A Life With Three Marriages English Literature Essay

In the booklet Their Eyes Were Viewing God by Zora Hurston, matrimony plays a major role in the storyline. The main figure, Janie, get wedded three times in her life time. Janie is an extremely attractive woman and basically can get who she needs, but she is searching for a special somebody. Most people get married once, but Janie just couldn't find the appropriate person to invest the others of her life with. Janie uses a peach tree as her symbol for a perfect man. Janie lives a life of doubt. She needs to be hitched to her peach tree, but she cannot seem to be to run into him. Janie isn't worried of looking forward to her ideal spouse. Janie will go from matrimony to marriage trying to find not only the perfect soul mate, but she also wanted to find herself. Janie got a hard time trying to be who she is really when she experienced her grandmother choosing her partner on her behalf. Janie's mom and grandmother got such a difficult life. Janie has her grandmother to care for her, but she cannot do that permanently. Janie's grandmother forced Janie to limitations because she wanted Janie to have a life that wasn't like her own or her mother's. The theme of this history is love includes compromise and honesty in a relationship. Marriage guarantees change, but it'll remain loveless without equality and value.

Janie's first matrimony with Logan Killicks fails because Logan and her grandmother don't display any admiration for what Janie desires out of your marriage. Janie's grandmother's selfish action contributed to the marriage because she forces Janie to marry Logan with regard to her own comforts rather than Janie's. As mentioned in the booklet, "And that means you don't want to marry off reasonable like, do yuh? You just would like to hug and kiss and feel around with the first one man and then another, huh? You want me to suck the same sorrow yo' mama did, eh? Mah ole head ain't grey enough. Mah back ain't bowed enough to suit yuh!"(13-4). This price shows how much her grandmother doesn't want her to have the marriage she would like. Janie desires the hugs and the kisses, which is what makes her dream relationship seem so outstanding. Janie would like to marry because she is in love with that person, she doesn't want to marry out of convenience. Janie's grandmother lived in a time where love didn't can be found and that is what makes her thrust Janie to marry Logan. During those times it was hard to find a married relationship between BLACK women that covered love.

Logan further aggravates the matrimony because he desires Janie showing her gratitude for what he did on her behalf. Logan feels that he will Janie a huge favour by marrying her, but in all reality, Janie is unpleasant. Logan has no admiration for Janie's feelings. Although Logan will try to be polite to her there is absolutely no sincerity in what he does indeed because he just doesn't caution. Again Logan feels he's doing Janie a favor. As Boston Earth staff member, Renee Graham, writes about an interview by Valerie Boyd, she discloses that Hurston writes from experience, "She often proved helpful as a maid and may have endured an abusive common-law matrimony to a man who, Boyd posits, may have provided bitter creativity for the cruel Logan Killicks in "Their Sight Were Watching God. " (Hurston, who wedded not wisely but often, officially experienced three husbands. Writes Boyd, "Zora was frightened that matrimony would only broaden her hips and slim her life. ").

In the beginning of their marriage Logan tried being nice to her, but Janie acted ungrateful. As Logan says Janie, "Ah thought you would 'preciate good treatment. Thought Ah'd take and make somethin' outta yuh. You think youse white folk be de way you act"(30). When Logan realizes the way that she is acting he doesn't tolerate her habit. Logan threatens to Janie as mentioned in the e book, " Ah'll take holt uh dat axe and come in dere and get rid of yuh!"(30). At this time Janie cannot longer stand her marriage with Logan. Even after seeking advice from her grandmother, nothing can stop Janie from operating out the entranceway and into a fresh marriage.

