The Friendly Problem: Cyber Bullying

Amanda Todd was an adolescent that devoted suicide because she acquired cyber bullied. In 7th class Amanda used to video talk on the internet with new visitors to desire to make new friends and she received compliment on her behalf looks. Amanda did not realize that talking to someone she does not know is sometimes not so good. 1 day she was speaking with a stranger. She did not know him and hoped to become friends with him. Well she didn't recognize that she was talking to a cyber-bully. He asked her showing her breast. A few hours later the creeper dark emailed Amanda and said he will publish those pictures in the internet unless she gives him a "show". During a Christmas break the authorities informed her that the pictures of her were found on the internet. She really was frustrated so she started to use alcohol and drugs and her family relocated to a new home. But the stranger understood that she was moving so he directed folks of her new institution the pictures to the students. So she improved university again. Her "old dude friend" used Amanda for intimacy while he is within a marriage with another lady. His girlfriend discovered and she and a group of other folks just overcome her up. Following the attack made a decision to committed suicide by drinking bleach but she was rushed to next hospital to get her belly pumped. While she is at the hospital people were making fun of her failed suicide attempt on Facebook and other internet sites. So Todd migrated to another university and hoped to restart her life. But her history was not overlooked. Folks from her old school continued teasing her on Facebook for 6 more a few months after she still left. Amanda had to go to a healthcare facility because of melancholy for two days and nights. On her new school students teased her on her behalf bad grades and for going to the hospital for her depressions. Amanda cannot take it any longer and uploaded a video on YouTube of her holding flashcards about her life and depression and revealed her arm which possessed several cuts onto it. Amanda Todd was found hanged in her room on October 10th 2012. (Wikipedia)

Cyber bullying can spoil somebody's real life Amanda's life. She was only a girl who wants to meet new friends with him. But she spoken to the incorrect person and she ended up being depressed and devoted suicide. This may happen to anybody upon this world, because they are tons of individuals who use Facebook or other social networks to stalk people. In my own paper I am going to reveal what cyber bullying actually is, how you can stop it, and just why people do it.

Well what is cyber bullying? A lot of people think it is just teen just making fun of other people on the internet. It really is true that teens are making fun of other teenager but you can find more about any of it. The web web page "stopcyberbullying. org" says cyber bullying is "whenever a child, preteen or young is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, uncomfortable or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital systems or mobile phones". (STOPcyberbullying)

Internet is becoming a big effect in our lifestyle. We use it to look, to look up information, play online-video game titles or listen to music. Even our telephones have internet now. Among the main reason we use it though is to communicate and meet new friends on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Zuckerberg announced they are 500 million daily productive users (Protalinski, zdnet. com).

Cyberbullying is probably the worst to bully someone. Not merely students using their company own institution will humiliated, humiliated and many other things that person. Every single teen or adult will make fun of her or him if they wished too. For being bullied and alienated from the complete expression is not the best feeling. It is depressing and the victims feel just like that everyone hates them. But they do not only get bullied on the internet. Many of them also get bullied in person and not just on the internet.

On October 7, 2006 Ryan Patrick Halligan devoted suicide. He was bullied and cyber bullied. Ryan was a "special, light and lanky thirteen yr old fumbling his way through early adolescence and striving to determine his devote the often complicated and difficult communal world of middle college. " His parents said he "had the special capability to bring a teeth to anyone who looked his way". May seem like Ryan is excellent child and want little or nothing bad for nobody else. But no human being is perfect neither is Ryan. He previously issues with his speech, vocabulary and motor unit skills and needed special education from pre-school until fourth level. The special education team cherished Ryan because of his love of life. Eventually Ryan got go back to school and recognized that he was not academically strong like his class mates are. It bothered him that he is nothing like his classmates are. One day Ryan thought he finally found a girl that truly enjoys him. So they started to message one another and having profound conversations and Ryan beginning to like her a great deal. The thing is that he did not know that female just played out him for her and her friend's enjoyment. She showed her friends the messages he directed her and girls just start humiliating and uncomfortable him. They called him a loser and other labels because of problem with speaking and reading and writing. Ryan cannot take it anymore and committed suicide on the Oct 7, 2006. (Halligan, Ryan's story)

His parents were so annoyed about their sons lost; they wanted everybody to learn about Ryan's storyline. So they made a web page and travelled from institution to school to inform the children about how precisely giving somebody labels for and making fun of someone can injure the victims really bad and make them have thoughts about eliminating their do it yourself.

