Gender Affecting THE DECISION Of Taboo Words English Language Essay

This newspaper is aimed to discuss further on the gender that impacting on the decision of taboo words. I will give attention to the intimate related expression - FUCK. Through this study, it is able to describe in sociolinguistics view. why there exists less regularity of female apply the word FUCK in daily life. Furthermore, the observation through the consumption of this phrase by Hong Kong native-born, it is an objective to reveal how contemporary society conceptions or interpretations on two sexes.


In Hong Kong, the popular of using foul words is boosting within ten years. Affected by Western culture, the English foul words like FUCK is gradually been around in Hong Kong. Yet, from writer's experience, the use of FUCK term in lifestyle is male more than female. Thus, through the study we can see how the world values impact the communication process. The prospective people being seen is the Hong Kong native-born, whose beliefs will be the most representing the neighborhood interpretations on genders.

Taboo language been around a long time and there are a few studies centered on the taboo field. K. Allen (2006) pointed out that there is absolutely no an absolute taboo phrase, the taboo refers to a behavior of any community in this situations and contexts. However, when the taboo words related to gender, like the sexual behaviors, tabooed bodily, intimate activities are become taboo vocabulary. Browsing on the sociolinguistic way, this approach stated that there are romance between use of linguistic in systematic way and cultural value.


Viewing the 20s of Hong Kong native-born, how the gender affecting the rate of recurrence of the term FUCK using in daily life. The possible respondents will be the young adults in both genders within the age 20 to 29 distributed by educational level.


From writer's experience, young adults are generally used this words then the elderly. In Hong Kong this modern city, the view of native-born citizen towards sex is still traditional. Thus, native-born people still bring a negative notion on the word FUCK. From the traditional view, patriarchy empowered the position of men and the view of sex and women speak behavior are followed the men's impression. This implied that girls using the taboo language are an impolite and unsuited habit of a lady. As yet, it is thought that Hong Kong native-born women are still effect by this custom.

Bibliography review

From the research of B. Murphy (2010) on analyzing taboo language over the generation, it is clear to start to see the word FUCK is the most common sexual taboo word. The high rate of recurrence of this word is because FUCK is a transitive verb and bears multiple functions, including expressing mental meaning, referential function and intensifier. (R. Wajnryb, 2004). Some theorists like Julian Burnside illustrated our culture judged this human action and making love is the illegal part of real human lifestyle thus FUCK is the impolite use of expression. In my own research, sexual words are taboo in Chinese language traditional ideas. Thus, FUCK as a favorite word in bad language. It is an important keyword to raise just how on contemporary society views on both genders.

According the similar analysis by B. Murphy (2010) on the use of FUCK among different age groups, the young women aged 20s are concluded as the group readily to come across the honest overtone and frequently apply profane phrases in lifestyle. Thus, I targeted my research to the young adults between 20s.

Many prior studies demonstrated that the communication way between men and women are different. Such as A. Peer (2005) mentioned, the stereotyped beliefs on the 'speech style' of genders derive from the social status of men and women in population. Goddard and Patterson (2000) invented the term 'folklinguistics' to define the conversing behaviors of women and men. The women usually less swear than men. Some popular phrases like 'sweetheart doesn't swear' and 'man never weep' mirrored the expectation of the men and women act in various ways. I believe the society shared point of view is one the most significant factors affecting the communication behavior towards genders. I believe these theories also applied to Hong Kong.


This newspaper is a qualitative research. Thus, the data gathered for looking the habits and the comparing to the theories. It is thought we would use participant-observation as a tool to enter into the group and also have an informal interview to the target age group. I would be located as the outside observer and play the energetic role to raise questions in the targeted group.

Sources of data collection

The data mainly obtained from three ways, arranging the collective conversations in in person with target communities and the informal interviews. While in person discussions may very well be gathering the spoken discourse, interviews ensure the quality of data received is valuable. Data from discussion is used to investigate the characteristics of both sexes in communication habits. Through the word FUCK, these interact habits can be reflected as the hidden behaviour on genders. Alternatively, the casual interview is a qualitative way to view the perceptions of these communication manners.

Strength and weakness of data collection methods

Collective Conversations (Focus group) facilitate researcher to assemble various views on a subject because the erotic related word is a relatively delicate in Hong Kong. The dual moderator concentrate group is the effective way to observe the reactions of goal individuals. The designed questions promote the chat and interactions under defined topic in the teams. The speeches and encounters from individuals can encourage the others to response and voice out their thoughts on genders. This is a far more objective view to observe the syntax and habits difference within gender comparing to interviews.

However, the ideas selected are only from the emphasis group. The info may not stand for the views of all people in age 20s. Moreover, the discussion will involve more than ten people and the comments from participants would be persuasive and have an effect on the others' thought. Then, react of group customers may not respond in a natural way and the data collected may not be appropriate. Hence, plan few focus categories with different individuals among twenties is the best way to higher the precision of data collected.

Informal interview (Semi-structured interview) is another way to gather the useful data and replenish the weakness from emphasis group. Interviewees are definitely more willing to share their personal experience. The interviewer can adapt the questions in a versatile way according to the replies. The questions about genders and gender can be even more specific and very sensitive. Although casual interview may entail the subjective view both in the questions and responses, it is ways to understand how the public value affects the choice of term in taboo language. In addition, this method ensures the quality of the data accumulated that is related to this issue and valuable.

Instructions of data collection

All the compulsory questions drafted should be asked in both collective conversations and semi-structured interviews. The optional questions are free to ask after finishing compulsory questions. The emphasis group will be structured in twelve people among the age of twenties and they should be all native-born in Hong Kong. As the organizations will be created 3 x, the numbers of members will be entirely thirty-six people. The group will include all ages of twenties, at least one individual in each aim for age. Each time the numbers of women and men are the same.

The informal interview will be prepared in in person and on mobile. The total numbers of interviewees are sixty. The interviewer should stay away from using very important questions for example; not think women swear less than men? The opened-ended questions should ask if the interviewees are prepared to answer.

List of possible sources of research to be investigated

List of questions asked of respondents


Data analysis methods

Case study examination plan

Expected benefits and discussion

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