Anti Jerk Control Of Cross types Electric Vehicles Engineering Essay

This interim report includes three chapters explaining the initial study and research into anti - jerk control of cross electric vehicles. This task aims at electrification of anti-jerk control in cross vehicles utilizing the cross vehicle electric engine to damp these oscillations and analyze its influence on fuel ingestion, comfort and sportiness of the vehicle and then to compare the results with fuelling only method. This project will also include studying the impact of unaggressive damping with DMF in these vehicles. As part of this task, a model of a cross diesel engine unit driveline with DMF will be developed using Simulation X and an active responses control for an electric motor will be made to permit dynamic damping of the oscillations.

The results extracted from simulating the drivelines modeled using Simulation X will be observed for driveline vibrations with respect to the frequency range and also the range where the jerking frequencies influence the passengers inside the vehicle so as to concentrate on it specifically resulting in maximum decrease in jerking of driveline.

The models so developed will then put through design alterations and investigation in accordance with the control strategies developed and have an effect on of the same will be observed on all the drive train models with degree of jerk control achieved.

Finally Ideas will be made on effect of electric motor on hybrid drive train in damping the driveline oscillations, gasoline usage and sportiness of the vehicle also checking it with the conventional drive teach models.


In the age of technology where many people are concentrating on increasing the merchandise by attracting sophisticated technology from automobiles to airplanes, we as human beings neglected the environment factor over the years. 20th century was called an "industrial era" and much technological progress have been made in this era which revolutionized the whole world.

One of the companies which is tightly related to connect our daily life are cars. Automobiles have become rapidly through the years with stiff competition among motor vehicle manufacturers around the world. As the time transferred by people are more demanding with the pursuits widening the motor vehicle market as well as the fact that motor vehicle majors started providing those requirements. These technological advancements along with human being comfort factors all of us forgot about the result on environment.

The volume of vehicles on highways grew exponentially and intake information of petrol and diesel around the world increased drastically mailing out alarm bells to search for alternate fuel systems as the conventional petrol & diesel weren't only running out from their lifetime but also affecting the environment leading to considerable amount of CO2 emissions and further adding to global warming. This future problem opened up opportunities for research in substitute fuel technologies resulting in the development of Hybrid vehicles, Gasoline cell technologies & Hydrogen fuelled autos. Several alternate energy vehicles are Toyota Prius cross, Honda Civic cross, Honda Perception etc which have received good response in the market in conditions of performance as well as in reducing CO2 emissions and also have successfully demonstrated their presence on the market with their advertising volumes and petrol savings.

On an inferior level, these improvements lead to help expand research in areas like DC/AC motors, fuel cells, battery pack technology, advanced controller design, power marketing and new principles which may be used as alternate fuels.

Problem Definition

Commonly atlanta divorce attorneys engine powered system problem of sound, vibration and harshness (NVH) comes along with it. Motor vehicle manufacturers have always tried out to keep healthy comfort to performance percentage in order to attain maximum client satisfaction. Regarding comfort of generating, the manufacturer's main goals are to provide vibration free driving a vehicle pleasure whenever you can and the same put on hybrid electric vehicles. One such area of concern in drive range jerking which affects the entire drivability. Jerking is a kind of driveline oscillations which occurs credited to excitation caused by sudden or huge deviation in engine unit torque or driveline fill. These excitations cause because of torsional vibration of drive coach at high engine torques leading to unwanted longitudinal oscillations of traveler area which