Vocabulary Idioms And Popular British Language Essay

A phrase which has a meaning that is commonly understood by loudspeakers of the words, but whose so this means is often not the same as the dictionary definitions of the average person words is called an idiom. For instance when you say 'he has lost his mind', this means 'that the individual is furious and overcome by thoughts' and NOT to be known basically as 'having misplaced one's brain'. Idioms are metaphorical alternatively than literal.

Why are idioms important? They provide learners with the knowledge of English expressions that are in popular, common use. A familiarity with idioms and knowledge of how to use them are essential to people who wish to be fluent in English.

Match this is [using letter A, B or C] next to the idiom

1. A Blessing In Disguise: ______

2. A Chip ON YOUR OWN Shoulder: ______

3. A Dime A Dozen: ______

4. A Leopard Can't Change His Places: ____

5. All Greek if you ask me: _____

6. An Arm And A Lower leg: ______


7. An Axe To Grind: _____


8. ON THE Drop OF YOUR Head wear: ______

9. A COMPLETE Monty: ________

10. Knee Jerk Effect: ________

A] Either, "the whole thing" or "completely nude"

B] Meaningless and incomprehensible

C] Ready to take action immediately.

D] Something good that's not recognized initially.

E] Whatever is common and easy to get.

F] To have a dispute with someone

G] Being upset for something that occurred before.

H] You are unable to change who you are.

I] A quick and automatic response

J] Very costly. A large amount of money

1. Barking Up The Wrong Tree: _____

2. Whip A Dead Horses: _____

3. Beating ABOUT THE Bush: ______

4. Flex Over Backwards: ______

5. Break in the action A Leg: ______

6. Can't SLICE THE Mustard : ______

7. Close but no Cigar: _______

8. Trim to the Chase: ______

9. Dark Equine: _______

10. Devil's Advocate: ______

A] Being very in close proximity to and almost complete an objective, but fall season short

B] Do whatever needs doing to help. Willing to do anything.

C] A mistake made in something you want to achieve

D] Somebody who isn't sufficient enough to remain competitive or participate.

E] A person who presents a counter-top argument for a posture they do have confidence in.

F] To pressure an issue that has recently ended.

G] A superstitious way to say 'good luck' without stating 'good luck', but rather the contrary.

H] Person who was previously anonymous and is now prominent.

I] Avoiding the main issue. Not speaking straight about the problem.

J] Leave out all the pointless details and just get to the point.

1. Hit The Nail on the top: _____

2. Such as a chicken with its head take off: _____

3. New York Minute: _____

4. On Pins And Needles: ______

5. FROM A Limb: ______

6. Raincheck: ______

7. Skid Row: ______

8. Truck Gogh's ear for music: _______

9. Water Under The Bridge: ______

10. Wear Your Heart and soul On Your Sleeve:


A] When someone puts himself in a risky situation.

B] Anything from the past that isn't significant or important ever again.

C] An offer or offer that is declined right now but eager to accept later.

D] To openly and readily express your emotions.

E] Take action exactly right or say something exactly right.

F] Build deaf.

G] To do something in a frenzied manner.

H] Anxious or stressed, especially in anticipation of something.

I] The rundown portion of a city where in fact the homeless and drug users live.

J] A minute that appears to go by quickly, especially in a fast paced environment.

Fill in the blanks that best clarify the meaning of the given idiom/idiomatic phrase

1. His clear, workmanlike prose is marred by the occasional crimson prose and such use of

_________ and _________ terms will affect the ultimate score that he'll be obtaining.

2. Their business is a money pit. This means that they are getting rid of _______________ and can not

be making any ____________ in the foreseeable future.

3. EASILY keep my nose to the grindstone, I should be finished by the end of your day. In order to do

that I must stay __________ rather than take ___________.

4. Alex: Will Charlie contribute any money to the activities fund?

Brian: Definitely not! He's a real tightwad and is known to be very _________and does not spend

his money _____________.

5. I stayed up too overdue tonight to view late-night Television shows. Tomorrow I'll need to pay the piper and

will have to __________ the _____________ of my actions.

6. Jake didn't make very good grades in institution, but his sister was a real egghead. This means that

Jake's sister can be an _________________ girl.

7. I understand I did ________ on the test. I needed all the materials down pat and could answer all the

questions _____________.