Why do people bully other folks on the internet or even person when it's obvious that it hurts them? There are two main reasons for young adults to bully other folks. One of them is when someone is famous and popular at university. They could bully to stay popular. The other students think because the popular kid is doing it they also should start bullying the victim. So the popular teenager gets the whole college against one individual. Hurting other people make them better. The other reason is a person who is less socially successful and wishes to be accepted by their peers and cliques. They do not get enough esteem from someone else. So by bullying somebody they are wishing that they will get the value from others. Also they do not really understand the sufferer feels when he gets bullied and is merely hoping that he or she is not another one. (Delete cyberbullying)

There are other reasons such as a student has problems along with his parents so they let their anger from other students, or that they are depressed because they cannot get what they want. The main reason why they bully is because they want to make sure they are feel better about their personal. Which is even simpler to cyber bully. You can humiliate a person on the internet without knowing who the bully is. People make imitation accounts or post videos about someone and can be totally animus about it and the complete internet can easily see it.

Here is another example. A beautiful 17 time old girl goes to a high university in a major city and has friends and also has no problems at institution. Well one night time she made a negative choice. She went to a high institution party. She noticed her friends alcohol consumption so out of peer pressure she wines too. Everything appears to be fine but then she met he on that get together. He realized that she was drunk so he used her. That female loses her virginity on that night and some people knew about it. A Couple weeks later the lady realizes that she is pregnant. She gets called bad names at school and everybody is making fun of her. When she comes home from university she starts crying in her room and simply desires that she never even visited that party. Later when she was on the internet she found people submitting a video. For the reason that video a woman was putting on her mask with the facial skin of her and she put products under her shirt to look pregnant. The lady on the video tutorial says "hey my name Elizabeth smith and I'm so drunk. Will someone wishes to have some fun beside me?" the girl just breaks aside and cried all night and does not come to institution anymore because she knows that folks will discuss bad about her. She noticed on Facebook how everyone message or calls her a "slut" and other labels. So she believes to commit suicide because she will not visit a future in her life. Everyone knows her name and history since it is all over Facebook and other social networks. No matter what she does indeed or will go people will embarrass her about the bad choice she made and call her names.

This story is just made up but what it generally does not mean it might happen in real life. Or maybe it already has. It might happen very easy. How will you stop cyber bullying then? What can you do to avoid things like in instances of Amanda or Ryan or even the storyline above?

One thing you can certainly do is ignore it. If somebody says how unappealing or stupid you look on an image on Facebook then you should just dismiss it. Cyber bullies want to grab your attention plus they want you to definitely think you are awful or fats or stupid. When the bully still reviews bad things about you then you should talk to someone just like a friend or adult and show them what the bully has been stating about you. Require their advice and help. Maybe they can talk to the bully and simply tell him or her to avoid. If possible slice the communication with the bully. Delete and prevent his number and stop him from your social networks accounts. What also may help is if you article the bully on that web site so he might get kicked out. If nothing of the above helps and he continues on bullying then you should talk to the police about any of it. (Delete cyberbullying)

Here will be the things you ought not do. You must never come to the bully's level and try to talk bad about him because that is exactly what he desires. The bully will always find something against you. Also do not ahead text messages from the bully. It might make the challenge worse because you never know how far an email chain can go. One big fault some victims do is thinking the bully and considering it is true what he says about you. The bully just needs to break your self-esteem. (Delete cyberbullying)

It is actually important to do the right thing if you are in situation like this. If you don't do anything about it and just take the disorders from someone like this, then you might finish up being depressed and do not feel like it's important to live anymore since everybody "hates" you.

What is difference between cyber bullying than just normal bullying? How come cyber bully so more dangerous? The difference isn't only that cyber bully is on the internet or on the cellular phone; there is much more behind it. True to life bullying usually end when university ends but cyber bullying carries on and does not stop. One big factor why it is so dangerous is the anonymity. Now it will be a lot easier to be anonym on the internet. Everybody can make an email consideration and then develop a fake consideration on YouTube, Facebook, twitter and many more. In the event that you a person bullies in person well everybody knows him and in the most severe scenario parents can do something positive about it. But what do you really if you have no idea who the bully is? And yes it helps it be easier for the bully to state what to the victim per communication than talk personally and say it in his face. Also once something really embarrassing for the victim is on the internet; it'll stay static in other peoples head forever and will not forget about any of it very easy. Best example is Tyler Clementi. He acquired caught on training video by his friends making love with an older man. Tyler could not contain the stress ever again so he jumped off a bridge and died. So once it gets on public the whole world knows about it. This is another factor which makes cyber bully so dangerous. (Delete cyberbully)

So what exactly are the consequences of cyber bullying? How lousy has it become? 2 13 million 17 season olds were victims of cyber bullying. 8 percent of them damaged by cyber bullying make an effort to commit suicide. (Chacha) Those are just the reality about one age group.

