Microprocessor structured robotics arm


Robotic arm is becoming popular in the world of robotics. The essential part of the robotic arm is a programmable microprocessor. The microprocessor founded brick with the capacity of driving essentially three stepper motors design to form an anthropomorphic framework. The first design was for experimental use on the human-size industrial automatic robot arm called PUMA 560 which stands for Programmable Universal Machine for Assemblage. This individuals size automatic robot was used to explore issues in adaptable object handling and compliance control in grasp actions it was done in Bejczy city & in the Jan, 1986. This paper explains the method of interfacing the robotic arm stepper motors with the programmed 8051-based microprocessor which are being used to process and control the robot operations. We've employed the assembly language in encoding our microcontroller of the microprocessor. An example robot which can grab by magnetizing and release small items by demagnetizing is made for demonstrating the technique explained.

1. Introduction

A robotic arm is a robot manipulator which is programmable and its functions are almost similar to that of individual arm. The links of such a manipulator are linked by joints allowing either rotational movement or translational displacement. Kinematic string can be developed by the links of the manipulator. The business end of the kinematic string of the manipulator is named the end effecter which is analogous to the human being hand. The end effecter can be designed to perform any desired job such as welding, gripping, spinning etc. , with regards to the application. The automatic robot arms can be autonomous or handled manually and can be used to perform a variety of jobs with great reliability. The robotic arm can be set or mobile (i. e. wheeled) in the type and can be created for professional or home applications.

2. Robotic Arm

The term robotics, the meaning and the analysis of robots was done by a famous international scientist Isaac Asimov. Robotics is a branch which involves elements of mechanised and electrical engineering in it, as well as control theory, processing and now manufactured intellect in it where we can implement it in the various fields. Based on the Robot Institute of America, "A robot is a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator made to move materials, parts, tools or special devices through varying programmed movements for the performance of a number of tasks. How we are going to use robotic term in the form of arm is named as robotics arm. To be able to perform any useful job the automatic robot must interface with the surroundings, which may consist of nourishing devices, other robots, and most importantly people. As the robot with which we are going to deal with are arm which is therefore known as robotic arm

3. Types Of Robotic Arm

There are various types of the robotic arm available for sale for the several tasks these are the following.

i. Cartesian Automatic robot / Gantry Robot.

ii. Cylindrical Robot.

iii. Spherical Automatic robot / Polar Robot.

iv. SCARA Robot.

v. Articulated Automatic robot.

vi. Parallel Robot.

4. Block Diagram For Robotic Arm

The method employed in designing and engineering of the robotic arm is situated upon the functional characteristics and features of the microcontrollers of the microprocessor, stepper motors, the electronic digital circuit diagram & most importantly the coding of the microcontroller of the microprocessor and mainly the stepper motors.

This work can successfully complete the defined efficiency means it defines all the functions of the robotic arm. A sample robot which can rotate, magnetize an subject, lower and raise its arm, by being controlled by the 8051 microcontroller of any microprocessor is built effectively and it was called as robotic arm. The 8051-development panel is soldered and it used the mandatory procedure for the right operation of the controller. The 8051 development table has been interfaced to the stepper motors in a way that the anthropomorphic like framework can be manipulated from the control keys at the base of the framework which is robotic arm. These keys help control the complete system of the robotic arm. These four control keys have the uncommon task from the other person which is discussed the following.


The ON button puts on the machine while the OFF button puts off the machine. This is only the task allotted to them merely to ON also to Off of the robotic arm.