this exchange program because I came to the realization that the presumptions students have of India is really as a backward and third world, I therefore consider myself an ambassador of the country and make an effort to live up to the wealthy Indian culture and traditions providing appropriate and factual information to the seekers. This is one of the reason why I would like to go because of this program.

I am very fortunate to review at the organization of repute, H R College or university. As well as the excellent program curriculum, there is a lot to study from the faculty that consists of professors who are brimming with knowledge and also have intensive exposure in their areas of research. I usually record each lecture and consider it my bible going through it religiously occasionally. As a result college was not only enriching due to the rigorous academics course but also very inspiring and motivating. I would now like to understand how things work and operate on the other aspect of the globe and thus Personally i think the Indian exchange command program will give me an apportunity to do so.

Theory is important to do well, but it is vital to really have the practical implementation of this theoretical knowledge else the learning has no interpretation. This is exactly what I see an exchange program at nyu stern will expose me to. I take every chance to widen my learning and apply what I have learned

It will serve as the first rung on the ladder towards breaking my comfort areas and learning about different cultures. More than the challenge of fitted into a fresh culture, there are many benefits that we as a student can get with this exchange program. These benefits include

Education wise - It's not actually the travel that we always love but an opportunity to study in another country. Although I must say i love traveling, learning is not at all times a travel-fun activity. Instead, it'll be an offering of diverse opportunities for me personally. For instance, I could learn through a different coaching strategy that my school does not offer. Also, I am exposed to a new learning environment, which really is a great benefits for learning new things. In addition to that, I am able to experience the dissimilarities of educational format, academic program offerings and educational philosophies. International learning and knowledge helps students towards approval and understanding of different social and community perspectives. .

Awareness and adoption of alternate methods to learning as well as analytical and problem dealing with skills. It will increase my interest in global issues.

Better recognition on cultural dissimilarities - Studying in another country opens the one to different surroundings, which makes one acquainted with the country's customs, people and region. Perhaps, social consciousness is the major impact of any college student exchange program. Being aware of other culture also teaches the one as to how to be open-minded, thus, molding ones personality for the better.

Personality development - Being an exchange learner would be my first time to live on very far away from your home and parental guidance. Thus I would need to make decisions by myself and suffer the results or enjoy the fruits of this decision. With this, I will learn how true to life is, what it means to be dependable, and how being resourceful can help in survival. No marvel why most exchange students who return following the exchange program have emerged with significant development on their personal development. Many of them are more confident, indie, have better decision-making skills, may take risks and have a clear description of goals in life.

Long-Term: I feel by going out of the country for studies I as well as other students would are more comfortable in overseas environments. More recently prospective employers in almost every field look favourably after experience gained while living abroad and knowledge obtained of another terms and culture. Also I feel an increased pressure to communicate and relate with others will establish a knowledge of group dynamics and sensitivity towards others. Also after if I complete the program successfully it'll reflect and show personal versatility.

So, why would I deprive myself from this many benefits of a pupil exchange program offered to me by an extremely prestigious establishment. My parents too feel that Exchange programs are a great investment for students. But more importantly, it is effective for the betterment of the culture.


The knowledge and just how of convinced that I have developed through my research of the commerce stream, alongside the strong willpower that I've evolved in the process, will be my lifelong belongings. . Specifically, I am thinking about factors that impact the competitive performance of your business concern, and the manner where changes in technology have an effect on an organisation's framework, long-term business strategy, product development, production, supply chains, circulation network, information needs and standard systems. In order to gain an understanding of the and related issues, it is vital for me to have a strong grounding in Economics, Source String Management, and issues connected with Information Technology, as well as gain a General Management perspective. Nevertheless, I have never allowed myself to be always a bookworm. Instead, I have always looked for for comprehensive personal development in general management skills, interpersonal communication, and in athletic contests While enriching my extracurricular life, The development of organizational and management skills will also become an important legacy for my financial study.

If one were to ask my friends to describe me they would explain me as an extremely pleasant, diverse, effective and intelligent woman. I think one of my most distinguishing characteristics is the variety of activities I hold. I am a commerce scholar with a flair for teaching. I also have a passion for journeying and understanding different ethnicities of the world. Each one of these elements have given me an extremely broad outlook, with varying levels of knowledge in a range of subject areas. I strongly think that although some aren't related directly, all these qualities will affect might work.

Upon doing my 10 class my father offered me employment with a company called Fortune Financing. This is where I discovered how to apply the ideas and lessons of management to real life. It was fascinating; and changed my interest in general management research into a interest. I read thoroughly, aiming to keep myself prepared about management thinking in my regions of work - structure and systems in an industry all this has given me valuable insights into the environment in which companies operate - the way they have an impact on this environment and are damaged by it. They have enabled me to observe a few of the better and worse ways of owning a business.

The time restriction on each assignment has educated me to plan well, work systematically and keep my studies up-to-date. At the same time, having to defend my analyses and suggestions, during both internal conversations and presentations to clients, has taught me to believe rigorously and creatively. Our intensive use of pcs for analysis and planning of presentations and reports has made me familiar with spreadsheet, word control and presentation plans.

While the highly diverse mother nature of assignments has helped me gain a broad exposure to Indian industry, it has not been possible for me to study specific business and technology - related issues comprehensive. I realize that to become able to achieve this task, I need a better understanding of the various areas of management; the interlinkages between different practical areas and between different business entities.

On conclusion of my 12 quality I took up employment as a professor trainee at a play school called Headstart, It is rated no 1 in india. As I brought up earlier I have a flair for teaching and so I decided to take up this job. As of this work place I learnt what sort of school functions, what runs back of in preaparing a lessons, innovative ways of teaching skills and last but not the least interacting with children of different intellectual levels which made me recognize that one cannot take care of the same issue in the same way as no two people are the same and that one needs to have a basic understanding of human mother nature which enables someone to communicate effectively. I feel this lesson ive learnt is also suitable running a business where it involves dealing with clients. As you must have a good knowledge about self recognition and put forth their proposal relative to the sort of person the first is dealing with. Moreover I have also did the trick at an institute called bal anand. It is an institute where children get free assist in their studies. It is designed for children from the slums.

I believe this unique mixture of experiences has made me a female with a genuine point of view. This combine has given me a broader point of view to and a good knowledge of life and a goal to shoot for. These activities have helped me in shaping up my frame of mind. I think it's been a very vital factor when i strongly believe in the famous expression: "It is your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your success"

I imagine, by molding students in a foreign country, the world is beginning to build a new bloodstream of more mature people who might just be in a position to create a much better tomorrow for the generations to come. This is exactly what I feel and desire to gain from this experience at the Indian Command Exchange Program NYU Stern.

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