Janie's second matrimony to Joe Starks lacks respect and equality. Janie leaves Logan Killicks for Joe Starks. Janie feels that Joe may be her real peach tree, but after a long time of being wedded to Joe, she soon realizes she actually is only a trophy partner to him. Janie is by Joe's part mainly for the purpose to improve his image in Eatonville. Joe places Janie on the pedestal and that is not what she would like. Janie needs to be similar Joe, but he doesn't notice that the major of Eatonville's wife ought to be the same as everybody else. Joe also feels that way with himself. He seems he has full control over Janie's life and can tell her what to do whenever and wherever he pleases. Joe lacks admiration for Janie because he will not allow her to be a person, but rather treats Janie as someone with not thoughts and ideas. As stated in the booklet, "Aw naw they don't. They consider they's thinkin'. When Ah see one thing Ah understand ten. You observe ten things and do not understand one"(71). Within this quote Joe makes Janie feel so ridiculous. Joe just like Logan doesn't look after Janie's emotions. Janie one again realizes what a big mess she's obtained into.

As Joe talks right down to Janie she still retains her mouth shut, but from that moment on their relationship will be loveless. As mentioned in the foreword, "While the rest of us in the room battled to find our voices, Alice Walker rose and claimed hers, insisting passionately that female didn't have to speak when men thought they have to, that they might choose when and where they wish to speak because while women possessed found their own voices, in addition they understood when it was do not to utilize it"(xiv). This quoted shows how Janie learned to keep her oral cavity shut because if she didn't her knew she'll be beaten. The bedroom where they both would spend wonderful evening together finished after Joe degrades Janie, but Janie also finds herself in another violent romance. As articulated in the publication, "She wasn't petal-open any more with him. She was twenty-four and seven years married when she recognized. She discovered that out one day when he slapped her face in the kitchen"(71). Joe pushes her to be someone she isn't, exactly like Janie's grandmother forced into a marriage she didn't want to be in.

Joe also humiliates Janie before the whole town by not allowing her to state what she seems. When Joe happens to the town soon to be called Eatonville, he is immediately elected major. Joe was the only one showing any belief to observe that town become something. When everyone in Eatonville cheers for the election of Joe Starks as their mayor, they ask to listen to from the mayor's partner, but regrettably Joe spoke against Janie speaking to the audience. As pronounced in the publication, "Thank yuh fuh yo' compliments, but mah partner don't know nothin' 'bout speech-makin'. Ah never married her for nothin' lak dat. She's uh woman and her place is de home"(43). Joe humiliates Janie and will not care about how she seems. Joe wishes to contain Janie in a package to prevent Janie from socializing. Joe seems that she doesn't need to talk to the folks in the town. He thinks that she is better than that, yet he wont even let her speak her mind in her own house.

Janie's third relationship to Tea Cake is in contrast with the other two marriages because she believed a sense of equality. Janie finally reaches her goal to secure a marriage filled up with love and value, but this marriage too doesn't previous long. Janie has more liberty to speak her mind to Tea Cake in their relationship. As articulated in the reserve, "Looka heah, Tea Wedding cake, if you ever set off on me and have a great time lak dat and then come back tellin' me how nice Ah is, Ah specks tuh get rid of you deceased. You heah me?"(124).

Janie has more vitality in her marriage to Tea Wedding cake then she do with Logan and Joe. When Janie starts off to feel a sense of accomplishment, she almost thinks that she's found her peach tree. There is certainly one scene that illustrates the equality in Janie and Tea Wedding cake marriage and then the play checkers alongside one another. As shown in the publication, "He arrange it and began to show her and she found herself glowing inside. An individual wanted her to experiment with someone thought it was natural on her behalf to try out. That was even nice. "(95-6).

Although Janie still had her doubt about her matrimony, it is visible that their marriage is dependant on equality.

A marriage does not have any real groundwork without equality and value. Janie tried out trying

gaining the equality and value out of three marriages and only one seemed to show some of those aspects. Janie exhausted searching on her behalf peach tree, but all she was left with was very little self-motivation and many years being lonely. Janie prevented from following a same footsteps as her mom and grandmother. Janie would like to find her perfect spouse has she experienced the patience to go through three relationships to get it. Along the way of finding her ideal partner Janie found herself. She seems she has more control over what she desires in her life. While arguing with her grandmother, Logan, Joe, and Tea Cake, Janie still prevails as a more powerful and wiser person. Janie desires love in a relationship and she were required to compromise by going through three relationships and when you are honest with herself to know when that person isn't her peach tree.

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