A History Titled Unbelievable British Literature Essay

In the world everything is related. Who are we? How does we appear on this tiny comfortable world? These questions stay unanswered. We are able to make up different tales for ourselves, but they stay fairytales. I'll now tell you a short story, which happened to 1 simple guy, who was simply same as me, identical to some of my friends. Yet, his life differed from ours from the delivery, even though we've own report of ours. This guy was bought at the entranceway of the orphanage. He laid in little container and it appeared as if life was fading from him. It was dark around, frightening and uncomfortable. Orphanage was unfilled already, everybody was eliminated already, and it felt that nobody could help the small dying child already, even though he needed not much: heat and some milk.

Today Natalie Pavlovna had a difficult day, a whole lot of work, that's the reason she is late home, but the lady wished to surface finish everything fast and go home where children were looking forward to her. Beneath the considered her Sasha and Zhenya Natalie Pavlovna made a worm teeth. She possessed wonderful kids who adored her and cared for her.

It wasn't difficult to take care of them, even though she elevated them only. When her man, nine years back unexpectedly left her, Sasha and Zhenya stayed really the only point of her life. Kids became her friends and helpers. So now she has done her job and hurries home. As she possessed transferred the hall, she pushed the door with power and stepped in the direction of cold, piercing wind. Sudden sound commanded her to avoid and appearance around. What's this? She saw a small container. When she observed what's in it, the hair on her mind started to move. Newborn child!!! Inside the basket was a small, newborn, and freezing child!!! The heart of a female shrinked because of pity! Natalie Pavlovna kept his life, took care and attention of him, provided him his heat, and after all legal methods, their family became bigger using one person. Natalie Pavlovna provided him the name Viktor- the winner. That's how Vitya gained family, and who recognizes is it an accident or not.

Vitya grew up like the easy child: kind, polite, and funny. His sibling and sister liked him quite definitely; they played different games with him, prepared for him-he is the youngest in the family. When he became seven, he went to school. Learning was providing to him quite simple, and sometimes it appeared as if he did not study, but he understood it and he just forgot it. In general their life was silent and happy!

That nighttime Vitya was not sleeping, bad presentiments did not allowed him to drift off. It was felt that even the air from around was very heavy. In the morning his mood was not good, but Vitya put his overcoat on and went to college as usually performed. Only when he began to concentrate on the lesson, in their class opened door and teacher silently began to talk with a person. Vitya was sure something happened. Once the teacher closed


the door, she found Vitya with her sight. She asked him to leave the class. Vitya travelled and

