Dream Job And Personal Quality British Language Essay

1. a) What are the personal characteristics that you ought to have to help you have the work of your dreams? To achieve that, identify people around you that can help you find the information that you will be seeking to gain a complete perspective.

b) Make a list of question (lowest 8) that you'll ask these people

2. Recall a conflict you have been involved in recently

a. Identify the primary way to obtain the discord described

b. Do you think the other party would consent about the primary source of the turmoil?

Why or you will want to?

c. Identify any extra sources of the conflict

d. How have each dimension have an effect on the way the participant contacted the discord?

2. 0 Intro to business communication

Business communication is an activity that a sender and recipient exchange information through a medium that may result a shared feedback. In the process of communicating, at first the sender comes with an idea need to inform another person. Second of all, the sender encodes the theory into a note so that the message can travels over channel that your route is the medium; the communication is travel by speaking up by the sender's mouth area. Then the recipient decodes the subject matter by experiencing the message by using the ears. After that, you will see a feedback journeys back to the sender to decode, if the sender received any possible additional opinions, then it'll transfer back again to the receiver.

The most frequent way that they talk is by speaking, visual images, body language and writing. And the key goals of communicate is to change behavior, to get action, to get and give information, to ensure understanding and also to persuade. In communication also have two types of communication which is internal and external communication, and inside the inner and exterior also acquired formal programs and informal stations. Each communication which likewise have their own network to converse, there are four network to talk. Chain network, group network, superstar network and wheel network is the network with their information exchange.

3. 0 Intro to dream job and personal quality

In this world there are many jobs to prefer to get, and each job has its own special and its personality. Also each job also needs its personal quality to achieve the job's personality. My wish job is to be a pilot; the major part of personal quality of my aspiration job is keen and effective communication.

It is because that personal quality will straightly affect the work performance, when working there is many personal attributes are needed. Personal features are similar to the skills while in the working place, it implies that how you do to improve your working performance. While personal features act like skill set of working performance, it is also shows that your own private characteristics individually. Additionally it is an aspect of your personality.

4. 0 Personal qualities

Personal qualities are the personality and frame of mind to meet against all your work and life. There's also many types of personal qualities, the main thing to control the personal quality that is personality, like frame of mind, ardent and other. Different personality will also lead to a new type of personal quality changes.

4. 0. 1 Passionate & Effective Communication

The job of my dreams is to be a pilot. To be a pilot, I should also have the personal qualities to obtain the job qualification. So, what is the personal qualities must i have? To be always a pilot, the first personal features I should have is the excited, easily work this job, I have to need to be passionate about the work, whenever i work can't be so cool rather than to communicate with other colleague.

4. 0. 2 Computer Literacy & Technology Literacy

Nowadays in 21st century, one of the non-public qualities that most employers wanted is that, a person will have some type of computer and specialized literacy. It is because nowadays almost all jobs now require a knowledge, ranging from basic to advance of software applications, spreadsheets, e-mail, and internet navigation. Without the data of computer literacy, then they will more on manpower to work. So as my aspiration job is to be a pilot, easily don't have the computer literacy, then the device and system in the aircraft will can't be used. When the system of the planes may goes wrong, we can also solve it quickly. Speaking of which, problem-solving also another personal qualities a pilot must have. Whenever a pilot in the air has satisfied some problem, he must solve it quick and also have a critical thinking to control the chaos and overcome the obstacles.

4. 0. 3 Frame of mind & Interpersonal Abilities

As a pilot, frame of mind also is an important thing on personal qualities, without the attitude, they will feel that you're bad. So when portion them, the attitude must be polite and low speech. Good attitude will evade discord. Interpersonal talents are also a personal quality by building romance or management of the partnership to everyone, as a pilot social ability is cannot be less. When meet a moody customer, we also need to have a good attitude to them making a good romantic relationship by having social ability to communicate with him.

4. 0. 4 Command & Teamwork

Teamwork is to cooperate with your colleague when is in trip, it is also consider to leadership when the journey got any problem, as a innovator of the trip it must be control the public on the planes, so must have leadership offering the stewardess to regulate the crowd to relax. Everyone in the plane must be calm down, as a leader cannot be stress, so innovator must keep constant and stay cool when any problems come.

