A Camping Trip By Bridget Andersen | Brief Story

When I say the words "breakfast time burrito, " I gamble that an outdoor camping trip in the wilderness doesn't come to mind. My story starts with three friends hoping to spend additional time together. After almost a year of heavy duty school, sports commitments, church requirements, and other pressures in their lives, they determined it was period to take a period of time. One friend wished to go to Busch Landscapes so that she could scream out her frustrations and enjoy the roller coaster trips. Another wanted to go directly to the beach, where she could relax in the sun and play in the waves. Just one more friend, who was simply a girl scout, knew the tranquility and solitude of a camping trip. She wanted to go camping in the tranquil wilderness of southern Virginia. Therefore, the group of friends put their thoughts together and came up with an idea for an excellent camping trip. They imagined it would be similar to the old days when they camped in their back yard, ate kitchen-cooked food, and possessed the luxuries of the house at their removal. They looked onward to a fantastic camping trip of friendship and fun.

As the day finally came up, it was time and energy to depart. Having put in most of the previous week packing their clothes and resources, it was a wonder that they could fit all their provisions in the automobile. They had even considered strapping a friend to the roof in order to fit in a supplementary food cooler. As the trip would be long and they wished to be entertained the whole way, so they also brought their cell phones, Dvd and blu-ray players, and appetizers to keep them satisfied.

When they arrived at the campsite, they expected to see lodges and cabins that got air conditioning and domestic plumbing. What they actually found was very good below their prospects. There were no cabins: only small, toned, gravel surfaces which they were suppose to create their tents and a charred fire bowl, full of leaves, camper trash and other dust. However, this didn't dampen the young ladies' spirits; they just surely got to work unpacking their various equipment from the car.

The only trouble that they experienced while setting up camp was pitching the tent. THE LADY Scout borrowed the tent from her sibling, who was a guy scout. On his many travels the instructions for setting up the tent became drinking water stained and ripped so the words and diagrams were incomprehensible. None of them of the girls possessed much experience setting up a tent so they just was required to try their finest. If they were done, the tent could stand by itself, but it looked nothing like the tent on the front of the package deal where it came. There is also a piece of cloth leftover that they could not find a use. The girls dismissed these observations and figured that if the tent stood, it was sufficient for the coffee lover.

After setting up camp, the three friends decided to go for a soothing hike to a nearby lake, where they might get a canoe outing. Alas, one of the campers acquired overlooked to bring a water bottle. She also been in horrible physical condition. Because of her condition, the brief hike to the waterfront became very challenging, as both campers urged and finally supported their friend. After relaxing for some time at the waterfront, the girls found enough energy to force off of the canoes in to the water. While repeating this, one girl unintentionally stepped onto a muddy rock and roll and fell mind first into the water. She rose from the lake looking like a damp dog, but she was still good-natured with a giggle on her face. The three friends sat there and laughed until these were having trouble respiration. Then they went out on the drinking water. For a while, they explored the shores and docks around the lake. However, because of their exhaustion and poor paddling skills, the canoe flipped over. Again, the friends found some teeth in this experience and acquired fun climbing back to the canoe.

Eventually, the friends chose that it was time to complete their canoe outing, and they made their in the past to camp. After an afternoon of fun on the drinking water, they had built up quite an desire for foods. On appearance at the campsite, however, these were in for an extremely big surprise! The local camp raccoon, "Joe Raccoon" as he was widely known, possessed outsmarted them by sneaking to their camp in wide daylight while they were away on the canoeing trip and engaging in their food, bins, and buckets! As they looked over the equipment, they found half-eaten fruits pies, opened containers of caffeine grounds, lacking popcorn kernels, sandwich makings thrown about, and a great deal of empty candy wrappers. At one point, one of the campers took place to catch a brief glance of Joe Raccoon as he scampered from the campsite with a massive belly, fingers full of goodies, and using a mischievous grin. The girls sat in a group in great dismay pondering what they were thinking when they had went camping. Without food, empty-stomached, worn out, and frustrated, this camping trip was turning out to be a not-so-fun outing. Additionally, it was only early afternoon.

Even after they arduously cleaned in the campsite, they were still soaked from their drop in the lake. Since the girls had filled a surplus of clothes, they decided that they could risk using up another outfit to be able to get dried up. However, when they got inside the tent, they all screamed at the perception to behold. There were pests and spiders of each condition and size crawling around in their sleeping totes. Lions and tigers and insects, oh my! That they had forgotten to close the tent flap when they kept for their canoe trip! Instead of entering the tent, they determined that it might be better to remain in their wet clothes than face the creepy crawlies. Eventually they drew straws to decide who sweep out the tent. Just what a awful decision the canoeing trip was turning out to be!