he realized that some changes are going on in his life. Close to the windows the director of the school was ranking. He slowly came up to Vitya and said that in their family experienced a large grief- his mum must a serious car crash, so she is in a healthcare facility, and she desires to see him. The director took Vitya along with his hands, and gone with him to the courtyard. They emerged to his car, and director exposed the door for Vitya. The son has sat down in it, even though they were going he thought of his mum, he recollected the holidays of his family and campaigns in parks, forests, on the lake, and when these were on the Black colored sea in Crimea. They emerged to the hospital very quickly. Here is a hospital. The cold, grey, and heavy walls in a healthcare facility oppressed. Unexpectedly Vitya began to think of, why will be the walls in a healthcare facility are such grey and thick. In a healthcare facility are people who would like something fresh and dazzling, because they feel very bad, but instead there are grey walls, that happen to be making your feeling bad. And in addition why do the walls need to oppress tired people? If he could change something, he'd change the color of surfaces. With this thoughts he arrived to the chamber were his mom was lading. Vitya forced the entranceway and inserted the chamber were his mother laid on pillows and looked at the windows. When she listened to that somebody came to her chamber, she switched and found Vitya, she tried to smile but she could not. Vitya came to his mum and he needed her hand. The same time he have that, he began to feel the incredible pain, and the pain was so hard, that he even possessed choked. In some ten or even less a few moments Vitya understood, that that it is not his pain- he feels his mother's pain. He was sense the sufferings of his mum. He didn't know why is it such as this, but he realized that he is not wrong. In horror he ran from the chamber! He was ranking near the window, and he tried to comprehend what has happened to him. Then he read the communicating of two men, they were talking about his mum, the automobile automobile accident, that her mum does not have any chances to have, because all of her bone fragments are cracked. He understood that it is true and also he understood that only they can help his mum. With true feeling of big love, he got into the chamber, contacted to the bed, and viewed in his mom face. It looked like she viewed him, but she did not see anything. Uncertainly he got his mother's palm, his body pierced the acute agony, but he didn't release his mum's side, and than he suddenly sensed that the pain of his mom moves. He stood like that some ten more minutes, and than unexpectedly known that all terrible things are in back of. Lifeless he sat down near his mum, and waited when his mom will awaken. How? Why? Vitya wished to think, but he cannot. Could not yet! One man from the corridor arrived to the chamber, and sat near his mum. He turned to Vitya, and asked to leave for a while; he wanted to study Natalie Pavlovna once again. The boy remaining and even though he was exhausted, everything was warm and calm on his heart. Vitya was sure now with his mum everything would be good. He cannot explain from where he has this self confidence, but he was sure he is not wrong. The doctor went back from the chamber, and the deep expressions on his face make Vitya laugh. But he was surprised of what he observed, that he just began to run to the other doctor. When he reached the other doctor, he said that out of thirty years, which he was working in this hospital, the problem like this was the first time. The girl that had only a 50 % of percent, feels well, and that all her bones aren't broken. She wants to return home with her kid.


How can it be like this? Can you make clear this? -The voice of another was

very excited and guarded.

- No. I really do have no explanations. I think they can go!

In twenty minutes Vitya with his mum went from the hospital and went home. In the evening everyone from the family were seating near the fireplace and reading. It appeared like his mother didn't remember anything. She advised to Sasha and Zhenya that she acquired a small crash, plus some good people put her in medical center, they told her that she doesn't have any serious traumas, then Vitya came took her plus they left a healthcare facility. Vitya listened to her, and he was feeling excellent. He realized that today he rescued his mum. The youngster could not clarify how he does that, but has been assured that it were able to go back his mum alive. When everybody arrived to different rooms, Vitya lay down to sleeping, but his mom came.

- Thanks a lot sonny! I realized that you are special. - She carefully kissed him and kept.

- Special?!

Vitya was lying down on to the floor with closed sight, and numerous thought went

through out his mind. Special! What else he is able to do. Slowly he has dropped asleep. He wished for the green field. Far there have been many trees, and their leaves were dazzling lilac color. Near him were flying multicolored wild birds. It appeared like all the colors of rainbow colored even the air. Suddenly there appeared the woman, which starched hands to him. Vitya wished to set you back her, but all of a sudden the loud speech thundered.

- Ilona! He is not ready yet! He is actually small!

The woman decreased her hands and began to melt, some several seconds

passed and woman disappeared. Vitya woke up. His heart was beating really fast, and he could not inhale normally. The fantasy did not leave him, it seemed like the voice was at his ears nonetheless. Vitya was lying on the foundation, but still cannot sleep.

The woman has put down her hands and began melting. Several a few moments passed away and she was gone. Vitya woke up. Center was conquering wildly in his torso. This wish didn't leave his head! It looked like the voice still rang in his ears. Vitya lay down very long time without sleep, but progressively he did fall asleep and woke up each day fresh. All incidents, which occurred to him yesterday became a qualifications and weren't that amazing nowadays. Vitya as always visited school, found his friends and started living like an average eight-year-old young man. Two years flew by. Vitya studied, played. Also. Vitya liked dogs a whole lot. He wished to buy a puppy, but his mommy didn't allow him. His mom discussed him that they show up home almost never and couldn't play with him much. Vitya comprehended it, but he still needed it a whole lot! So once Vitya and his friends were walking again from college through the park. It was spring, mother nature woke up after hibernating in winter.


