Analyzing MEDIA And Popular Culture English Language Essay

Data Workshop 1

Analyzing Mass Media and Popular Culture: "Theories of Celebrity Gossip"

Although many can dismiss super star websites such as www. perezhilton. com and www. wwtdd. com as frivolous and mean, the reputation and prevalence of the websites have a considerable social effect on the world today. Because of this Data Workshop, you will be analyzing entries in a super star blog, using one of the three major cultural paradigms.

Step 1: Collecting Data

Choose a celebrity blog and pick five entries. Scrutinize the pictures, browse the headlines and word carefully, and review the audience comments.

Step 2: Thinking about and Examining the Data

For the five entries that you have selected, answer the following questions from each of sociology's three major theoretical perspectives. Later, use your data-collection form to create a one site article summarizing the dissimilarities in the ideas and their value as a sociological analyst. Compare what you noticed from what the textbook says in Ch 1.


Data Workshop 1

1. Structural Functionalist Theory

What is the function (or functions) of star gossip weblogs for population? What purpose(s) do they provide, and how do they help culture maintain stability and order? Do movie star gossip weblogs have manifest and latent functions? Are any dysfunctions included in such magazines?

2. Social Issue Theory

What types of inequality are exposed in super star gossip blogs? Specifically, what do movie star gossip weblogs have to state about gender, contest, and course inequalities? Who suffers and who benefits from the publication of movie star gossip websites?

3. Symbolic Interactionist Theory

What do super star gossip blogs mean to society as a whole? What do they suggest to individual customers of world?

Can they may have different meanings for different individuals or groups of individuals? How do those meanings get made in conversation? And just how do celebrity gossip sites shape and effect our daily lives?


Kim Kardashian is good at twitter


Kim Kardashian doesn't do anything of course, but before this our famous superstars who didn't do anything were fug whores like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Remember that? The actual hell was that all about? So at least Kim is hot, and will go on her twitter and posts pictures of her kick ass rack. The only way to get even more seductive pictures of Kim is to be black.


Talked ab poop. Said she isn't preggo, hated on blk ppl


Rihanna got a fresh haircut


By all accounts Rihanna (seen here yesterday evening at a Clippers game in LA) is a flawlessly nice girl and everyone seems to like and she's a good singer, but very naturally her new bang haircut sucks. If this were American Idol, these pictures would be converted into a montage with that 'So You Had a Bad Day" song playing over it.

Comments: discussion ab it being imitation, a wig


Gwyneth Paltrow has advice for "other" working moms


I know many people who have caused Gwyneth Paltrow plus they say she's delightful but that seems impossible to trust. Because she's an entire cunt, delusional and arrogant beyond all comprehension.

The latest proof: on her website GOOP, Paltrow, who is worthy of 90 million dollars and got hitched in a castle, has advice for "other extremely active working moms. " Yes having said that "other". Because that's what she considers herself. And exactly like all working mothers, after she drops her kids at college

Did party aerobics for 45 minutes then every one of the butt lifts and so on. Rushed upstairs to truly have a bathtub, doing my post workout stretch as the conditioner was doing its magic on my hair to incorporate activities/save time. Dressed quickly and rushed downstairs.

Her day is essentially filled with stuff like that. The items that real working parents do you should definitely at the job or being a mom. The stuff they have to squeeze into one hour on the weekend is Paltrows entire life, but she's here to inform them how to do it. Because they don't really know. They want tips from Gwyneth Paltrow.

I'm honestly surprised that she isn't punched in the facial skin at least once each time she leaves the home.


Kate Beckinsale is in a bikini


Kate Beckinsale is down in Mexico this weekend, and unlike the hags at the Golden Globes she searched fantastic in this bikini, and I think that is the same place where Jennifer Aniston is always going. I can understand why she desires it. It's fundamentally a rock and there's lots of empty space. Exactly like her womb.


Eva Longoria at the Golden Globes

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria at least tried to look captivating for last nights Golden Globe awards, but her depressing tits are inadequate therefore it didn't work.

This is one of the very most boring and unsexy periods I can ever think of in Hollywood. No-one ever before wears anything good, and the majority of the big celebrities are either not really or not quite any longer. About the most positive thing I can say is that there's room for improvement all over the place. You could see hotter girls adding ads on craiglist asking that you should come rape them.


