Using a 3D Computer printer in Engineering

CE 2. 2 Background

Digitality is increasing every day. Very less people use 3D printers due to its high cost. And in addition, they are not portable as its calibration of stepper motors could be destroyed. And small level industries cannot afford them. So, my task is about making 3D printers that are size focused, portable and affordable. It will a project that might be hassle less and easy to understand and operate. It could be extremely beneficial to small scale industries, dental manufacture, medical labs, toy companies and so many more.

CE 2. 3

The reason behind choosing this job was to provide a boost to small scale establishments and make it simple to use. 3D printing is the technology of fabricating three-dimensional real-time objects which has a nozzle which oozes out melted clear plastic element and it is mounted on a stepper engine which works as an axis that has two stepper motors working as two axis.

The idea and purpose was to create a 3D computer printer under 500-1000$ with small size for easy handling. Its goals to printing a real-time three-dimensional thing with the help of CAD record (computer aided design file). It focuses on building a tiny sized, easy to use and accessible 3D printer. It is also a sort that has zero-maintenance. It is some sort of printing device that was made with the aid of regularly used electronics devices which would eventually reflect on its cost price in the market. Also, other major thing is its size as it is small compared to other available printers.

CE 2. 4

I decided all the work that was necessary to do upon this project that includes all the pre-study work prior to the commencement of the project and post-work that's needed is after finishing the job. I stated out things you can do first and then assigned its top priority. I began with doing research on selecting the topic for my task and after its approval from the faculty, and then I went on doing literature research by making use of IEEE documents, research paperwork etc. in the later level I started learning fundamentals of CNC machine and developing of its hardware structure. That was then carried out along with its software part and was made a lightweight one. Finally stage, it included final changes on the job and making a written report onto it.

CE 2. 5 Personal Executive Activity

I started out with literature review and then composed a block diagram for my task as shown under. It clarifies the complete stream of my task. I divided the whole process of 3D printing into two parts.

< >

CE 2. 6

This project makes use of many components and each part was decided on considering its cost and its own potential value in the market as well as its potential to hold up against the project. The important parts are
For CNC Machine

1. Stepper engine - it is some sort of electric electric motor that is widely used in the industries of robotics. With each step of the engine, it creates it helpful for repeatable positioning.

2. Stepper motor unit drivers - A4988 - they are simply kind of motorists with microcontroller and you can use to achieve high rotation rates of speed in stepper motors.

3. CNC shield

4. Arduino Uno Microcontroller - it is employed for digital devices and interactive things which can control and sense the objects in physical world. It makes use of open-source hardware and software.

5. SMPS power - this is used to drive and supply power to the complete circuit

6. MDF/Acrylic for the body structure -it is utilized for outside covering or the hardware framework of your body.

For 3D Printing Setup

1. 0. 75mm Nozzle - it is cylindrical kind of a pipe or tube which handles the liquid.

2. Ceramic heater

3. DC supporter - as a chilling device

4. PLA element

CE 2. 7

For the 3D computer printer, a structure had to be created from either MDF, acrylic or fiber content that could form the outer body. In addition, it requires 4 stepper engine and its driver ICs along with providing a power. The stepper electric motor moves according to the GCODE which handles it. A software can be used to generate the GCODE that is indirectly connected and formed from CAD data file.

CE 2. 8

The working of my software part serves as a below
1. Computer part

Here, using different software like AUTOCAD, RHINO, CAD360, a CAD file is generated. The interpreter obtains the CAD record made and then converts it into GCODE file. For interpreting software like MERLIN, CURA, POLULU was been used. Then via serial interface the GCODE record is delivered to the other part i. e. the printing part.

2. 3D printer part

Stepper individuals and HotEnd individuals have the GCODE document from the GCODE interpreter. The HotEnd has a nozzle, DC enthusiast and a ceramic heater and the stepper electric motor makes the moves according to the GCODE. In to the nozzle, a PLA clear plastic element is moved into and by using ceramic water heater it melts that plastic element into really small size threads and is constantly cooled with the aid of DC enthusiast. As the HotEnd and stepper electric motor techniques, the PLA comes out through it supplying a 3D printed subject. The object is made layer by coating and the stepper engine models itself to preliminary stage after the completion of the object

CE 2. 9

During this project, I experienced many problems as my project is a very complex subject matter. It started with doing research on this issue. It was a new technology on the market and I were required to collect all the information available. Deciding of hardware components was also a significant task I had a pre-defined job cost i had to keep so that the final costing of the merchandise doesn't increase beyond the limit. I took help from professionals from the field of gadgets and tried to check out their footsteps whenever problem happened. The part of software was rather easy than I thought when i had already designed the movement of the work therefore i just had to check out that pattern to accomplish my microcontroller development.

CE 2. 10 Summary

In 3D printing, complete process takes place in tiny little pieces, it divides the complete project into small pieces which are created in the opposite order while printing. They adhere together to form a solid object slice by cut. All of the parts made from 3D printing can be complicated like hinges, wheels etc. as part of the printed thing. It is a kind of technology which is very useful in current world. It makes the object feel like a real one.

My task required great knowledge while utilizing. It had been a great system for me personally to learn new technology and to help small scale industry with my project. My creativity skills were expanded and by using my job guide I could overcome all the obstacles that came on the way. I kept my guide and supervisors updated with my position of the project. And getting together with were kept fortnightly to show my status on my project and also to discuss further possibility of the job expansion.

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