Suddenly kids been told a horrifying barking. Kids ran at the sound and saw a terrible picture. A gigantic dog attacked another dog. The gigantic dog was intimidating. Through the huge jaws spilled sticky saliva, sight were shining with red light. Kids were very good yet, but felt the

awful aroma, which bounded the beast. Kids were frightened plus they have ceased. The monster acquired slaughtered the other dog, which was defending something till its last breath. But here was it's last breathing and the sufferer, bloody, wounded, and scowled last time. The monster didn't relax! It needed something the deceased dog has protected with the value of own life. Very quickly kids saw what was the target of the monster. A doggie! Little helpless puppy dog! One more second and its own very small body will be bitten in two parts by the filthy fangs of the titanic dog. Vitya couldn't hold it and he screamed! Slowly. Very little by little the monster has flipped his terrible face towards the kids. It appeared as if the dog smiled. Suddenly he converted and sprinted towards kids. Several meters separated kid from the dog, in dread they watched, how the dog was getting nearer. They clearly saw the mad, blood filled, eye. They realized that their faith is exactly what of the wiped out canines. Monster ran towards the youngsters and ready to bounce. Unexpectedly it began watching Vitya direct in the eyes. It appeared as if it was seeking to comprehend something.

-Go away! Leave us by themselves! - Said Vitya.

And suddenly the dog appealed! He flipped away and gradually staggered away. Kids in fear observed this furious struggle of Vitya against your dog. While Vitya in this time already performed the puppy dog in his forearms and strolled home. He recognized that two never heading to be segregated. When mother observed the story of Jack port, this name Vitya chose for his four- legged good friend, she wasn't against the fact that the puppy would stay and live with them.

Puppy grew fast. It appeared, like him and Vitya comprehended each other with no words.

Two more years past away. Little or nothing special happened to Vitya. At last here he recognizes a dream. He is again at the field, however the air has the aroma of something has burned, and Vitya feels pain, someone's pain! Again there's a woman in front of him, which he had seen before. She talks about him extremely softly.

-Hello Vitya! - she doesn't say anything, but Vitya hears her.

-Vitya, you were delivered on this planet. Globe needs help and you also were directed there to save mankind from devastation

. We aren't by itself in the galaxy. You will find a lot more planets with life in it and not all are kind. Planet Kloakie is filled with evil creatures. They have destroyed many brilliant races and today want to demolish people on the planet. They need Globe, because on this world is very enjoyable environment for the life span of Kloakans. They are really about to bring disease to Earth, that will destroy the mankind. You have a great deal of ability; you can repair people only with touch. Your goal is to help people preventing growing of the diseases. They are going to try to stop you, but you have to save the people. You now have to learn everything. You've still got time.


Vitya woke up. He remembered, how he healed his mom, how strange did the monster-dog acted before him. He considered that he always noticed special. He considered his mother, about how exactly strong is his love towards her, towards his brothers. From this moment he previously looked at his life values. If he's received faith, he accepts it!

Vitya had researched, studied, and examined! Chemistry, physics, anatomy. Each one of these science Vitya examined day by day. Time exceeded by.

Many years passed. Vitya became a health care provider. Very good doctor. He cured people, grasped of all hopeless circumstances. Patients said, that he healed even with his sight, despite having his touch. Yet, Vitya remembered his mission every minute, he knew, that major battle for lives of people is to be fought.

Once Victor went to the museum. He travelled there time from time. He liked to invest his time prudently,

He liked to discover something new. In the museum he unintentionally heard the speech of a guy and young youngster.

-Dad, inform me, why do these monsters look? Are they scary? I am scared of them!

- Son, they are not monsters! These are dressed actors! You don't need to be afraid of these! Easily only realized who could show this kind of circus to kids.