4. 0. 5 Positive thinking & Confidence

Every job also needs these types of personal features, without after that it your projects cannot proceed. But as a pilot, these personal features can't be less, if a pilot is having negative thought and insufficient assurance, then his decision will be a failure to be achieved. For the reason that on a trip, there is many human's life in your hand. One inability will lead to a tragedy. To maintain positivity thinking then will have critical thinking as always, when danger comes. Little or nothing can block your way when in positive thinking.

4. 0. 6 Management & Responsibility

As a pilot, before airfare departure must be well organized the course to journey in the air, with no management of the air travel then your time to reach the place will can't be appropriate. If management is bad, the responsibility will be very bad. As the pilot, must be dependable to enough time management and everything. When things fail on the air travel, the pilot will be sensible to everything.

4. 1 One who can provide me information and complete perspective

The people who are able to help me acquire this personal quality information will be the friends or family that is experience in working as a pilot or stewardess. We can also ask the pilot or stewardess about the personal quality and their mentality when their work. By asking them the way they keep up with the personal quality and how to improve.

All that information is getting from my friends and pilot are only can do as a reference. The information that we get from my review, additionally it is predicated on their experience to answer my question, their answer only support my question to achieve my complete perspective.

4. 2 Questions would ask people for information

1. What personal quality should be bought?


2. How will you use the opportunities to help you achieve your wish job?


3. Whenever there are obstacles, the method that you solve it?


4. How exactly to enhance the personal quality?


5. Which personal quality is needed the most?


6. Whenever your dream job is needed more time, you will forfeit or continue? Why?


7. When is your beginning to brace up to run after your dream job?


8. Which personal quality enables you to doesn't quit?


5. 0 Bottom line & Recommendation

As my realization, no matter which job to be taken, all personal features are also needed to be used. So that it is conclude that, all works are also need all the personal features. Without those personal attributes, the work performance and working situation will also bad and can not be a successful person.

Not everyone in every situation also can do their job with their own private quality, nonetheless they still can enhance their personal quality. By enhance their personal quality; they first can control their temper to improve their personal quality. It is because that, most of them cannot resist their temper in order that they can do something madness so that when their work, the non-public quality of these will never be so perfect nowadays.

So when working, personal quality and skill set must be use, to boost on the working performance. While your projects performance are good, so that whenever have a communication with colleague who are work with you'll be very good. Also changing information will be very good for improve the end result.

6. 0 Intro of conflict which have been engaged recently

Conflict can be an debate and disagreement which two or more parties are relating to the threat of their needs, concerns or pursuits. Conflict will always seem especially at working place, it is because there are sure will be many arguments or disagreements.

Conflict likewise have a few categories which is this issue or subject at hand, additionally it is the common turmoil. It really is means by when in the workplace, the arranging or the budgeting problem. Subsequently, is the procedure, when working no subject is in a group or solo, it will also shows that several get-togethers will show their finest to do, but only that are some problem using one of these maybe weakened, and another will have more powerful, so that issue happens. Relational issues and ego are also one of the conflicts.

There are many causes of discord, misunderstanding, personality clashes, and competition for resources, specialist issues, and lack of co-operation, difference over methods, low performance and the worthiness or goal difference. These basic causes are making conflict in almost everywhere, no matter in what place, there are many discord especially in working place.

I have a discord recently which is while I is at a club, I used to be a task planner, that i was with four participants inside them include me. I had been having a concept, another one of us also having a concept, but our both thoughts and opinions was different. Plus the chief executive is buying my idea, not buying another partner's idea. In order that he doesn't cooperate with us which is the discord that we own it.

7. 0 Findings

Primary source is a subject which is under analysis with direct information. The detail of most conflict, information is getting through interview. In my conflict, the principal source is that we are having different opinion. After that, my colleague won't cooperate around, such that it will lead our mission will may not be accomplish.

In the club, we have four activity planner, although all also have own idea. But all these years, we all also support using one idea, but this time another spouse in the team don't cooperate just because of the chief executive not buying his idea, so he doesn't desire to be cooperative.