1. What is the function (or functions) of superstar gossip websites for society? To make fun of people, to show off the latest/ or not latest developments, to propagate gossip/info

What purpose(s) do they provide, and how do they help population maintain steadiness and order? They serve as entertainment purpose/news/ way to multiply info- help society maintain order by allowing ppl know very well what is in/not in - what to do/not do-

Do superstar gossip sites have express and latent functions? Find something from book---Pos effect on society-possibly could help spread movements/ show who is/isn't role models

Are any dysfunctions built into such magazines? Bad-neg affect, more so thatn express & latent, gossip is bad- demeaning to persons self self confidence- shows bad role models- more mature content

2. What varieties of inequality are discovered in celebrity gossip personal blogs? First one discussions ab her obsession with blk ppl, ( only blk can easily see more pics)-what celebritys have that most common ppl can not do/ or find the money for to have

In particular, what do celebrity gossip websites have to say about gender, contest, and course inequalities? Blk ppl thing- category the mother concern, females- sexy hot whores

Who suffers and who benefits from the publication of star gossip blogs?

everyone suffers from these sites, the ppl who are wrote ab suffer bc it degrades self image, children suffer from bad role models

Benefit- copy writer bc so many read them, if good blog then your readers & superstars could benefit

3. What do superstar gossip blogs imply to society as a whole? Previous time- way to pass on info- teach what's not cool/cool

What do they indicate to individual participants of society? Back again to the gain/suffer part

Kids are damage by this, individuals are humored by this, star can be degraded by this

Can they have got different meanings for different individuals or sets of individuals? Yes they do

How do those meanings get created in relationship?

And how do celebrity gossip weblogs shape and influence our daily lives?back again to #1

Info from book

Pg 11- theoretical methodology: roadmaps that hook up basic image of contemporary society with research

Structional functional way- repeat action that influences the viewers pg 12

Pg 12- this process was to keep ppl unified

Pg 12- sociable dysfunction:social structure that disturbs

Pg 13- interpersonal conflict: inequality accumulating over time

Theoretical Perspectives in Blogs

From analyzing superstar blogs we can learn a lot more than the latest gossip. The celebrity websites provide great information in the variations between sociology's three major theoretical perspectives. The superstar blog which i reviewed possessed great examples of the structural functionalist theory, sociable discord theory, and the symbolic internationalist theory that compared properly to the literature definition of each, but still had some different factors.

First I evaluated how the structural functionalist theory made an appearance in the blog. As known by the definition given by the written text e book the structural functionalist theory is a theory that "sees culture as a complex system whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stableness" (webpage 11). Among the major dissimilarities I discovered between how the blog portrayed this theory from how the book explained this theory is the steadiness. I did not notice some of different blog entries or any of the celebrities that came out in the blog entries to work together to provide steadiness in today's culture, if anything I found the stars all behaving in various manners that disturbed the balance of your blog. While the book describes social composition as ". . gives our lives form in families, the work place, or the college class room, " ( web page 12). A similarity I noticed was the way the book described how express and latent functions are a part of the structural-functional methodology, and you could see each function within the blog. Express functions could be accepted from the commentary to each one of the blogs, the readers changed their thoughts and activities based on the blogs that they read.

Secondly, the interpersonal conflict theory made an appearance inside your blog and the reserve. By meaning the social turmoil way is " views population as an area of inequality that generates discord and change. " (site 13) Overall throughout each blog I reviewed I observed issues of competition, sex, and social classes. The blog that mentioned Kim Kardashian was full of issues of competition and love-making from the main picture to the response. Her risqu picture provided discord for the other women viewers who found it, but the males tended to take pleasure from it more. Also an issue of race was brought up when the author of the blog talked about you need to be black to get more pictures of Kim. A offer such as this could create a concern between all races who browse the comment.

Thirdly, the symbolic interaction theory that is defined as " modern culture as the merchandise of the every day interactions of people. " ( page 15) appears inside the blog's entries. The blog gives audiences the opportunity to express their feelings and allow these to interact with others. Also the blog reason for a blog is to collect data and spread it to enthusiasts, this data can be gossip, reports, latest trends, or in essence anything. A number of the information can play a good or negative affect predicated on the type of reader. The e book mentions two different degrees of symbolic-interaction, macro-level and micro-level, while the blog offers a great example of each. From the macro-level observing from a helicopter level, you can see the broad focus of the blog is stars' different styles. The micro, or avenue level focus, you can view how their different styles impact the fans.

Each of the three ideas, structural-functionalist, social-conflict, and symbolic relationship have the same goal at heart of analyzing how a particular item influences a society, while each theory has its own specific areas. I believe that each theory builds on one another to provide a in-depth analysis, beginning with how things work together, to conflicts that arise, even down to how everyday interactions.

( Your blog I used was from www. wwtdd. com. The five weblogs I chose were "Kate Beckinsale is a bikini" Jan. 17, " Eva Longoria at the Golden Globes" Jan. 17, "Kim Kardashian is good at twitter" Jan. 14, "Rhianna acquired a fresh haircut" Jan. 13 and " Gwyneth Paltrow has advices for other working parents" Jan. 13.

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