Victor didn't pay much attention to the speech that time, but when he still left the museum, he previously a flashback of the speech for reasons uknown. Clearing these thoughts, Victor rested. Abruptly, his attention was captured by two men around 30-40 years of age, wearing the suits and ties, which walked on the road with cars in bold manner, risking to get under the wheels of the automobile. The car got frantically ringed at them. Among the men made a vulgar hand sign and kicked the car, leaving a split on the wing. Once the angry car driver jumped out of car, these hooligans defeat him with their fists. The drivers jumped back and shut the door. Two men offered high five to each other and sustained their path for the museum. When they come to the alley, one of them grabbed a rock and pointed on the museum. While they strolled on the museum they have got bullied people on the way. Fights came out, but even law enforcement couldn't bring the justice to the street. People screamed, fought, fell, spilled with bloodstream.

What occurred to these men? Who are they and why are they behaving themselves like they are mad? Victor was extremely surprised by the actual fact, that that they had love to bring pain. Most people didn't have this lust to bring pain to people exactly like selves. Furthermore, their feeling of self-defense was absent. Police with enormous effort finally segregated the hooligans from the raging mob. These were beaten hard in this quarrel, that's why the cops brought them straight to the hospital. Victor's day, which experienced such an excellent start, was hopelessly messed up. Victor thought that he needs to understand the habit of the men so he headed to the closest medical center. He thought that


the hooligans and their victims might be going there and is guesses became right. In the hospital all the bare places were filled up with the wounded. While Victor walked the hall, looking for the hooligans, he had luck to discover something from the elements of speech. These men were famous people; they does a whole lot of good to the folks of the town, especially to kids. Now, they are receiving back again from circus, which was made specifically for kids. No person could make clear their behavior now. Victor found their room and gone inside. Dirty, bloody, men lay down at dining tables, doctors tried to help them. One of these was unconscious. The face of the other one captured victor's attention. The sight of the person went glass, and the jaw hanged. His eyes were dead. Victor made a decision to talk to the physician, which helped the person, to learn in what condition was the patient.

- How will you explain their incredible behavior?

- i don't understand. They don't understand, it looks like they may be machines intended to kill. We had to provide them calming pills, - doctor frantically looked at Victor and extended with the wounded.

-What is this? - Doctor transformed towards Victor.

When Victor and Doctor viewed the wounded, these were already dead. While using filling of melancholiness Victor has exit a healthcare facility with numerous questions, that answers he didn't have. When he came home, he calm and made a decision to think out everything calmly. Making himself cup of coffee, he fired up the TV. Instantly his attention gone on the announcement. Young female advised about the peculiar, unexplained fatalities in her town.

-Today, his dad killed the little child. How have he are worthy of it?- questioned himself doctor.

Blood covered child made an appearance on the screen. The handle of knife was sticking from his throat. Victor jumped up! It had been a son from museum!

- What could make father make such a heartless action?- the woman went on. - We are now going to go to the father and we will ask him, what have he done, female has turned towards cops, who kept the villain.

The young safeguard of legislations in confusion looked at the camera.

He is inactive. He has died;-that's all he could say.

Victor has switched off it and gone deep into his brain. What is occurring? He couldn't answer this question. He had difficult sleep this nights. Some unmatchable thought flew in his mind's eye but he couldn't capture it. All of a sudden he woke up. The circus! The hooligans from museum, and the son with his dad visited the circus. Maybe, it was just a coincidence, but vicar thought, that he needed to visit the circus. With such a thought he


went back again to sleep.

To his good fortune he woke up completely rested. After he ate fast, he visited circus. The elements was bad, rain dropped, freezing blowing wind blew. The circus was built at the advantage of a town near the forest. The main part of circus appeared miserable. Everything was old and breakable. Victor had looked over the audience. Largely parents with the kids had visited. Moving over the hall, Victor possessed viewed the designers of the circus. There have been a whole lot of real freaks: the wolfman, snakeman, birdman, who flapped his wings. The primary part yet was that Victor experienced the pure evil in this place. Evil was all over, it ate mind, whispered, encircled.