They were eager and unpleasant and made a decision to cook dinner on the flame with the supplies that Joe Raccoon acquired left out. Maybe their clothes would dry out off next to the fire too? That they had designed on making spaghetti and meat sauce. None of them envisioned how hard it would be to prepare it. They had to be sure that the grate that they put over the flame was the right distance away, that the heat from the fire was evenly spaced out, and they did not spill the hot water on themselves. After some time, they finally succeeded in adding the noodles on the hearth and allowing it to stew. However, none of them had ever cooked spaghetti before plus they didn't know that you have to stir it consistently. Because of this, when they had taken the spaghetti from the pot, it was clumped in the bottom and burned so that it was inedible. The girls had to satisfy their cravings for food with the Cheerios and berries that they had planned on eating in the morning. They finished their meager evening meal alone and then grumpily visited bed. Yelling and snapping at the other person the complete time. This camping trip was causing more stress than they had originally organized.

The next morning hours two of girls woke up to realize that it acquired rained in the center of the night. Their tent was completely soaked, and they were practically swimming in this that was coating underneath of the tent (they forgot to put their rain jacket on when they pitched the tent). However, once they received over their frustration with the dampness, they opened their tent and smelled the tantalizing aroma of. . Potatoes, oh for the love of potatoes! After being starving and cold all night, the warm, scrumptious fragrance of the potatoes was like heaven to their noses! Visions of mashed and baked potatoes danced in their mind. They quickly went in search of the foundation and found the rest of the girl (who was simply the Girl Scout) cooking hash browns on the fire. She had create a table that was already filled up with scrambled eggs, cheddar mozzarella cheese, sour crЁme personally, salsa, and warm tortillas. The Girl Scout greeted them and told them that she was making one of her traditional camping foods: breakfast burritos. They nodded and sat down in foldable chairs by the fireplace. They sang and laughed throughout the fire as the Girl Scout completed roasting the potatoes. The flame crackled and offered off warm waves of high temperature that the girls savored.

When the lady was done cooking, she place the potatoes on the table, and girls crammed their own burritos with the primary ingredients along with sour crЁme, onions, and salsa in order to make it more flavorful and sat down at the campfire again. Initially, the other campers were wary. Imagine if the burritos finished up being a oversight like the rest with their camping trip? But as they watched the other female dig in, the warm smell of the meals overpowered their sense of extreme caution, plus they each got a bite. The burrito was fantastic!

The potatoes were prepared to golden-brown perfection, and the eggs were simmered just right so the combination was amazing! The breakfast burritos awakened their five senses. They could start to see the golden darkish potatoes and the yellow of the perfect eggs. They could feel the nice crispy warmth of the tortilla in their hands and the soft feel of the potatoes and eggs as they got each bite. They could still smell the aroma of the potatoes, but now it was signed up with with the satisfying smell of the eggs and onions, combining together to build the ultimate aroma. They closed their eyes and observed the sound of satisfaction as the other young girls relished their own burrito. The burritos tasted like no other food on earth. The combination of all the substances created the perfect blend of flavors. Each lady gobbled up two burritos in a flash. After they were full and content, they all sat throughout the campfire and finally got a nap.

They woke up and started packaging up their things. They had much less to pack, because of Joe Raccoon. After they were done, they lay out on the road again. While travelling home, the friends shown on their brief camping trip and determined it wasn't that bad. The breakfast time burritos that day acquired definitely brightened the trip! Plus, it was a good experience for the coffee lover. The next time they continued a camping trip, they would know what to watch out for in order that they wouldn't normally make the same blunders that they made this year. They even considered returning next calendar year to the same place! If indeed they did, then they would certainly be sure you eat breakfast time burritos!

Breakfast Burritos*:


1 pack hash browns

Salt and pepper

Garlic powder

8 eggs

Oil and butter

8 oz shredded cheddar cheese

Sour cream


14 flour tortillas

A pan

A spatula


Put engine oil in a pan to prevent the food from sticking with the factors. Place hash browns and butter in to the pan and cook them on the flame until they commence to brown. Flip them every once and in a while to make sure that they don't really burn. Scramble eggs and add to hash browns. Continue to cook and flip until all solid. Add sodium and pepper to style and cook until done. Put in place heated up tortilla. Add mozzarella cheese, sour cream, and salsa in the burrito (optional).

*I received this formula from

Carrie Clark, leader of Gal Scout troop 2659

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