This Experiment Marcet Boiler Executive Essay

Keywords: Marcet Boiler Experiment, Marcet Boiler Theory

In This test a Marcet boiler was used to carry out the partnership between a saturated pressure and temperatures of water in the number of 0-14 bar indicating in the measure and also to determine the temp of a body when being warmed or cooled. If the temperature increases pressure also increases in this case the partnership between pressure and temperatures is directly proportional. Assumption was made that the temp is consistent throughout the boiler and the exterior surface temps of the boiler is equivalent to the steam temperature. Theoretically, the beliefs from the steam table should almost be the same with the recorded values. In cases like this, if the beliefs won't be the same then this is due to mistake that was manufactured in the test.

The test was performed carefully and everything procedure was implemented to get appropriate result. To begin with the startup treatment is to fill water in Marcet boiler and water level is half of the boiler's height. Then the source switch was fired up. It is important to remove mid-air in the boiler in this case the valve would be open right away up of the experiment When the temperature rises to 100C, the steam is permitted to turn out from the valve for few seconds and close the valve. Record the steam temps and pressure reaches 14 bars.


Thermodynamics is the study of temperature and in connection in other form of work and energy between something and its own surrounding; in cases like this the property in the system changes.

Generally ideal gas obeys the equation of state which is showed below.


When energy is increased in the. the substances in this that is increasing will allow the molecules to escape from the surface until it is at equilibrium (boiling point). The condition of equilibrium depends upon the pressure in the top of water. When the pressure is low it is easier for the substances to leave this particular with less energy.

The Marcet boiler can be used to investigate the relationship pressure and temperature in saturated heavy steam for assessment with the steam table. the experiment slope (dT/dp) is obtained water at saturated temperature


The Marcet boiler is utilized to investigate the between pressure and temps of saturated heavy steam, in equilibrium with drinking water, at all pressures between atmospheric and a 14bar An ideal gas can be seen as a three state factors: utter pressure (P), amount (V), and complete temperature (T). The partnership between them may be deduced from kinetic theory and is named the perfect Gas law. The perfect gas legislations was originally motivated empirically and is simply.

and hf + hfg = hg hf

as vg >> vf

In which, vf = specific volume of saturated liquid

vg = specific volume of saturated vapor

hf = enthalpy of saturated liquid

hg = enthalpy of saturated vapor

hfg = latent high temperature of vaporization



Fill up water half the height of the boiler

Ensure the valve is opened

Connect the boiler to the electrical switch

The boiler is heated up up to 100c and the heavy steam will come from the open valve

Close the valve after 1 minutes to ensure that the environment in the boiler has gone out and continues heating

When the pressure start growing, start the stop watch

Record all the temperatures readings at different pressure with time

Pressure must not surpass 14 bar


The theory can be weighed against the test where pressure and heat are immediately proportional to each other

When a drinking water is heated up in a pot to a boiling point the tempreture increases and presussre also increase in the case where the steam is shut down in a cylinder, Their will be interior pressure in the container and also inner forces. it is shown in the graph that tempreture is relatively proportional to pressure

In the desk problem was zero because the lowering tempreture of the boiler was not noted down therefore erro is unfamiliar. assuming the decreasing tempreture is definitely the the error ratio would now exceed 10% because the experiment was done in a shut down system so no amount of amount will escape

It was important to eliminate the air from the boiler to avoid imperfections of readings.

Marcet boiler is used in plant heavy steam industries, power place, cooking utensil therefore on


in the test, it shows from the table and theory that temperature and pressure is relatively proportional in balance with water

Disgracing some negligible faults, this experiment can be consider successful, to improve the consequence of the experiment, it ought to be completed at room temp transitioning off all the air-conditions, and also by repeating the experiment and taking the average value. If some insulation were continued theMarcet boiler to lessen heat reduction, the experiment could be more accurate

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