Secondary source is a topic which is under research with the data is getting through someone else. The fine detail and information are may not be true rather than correctly, the content of the information may be wrong. In my turmoil, the secondary source is that although my colleague's idea, the leader doesn't buy it, then he'll wished to demolish my idea and plan.

In the team, he is already not cooperating around, but nonetheless there are gossips that he would like to demolish my idea and planning. While this is a secondary source, the news is getting from someone else, so it can be true or incorrect.

As in the principal source, another get together also agrees the principal source of the conflict; he is not cooperate and due to president not buying his idea. And there are extra source which is listened to by another person, and the news is the fact that he want to demolish my idea and destroy my plan. So he is agreeing that the primary source, for the reason that he is sure to not cooperate with my planning.

8. 0 Approached to conflict

While facing the conflict, there are several ways to react and each one of the procedure will have many different results. There are plenty of ways to facing the discord; Preventing, accommodation, competition, collaboration and bargain is the best way to facing the issue.

While they are the ways to solve the conflict, this is the negotiating method to solve the discord. Aside from this, there may be more solution to solve the turmoil; negotiating strategies are also one of the ways to resolve the turmoil. In negotiating strategies is using win-win strategies, win-lose strategies, lose-win strategies, lose-lose strategies.

There are many ways to solve the conflict. You can find method strategies, negotiating styles and negotiating method. And in my own turmoil, negotiating methods are good to resolve the conflict. So the method I choose to resolve the issue is negotiating method.

8. 1 Negotiating Method


By using the compromise method, each one of the party need to sacrifices something that he or she is wanting to gain on arrangement. After compromise, both celebrations are also eager to cooperate with each other, so that it will lead to a win-win solution.


By using the collaboration method, both of the parties are had a need to commit to work together to resolve the issues between them. After deal with the problems, then making their own benefits or income, it will lead to a win-win solution.


By using competition method, both parties will combat for the other person for their own good. This technique is fast and decisive action to resolve the conflict. However in the end, it'll lead to a win-lose solution that your initial person who makes conflict will get the benefits.


By using accommodating method, it is supplying an area between them, and maintains a harmony way to resolve the conflict. Therefore the initial one who makes conflict will sacrifice own basic principle and making tranquility. It will lead to lose-win solution.

Withdrawal and Avoidance

By using withdrawal and avoidance method, both parties also choose to let go the turmoil, and employing this method, it will lead to lose-lose solution. When using withdrawal and avoidance method, most of the result if will require other person to research.

9. 0 Summary of turmoil management

As my final result, this issue can be handling by using many method, strategies and so many more. For fixing every conflict, the best solution to solve the conflict while using negotiating method is compromise or collaboration. For the reason that that these two methods will lead to win-win solution.

Compromise is the fact both parties inclined to sacrifices one with their aim, so that can cooperate to work together to obtain a good outcome and result. While bargain is both functions' sacrifices something, cooperation is both of the gatherings work together but the gaining of the huge benefits is belong on their choice, following the assistance, then will lead to win-win solution which both also get their benefits.

10. 0 Finish & Recommendation

As for final result in business communication, it is normally use to communicate with people in all around the world. Communication is very important to everybody else, it is because that, communicate is everyone's way to exchange their information and their thought.

Communication are not only got talking with communicate. Aesthetic images, body gestures and writing are also the normal way to communicate with people. And each one of the communication methods also have different ideas and result of what detail and information you been told, the truth is or you get. It really is will depend on the individuals who how she or he absorb and move on to know the information and details about something.

While both get-togethers communicating, there a wide range of common communications error sure will take place. For instance, multitasking while hearing from another, while someone is asking something, then ask one by one should be alright with the communication, but if ask something the other parties doesn't have the opportunity to answer that question, then it will become a communication failure. Finishing other' phrases, getting ready our response before someone has completed speaking, filtering content or so this means based on the speaker, speaking for other. This is all the marketing communications common mistake that will usually occur.

For recommendation, communicate slowly but surely and with the words of interesting waves, it is because no one loves to hear a speech which is the voice is high pitch or low pitch sound.

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