8. John and Alice are living from side to oral cavity since John lost his job plus they have only

____________ money to pay for __________ needs.

9. Chris can practice the piano until hell freezes over and he'll never play well no matter

how __________ or how _____________ he will keep at it.

10. Don't include Desmond as part of the bargaining team. He's just started working here and it is still

too moist behind the ears. He would be quite ___________________ and __________ to the task.

Idioms in Framework - Complete the spaces in the passage with the idioms from the package.

a] go to any measures b] out of the top drawer c] taking one's life in one's hands

d] a respected light e] broad in the beam f] leave of your respective senses

g] expire is cast h] on the mind i] place the lid on j] green about the gills

"WILL I look very 1______________ in these jodhpurs?" Elsa asked May. "No, not at all, " replied May, "but what makes you putting on them?" Elsa didn't look too happy and said, "It's Paul. He has horses 2______________ and wishes to teach me horse-riding. "May was astonished stating, "I thought horse-riding was only for individuals 3______________ " To the Elsa replied, "Apparently not. Paul's parents haven't much money, but his mother's 4______________ in the local riding golf club. " "But usually you would 5______________ to avoid exercise, " said May to Elsa. "What perhaps you have done? Have you been one of those who have used 6______________ ?" "I believe I may did that to myself, " said Elsa and tripped to meet Paul.

When they attained the stables, Elsa sensed rather 7______________ when she saw the size of the equine. She wanted to leave but thought, "The 8______________ I can't change my brain now. " When she received on the equine, Elsa felt as if it was like 9______________ and hated every minute of her operating lesson, in particular when it started out to rain. Tired, damp and aching in every limb, she limped home to find yourself in a hot bath tub. Later, she thought to May, "That' has 10______________ my marriage with Paul. I had been tiring of him in any case and after that, I don't want to see him again. And I never want to see another equine!"

Idioms in Framework - Provide the so this means of the idioms [as underlined] in the next passage.

Kate is at seventh heaven. William experienced just popped the question and she had said yes. They wanted to get married at the earliest opportunity, but recognized that Kate's parents would want to spare no expenditure for his or her only daughter's wedding. Organising this may take a long time and both Kate and William could have preferred a casual occasion. Still, Kate thought the world of her family and would consent to a huge wedding if indeed they wished one. The young few were hoping to keep their engagement under wraps until they could tell both pieces of parents in person next day. However, these were smiling so happily that their friends guessed that they had some good reports and asked what it was. Eventually Kate's best ally, Mary, made her come clean and everyone congratulated the happy few. They begged their friends not to tell other people but Mary allow cat from the bag and the news headlines spread rapidly round the town. By enough time Kate and William appeared for lunch next day both units of parents were already in the know. Since Kate and William have been dating for some time, both families acquired suspected an proposal was on the credit cards. Now that it had actually been announced, they all looked onward to the happy day when the couple would get married.

Give this is:

in seventh heaven:

Pop the question:

Spare no expense:

Think the world of:

Keep [something] under wraps:

Come clean:

Let the cat from the bag:

On the cards:

Tie the knot:

Interesting Origins -Answer 'TRUE' or 'Wrong' to these claims. What's the idiom connected with each assertion? Do you know its origins?

Achilles was a man in Greek mythology who hurt his arm. ___________.

Knights were military in middle ages times who rode on horses and rescued damsels in stress or in dangerous situations. ___________

Card players put in their biceps and triceps when they know they can earn a game. ___________

A special wand is a keep utilized by magicians to perform magic steps. ___________

A clam is a kind of shellfish which is slow to react when it is attacked. ___________

A beaver is a little pet animal which is hardworking and wanting to help. ___________

Other Languages found in English Idioms

Given the meaning of the following phrases. Then choose one of the phrases to fill in the gaps in the sentences. You may have to research the dictionary for the meaning of the phrases.

A] advertisement nauseum :

B] raison d'etre :

C] dej  vu :

D] piece de level of resistance :

E] in loco parentis :

1. It was the first time I have been there but I put a strange sense of ________________.

2. He talks ___________about soccer. I think it is very monotonous sometimes.

3. While children are in school, teachers are ____________________.

4. The ______________was when the orchestra and the fireworks begun.

5. She'll never quit the theater. It's her ___________________.

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