Grundfos Singapore Pumps

Firstly, there's a need to review how the Grundfos Singapore pumps added to the society. Followed by, figuring out what exactly are the contributions given by Grundfos in Singapore that will gain us. Next, I am considering as well as finding out the different means of the pump functions. This is to show that their pumps play essential role in our everyday activities and contemporary society as well concerning improve the quality lifestyle. By knowing more about the composition and goal for different pumps made by Grundfos, it can help us in focusing on how the pump benefits us inside our lifestyle and society. Last but not least, with the support of local case stories, it demonstrates that Grundfos pumps are reliable and highly useful.

Table of contents



Overview of Grundfos

- Grundfos group

- Grundfos Singapore (GSI)



- Centrifugal pump

- Submersible pump

- Circulator pump



How will be the pumps needed?

-GSI - Local jobs

-Local circumstance stories

-Singapore Supreme Court



SWOT analysis








1. Overview of Grundfos

1. 1 The Grundfos Group

The Grundfos Group is well-known throughout the world for its high quality pumps and pumping systems.

The Grundfos band of companies is managed by the Poul Thanks Jensen Base which is set up in 1945. The foundation's purpose is to expand and develop the Group largely by investing again and also use the cash they have to maintain as an unbiased company in accordance to the founder's will.

The Group research on new materials and processors in order to create new exceptional pumps and pumping systems to fulfill the marketplaces' needs for effective, reliable and energy-efficient solutions.

In order to maintain its leading position, customers are consulted when services are developed or when established products are better. Grundfos research and development make use of the latest technology within the pump industry, collaborating with universities and advanced schooling institutions searching for new and better alternatives for the look and function of the merchandise.

Grundfos focus on engineering and design, and also carefully selecting materials and creation methods to be able to meet up with the high standard of quality in Grundfos products. To ensure high efficiency and healthy working environment both outside and inside of Grundfos, so they will usually produce most of the components themselves.

To ensure first-hand understanding of market developments and conditions as well as provide the greatest service because of their customers, Grundfos products are sold and service mainly by using a network of Grundfos-owned nationwide subsidiary companies. Regional creation ensures fast and reliable delivery as well as the possibility to address alternatives for local customers.

1. 2 Grundfos Singapore

Grundfos Singapore (GSI) was set up in 1984, marking a very important level in Grundfos occurrence and target in the Asia Pacific region. It assists the local Singapore market as well as the rising markets in neighbouring countries. GSI is in charge of Grundfos subsidiary sales companies in China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and India. Also, GSI is responsible