-It's all my nerves! - Thought Victor and appeared around. Victor halted close to the dwarf known as Echo.

-Hello!-greeted him litttle lady.

- Hello you too solved Echo with her tone of voice.

-Oh mommy he talks like me! - Screamed the girl.

Victor discovered, that woman provided a fake look, while in her eye some strange sentiment blinked, she shook her brain, like she was striving to reduce some thoughts.

-What's your name?- asked Victor the dwarf.

Victor didn't answer, he was frightened, that the dwarf will listen to his speech. His dread was conscious, like with his words the dwarf could take his heart and soul.

- Go away. Go as fast as possible. - Thought victor, going towards the leave with fast steps.

At the leave out of circus he was attending to on the guests. They pushed each other, mothers shouted at their kids roughly. Victor knew for several, that circus is bad, and he realized that he will be back here. The great shock he previously experienced was replaced by frigid boldness. He understood how to proceed. Evil needs to be destroyed! Late night Victor was hanging around near the circus already.

- Only hearth can damage the bad, - thought Victor.

In his hand he previously a canister with energy. Young man wanted to wait around till night, when all devilish painters will be asleep, he will combust this cursed circus. Instantly he felt, how someone's ice-cold hands fallen on his shoulder. Turning around he found one of the actors. He was brief, with wide shoulder blades, almost without no neck of the guitar. He had brief hair and tiny ears. It was senseless to run from him, so victor allowed to capture himself. They gone into little room. In the area it was half dark, but he known, that


he is at director's office, the director of this inhumane, cruel circus. The horrifying creature was right in front of Victor. Victor stepped back again. That is probably the way the offspring of shark and monkey would look. Dark-blue epidermis, body protected with abdominal, no neck and ears, two slices instead of nostril, and hands with knife-sharp curved nails. Yellow sight stared at Victor. The low part of fish head suddenly opened, and from his jaws sparked razor-sharp teeth, which grew with several rows. Creature has brought up on its thighs and slowly going towards Victor's course.

-Oh, that's you. You can't really cover from you. You seen my circus today. I feel attendance, hurdles. Victor, you can't stop us. To be able to stay alive you have to join Kloake. THE PLANET EARTH is doomed.

Victor needed all his self-determination, so he could gloriously watch his enemy in the face.

-You have to answer now! Life or painful fatality? You can't save the folks, evil has already been present and they'll get rid of each other's themselves, - extended the director.

Speedily grabbing the canister with fuel, Victor spilled the gasoline at different factors on the floor and lighted the match. The circus acquired burning instantly. The soul-piercing howl. Viktor acquired jumped out of the door fast as lightning. He ran for the forest. His instincts told him that the monster was still alive. Around the advantage of the field the fine sand had moved out of the blue and started rising. No, this is not the sand. It's something huge and dark. Director, Victor stepped again and froze on place. His heart was beating wildly. His trust gives him the opportunity. Viktor has taken out an icon from cathedral. The monster was right above it. It's wicked hand started towards Victor. Victor was defenseless. During his last moments of life Victor could only make one previous pre loss of life scream full of horror and despair. Yet, the malice fingernails didn't rip his throat. The monster froze. Victor stood up and saw the glistening ray of light. Out of this ray showed up Ilona and several other people. Their encounters were positive and kind. Female looked at victor and smiled.

-You made it, sonny! You halted the evil and saved the Earth. We never doubted you and always thought in you. Now we take the Kloak to prison, and you have a decision: you can fly away around or stick to Earth.

-I would prefer to stay home. My home- Globe! - Answered Victor.

Ilona arrived close gradually and wiped her side across Victors face delicately.

-Goodbye, sonny! People need you, they want your help!- she viewed him carefully and melted.

Soon Victor stayed alone. Gradually he marched out the forest. His heart was light and glad.


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