Features of Exploitation Strategy

1. 1 Exploitation Strategy

Exploitation evaluation and activities continue for the complete life of the project, taking good thing about every progress-step and accomplishment. The exploitation methodology of the task has been organised in a repeated cycle where every step allows refining to establish a set of activities employing exploitation. The sequence consists of the next items

Identification of exploitable results

Every identified task outcome is graded to check its eligibility for exploitation: resulting items are detailed and classified by means of typology (product, process, method, data etc. ) to understand the ways in which they can be shared, shipped and accessed. For every result, the amount of protection is described, though it can be customized during next steps of analysis, to allow IPR to vary for the various involved stakeholders. Email address details are also given a priority that represents their importance one of the exploitation activities.

Identification of stakeholders

Exploitable email address details are associated with the sets of stakeholders determined by the job (education, technical programmers, industries, public communities, authorities, policy producers, etc. ). The match between your results and groups of stakeholders identifies different packages of results: this task of the exploitation meaning process considers the chance to group them in subsets to take care of them along or for their dependencies. Therefore, exploitation deals with these selections of "bundles" with common features
  • specific goal: the common aim of the result set
  • type of business: the region of activity of the stakeholders that can be addressed
  • required resources: elements needed to make the pack sustainable

Association with actions

This is the final outcome of each pattern of the process. The purpose is to establish the concrete activities that put into action exploitation. The activities are defined in relation to the results of the prior steps relating to stakeholders and bundles: each exploitable effect is associated with a number of bundles related to a set in place or a single stakeholder group.

The activities are grouped in a set of centers that depict specific areas of activities: technology development, knowledge building, educational training, criteria development, services development, IPR security, insurance plan making etc.

As in the preceding steps, this is of these activities can be refined and updated through the life of the job.

1. 2 Exploitable Results

To identify the exploitable results of every partner and the current state of these results a desk was designed with these results, the state of this results and the possible audience. The results are presented in Table 2. 1 collects the exploitable results determined by the partners at this time of the job (Month 12). The explanation of each consequence is based on lovers' contribution and should be looked at from a preliminary point of view to draft the original version of the Exploitation Survey. Next versions of the report will include further description of every consequence if required.

Table 1: Exploitable results of COMPINNOVA and their express up to month 12


Exploitable Consequence Description


Involved Partners


Actions M6-M12


Bulk catalyst development

Process and product


Scientific community, natural powder & material establishments, investors

Experiments, evidence of proper mass pellet catalyst development


Thin film catalyst development

Process and product


Scientific community, powder & material sectors, investors

Experiments, proof proper skinny film catalyst development


Use of the Lorentz force activation for redox process

Process and method


Scientific community, natural powder & material industries, investors

Experiments, first proof activation of floors and redox process


Integrated bench herb for hydrogen production

Process and system


Scientific community, energy providers and users, establishments, Governments, investors

Initial evidence of hydrogen production, original market analysis, first contacts with Open public Power Organization (Greece)


Integrated bench vegetable for hydrocarbon production

Process and system


Scientific community, energy manufacturers and users, business, Governments, investors

Experiments, initial associates with ENEA (Italy)


Multiscale modeling and description of the process of hydrogen production

Simulation and modeling


Scientific community

Qualitative examination of the electro-magneto-chemical process


Powder creation as precursor for catalyst manufacturing

Process and product


Scientific community, powder & material companies, investors

Experiments, publication of the technique for powder creation (see 2nd dissemination report)

1. 3 Exploitation Management

EXIS works as Exploitation Supervisor proceeding the Exploitation Committee (EC) with representatives from NTUA, Sunlight, CRANFIELD, FU SAV. The Exploitation Committee supervises the management of IPR and coordinates the definition of the exploitation plan. Specifically, the HELENIC-REF EC shall
  1. Coordinate and implement exploitation activities;
  2. Propose IPR and exploitation strategies and (eventual) associated posts to the Consortium Agreement (CA);
  3. Contribute to proper exploitation of the results by assisting all Partners
  4. Monitor the use of resources for exploitation issues.

The Exploitation Activities are in close relationship with Dissemination Activities (as they are -or will be- offered in Deliverables D4. 14-D4. 18) to be able to achieve a continual impact. The way of HELENIC-REF for attaining a continual impact is presented in the following Number 2. 2.

Figure 2. 2: HELENIC-REF strategy for sustained impact

1. 4 IPR Management

The management of IPR is totally ruled by the Consortium Arrangement (CA) which includes all provisions related to the management of IPR including ownership, protection and publication of knowledge, gain access to rights to knowledge and pre-existing know-how as well as questions of confidentiality, responsibility and dispute arrangement. In the CA, the Associates have identified the backdrop knowledge included and excluded.

The CA regulates the possession of results (Section 8 of the CA)

The knowledge attained during the job shall be considered as a property of the service provider generating it, and in this sense the originator is entitled to use and also to certificate such right without any financial settlement to the other contributors. If the top features of a joint invention are so that it is extremely hard to split up them, the contributors could concur that they may jointly connect with obtain and/or keep up with the relevant rights and shall make effort to attain appropriate agreements to do so.

The CA also regulates the transfer of results ownership (Section 8. 2 of the CA)

Each Signatory Party may transfer ownership of its own Foreground following the types of procedures of the Give Contract Article 30.

Each Signatory Party may identify specific third get-togethers it intends to transfer the possession of its Foreground to in Attachment (3) to the CA. The other Signatory Celebrations hereby waive their to previous notice and their right to object a copy to placed third functions per the Grant Arrangement Article 30. 1

The transferring Party shall, however, during the copy, inform the other Functions of such copy and shall ensure that the rights of the other Parties will never be afflicted by such transfer.

Any addition following the personal of the CA takes a decision of the Task Steering Committee (PSC).

Status of IPR (M12)

As the task reaches its first yr, the results from the ongoing research about demonstrating the power of Hydrogen production and the reduction of normal water with Lorentz forces are encouraging. The results once completely verified, can at the mercy of magazines or even patents. The project may deliver additional results by the end of the task that the collaboration may decide to exploit. In this case the Consortium (going by the Exploitation Administrator) will discuss use of such results on the case-by-case basis.

For the management of knowledge, the consortium and the Exploitation Director are regularly screen and evaluate possibilities of IPR. The consortium has recently identified future activities to go over and evaluate bringing up questions. According to the preliminary plan, at the next general meetings these discussions will take place. By any means upcoming meetings as time will be devoted to IPR and exploitation issues to further specify the ideas of the consortium.

Any third people that may involve in exploitation will sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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