The movie "Cyberbully" is most likely a sensible way to show cyber bullying. Taylor Hillridge a teenage young lady iss a cyber-bullying sufferer and the price it nearly takes on her and her family. Taylor is a fairly 17-year-old high school student but she actually is a little uncomfortable, and she is aware of it. When her mother gives her a computer on her behalf birthday, Taylor is thrilled by the prospect of flexibility and the self-reliance of going online without her mom always overlooking her make. Taylor soon sees herself the sufferer of bullying over a sociable website, and worried to handle her peers at institution, including her best friend, she is pressed to a breaking point. It's only following this life-changing event that Taylor discovers that she actually is not alone - conference other teenagers, including a classmate, who has already established similar experiences. Taylor's mom, Kris, reels from the incident and takes on the school system and point out legislation to assist in preventing others from going right through the same harrowing ordeal as her girl.

The movie is not a true story. ABC made that movie showing people what cyber bullying is and what it can do to people. It really is a warning to the people and they were hoping that by causing the movie that at least a lot of people stop it.

"Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. 1 in 4 has had it happen more often than once. " Almost 1 / 2 of American young adults and kids have been cyber bullied and some people they have happened more often than once. It gets worse. "70% of students record seeing recurrent bullying online". If so many people see cyber bullying, let's they do something positive about it? Why can't just anybody inform the bully to stop because he is harming the victim's thoughts? The answer is because they are simply too frightened to get also bullied because he is helping the sufferer. So the bystander just watches how one individual ruins the other person's life. A very important thing about it is the fact that 68% teens concur that cyber bullying is a serious problem nonetheless they don't do anything about any of it. But there are people who tell bullies to stop. "90% of young adults who've seen social-media bullying say they have got dismissed it. 84% have observed others inform cyber bullies to stop. " (Dosomething. org).

It is evident that cyber bullying is a huge problem. Many people are too worried to help or stop it because they don't want to become the next victim and the victims don't ask for help because they don't really want to make it worse. "Only one 1 in 10 victims will notify a mother or father or respected adult of the mistreatment. " But a whole lot of folks are bullying. 54% teens admit which have bullied some online or through text message or said something that hurt the victim's emotions.

Since the victims are sometimes too scared in order to their own parents. How will you know that your own child gets cyber bullied? There some symptoms. One of these is the fact maybe your son or daughter acts in a different way and will not is own routine anymore like waking up too past due or prematurily. , sleep longer or less, or the teen will not want to hold out along with his friends much anymore. Also if the parents know that their kid has been bullied at college could be a sign of cyber bullying because like above bullies don't just stop bullying when school has ended. Nowadays most kids have phones and internet and also have Facebook account. To allow them to harass the victim 24/7. Another sign is low-esteem. If the parents or teacher see that the kid has low-esteem and he considers bad about them self the complete time, then the parents should start considering what is wrong with their child. When the teenager gets really ambitious all off unexpected is also a sign. One other sign is low marks. The victim manages to lose focus on university and his grades are getting worse. (Cyberbullyingfacts)

Of course there are definitely more signs and indicator for cyber bullying. Like use of alcohol and drugs, skipping school, depression. But those are the main once. Parents need to be sure that their children can trust you with anything and they will open up to you and tell what their problem is.

Over all cyber bullying became a huge problem in the us and other countries. It hurts people and makes them feel bad about them personal which is the most detrimental way to harass and humiliate a person. Even celebrities notice it or had connection with it. Demi Lovato was cyber bullied in middle school. People were harassing her in middle institution. Demi created a web page that helps teens who've problem with cyber bullying. But also other famous people are against it and helping. Cyber bullying can get so very bad that some teen get depressed and sometimes kill them self because they don't see a finish in this. There is not much you are able to do about it because of the anonymity in the internet. But there are a few things a sufferer and friends and adults can do to help the sufferer and to stop the cyber bullying. The sufferer can stop the bully and ignore the harassment. Friends can help them by sharing with the bully to avoid and this their friend is not what the bully says him. Parents, educators and other individuals can notify the bully to avoid and threating him with revealing the authorities about his bullying. Those are the main points of halting it. But people are absolutely need to do it and do not be scared of the results if they notify an adult or a friend for help. If indeed they don't do anything about it early then it could be too later and the victim has already thoughts of suicide or other things. Words can injure more than physical bullying because bruises from a struggle will remain won't previous long but those words keeps in the victims brain for a long period.

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